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Finley McClean (Adam Awbride), Finley’s stepfather (Dale Savage), Ronnie Shepherd (Dale Savage), has become a widower. Finley is now very protective of Ronnie especially because Finley’s mother is no longer living with us. In fact, he’s so effective that he’s convinced Ronnie not to leave the house. The pandemic might be diminishing but the normal routine has remained for many for years, but it hasn’t for Ronnie and, as it’s Finley is concerned the situation isn’t going to change.

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During the reading of his father’s will, Erik Van Markens (Harley Xavier) is shocked to hear that despite being his father’s only son, he is not the primary beneficiary of his will.

That honor goes to Mr. Humbert Van Marken’s stepbrother, Randy Culver (Dale Savage).

Erik is curious, and angry, as to why Randy is put in the lucrative position.

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Toby (Jack Bailey) has had enough of Uncle Carl’s (Dale Savage) bullshit.

He consults his computer whiz roommate (Trevor Harris) to hack into Uncle Carl’s laptop and plant some incriminating items on the hard drive.

When Toby and the roommate seduce Uncle Carl, Carl feels he’s won the lottery.

Little does he know they are fucking up his life by planting evidence and swatting him.

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Sexy ripped twink Cole Blue’s huge young cock barebacking Team Coach Dale Savage’s hairy asshole.

Sometimes, one of the young men would request a private meeting with Coach Savage in his office. Mostly, the boy would try to sweet talk him into giving them more playing time on the court or, alternatively, ask for advice regarding things going on in their personal lives.

The coach really enjoyed these one-on-ones and occasionally he would develop a bit of a crush, but they were typically short-lived and fleeting. And then one day, a stunning and otherwise gorgeous young athlete named Cole Blue joined. To Coach Savage’s surprise, he was immediately smitten.

He loved the outgoing but unassuming way in which the young man carried himself. Cole was well-mannered and very respectful of not just him and the other coaches, but to the other athletes as well. Coach Savage’s feelings and attraction grew stronger as time went by.

He’d find himself distracted in team meetings, his mind wandering thinking about something Cole had said to him or the way in which he moved on the playing field, the young athlete’s perfect form, and fitness driving him secretly wild.

It was becoming more and more difficult not to stare as Cole would enter a room. Somehow the boy seemed to magically get increasingly more appealing as time went by.

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Coach Dale Savage then started doing squats, trying to show the boy what to do to improve his form.

But young cute Tom Bentley, not missing the moment to be bold, asked the coach to remove his shorts as well.

Coach Savage practically tore off his bottoms, happy to give the young man a glimpse of his muscular ass.

And as he squatted down, Tom placed hands on him just as the older man had done.

Tom’s fingers caressed the older man’s backside.

He continued to feel his glutes and hamstrings until Savage asked, Do you like what you see?

The cheeky question made it clear that Tom was going to get more than just advice from the older man during their private session.

Savage stood up and bent over an ottoman according to the young man’s direction, taking on a submissive and willing spirit as the boy clearly started to take charge. Coach Savage loved it.

He loved seeing his young players step up and become strong, especially if it meant he was going to benefit from their sexual prowess.

Tom knelt down, turning his cap around as if to signify his readiness to dive into the older man’s ass.

He spread his meaty, hairy cheeks apart and began tasting the deep, tasty hole of his mentor.

Coach Savage arched his back and held himself up with his muscular arms, embracing the young man’s tongue with his hole.Join them!

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As if sucking off Coach Diaz before Trevor could wasn’t low enough of Carter DelRey, the mischievous foreign exchange student continues to one-up his friend by getting down with Trevor’s father and step-uncle.

It doesn’t take much for Carter to get Mr. Ballz (Dale Savage) and Mr.’Step Uncle’ (Roman Todd) to give him their dicks.Join them!

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Drew Sebastian is about to take the plunge into Religious preacher Dale Savage of the Hand of Faith’s hot ass hole.

Father Savage leans over the church pew as Drew warms his hole before plunging his hand all the way to his wrist.

Dale loves the feeling of Drew’s tight fist deep in his hole, more so he stands on the pew allowing him to penetrate his fist further. Dale can take it all.

Both Father Savage and Drew are totally getting aroused so Drew forces Father Dale to lie on the pew with his fist in his hole while he finishes off with a huge cum shower…Join them!

Drew Sebastian approaches his priest Father Dale Savage and seeks to confess his sinful desires. Kneeling before Father Dale he asks for forgiveness.

Dale gets on his knees and sucks Drew’s huge dick before rimming his hairy asshole, he gets his ass wet for his big cock.

Dale then slips his dick deep between Drew’s ass cheeks probing his hot hole balls deep.

With his ass free and open, Dale presses his fists into Dale’s hole, getting as deep as he can.

Drew then uses the church pew to balance his ass on Dale’s arm as he bounces his hole up and down on Dale’s fist before laying back and getting punched to completion…Join them!

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When silver fox Ron’s (Dale Savage) overnight house guest arrives while the A/C is out, he tells the nerdy, young man to slip out of his duds and get comfortable.

IT guy Greg (Nate Grimes) is a bit shy to strip in front of the older man at first, but before long the guys have their dicks out and are challenging each other to a sword fight.

Nate sucks Ron’s cock and Ron fingers Nate’s hole while swallowing the twink’s boner, then fucks Greg missionary before telling the younger man it’s his turn to top him.

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Working as a caddy has made Zander Lane realize just how much there is to learn about golf… and he hasn’t learned any of it, since he’s been too busy chasing daddies instead.

For his and fellow caddy Kaleb Stryker’s last day at the country club, they plan a foursome, hoping their sexy silver foxes will putt in their butts.

The daddies undress their caddies and 69 before country club owner Dale Savage fucks Kaleb while avid golfer Dirk Caber fucks Zander doggy style, then Dirk gets one caddy sitting on his dick and the other sitting on his face as Zander sucks Dale’s dick.

Dirk wants some of that daddy dick too, so Dale fucks him in missionary as Kaleb penetrates Zander.

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