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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aquarius
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’7″
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Weight: 175 lbs
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Sexy Latino hotties Angel Rivera and Bastian Karim’s huge uncut dick double fucking blonde Dean Young.

When a few of their coworkers sneak off for some bareback play, Dean and Angel decide to have their own fun by the pool.

Once they begin exploring each other’s bodies, Angel’s hands and mouth become transfixed with Dean’s smooth ass.

He rims the professional’s hole and right as he’s about to enter him with his long cock, coworker Bastian interrupts them to suggest a threeway.

The two happily accept the invitation and soon Dean is being filled at both ends with Bastian only pulling out of his mouth to kneel down for a taste of Angel’s pole as it’s being thrusted in and out of Dean’s tight ass.

Once Dean has taken a ride on both of his peers, the three stand up to form a bareback train, where Angel tops Bastian as Bastian fucks Dean.

Angel rapidly pumps into Bastian until he’s breeding his hole and watching his cum spill out of his used ass.

Angel slides his cock back inside of Bastian until both Dean and Bastian are shooting their own loads all over each other and the ground.Join them!

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Hottie Latin jocks Angel Rivera and Bastian Karim spit-roasting blonde Dean Young’s raw hole.

While Tyler and Manuel were having a go at one another, the three youngest salesmen, Dean, Angel, and Bastian, kept roughhousing in the pool.

Bastian decides to get some beverages. Meanwhile, Angel doesn’t waste a second in getting in Dean Young’s little pot of gold ass.

He rims him and gets his juices flowing as Bastian returns more than willing to join the trio.

As they all begin to suck and prob hard cock and tight asshole, the three engage in a full-on threeway with Dean Young taking cock after cock and still seeming to be insatiable.

With a train-fuck finish, the hot trio cum in droves as they all climax one after the other.Join them!

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Dr. Cade Maddox is ready to unwind from a busy day at the hospital and lucky for him, boyfriend Angel Rivera is waiting at home with his cock out, ready to service his girthy doctor dick.

Angel immediately drops to his knees and slurps up all of Cade’s tool before leaning over and letting his doctor boyfriend chow down on his hole.

Ready to take the doctor’s bareback cock, Angel lowers himself onto Cade’s cock and swallows its girth.

The two look each other in the eyes as Angel goes up and down, passionately riding his man.

The grateful bottom is soon covering himself in his own long, wet ropes as Cade pulls out, busts all over Angel’s balls, and stuffs his cock back inside his lover’s used hole.Join them!

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Fearless and fun-loving Dallas Preston makes his debut with super-sexy pansexual Angel Rivera. After enjoying the pizza party at Camp CockyBoys, and opening up about themselves and what “cocky” means to them, Angel and Dallas frolic in the pool, take a sensual shower together, and relax at a cozy spot outside on a garden love seat.

Lying together their hands begin to wander and it isn’t long before they kiss and whisper romantic and very sexy things to each other. Angel takes a semi-dominant tone with Dallas, who responds by enthusiastically sucking his big cock and happily deep-throating and gagging on it as it grows harder.

Dallas keeps on giving Angel oral pleasure even as he’s put into a 69 to have his ass eaten. As Dallas shows he can take it Angel gets even more aggressive, face-fucking him and even holding him down on his cock with his hands and strong thighs.

When Angel tells him to ride his cock, Dallas goes for it, readily agreeing with him that he owns his hole and takes all of his deep thrusts.

With Angel now in full, verbal power top mode, he takes Dallas from behind, pounding his hole every which way on top of the sofa. With so much sexual energy being expended, they have to take a small break in which Dallas lies back and Angel gives him a blowjob. But soon enough Angel has Dallas on his back to eat his ass and probe his hole with his hands.

Angel drills Dallas on his back and they both focus on each other. Angel never lets up fucking even when he moves in to spit in Dallas’ mouth. They’re into total sync now so when Dallas starts to shoot his load, Angel pulls out at the same time and shoots a high-flying cumshot over Dallas.

Angel finishes his orgasm fucking Dallas as he milks his cock dry, then takes him in his arms for big-screen kiss! As Dallas tastes all the leftover cum and Angel fingers his hole, he is so blown away by the experience, it might be a long time before he recovers.Join them!

Tayte Hanson’s unlucky romantic adventures continue today when Roman Todd and Angel Rivera manage to come out lucky at the expense of Tayte.

Tayte continues filming a movie of the latest flop of his dating history a potentially easy hookup with Angel.

As Tayte walks through the door he finds that Angel is already busy with Roman. An inconvenient double booking.

Angel decides to let chance choose as he flips a coin. We can guess how Tayte fares so he leaves straight away.

Roman turns the tables on Angel with a crafty can’t-lose coin flip determining he will get to top him.

Angel is a content loser, sucking Roman and taking all his cock when he gets face-fucked.

Angel continues to eagerly suck him deep as Roman takes control, taking him into a 69 to eat out his hole with the same hungry fervor.

After Angel rides his tongue, Roman turns him around and pounds his juiced-up hole adding a little voyeuristic edge to it all by facing the mirror as they fuck.

Even when Angel rides Roman’s cock in both positions he easily takes all of his verbal, aggressive deep-thrusting action.

This continues as Roman drills him on his back and, with Angel’s vocal encouragement, he fucks a load out of him.

And when Roman pulls out ready to cum, Angel quickly turns around so he can get an open-mouth facial from his intense orgasm.

And, as it turns out all’s well that ends well once again…just not for Tayte….Join them!

Hot sexy Latino Angel Rivera and cute ripped young stud Ty Mitchell love kinky sex.

Bottom boy Ty Mitchell loves to be tied up and dominated and used as a sex toy.

Angel Rivera craves the trust and intimacy to bind someone fucking their mind and their body.

Ty loves it when Angel sucks his sensitive nipples, or when he fingers his tight asshole and also an ass splap.

But soon Angel takes his domination to the next level by sitting Ty down against the back of a swivel chair, binding his wrists and blindfolding him with black electrical tape.

As Angel plays with Ty’s exposed hole, he pulls his face to his fulsome crotch and it isn’t long before he’s feeding his cock to Ty’s eager mouth..while fingering him.

Angel soon focuses on Ty’s butt by swiveling him around, eating his hole, and probing him more before sliding in his cock and pounding him.

Angel mixes affection with domination: he passionately kisses Ty and spanks his bubble butt and strokes his cock before shoving him on top of the bed, fucking him hard and holding him down.

Now entrenched in their dom-sub dynamic, Ty follows Angel’s orders and moans with pleasure at getting manhandled just as Angel relishes the smack talk and face-fucking him deep.

He kicks up the bondage a little more by binding the still blindfolded Ty’s wrists and ankles together and really making him his sex toy.

Angel fucks him on his back, then alternates between sitting on his face and getting rimmed and face-fucking Ty over the edge of the bed. Turning Ty around again Angel rims him then drills him on his back.

Seeing Ty’s pleasure under his control, Angel takes more by stroking him while he fucks. He then toys with Ty by continuing to jerk him while sucking his feet and inserting more fingers in his hole when turning him on his side.

While Ty in this position, Angel removed the blindfold and plows him before HE goes over the edge. He pulls out to shoot his thick load over Ty’s hole and into him.

And in one more exertion of his dominance, Angel unties Ty and strokes him until giving him ab intense orgasm and milking him dry.

If you want to see the pure ecstasy of kink fulfilled, just look at their satisfied smiling faces….Join them!

Ripped young Latino stud Angel Rivera is excited to be partnered with sexy muscle man Sharok and we can expect a scorching hot gay sex session.

Angel’s eyes light up when he finds out how Sharok likes to treat a bottom boy especially when Sharok mentions a penchant for jockstrap-wearing young dudes.

Sharok soon buries his face Angel’s crack and eats out his hole, and slaps his ass just as Angel wanted all along.

Sharok passionately kisses Angel and when he moves in front of him, Angel is all too ready to suck his cock.

Angel’s increasing excitement at sucking Sharok is met with face-fucking, more rimming and ass-play, and some hearty kissing.

The more Sharok manhandles Angel, the harder they BOTH get harder.

Finally, after Sharok has primed virtually every inch of Angel he gets behind him and fucks him hard.

It’s when he picks him up and takes him to bed that Sharok lets loose and really drills Angel’s ass.

Angel relishes every bit of the hard pounding while on his stomach and when he’s pinned on his back.

And when Sharok needs a slight break from the fucking, Angel is right there to suck him.

Soon Sharok gets his second wind moving into a 69 with Angel and slobbering over his hole again.

Before he fucks him though, Sharok gets Angel to put on a teasing show for him.

When Sharok is ready he allows Angel to sit on his cock.

Sharok bounces Angel on his cock and then just lets him work his hole on it.

Finally, while buried deep inside him, Sharok picks up Angel and fucks him on his back, and in no time, Angel shoots a thick load.

Sharok milks him dry and sucks the rest from his cock head, then sits back and strokes out a big thick load of his own.

Angel extends that enervating orgasm by sucking Sharok’s sensitive cock and licking up some jizz as well.

As you might expect, they’re just plain drained. For now, that is….Join them!

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Ripped muscle hunk Johnny Donovan’s huge dick fucking Latin bottom boy Angel Rivera.

Johnny Donovan and Angel Rivera can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves as they make passionate kisses and slowly undress each other while sitting on the couch together.

Johnny rims the bottom while Angel sucks the top, and then Johnny tells Angel to sit on his dick. Angel sucks the top.

Angel takes the bearded hunk for a ride, and then Johnny fucks him in a dog technique before pounding that hole until he reaches the bottom cums.

Johnny takes his weapon out of its holster, fires a salvo, and then slides his cock back into its holster because he just can’t get enough of that hole.

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Hottie Latino stud Angel Rivera’s huge thick dick barebacking young twink Troye Dean’s bare ass.

New barista Troye Dean is trying to figure out how the POS works when he spots hottie Angel Rivera sitting in the drive-through with his dick in his hand.

Angel just wants a large black coffee, but Troye tells him with a wink to cum inside, because it might take a while.

The cafe employee is thirsty for Angel’s cock, and the top bends Troye over the counter to tongue his hole, then pound him doggy style.

Troye rides Angel until a honk summons him to the drive-through window, and he spills a coffee on a customer as Angel fucks him from behind.

Troye shoots his load as he rides Angel on the counter, then takes the top’s cream on his face.

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Hottie ripped bearded hunk Sean Cody Brysen’s big dick barebacking Angel Rivera’s bubble butt.

Horny bottom Angel has been waiting for his roommate to leave so he can have a little “me time.”

As soon as Brysen’s out the door, Angel hurries to his sex toy drawer and fucks himself with his favorite dildo… not realizing Brysen forgot something.

The top hears Angel’s moans and sneaks closer to eavesdrop, then decides to give the bottom a scare, but he gets a surprise of his own when the startled Angel launches the dildo right into his face.

Brysen feeds Angel his cock, and Angel rides his roommate, then takes a doggy-style pounding.

Then it’s Brysen’s turn to get drilled bent over the counter, and he continues the flip fuck, taking Angel’s cock in missionary till he cums and sucking out Angel’s hot load.Join them!

Hottie young Latin twink Angel Rivera wants to try some roleplay with his man, so he texts big muscle boy Malik Delgaty to ask him to fuck him harder than he ever has, before stripping down to his jockstrap and waiting face down, ass up.

Malik doesn’t even wait to get his clothes off, just takes out his cock and rams his man’s hole doggy style.

Angel sucks Malik, then takes a hard drilling in missionary, and the top rolls him onto his side to fuck him in spoon position.

Malik face-fucks Angel, then the bottom jacks himself off as he rides that huge dick till he orgasms, then sucks out every drop of Malik’s cum.Join them!

Sexy young bottom stud turns top Michael Boston gets everything he hoped for when he sneaks into his hot roommate young horny Latino dude Angel Rivera’s room, a nice thick load in yesterday’s boxers for him to sniff while he jacks off.

Michael hides under the bed when Angel wakes up and leaves the room, then gets naked and humps his roomie’s pillow till he blows his load.

Angel returns and gets a face full of jizz when he lies down and catches Michael under the bed.

He forgives him when Michael sucks his cock, then fucks him doggystyle.

Angel rides the top, and Michael picks him up for a stand and carry before drilling the bottom’s hole in missionary position.

Angel shoots that cum Michael loves so much, then sucks out the top’s load.Join them!

Angel Rivera wants to fool around with his college roommate, Joey Mills, but Joey’s more interested in his video game, even when Angel rips open his jeans and starts fingering his hole.

Once Angel leaves, Joey decides to hit pause so he can use his controller for stimulating his p-spot.

Angel sneakily watches before he gives the gamer twink what he needs, a big, hard cock.

Joey eagerly sucks Angel, then the top pounds him doggy style. Joey rides Angel reverse, then takes that dick deep in spoon so he can keep gaming while they bone.

Angel fucks the bottom’s mouth, then pounds Joey mish till the twink cums before he covers him with his hot load.Join them!’s tribute to the work and legacy of legendary gay porn visionary Tom of Finland continues as director Matt Lambert ventures into the territory of the postmodern with CockyBoys Exclusive Sean Ford, Angel Rivera, Tannor Reed, River Wilson, and Joey Mills.

The nude twinks hang out at the Pleasure Park, shooting the breeze, challenging each other to self-suck, and bonding over the question, “What would you do if the world was ending tomorrow?”

As the day turns to night, the sunny teen sex party turns into a rock-n-roll-fueled orgy…Join them!

Although Brazilian hunk Alexander Muller’s native tongue is Portuguese and Mexican-American hottie Angel Rivera is fluent in Spanish, when it comes to their lustful Latin passions they definitely speak the same language.

Alexander describes just what he loves about Brazilian guys: not just their gorgeous looks and gym-honed physiques, but also the passionate nature that comes across in every touch, kiss, and caress.

Alexander and Angel talk dirty in Spanish and Portuguese as they 69 before Alexander penetrates Angel’s ass in doggy style.

Angel feeds Alexander his cock before hopping on for a ride, and Alexander fucks Angel in spoon till the bottom cums, then gives him a hot facial…Join them!

Diego Sans and Angel Rivera’s relationship is in trouble, so Angel convinced his boyfriend to talk things out with a therapist, but their session starts off with lots of unproductive arguing.

That’s when the shrink pulls out an unusual treatment option: these partners need to stop “making love” and try a hate-fuck instead.

Diego is all about it, relishing the opportunity to get out all his aggressive feelings by roughly manhandling Angel as he fucks his mouth and fingers his ass, and soon Angel is getting into it as he takes a hard pounding and even sucks Diego’s cock upside-down in a standing 69.

By the time Angel cums and Diego blows a huge load all over him, this couple have gone from “Hell no” to “Fuck yes!”…Join them!


Colby Tucker and Angel Rivera swim toward each other, shedding their clothes as they come together under the water in a passionate embrace.

When these studs come up for air, Angel can’t wait to suck Colby’s cock.

Muscular Colby dives deep into Angel’s ass with first his tongue and then his dick, and then these hotties flip so Angel’s on top fucking Colby doggy style before cumming on his ass and taking Colby’s cum all over his face…Join them!

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