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Since his scouting, Ethan had been progressively rising through our club’s ranks. Still, his personal training sessions with Coach Patrick frequently improved his performance, but the longer he goes without a session, the more preoccupied he seems to become. We hired a new coach to spend extra time with Ethan after club members agreed he required special instruction. Someone who can actually understand Ethan’s concerns.

Coach Dan, a well-traveled gym teacher, wanted to settle down. After seeing our squad on the pitch, he accepted our club’s private trainer offer without hesitation. He mentally noted each boy’s strengths and weaknesses.

He saw a tall, thin brunette boy with a nice face. This little, lanky child dominated the pitch, impressing Coach Dan. When Ethan realised he was being observed, his authority began to fade. He avoided eye contact, which hurt his play.

Coach Dan recognised Ethan instantly. Ethan running across the pitch held his attention. Coach observed Ethan’s sweat stick to his thin t-shirt. The coach’s gaze wandered to the bulge in the youngster’s shorts jumping up and down. Was the boy naked? As they came closer, Coach Dan sought to shake those ideas to keep his professionalism. He was so unconscious of how long he stared that he almost missed Ethan racing directly at him.

“I’m Ethan. “Are you my new coach?” he said, half-smiling.

As he introduced himself, Coach Dan appeared distracted. Up close, Ethan’s eyes and body were stunning. Coach was still pondering the possibility that he was caught gazing at the boy’s cock. Coach Dan’s tool stirred under his shorts. The spice-scented perspiration from the boy’s handshake nearly made the Daddy dizzy. Ethan returned to the field just in time, as Coach’s crotch contents were nearly out of his shorts.

After weeks of Coach’s teaching, their friendship seemed to grow faster than expected. Ethan was improving with each session, but one especially hard day for Ethan brought the sexual tension between them to a boil.

Coach wanted to seize Ethan’s face and force his throbbing DILF-cock into his mouth. Coach hugged Ethan in the locker room as he vented his day’s frustrations. Ethan’s perspiration and the locker room jockstraps intoxicated them, and the Coach’s cock grew during their brief body contact. He felt something brush against him—he wasn’t the only one enthusiastic about being this near! Ethan hastily concealed his hard-on as he backed away.

Coach Dan soothed the kid. It occurs.

“It occurs…” Ethan muttered, “…I think of you.”

Ethan whispered hesitantly and massaged his cock under his shorts. They understood each other without communicating. In the locker area, their groans and perspiration echoed. Ethan finally dominated the field. He viciously rammed the Coach’s lips, then leaned him down to display his jockstrap-clad, muscular behind. Ethan wanted this since he saw Coach Dan gazing on the pitch weeks before. Coach’s submission started Ethan’s sprint.

Ethan’s stamina amazed them. Ethan’s cock filled his Coach’s hole to the capacity, and this top athlete was excruciatingly near to his climax. As his hot load filled his instructor’s fissures, he yelled. He dropped upon Coach Dan, weary and better.

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Who needs foreplay when you know what you want? That’s what super-sexy Ethan Tate thinks, at least, he drops to his knees and goes straight for FTM dream stud Luke Hudson’s t-dick.

That lip-smacking, strawberry-sweet t-dick has nearly been all Ethan can think about. He wastes no time dropping to his knees and devouring the bonus boy hole. He’s been fantasizing about making Luke gasp and moan ever since he first found out the FTM hottie was trans.

Ethan can wait no longer; this boy’s round bottom drives him a little wild. He wants to fuck the brains out of the FTM knock-out, but Luke makes Ethan wait… because he wants to give head, first!

After a long, deep-throated blow job, Luke gets on all fours and lets Ethan’s long, thick cock deep inside his extra entrance. Ethan is delirious with lust; he grabs onto Luke’s manly, broad shoulders and fucks the daylights out of his beefy bottom.

Very soon, Ethan feels the climax building rapidly in his loins. Both boys cry out in unison as Ethan sends one last long thrust into Luke’s round ass. He launches a massive cumshot deep inside Luke’s quivering, moist hole.

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Young smooth hottie Ethan Tate’s huge raw dick barebacking hot jock Jordan Starr’s bubble ass.

Sculpted super stud Jordan Starr finds twink dream boy Ethan Tate completely irresistible and lucky for Jordan, Ethan is eager to drop a load in the muscled cum dump.

Before their raging hardons can burst through their shorts, the sexy dudes quickly start taking their clothes off.

Ethan just can’t wait a moment longer and he plants his gorgeous cock into Jordan’s perfect, hungry ass.

The raw excitement and pleasure becomes inevitably too intense and pushes Ethan beyond what he can control.

He feels the huge load he is about to shoot into Jordan build rapidly in his loins.

And Jordan can only beg for the seed that he desperately needs inside of him.

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One of the men stood up. His mask covered most of his face and I couldn’t tell who it was.

I could see that he was thick-set and that he had a reddish beard. I was also aware that he was making me feel uneasy but I was inexplicably drawn to him. Like a moth to a flame…

He encouraged me to drink some sort of liquid from an ornate glass vessel. My mouth was incredibly dry and I was grateful for the moisture.

He turned me around and pressed himself into my back. His aftershave made me light-headed; it seemed to engulf me in a bubble of sensuality. He delicately ran his hands over my chest and stomach and then down toward my groin.

The gesture made me gasp and I could feel my penis stiffening. Then, just like that, he sat back down again, leaving me alone in the middle of the room, not sure what to do and wondering if I’d displeased him in some way.

At that point, the two other men stood and pulled a giant piece of black fabric away from the top of a long, low table. A series of pegs of increasing sizes had been attached to it.

I remember thinking how much they looked like erect penises and, as the thought occurred to me, my body froze as I realized what was about to happen.

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Scouts should know knots. Not just one—there are many with various applications and qualities. Knot-tying requires choosing the right one.

As Scoutmaster, I’m preserving an old craft by teaching the next generation. I often think about the Scoutmasters who helped me develop these talents and feel happy to be part of this fine organisation.

Teaching Ethan this craft felt perfect. I’ve become close to him over the last several months. We make love whenever we can get away. A handsome Scout, he’s skilled. I’m honoured to expand his brilliant intellect.

He’s talented, but knot-tying isn’t one of them. He’ll arrive. The longer it takes to perfect the skill, the more reasons I have to offer him one-on-one remedial coaching. When his fingers become tangled, he’s frustrated since he’s accustomed to being adept at things without any effort.

I admire his seriousness, yet tension makes his whole body rigid. I accidentally massaged his shoulders the other day, which lead to another thing. I kissed his tight neck and rubbed his rigid body seductively.

The stiffness in his body dissipated and moved to a better place in minutes.

We made out. He had velvety lips and lovely breath. Kissing him arouses me deeply. My dick demanded attention, dripping pre-cum and staining my tight uniform trousers. Whoever believed beige was a suitable uniform colour either didn’t like uniforms or hadn’t experienced extreme pre-cum like I have.

Behind Ethan, I unbuckled his shorts. I gently dropped them on the woodland floor, revealing his gorgeous, peachy ass. I got on my knees and ate him, parting his cheeks with my fingers and sticking my tongue deep into his hole till he yelled and groaning. My style.

I seldom use delayed gratification. After rimming a boy, I want my dick into him immediately. Lube is usually pre-cum and spit. If the lad hadn’t spun around and knelt to suck me, I would have fucked him. I may have failed to teach him how to tie knots, but I’ve taught him how to give the best head! Deep-throating should have a badge.

Unzipping my shirt, he sucked. To get his heart racing, I exposed my hairy chest.

I shoved him onto the woods table with his legs spread wide. I was so hot that all I wanted to do was slam my rock-hard dick into him. As his ass muscles drew me deep into him, he groaningly satisfied.

Pounded him. I had to fire my load quickly. His ass felt amazing; he knows how to squeeze me tight in there.

I pulled out and leaned against the table, inviting him to stand in front of me and press himself backwards into my dick. Love it. It’s oddly unintimate, yet it offers me a lot of thrusting strength, and the lad can use his hips and thighs to increase velocity. I can’t hold it for long without exploding. My balls rose with semen a few minutes later. I longed to burrow inside his quivering body.

I did. I hit. I spilled into him after days without shooting. He would spill valuable fluids for hours! It won’t help him tie knots, but that’s alright. I like him preoccupied.

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Sexy young cub scout Ethan Tate’s bubble butt ravaged by horny scoutmaster Jonah Wheeler’s huge cock.

He pulls off my shirt and grabs onto my hairless body, moving behind me while still kissing me. With his big hands running down to my hardening cock, I turn around and undo his belt buckle so he can slide off his pants.

I don’t even remember my own shorts coming off, but the next thing I know, I’m pulling his already-rock-hard cock out of his underwear. Smiling while I grab it, he puts his hand on mine, and we both stroke him. I need to see what he tastes like so I slowly lick the top of his cock, tasting the bits of salty precum that leaks out of him. I’m definitely savoring the flavor of my Scoutmaster!

He pulls me in for a kiss then pushes my head back onto his cock while moaning. I start to take more and more of him inside my mouth until he’s completely buried in my throat. He’s moaning so loudly that I can tell he can’t get enough. He says to do it again, moaning even louder this time.

I think I unlocked something inside him because his eyes look hungry as he lifts me up and turns me around. He uses his cock to play with my hole through my thin white underwear. Rubbing against the fabric and forcing my ass into his throbbing cock, fueling his hunger.

He peels off my underwear and pushes me into position. He leans closer to my asshole and whispers, “Can I taste it?”


There’s nothing more I want than for him to pull my cheeks apart and start warming up my hole with his spit so he can enter me. Slowly he kisses my hole. But soon he starts to ravenously eat inside me, pulling my cheeks apart like they’re in the way, fucking my hole with his warm tongue while he strokes me.

He leans over me, DILF-cock throbbing against me saying, “Do you want it?”

Without thinking I say “Yes, sir…”Join them!

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Summary Story, Gym daddy, Johnny Ford, has been at the bathhouse all day keeping an eye out for Ethan Tate. This tall twink can really fill out a jockstrap, which gets a DILF bottom like Johnny hungry for a peak …

Full Story, He and Johnny start making out, wearing only jockstraps. That leaves room for plenty of caressing and tender touching. Passionate kisses heighten the feeling between the two, leading to more and more touching.

Johnny makes the move to his intended target; he wants to see what’s inside the straining fabric of the jockstrap! Even with the teaser of the massive bulge, Jonny’s surprised to see just how huge Ethan’s hard cock has gotten!

Turned on, even more, Johnny kneels to take it into his mouth, doing his best to deep throat the beast! Ethan moans as his engorged tip passes Johnny’s lips and slides down his wet, welcoming throat! Johnny bobs on that weapon for what seems like hours, getting Ethan good and horny, but also good and slick!

Ethan motions for Johnny to hop into the sling there in the side room. With his feet in the stirrups, Johnny’s ready for a hard, strong pounding, but Ethan wants to take his time. Even though Johnny still has the jock on, Ethan has perfect tongue access to Johnny’s daddy hole!

Ethan’s long tongue takes its time, alternating between quick flicks and deep plunges. Johnny wasn’t expecting the rim job but he’s definitely not complaining!

Ethan positions his tip at Johnny’s sloppy wet opening and pushes his way inside. Johnny lets out a moan that shows how much he’s loving this mounting! Ethan takes his time, pushing forward inch-by-inch until he’s balls-deep.

Johnny’s insides are on fire! Ethan gets a rhythm going, long dicking the DILF who just can’t get enough of this huge twink cock!

Both are moaning in pleasure and the moans start to come faster and faster. Johnny has one final request, he wants Ethan to breed him and blow his twink load inside. Ethan is almost there, and happy to give Johnny exactly what he wants!Join them!

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