Malik Delgaty

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Hairy muscle hunk Paul Wagner bottoms for big muscled stud Malik Delgaty’s massive uncut cock.

Malik is nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s dad for the first time, but Paul is way more welcumming than he expected.

Paul keeps touching Malik’s muscles, and when they’re alone, he sucks Malik’s cock.

The daddy rides the buff straight guy, showing him just how much better a tight man’s hole feels, and Malik pounds him on the couch.

They hide in the shower so Malik can drill the bottom doggy style, then puts Paul on the counter to fuck the cum out of him and gives him a facial.Join them!

Big muscle dude Malik Delgaty’s huge thick uncut dick barebacking sexy yong stud King Heart’s bubble ass.

Malik Delgaty’s buddy wants their trip to Oktoberfest to be a date, but Malik’s more interested in the hottie across the tent filling out his lederhosen.

King Heart strokes Malik’s cock and even gives him a sneaky bj, then the guys find a back room where Malik gets King over a barrel.

He spanks the bottom and fingers him before drilling him doggy style, and King rides the top.

Malik slips his belt around King’s throat as he fucks him in mish till the bottom cums, then King eagerly swallows Malik’s huge load.

Now that’s how you celebrate Cocktoberfest.Join them!

Big muscle dude Malik Delgaty’s massive cock bareback fucking hottie hunk Sean Cody Caden’s bubble butt.

en U student Malik Delgaty knows just how to entice more dudes to the carwash fundraiser, and as soon as he takes his shirt off, Caden pulls up in his truck to get it wet.

From inside the cab, Caden enjoys the show as muscular Malik gets hosed down and rubs the sudsy sponge all over his chest and ass, and Malik watches Caden stroking his dick.

When Caden shoots a huge load on the window, Malik pulls him out of the vehicle and into the house. The bottom eagerly sucks Malik’s cock, then takes his pole in doggy style.

Caden rides the top, and he’s so thrilled at how Malik pounds him in missionary and cums on his face, he makes it rain on the frat bros.Join them!

Outdoor desert gay porn scene with big muscle dude Malik Delgaty fucks ripped stud Roman Todd.

Lost in the desert, Roman hasn’t seen a sign of life in miles… until cowboy Malik strolls toward him, looking like a mirage.

Malik is happy to help the city slicker, but instead of offering him directions, he brings Roman to his truck and dresses him in nothing but a cowboy hat and pair of chaps.

Malik pushes the bottom up against the truck, kissing him, and the guys rub their cocks together before Roman drops to his knees to suck the top.

Roman gets fucked doggy style against the side of the truck, then climbs into the bed to ride the cowboy.

Roman cums as Malik fucks him from behind as the sun goes down, then takes a hot load on his chest.Join them!

Dracock the Dragon approaches, and the brave Norsemen prepare for battle.

The god of thunder Thor (Malik Delgaty) and the god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) take their places at the head of the army, and Thor defeats the evil serpent with a bolt of lightning. Time to fuck.

Brave soldiers Sir Peter and Tyler Berg are eager for a taste of the gods, joining them for a celebratory orgy.

Tyler takes Thor’s godly cock as Loki gets fucked doggy style by Sir Peter, then the men switch.

After Loki and Tyler suck Thor and Peter, it’s Loki’s turn to top as Tyler rides his cock, while Sir Peter takes Thor’s mighty hammer doggystyle before the others blow their loads on Tyler’s face.Join them!

After they built a towering temple to his everlasting glory, the blonde Norse god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) agrees to voyage across the seas to find Thor, god of thunder (Malik Delgaty).

It is Thor who is the only strong enough to stop Dracock the Dragon from destroying the Norse lands.

Thor has found his peace living a simple life as a blacksmith with a human wife and doesn’t want to return… until he finds Loki teasing his hole with the metal cock he forged.

Loki’s mouth around his godly dick reawakens Thor’s hunger for glory, and for his tight hole.

Thor pounds the god of chaos doggystyle, then Loki rides the top’s cock.

The trickster cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Thor shoots a thunderbolt of cum on his face.Join them!

Hottie young Latin twink Angel Rivera wants to try some roleplay with his man, so he texts big muscle boy Malik Delgaty to ask him to fuck him harder than he ever has, before stripping down to his jockstrap and waiting face down, ass up.

Malik doesn’t even wait to get his clothes off, just takes out his cock and rams his man’s hole doggy style.

Angel sucks Malik, then takes a hard drilling in missionary, and the top rolls him onto his side to fuck him in spoon position.

Malik face-fucks Angel, then the bottom jacks himself off as he rides that huge dick till he orgasms, then sucks out every drop of Malik’s cum.Join them!

Hero big muscle boy firefighter Malik Delgaty is back after extinguishing a house fire when things heat up in the firehouse locker room as Malik steps out of the shower and does a sexy pole routine, thinking he’s all on his own.

But sexy twink Troye Dean peeks at him, and immediately feels his soft dick springs to a rock-hard young erection.

Malik catches Troye with his dick in his hand and calls him over, kissing him before Troye gets to his knees to suck the top’s massive cock.

Malik bends Troye over against the lockers to pound his hole, then picks him up in his strong arms in a stand and carry fuck position.

The bottom rides Malik’s engine, then bends over a ladder to get drilled until he orgasms, and Malik sprays his load over Troye’s face.Join them!

Celebrating their anniversary Olivier Robert and his BF have invited over some of their closest friends for a beautiful Sunday brunch, but Olivier discovers a whole new taste for his handsome guest.

When he lets Malik Delgaty in, he sucks his fingers, then starts rubbing Malik’s cock under the table.

When Malik sees Olivier’s booty bent over in front of the fridge, he is too tempted and has to sink his cock inside.

They get caught by the other guest, but Malik sends him packing as Olivier lies back on the counter with his legs spread to take the top’s cock.

Olivier sucks Malik and rims him before bending over the counter for more hard drilling, then rides Malik on the floor.

Olivier may have dropped the cake on the floor, but luckily Malik gave him a creampie.Join them!

Young big muscle hunk Malik Delgaty and his girlfriend think they sneaked into the sauna to by themselves, but to their annoyance, they are quickly joined by young hottie gay boy Chris Cool.

When Chris catches Malik staring at his bare ass after he drops his towel, he’s the one who’s about to get lucky.

Malik makes eye contact with Chris and sneakily strokes his dick, and Chris sneaks over and sucks the top right under his GF’s nose.

When Malik’s girlfriend opens her eyes and catches them, she storms out, bringing over an employee to complain, but the spa attendant is so turned on he keeps watching Malik fuck Chris’s mouth through the window.

Malik pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then Chris rides the top’s dick.

The lucky bottom cums as Malik rams his ass, then gets it filled up with a creampie.Join them!

Hottie big muscled blue-collar construction workers Malik Delgaty and Clark Delgaty are working hard on the latest gig doing some drilling and looking for just the right screw, but their co-worker Chris Cool would rather interrupt their work by swinging his cock and balls around or showing his spread ass.

When Chris jizzes all over their freshly painted wall, the muscle hunks vow to teach him a lesson.

Chris hides in a box with a hole at each end, and when Malik finds him inside, he makes Chris suck his cock, then calls Clark over to pound the prank-playing bottom’s ass doggy style.

They take Chris out of the box to make him suck Clark as Malik takes his turn on that hole, then put him in piledriver and drill his ass with a dildo… literally.

Chris promises not to cause trouble again as he takes first Malik, then Clark in missionary, and after the bottom cums he takes two big loads on his face.Join them!

You’ve watched all his scenes, you’ve fantasized about him, but you want to know, what’s it really like to hook up with French Canadian muscle top Malik Delgaty?

Now’s your chance to find out.

Watch Malik strap on his boxing gloves and work up a sweat on the heavy bag, stripping out of his white t-shirt to show off his cut pecs and abs glistening with water.

Johnny Donovan admires Malik so much as the top does a handstand, he just has to go rub his face against Malik’s bulge.

Johnny sucks Malik’s big cock upside-down and right-side-up, then Malik pounds him doggy style as Johnny hangs on to the heavy bag.

Johnny rides that dick and then moans as Malik gives him deep drilling in piledriver.

Johnny cums as he gets penetrated in missionary, then takes a hot facial.Join them!

Two weeks ago, Malik Delgaty and Skyy Knox faced off in the ring, and heel Skyy cock-slapped Malik across the face and took the belt.

Today at Asshole Mania, Malik is ready for his revenge.

The wrestlers enter the arena to cheers and jeers, and Malik quickly shows that this time, he’s going to be the one dominating.

Skyy tries to regain the advantage by squeezing Malik’s balls, but it has no effect.

To the bearded villain’s disbelief, the muscular top effortlessly pushes Skyy to his knees and fucks his face.

Malik even picks Skyy up for an upside-down blowjob before bending him over the ropes and fucking him doggy style.

But Skyy won’t let the upstart face take his title that easily, tossing Malik to the mat and riding his cock.

Malik counters with a piledriver, then cements his victory by pounding him in missionary till Skyy cums, then giving him a facial.Join them!

Tayler Tash’s parents have prepared a nice lunch and a special chocolate fountain for their first meeting with their son’s new boyfriend, Malik Delgaty.

Polite Malik brings some flowers and chocolates… but this assortment has a very special tidbit, as he cut a hole in the box and sticks his cock through.

Tayler gives Malik a sneaky BJ, then Malik follows his man to the kitchen and fucks his hole.

Malik and Tayler get naked and the bottom rides the hunky top reverse, then Tayler bends over the counter in the kitchen to get his hole pounded hard.

Tayler orgasms as Malik penetrates him in missionary on the counter, then gets to his knees to take his man’s hot load on his face.

Time for dessertMalik dips his balls in the chocolate fountain, and Tayler licks it off.Join them!

Horny twink Ryan Bailey is snooping around Malik Delgaty’s bedroom, his stepsister’s boyfriend who he has a crush on.

The cute bottom is almost caught sniffing Malik’s briefs when the muscular top enters with his girlfriend, forcing him to hide inside the closet.

Alone again, Ryan discovers one of Malik’s discarded condoms full of spunk and he can’t resist sampling the flavor.

The twink pours Malik’s delicious juices all over his face and body and uses it as a lubricant while stroking his dick.

When the handsome top walks in on Ryan, he pushes the cum-covered bottom onto the bed.

The dominating top rips open Ryan’s jeans to fuck him doggy style, then he roughly feeds the submissive twink his big hunk of meat.

The eager bottom moans loudly as he orgasms while riding Malik’s cock in reverse, then he kneels to take the top’s wet load directly into his mouth, successfully quenching his thirst for cum.Join them!

When massage therapist Bo Sinn sees his coworker’s next client, Malik Delgaty, is a smoking hot muscular top, he tries to snipe him for himself, then sneaks in while she’s massaging Malik’s back and oils up the hunk’s ass.

When Malik turns over for a scalp massage, behind the curtain Bo sucks the top’s big cock, then gets up on the table and rides it.

His coworker catches them and storms out, and Malik shows that he’s got some massage skills himself as he pours oil over Bo’s ass and fucks him doggy style.

The top stretches out Bo’s tight hole as he penetrates him missionary, then pulls out and cums on Bo.Join them!

When his client goes to a club for a night out, dedicated bodyguard Malik Delgaty assesses all possible threats, including giving cocktail waiter Joey Mills a very thorough pat-down.

The twink enjoys it so much, he does whatever it takes to get Malik’s attention again, pulling down the stud’s pants and sucking his cock.

The head is so good, Malik neglects his duties to pick the bottom up for an upside-down bj, then fingers his hole and fucks him doggy style.

Joey rides the top, then cums as Malik pounds him on a table before taking the muscular hunk’s load on his face.Join them!

When Ashton Summers spies on his roommates Malik Delgaty and Kenzo Alvarez getting shot down for a threesome by the girl they brought home, the horny bottom senses an opportunity.

Malik and Kenzo settle for plan B, their VR headsets, and a stroker.

Ashton takes his chance to swap places with the toy, sucking his buddies’ cocks, then bending over to get fucked by Kenzo as he blows Malik.

When his roomies notice the switch, they fuck him on the couch, and Ashton sits on each of their cocks, cumming as he rides Malik reverse while sucking Kenzo, before the tops cover him with jizz.Join them!

Ryan Bailey came over with some gifts for his new mom friend when he catches her man, Malik Delgaty, fucking the breast pump behind his wife’s back.

He promises Malik it’ll be their little secret, then drinks the jizz, and the top offers him some more.

Malik’s wife starts calling him as Ryan sucks his cock, so the guys sneak into the bathroom where he pounds the bottom doggy style.

Ryan rides Malik’s big cock on the floor, then the top pounds into him in missionary till Ryan cums, then the bottom drinks every drop of Malik’s man milk.Join them!

For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.

Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

Just one cock isn’t enough for this power bottom, so Felix calls up eight more of his closest friends, Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarty, Gabriel Clark, Kenzo Alvarez, Markus Kage, Skyy Knox, Tony D’Angelo, and Trent King, to celebrate this Menniversary the best way he knows how, with a gangbang.

Felix helps himself to an all-you-can-fuck-and-suck buffet, then the tops take turns pounding his hole in piledriver till he cums all over himself before lucky Felix gets absolutely covered in nine cumshots.Join them!

Throuple Finn Harding, Brent North, and Alex Montenegro have invited over some friends for Thanksgiving, but they get sidetracked from their preparations by a broken oven and some holes that need stuffing.

First, Finn pounds Alex’s ass in the kitchen, and then Brent calls his boyfriends to the table to get both his face and his booty filled up with dick.

Finn and Alex both cum just before the doorbell rings, but Brent is still hard, and he knows just what’s on the menu, guest Malik Delgaty.

Alex and Finn distract Malik’s bf as Brent jumps on the top’s cock in the kitchen, finally getting his nut before Malik finishes things off with a creampie.Join them!

Clark Delgaty is very nervous, so dental assistant Alex Mecum gives him a stress ball to squeeze during his checkup.

But after bad boy dentist Malik Delgaty begins fingering Alex’s hole and fucking him with a toy, Clark finds himself squeezing Alex’s balls instead.

Alex cums all over the patient, and Clark takes out his big hard cock for Alex to suck while Malik pounds that hole doggy style.

The tops switch off before Alex returns his patient to the chair and rides Clark’s dick while sucking the dentist’s instrument, then it’s Alex’s turn to open wide as Clark and Malik cum on his face while the bottom jacks off.Join them!

When his hookup is having trouble getting hard, Michael Boston has a solution.

He straps his favorite dildo to muscular top Malik Delgaty, playing with it before he sucks Malik’s cock, then the toy, and then both at once.

The sight of both dicks getting sucked brings Malik to full attention and he penetrates the bottom doggy style with first his own dick, then the dildo, before getting the ride of his life as Michael DPs himself.

Malik takes off the toy so Michael can suck it as he rides his cock, then penetrates Michael in missionary till the bottom cums.

Michael gets to enjoy the best of both worlds as he fucks himself on the toy while he takes a facial.Join them!

Brent North just finished getting stuffed by his boyfriends when their guests arrive but he didn’t cum yet.

While Finn and Alex try to pretend their nude Thanksgiving is just performance art, Brent sets his sights on Malik Delgaty and his big dick, playing footsie with him under the table, then “accidentally” dropping a wooden spoon so he can bend over and spread his hole.

Malik takes out his hard cock and feeds it to the hungry twink, then fucks him doggy style.

Finn and Alex keep Malik’s BF occupied so the sneaky fuckers can enjoy their holiday stuffing, as Brent lies on the island to get pounded even deeper, then rides the top reverse.

Brent finally cums as Malik penetrates him in missionary, then it’s Malik’s turn to stuff him with a creampie.Join them!

Malik Delgaty and his new husband attend the fertility clinic together, but the sexy employee Theo Brady wants to harvest Malik’s cum personally.

As he locks Malik’s husband out of the donation room he then sneakily watches the muscular top jack off, then sits on Malik’s cock.

Malik will definitely have a huge load to give after Theo sucks his dick and rides him, and the horny bottom cums all over his abs as he gets pounded reverse.

But when it’s time for Malik to give his sample, Theo wants it on his face instead of in the cup.Join them!

When sheriff Thyle Knoxx comes across an illegal campsite in the woods, he creeps closer to peek in the tent… only to see muscular hunk Malik Delgaty spooning cute, tattooed twink Marco Bianchi and rubbing his huge, hard cock against Marco’s ass.

Thyle hides as Marco leaves for the outhouse, then pushes his cock through a convenient knothole, knowing Marco will think it’s his boyfriend’s and suck it.

But when Marco discovers the horny ranger, he lets Thyle follow him back to the tent and fuck his ass doggy style as he pokes his head inside.

Marco sucks Malik while getting banged by the ranger, then he rides Malik reverse and swallows Thyle’s cock.

Malik fucks the twink’s mouth as Thyle fucks Marco missionary, and then it’s Malik’s turn to pound the bottom till Marco cums.

The lucky bottom takes two facials before Thyle tells them they need to pitch their tent somewhere else.Join them!