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Dann Grey is very the very handsome real-life partner of Klein Kerr. He is polite, soft-spoken, and very sexy.​

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick / 17.78 cms
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexuality: Gay
Nationality: Paraguay

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Dann Grey is stunningly handsome.

I was sitting, typing away at my manuscript when I was interrupted by my attention-seeking babe.

Although I really should progress in my work, I’ve been at it for a while now and I deserve a little distraction.

Dan and I may already have dinner plans.. but I think he’s just hungry for cock.

As he’s in the shower getting ready for our date, I stop him and he happily deep throats my dick, and I want to pound his perfect muscular ass.

What a beautiful bottom boy.Join them!

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On a balmy day in the city porn superstars Dann Grey and Guido Plaza hook up for a sultry, sexual feast. Their uncanny appearance makes one take a double look and question, are these cousins, long lost twins, or just some really hot guys getting it on?

The guys begin with some salacious kissing on the balcony but have to move indoors because this encounter is about to erupt and this show is not for free to the neighbors. Dann quickly drops to his knees and begins sucking on Guido’s throbbing, hard cock.

Putting his full cock sucking skills on display, Dann inhales the full length of Guido’s cock shaft as it parts his lips, slips across his tongue and down his throat. Dann’s masterful cock sucking has whipped Guido into a frenzy of desire as he is hungry to get his lips wrapped around Dann’s cock.

Guido also is an expert cock sucker as he demonstrates that he too is capable of hitting the base of Dann’s cock with his lips and massaging the head of his cock with his throat. Flipping Dann around, Guido is elated to see the perfectly smooth, chestnut-colored pucker hole that awaits his skillful tongue.

The sex juices are flowing and as Guido stands up, he gently thrusts his entire cock deep into Dann’s muscular ass. The guys flip and this time it is Dann that sets his eyes on the magnificence of Guido’s perfectly sculpted ass. Dann gives Guido’s ass an incredible tongue lashing that sets him up for so much more.

As Dann penetrates Guido’s ass, both men moan out in complete and utter pleasure. Dann begins a rhythmic fucking that raises the pleasure level and the heat in the room. One last flip and this time Dann is squatting down onto Guido’s pulsating cock. As his cock enters Dann’s ass Guido sets off on a rapid-fire fucking that only sees one outcome.

Dann then takes charge and fucks himself with Guido’s cock as the two share in the joys of fucking. It isn’t long before Guido’s cock has massaged and aroused Dann to the point of no return as his cock begins oozing a creamy load of cum.

Guido is relentless in his fucking and continues pounding Dann’s ass until he feeds his thick, load of cum to Dann…Join them!

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Yet again it looks like Dann Grey going to be bottoming for his best buddy, Pol Prince.

But this time he wants to try his hand at topping, he explains to Pol, “There’s a first time for everything!”

Pol’s never bottomed before, so the guys agree to a V-card exchange, and Pol sits in Dann’s lap, kissing him, then sucking his cock.

Dann rims the first-time bottom, then shows him how good getting fucked can feel as he slides his dick into that hole in doggy style.

Pol really gets into it as he rides Dann, and after Dann fucks his friend in missionary position, he even uses a toy on him.

Pol cums hard as he rides Dann reverse, and the newly minted top pulls out to cum on Pol’s ass.Join them!

A knock at the door and photographer Diego Reyes answers it to his smartly dressed and super sexy model Dann Grey.

As Diego sets up the first shot he motions to Dann to remove his tailored jacket then he unbuttons his white shirt, soon it is clear that the clothes just have to go.

With Dann showing off his hairy chest Diego snaps away and with a twinkle in his eye, Dann grabs the camera and feeds Diego his hard erect big dick instead.

Diego sucks Dann’s huge erection right to the back of his throat getting his lips around his balls.

As Diego removes his pants, Dann bends him over and runs his tongue up and down his smooth ass crack until his tongue opens up his asshole.

Dann forces his thick raw dick into Diego’s hot hole in long, strong pump action like a hammer drill.

Diego moans as he feels every inch of Dann’s hot cock moving inside him.

With Diego on all fours, Daan mounts him from behind pulling him back onto his rampant dick.

They switch up positions numerous times with Daan getting deeper and harder with each thrust.

The handsome top fucks Diego doggy style, then lies back to watch the bottom ride him.

Dann penetrates Diego missionary, making him cum, then shoots a huge load all over Diego’s muscular chest and abs.

He picks the camera up to get a few more snaps of Diego sucking out every last drop….Join them!

Bearded muscle hunk Dann Grey is feeling loved up this morning and he’s been taking some ab selfies before he takes a peek at his gorgeous man, Dalton Ryder, who is lying in bed idly caressing his big black cock.

Dalton sees his bf watching and starts running his hands over Dann’s muscular chest as they kiss.

Dann delivers a long, luxurious blowjob, and then Dalton eats the bottom’s hole before fucking him missionary.

Dann turns over to take his man’s big dick in doggy style, then sucks out all Dalton’s cum before he lies back for some self-pleasure till he orgasms….Join them!

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Under the light of the projector, Andy Onassis and Dann Grey share an intimate kiss that quickly escalates to a passionate embrace.

The two men grasp at each other’s bodies, licking and kissing as the projector continues rolling.

They sensually explore each other’s bodies in the dark before turning the lights on to get a better view as Andy plunges his massive cock into Dann’s eager hole, stretching the horny bottom out as he rides his beefcake top.

Andy pounds Dann’s ass, working himself into a frenzy before blowing his load all over Dann…Join them!

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