June 13, 2021

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Marcos Oliveira

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9-inch dick / 22.86 cms
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 170 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Brazilian

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Sexy ripped muscle hunks, Cole Keller and Marcos Oliveira have spent the day kayaking in the countryside and are now on their way back to their lakeside cabin.

When they arrive home they both are totally pumped from the day’s activities and they strip off to get more acquainted with each other.

Brazilian muscle dude Marcos’s huge erect uncut cock is making a big crotch bulge in his tight sexy red underwear as he sits down on the sofa.

Totally naked French stud Cole reaches over and unleashes Marcos’s thick uncut dick as they make out kissing passionately.

With Marcos’s cock in his hand Cole sucks it moving his tongue over his big mushroom cockhead and taking it all the way back till it hits the back of his deep throat, making him gag at first.

As Cole moves his hot mouth up and down the smooth cylindrical man meat, Marcos’s desire is ready to shoot through the roof.

Marcos succumbs to his burning desire, he flips Cole onto his shoulders and dives right in, and begins eating that muscular ass.

As Marcos’s probing tongue darts in and out of Cole’s ass, both men have a desire for more.

Cole gets flipped onto all 4’s and Marcos mounts him from behind with his hot, raw cock gliding smoothly and deliberately into those muscular mounds.

Marcos retracts his cock numerous times to test the abilities of Cole’s ass and is pleased to find just how talented those muscles are that are gripping at his cock.

The guys change things up and this time Cole is squatting his sculpted ass down onto Marcos’ hungry cock.

Working in tandem, Cole and Marcos build their desires and pleasure for more.

One last swap and this time Cole is on his back as Marcos builds his rhythm as both men’s balls draw up tight and prepare for the ultimate moment of pleasure.

Marcos’ cock is massaging Cole’s ass magnificently as Cole grabs his cock and creams his own cock and balls with a thick load of cum.

Marcos scoops up Cole’s cum and strokes his cock with the hot cream that triggers his own explosive climax that also coats Cole’s balls.

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Marcos Oliveira is home alone watching porn when the wifi signal fails and he’s without the internet.

He calls tech support, he gets through after a bit of a wait and who do they send out but big muscle techy Jony Blond.

Well, who would not want a hot personal technical check with a hot muscle boy as Jony.

He arrives on time and gets right to work and Marcos gets back to work on his hard cock as well.

Marcos gets busted when Jony has a question for the homeowner and he wanders into the bedroom seeing Marcos’ huge uncut cock as he wildly jerks away.

Without one word being uttered the message is clear as Jony starts to disrobe and Marcos still has his huge cock on full display.

Marcos immediately begins sucking on the repairman’s upturned cock, giving it a bath in his hot saliva.

Jony is on the clock and has to move fast, so he takes the handle of his screwdriver and teases Marcos’ ass with it as he sucks on his strong cock.

After being screwed by the screwdriver Marcos is ready as Jony rams his hard cock deep inside of Marcos’ smooth ass.

Jony gives Marcos a hard pounding as he pulls his cock out and then slams it back in for a harder fucking.

Marcos is flipped several times before he ends up on his back with his legs spread far and wide and Jony coming in hard and fast.

Jony picks up his pace and drives Marcos over the edge as he showers his ripped abs with his load of cum.

As Marcos milks the last drops of cum out of his cock, Jony is relentless in his assault on his ass.

Jony has reached a pitch that cannot be slowed or stopped. One last thrust and Jony coats Marcos’ hot pink hole with his creamy load of cum.

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As Valentino Sistor is strolling down the avenue, he never knew that there would be something for him on the balcony around the corner, Marco Oliveira.

There is something hugely different about the sexy man on the balcony, he is sporting a huge hard-on. You know how us men are when we smell sex in the air we follow.

Valentino heads upstairs and finds Marcos willing and waiting for him. Marcos does what any good host would do and drops to his knees and begins sucking on his guests beautiful, hard cock.

Being the proper guest, Valentino then drops to his knees and begins sucking on the super long cock of his host, Marcos. After all the pleasantries of host and guest, Marcos and Valentino move into the other room where Marcos slams his huge, raw cock deep into Valentino’s hungry ass.

The sensation of that long cock deep inside of him drives Valentino crazy and flips Marcos as he shoves his cock into his bare ass. The guys flip fuck for a while, making sure that the head of their cocks touch each other deeply and profoundly.

Marcos then lays down and Valentino squats his hairy ass down onto that huge cock making sure that he rides every centimeter of that succulent cock. Valentino is flipped onto his back as his ass begins winking and coaxes Marcos to enter.

Marcos gives his ass a good spit before slamming his cock deep inside. As the fucking progresses so does the tension and pressure deep inside of both men’s balls.

Valentino takes control of the fucking and milks the cum out of Marcos’ cock. Marcos generously coats Valentino’s sphincter with his creamy load of cum before he shoves it all back inside of that perfect ass.

As Marcos massages Valentino’s ass, he shoots his own thick load of cum. Go out on the balcony with your raging hard-on, you never know what you might attract…Join them!