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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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After the inauguration, Cade Maddox is waiting for Felix Fox to finish his shower to tell him the good news.

After hearing he gets to stay with Cade as long as he likes, Felix climbs on the bed and Cade rips off his towel.

After some passionate petting, Felix heads south to wrap his lips around Cade’s thick cock.

When Cade wants a taste, Felix bends over to present his smooth, pink hole for Cade to tongue-fuck.

During his tongue bath, Felix starts begging for Cade’s pole inside his ass, so Cade gives his man what he wants and sticks him deep and deep.

Felix lays down and takes the brunt of Cade’s power inside of him, somehow still begging for more.

When Cade flips the stud over, Felix’s moans get louder and more intense as Cade continues to drill Felix’s prostate bareback.

Felix takes control and climbs on top, but Cade’s cock proves to be too euphoric is his ass, so Felix erupts with a thick load all over the bed while Cade slathers Felix’s ass with his cum.Join them!

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The steamingly hot Kyle Fox is introduceds to the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the gorgeously sexy Nicholas Bardem. Nicholas walks up to Kyle with only his jeans on and begins working his hot mouth across Kyle’s lips, bearded cheeks, smooth neck, and down his long, muscular torso until he reaches the prize that he is after.

Kyle’s jeans are undone and his semi-hard cock jumps out demanding attention. Nicholas is right there to catch as it falls out and into his waiting, hungry mouth. Working his mouth up and down the ever-growing cock shaft, Nicholas can feel the head of Kyle’s cock jabbing at the back of his throat as it gains full strength.

Nicholas’ expert cock sucking skills has brought Kyle’s lengthy cock to full attention and his heavy ball sack is full and fat. Stepping up and onto the table, Nicholas’ thick cock is released and Kyle leans in to suck the fat cock demanding his attention.

Nicholas presses his sneaker on Kyle’s throbbing cock as Kyle presses it down even harder, stroking his cock between the sole of Nicolas’ shoe and the hard table. Kyle gets a good face fucking before he flips Nicholas around and slips his vibrant cock deep into Nicholas’ hairy ass.

As Kyle slams his cock in and out of Nicholas’ ass, Nicholas’ cock remains steadfast and firm. Kyle realizes that he has fucked with such intensity that he has to back off before those fat balls explode. Nicholas flips him and begins eating his smooth ass, giving him a wet tongue fucking before ramming his thick cock into his slippery ass.

Nicholas finds that it isn’t wet enough for him and pulls out and begins tongue fucking again. Once Nicholas has had his fill of tongue fucking, he slips his cock back in and begins a hard fucking. Kyle’s ass proves to be really sweet for Nicholas as he blows his load all over Kyle’s bearded chin and Kyle laps the last of his load.

With the hot cum lingering on his tongue, Kyle begins shooting his hot load and Nicholas drops to his knees and catches every drop on his hungry tongue. Welcome to the Society Kyle.Join them!


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It’s another hot sunny day in Puerto Vallarta, and hung Latin stud Marco Antonio is out on his balcony at his luxury estate enjoying time with his best friend Kyle Fox.

Marco and Kyle are both alpha tops. No one is allowed near their asses—instead, it is their job to invade the holes of slut bottoms.

And speaking of slut bottoms, Drew Dixon has been flirting with Marco Antonio a long time, but never landed the score.

Well, now he finally has his chance, but he has to be ready to service two alpha cocks instead of one.

Drew isn’t a complainer, and he rushed over to take care of their needs.

On top of that, Drew Dixon gets his ass stretched wide open in an intense double-penetration session.Join them!


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Coach Cole Connor is shocked to come home and find Felix Fox laying completely naked in his bed.

The young student-athlete is begging to get dicked down by the coach with some hot older-younger action, but Cole is scared that his family could come home any second and discover the ripped jock in his bed.

Cole can’t resist Felix’s young hole and eventually gives in by diving face-first into Felix’s thick muscle ass.

Coach Cole rotates between sucking Felix’s cock from the back and slobbering all over the athlete’s eager hole before using his big dick to bareback Felix’s tight bubble butt.

With each intense thrust into the eager student, Cole’s big booty shakes and jiggles and Felix moans for more of the mature’s girthy wood.

After an oral intermission where Cole takes his hard meat straight from Felix’s ass to his mouth, the coach lays Felix on his back and throws his legs in the air.

With Felix stroking his sizable cock and the coach’s daddy dick rapidly pumping into his hungry ass, the horny athlete bursts right before Cole squirts his own load all over Felix’s abs and open mouth.Join them!


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Curly blonde young stud Felix Fox arrives home to find sexy hunk Clark Delgaty in the middle of his stretch class and today as Felix is feeling “stiff” all over, he knows his teacher knows how to help him out.

Clark surreptitiously flirts with Felix as he grinds his already rock-hard dick against the blond’s ass while giving corrections, and when all the students are sitting with their eyes closed, Clark takes out his huge cock and rubs it against Felix’s face, motioning for him to keep silent.

Felix eagerly sucks Clark’s cock as quietly as he can, but when the hung top pounds him doggy style, he just can’t stay quiet any longer.

The other students storm out, but at least he can be as loud as he wants as he rides Clark’s cock reverse.

Felix orgasms as the top drills him in missionary, then sucks out Clark’s cum.Join them!

In just their tight sexy undies, bearded muscle hunk Johnny Donovan hungrily makes out with curly-haired twinks Chris White and Felix Fox in the living room.

Felix is in the middle, sucking Johnny while getting rimmed by Chris, then Johnny gets his cock worshipped by both the blonds at once.

Felix moans as Johnny fingers his hole, then fucks him with a toy before Johnny climbs into his lap and rides his dick, as Chris rubs Felix’s socked foot against his bulge.

Felix gets spit-roasted by Johnny and Chris, who take turns enjoying his throat and his ass before Felix gets his hole stuffed with both cocks at once.

Chris is the first to orgasm, and Johnny penetrates Felix’s hole with the toy as he takes the bottom’s load on his face, then cums in Chris and Felix’s mouths.Join them!

Ripped hottie hunk Jordan Starr brings us his hot homemade hookup with sexy young twink Troye Jacobs.

Jordan tells us, ‘Troye will always be a special connection for me.

When I got into the ‘creator’ business he was on the top of my wish list.

I can’t tell you how many times I had gotten off to watching him get railed.

I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t have asked for a sweeter and sexier sexual partner.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.Join them!

Felix Fox and Devy start their day snuggling in bed together, and Devy thinks his blond boyfriend looks so good, he just has to get him on camera.

Felix is bashful at first, then takes his turn filming Devy between the sheets before he sucks his man’s cock.

Felix fucks Devy’s throat before climbing up to ride the top’s cock, and Devy makes Felix cum as he spoons him, penetrating him from behind.

Felix eagerly waits, his mouth open, as the top licks up his jizz and spits it into his mouth, then Devy fucks him missionary before covering him with another hot load.Join them!

Ryan Bailey is trying to get some studying done at the college library, but his buddy Felix Fox is more interested in checking out the stern librarian, rubbing his cock through his pants, and making dirty jokes.

Felix takes out his dick and puts it through a hole he made in his book, then Ryan sucks it under the table.

Felix sneakily penetrates the bottom, but the pair get caught.

The librarian leaves to report them, so the horny students keep fucking doggy style over the table, then Felix sucks the bottom’s cock and pounds him in missionary.

Ryan rides Felix reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then takes Felix’s big load on his face.Join them!

Finn Harding’s college tour starts with a bang when he finds his roomie for the weekend, Felix Fox, riding a dick.

Finn teaches blond Felix and red-haired Kyle Connors about the sock code then gets schooled as Felix squirts out a big creampie on Finn’s head.

Felix says that fair’s fair and Finn can squirt on him too.

Kyle and Felix kiss around Finn’s cock, and Finn fucks Felix doggy style before Kyle rides him and Felix rides Kyle.

The redhead rims the bottom as Felix blows Finn, then Finn gives both the college guys their turn getting pounded in missionary till they orgasm.

As promised, Felix and Kyle share Finn’s cum load.Join them!

After a hard day of work, Felix Fox is helping his man Michael Boston relax with a sensual foot massage, pulling off Michael’s socks and kissing his foot, then up his body to passionately embrace him.

The guys undress and Michael pushes Felix down on the couch, sucking his cock, then riding him.

After Felix penetrates Michael missionary, the guys flip so Felix can enjoy taking Michael’s cock too.

The muscular blond cums as Michael pounds him in doggystyle, then the brunette hops on his lover’s dick while it’s still hard to stroke himself till he orgasms.Join them!

Blond hunk Felix Fox is enjoying a nice sensual shower, the water streaming over his muscular chest, tight ass, and hard cock, when he’s joined by his brunette friend, BelAmi exclusive Bart Cuban.

The guys rub their hard dicks together as they kiss under the water, then they move to the bedroom where they suck each other’s cocks, and Bart rims Felix’s hole.

Felix takes the top’s cock doggy style, then rides him on an ottoman, and Bart rims the bottom some more before fucking him missionary till he orgasms.

The hunky top covers Felix’s face with cum, and the eager bottom sucks out every last drop.Join them!


Sports fans blonde hottie Felix Fox and tattoo muscled hunk Chris Damned are watching the big game with their couple friends Kyle Connors and his boyfriend, but when their other halves go to get some snacks at halftime, Kyle starts hitting on Chris behind their backs.

Felix catches Kyle sucking Chris’s cock and shows the interloper how it’s done, then Chris sneakily rims Felix.

When Kyle’s boyfriend returns with the food, the three horny dudes hide under the blanket as Kyle and Felix vie for who will jack off Chris.

Kyle’s boyfriend makes a trip to the store, and Kyle steals another taste of Chris’s cock before sucking Felix as Felix rides his BF.

Then Felix sucks Kyle as Chris pounds him doggy style, and Kyle jacks off as he watches Felix get fucked till the bottom gets covered with all three loads.Join them!


Reporter Adrian Hart gets a bit distracted during his post-game interview with winning blonde Quarter Back Felix Fox when the sweaty athlete strips down to nothing but a towel, so he takes a little break to suck Felix’s cock.

Felix is all about staying humble, so he’s not above doing his part to make Adrian feel good, tonguing his hole and sucking his dick before he penetrates Adrian doggy style.

Adrian rides the hot football star, then Felix fucks him missionary on a bench till the bottom cums.

Felix celebrates his victory with a huge load on Adrian’s abs.Join them!


It’s Felix Fox’s first time working with his new trainer, and he really puts the sweaty twink through his paces.

When the trainer’s next client, Dante Colle, shows up, Felix is impressed by the bearded hunk’s muscles and stamina and asks his trainer for details about him.

Dante eavesdrops outside the locker room, then comes inside to offer Felix some tips… and more than just the tip! Dante rims the bottom, then sucks his cock before fucking Felix bent over a bench. Felix deepthroats Dante, then rides him.

Dante pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then penetrates him in missionary till Felix orgasms, and the bottom eagerly takes a facial.Join them!


When Felix Fox and his friends show up at the hottest gallery in town for an exhibit, first they have to get pat-downs from security guy Finn Harding.

Finn takes his time running his hands over Felix, and the guys exchange flirty looks as Finn thoroughly examines the bulge in Felix’s pants.

When his friends put on their VR headsets for the immersive art experience, they don’t notice as Felix starts sucking Finn’s cock.

Finn rims the bottom, then fucks him against the wall, and Felix rides that cock right under his buddies’ noses.

These guys’ muscular bodies are the real work of art as Finn fucks Felix doggy style, then pounds the bottom in missionary till Felix cums.

Felix gets to finish his visit with some abstract art on his face!Join them!


Felix Fox is too stressed over putting together his Danish furniture to pay attention to his boyfriend Clark Delgaty’s boner, so Clark goes down the hall and jacks off while peeking at their roommate Trent King’s ass.

The horny top can’t wait any longer, pulling down his roomie’s shorts and fucking him doggy style.

Clark heads back to check on Felix and finds him, face down, ass up looking for a dropped screwdriver, so he gives Felix the screw he needs.

The bottoms compete over Clark’s boner, then decide to share it, with both of them grinding their asses on Clark’s dick before Felix sucks Trent as his bf fucks him doggy style.

After the two bottoms cum, they argue over who’ll take a facial from Clark.Join them!


It looks like hung hunk JJ Knight is just chilling on the couch stroking his dick… until you notice his blindfolded sub, Felix Fox, patiently kneeling nearby.

JJ makes Felix wait before he feeds the good submissive his cock, then puts him on all fours on the bed to fuck his hole doggy style.

JJ lets Felix take the blindfold off and ride him, and Felix even sits on the top’s face.

JJ pounds the bottom in missionary, telling his sub to jack himself off till he cums, then covers his hole with jizz.Join them!


Cody Seiya and Chris Damned are hot for their boss Felix Fox at the office holiday bash, but they’re going to need more than a little mistletoe to turn this Xmas party into an XXXmas party.

Cody crawls under the podium while Felix gives his speech to suck the boss’s cock, then Felix fucks the bottom doggy style.

Chris follows the horny pair into another room, giving Felix the best of both worlds as he rims and then penetrates him.

Chris gets a chance to fuck Cody’s hole as well, then this lucky boss cums with Chris’s cock in his ass before taking hot loads from both his employees.Join them!


Overwhelmed by everything he needs to get done, Felix Fox calls out “I need some fucking help!” and his digital assistant calls in Armando De Armas of At Your Service, the company dedicated to getting the job done.

But Armando’s so hot, he makes it hard for Felix to concentrate on his work… especially when he pulls down the blond client’s jeans and rims him.

Felix asks Armando to fuck him, and he services the bottom doggy style, then the guys 69 before Felix does the splits on the top’s cock.

Soon it’s Felix who’s at Armando’s service as he rides his dick, then sucks Armando until the top cums.Join them!


For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.

Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

Just one cock isn’t enough for this power bottom, so Felix calls up eight more of his closest friends, Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarty, Gabriel Clark, Kenzo Alvarez, Markus Kage, Skyy Knox, Tony D’Angelo, and Trent King, to celebrate this Menniversary the best way he knows how, with a gangbang.

Felix helps himself to an all-you-can-fuck-and-suck buffet, then the tops take turns pounding his hole in piledriver till he cums all over himself before lucky Felix gets absolutely covered in nine cumshots.Join them!


Sexy naked dude Felix Fox wakes up in the morning and heads to the kitchen, strapping on an apron and gloves to make a start on the pots and pans left in the sink from the last evening.

His boyfriend, Slim Saint, decides to help his man out by coming up behind him and kissing him, then pressing his lips down Felix’s back before rimming his hole.

The dishes will have to wait because all Felix wants is to concentrate on pleasure as Slim slides his cock inside him.

Felix sucks Slim, then rides him on the floor before leaning back on the island with one leg up on the counter as Slim fucks him missionary.

The bottom cums, then Felix blows the top and swallows his load.Join them!


Hot gay couple Adrian Hart and Felix Fox arrive at Heaven’s pearly gates, but they’re missing their junk.

Rather than spend a sexless eternity, the guys leap down to hell, where they put on a hot show for Satan himself.

The Prince of Darkness gets a lap dance from Adrian in his black leather chaps, and Felix joins in to make out with his man before the guys enjoy a double-ended plug together.

Mephistopheles watches as Felix fucks Adrian doggy style, stroking his huge red cock on his throne as the boyfriends suck each other, then Adrian rides Felix reverse.

Then it’s Felix’s turn to get fucked as Adrian penetrates him doggy style, and after Hell’s newest devils cum, Beelzebub rewards them with his evil jizz on their faces.

Better to rail in hell than abstain in heaven.Join them!


American Asian Dale sees muscular twink Felix Fox dancing through the window at the Cock Stop and he stops in his tracks to watch him.

Felix beckons the cute bottom over, making flirty eye contact and slowly bending to show his muscle ass.

The guys kiss passionately and suck each other’s cocks, then Dale rides the blond top’s dick.

Felix fucks Dale doggystyle against the wall, then pounds his hole in missionary, and he doesn’t stop till both guys cum.Join them!


Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.

After flirting in the popcorn and drinks line, the guys managed to sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket, and Joey strokes it.

Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out.

The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat.

Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggy style as the usher sneakily watches.

Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.Join them!


Young sexy homebuyer Felix Fox wants this house really bad, and when he pulls up neck-and-neck with rival buyer Codi Vore, he’s going to do whatever and whomever it takes.

Luckily, hot hunky house agent Pierce Paris seems strangely immune to Codi’s feminine charms but is clearly responding to Felix’s overt flirting as the blond curly-haired young twink grinds his ass against Pierce’s dick.

The guys get Codi out of the way and Felix sucks the top’s cock, then Pierce fucks him doggy style.

The top flips Felix upside-down to pound his hole in piledriver, then Felix rides him on the couch.

Pierce penetrates the twink in missionary till Felix cums, then pulls out and showers him with a hot load.Join them!


Head lifeguard Felix Fox has planned a surprise prank for rookie Malik Delgaty’s first daya pair of dissolving swimming trunks.

As soon as Malik jumps in the pool for a rescue drill, the bathing suit washes away, and when he hoists Felix out, Malik is fully naked.

He chases Felix and gets his revenge by rubbing his cock on the blond’s face, but to his surprise, Felix loves it, eagerly swallowing that big pool noodle.

The other lifeguards watch as Malik bends Felix over the lifeguard chair and fucks him, then Felix rides the horny top before taking that huge dick doggy style on all fours.

As the bottom gets pounded missionary, his coworkers come over to cum on his face, and that’s all the encouragement Felix needs to orgasm too before Malik shoots one more load on the messy twink.Join them!