May 16, 2021

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Felix Fox

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Felix Fox takes loving cars to a whole new level when his client’s new car literally turns him on while washing it.

Little does he know that handsome stud Paul Wagner is watching him from the dark back seat of the car.

Once Felix lays eyes on Paul jerking his big dick, he jumps at the chance to go down on him, almost swallowing Paul’s entire cock in one gulp.

The two take turns blowing each other until Paul starts rimming Felix, getting his hole ready for his huge cock.

Once ready, Felix guides Paul’s throbbing dick right into his puckering hole as Paul thrusts in and out of him.

Leaning forward on all fours to take it all in, Paul keeps fucking Felix’s hard, glistening body.

The pair’s moans get louder and louder until Paul shoots his load all over Felix’s face and chest.Join them!

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After the inauguration, Cade Maddox is waiting for Felix Fox to finish his shower to tell him the good news.

After hearing he gets to stay with Cade as long as he likes, Felix climbs on the bed and Cade rips off his towel.

After some passionate petting, Felix heads south to wrap his lips around Cade’s thick cock. When Cade wants a taste, Felix bends over to present his smooth, pink hole for Cade to tongue-fuck.

During his tongue bath, Felix starts begging for Cade’s pole inside his ass, so Cade gives his man what he wants and sticks him deep and deep.

Felix lays down and takes the brunt of Cade’s power inside of him, somehow still begging for more.

When Cade flips the stud over, Felix’s moans get louder and more intense as Cade continues to drill Felix’s prostate bareback.

Felix takes control and climbs on top, but Cade’s cock proves to be too euphoric in his ass, so Felix erupts with a thick load all over the bed while Cade slathers Felix’s ass with his cum….Join them!

Felix Fox gay porn scenes at Cockyboys

We have two foxy foxes making their CockyBoys debut together: Kane Fox and Felix Fox…who is making his “pro” debut.

The guys click from the start with big smiles and complementary tastes.

And since Felix expresses an interest in light bondage, he and Kane engage in a little kinky role-play.

Stripped down to a jockstrap and a blindfold, Felix plays with his rippling muscles & hard nipples as Kane watches, then approaches him to take control.

Kane bends over Felix who is breathlessly thrilled to submit and offer up his ass…which is promptly smacked.

Kane watches himself in the mirror as he makes out with Felix, dry humps him, and manhandles his body and his steely-muscled and vein-bulging neck.

Flex wants him even more and Kane turns his attention to eat out his smooth hole while fondling his creamy ass mounds.

After considerable teasing Kane moves in front of Felix to feed him cock, face-fuck him and test his deep-throating skills.

Kane pushes Felix a little more, ordering him to put on a dirty & vocal muscle-flexing show while he jacks off to the sexy exhibitionist.

Soon though, Kane answers Felix’s begging and fucks him from behind.

As he does, Kane continues to manhandle Felix and grab him by his thick curly hair before unmasking him to make him watch in the mirror too.

When “Sir” Kane has had enough of that he puts Felix on top of the counter to plow him more, enjoy his body and let his cock out.

Even as they make out with increasing passion, their dom and sub dynamic persists.

Kane switches it up again by sitting down and making Felix flex his muscles again while they both jack off.

Soon Kane sucks Felix and brings him very close to the edge and after making out and stroking their dicks together, Kane sits back to get more head.

And when he has fucked Felix deeply, Kane commands him to sit on his slobbered-up cock.

Felix rides him until he is ready to cum and that’s when Kane strokes him and milks an extra thick load out of him.

Kane licks some up and feeds Felix his own load before getting up to give him an open-mouthed facial.

Kane makes out again with Felix and is still in charge of him. And that’s the way they BOTH like it….Join them!