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Hair Color: Dark Brown
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick / 20 cms
Height: 5’8″ / 177 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Gorgeous ripped young jocks Jeff Mirren and Nate Donaghy stripped bare
If last week’s twinkly duo left you wanting more jocks, this week’s Model of the Week spotlight is shared by another jockly duo. Shooting at our Castello site, perennial favorite Jeff Mirren is joined by freckled stunner, Nate Donaghy. This time around Benno Thoma is our guest photographer, but as you’ll see in the video, nearly everyone wanted to sneak a peek and take some photos of the lovely pair themselves.
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Gay threesome Gonzo scene with Joel Birkin, Jeff Mirren, and Nate Donaghy.

While not to everyone’s taste we hope this hot Gonzo scene will be able to find something in this one to make you change your minds.

It should have enough appeal for all of us size queens, outdoor sex fans, Joel lovers or fans of Nate and Jeff, and also those of us who just love to see a bottom enjoying himself as much as Jeff does.

Our cock hungry Jeff is in his glory today as he attempts to stuff himself from both ends with as much dick as he can handle…. and that can be quite a bit.

Even Joel knows that this is one of the rare times that he doesn’t need to hold anything back.Join them!

Today our sexy trio are outdoors and they’ve been trying to settle an argument, the question on everyone’s minds is which of the two young tops Nate Donaghy and Jim Durden is the best lover.

Expert bottom Justin Saradon wanders into view and bingo the two boys will conduct the ultimate test by both having Justin’s hot ass and letting him decide.

Justin is led to the garden day bed and he kneels between the two sexy studs, kissing both of them on the lips before he frees their big erect cocks from their shorts.

He sucks both huge erect dicks taking them deep to the back of his throat making him gag as they hit home, as the two tops make out together.

The guys then focus their attention on Justin, one rimming his smooth bubble ass and the other blowing his super erect uncut cock.

This turns young Justin on making him so horny he wants to take both top’s big thick dicks deep in his bare asshole.

Nate is up first and he rubs his cockhead up and down Justin’s ass crack before pushing it balls deep into Justin’s raw hole.

Justin braces for the hardcore anal onslaught loving the feeling of Nate’s massively thick cock moving inside his asshole.

The young bottom almost shoots his load a few times as expert lover Nate pummels him with a power drill fucking style but he holds off as he wants a taste of Jim’s massive fuck tool

The ripped young muscle boys switch up with Jim in the driving seat. Jim starts off in missionary before changing position a number of times, each time going in harder and deeper as Justin moans loudly with every stroke in and out.

The hottie tops exchange positions again with Justin taking full control and grinding his asshole down onto Nate’s throbbing erection tightening his ass muscles and gripping Nate’s cock like a vice.

Nate is the first to blow spraying jizz all over Justin’s face and chest all the while Jim’s slick dick is still inside Justin’s bubble butt.

Justin orgasms next as Jim pulls out and showers them both with his cum, before he licks up every drop of Justin’s hot boy seed.Join them!

Sexy ripped young stud Benoit Ulliel and horny slim dude Nate Donaghy make out kissing passionately as they undress each other quickly.

They rub their hands over each others’ lithe fresh bodies and they explore each other’s mouths with their sweet lips and tongues.

As they undo their jeans we can see both young men have very hairy pubic hair bushes.

Benoit reaches down and releases Nate’s massive long dick which stands tall and proud fully erect.

Nate lies back showing off his rippling six-pack abs as he jerks his own dick in long strong strokes.

He then leans forward and sucks down hard on Benoit’s thick cock imbibing the throbbing member till his balls are on his lips, gagging a little as it hits the back of his throat.

Benoit returns the favor gently sucking and licking Nate’s huge mushroom cockhead and playing with his balls.

Nate then pulls Benoit around and onto all fours so that he can probe his dick between Benoit’s smooth ass cheeks before he forces his cock deep inside.

Benoit moans as Nate’s dick opens his hole and he loves the feeling of Nate pumping him with a roughness that belies his character.

Then lying side by side they wanks their huge dicks till both of them blow their loads, first Benoit quickly followed by Nate, spraying jizz all over their ripped abs….Join them!

Today we have paired Nate Donaghy up with the very experienced Jon Kael in what promises to be another great scene.

Jon is the bottom here in this scene and it does not take long before Nate’s cock has Jon moaning in pleasure and begging for more…Join them!

Since it is Rhys Jagger’s job in the office to make sure that our production schedule runs smoothly, we suppose it is only fair that he is the stand in today to get fucked by Nate Donaghy when his scene partner fails to show up.

We somehow think that Rhys was missing the perks that come with being a regular model and forgot on purpose to let Nate know that the scene was canceled just so that he could step in and save the day.

For those of you who saw our quickie about Nate’s accident should be reassured of his recovery, as this scene was filmed just a few months after their return…Join them!

We have quite the stable of models at the moment who really love bottoming, but as most of our Hungarians prefer to top, Nino Valens is an exceptional exception and has to rank on anyone’s list of top bottoms.

In today’s ‘Summer Break’ scene we have him teamed up with 2 Czech boys, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy in an encounter that is bound to please. More of all 3 of these guys can be found here on Belami and also on them!

Nate Donaghy gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Today we see young sexy Benoit Ulliel in his very first sex scene for Freshmen with Nate Donaghy taking him through the ropes.

In charge as the coach, Nate leans down and pulls off Benoit’s t-shirt revealing his super ripped six-pack abs.

The young guy’s lip’s meet briefly for a quick kiss as Nate reaches down and plays with Benoit’s huge crotch bulge tenting his jeans.

Nate then opens his mouth, unleashes Benoit’s massive erection before swallowing his throbbing dick all the way down to its base.

Benoit moans with pleasure at the feeling of another boy’s mouth on his cock.

Nate knows how to pleasure a dude’s dick and he blows Benoit getting his tongue up and down his shaft and into his foreskin, before polishing his big cockhead.

Benoit’s dick is rock solid pointing skywards like a rocket.

Nate then lies back as Benoit demonstrates how much he has already learned from the young master cocksucker.

He blows Nate’s dick showing he is a very fast learner.

Then as the two young guys spoon, Nate slips his thick hard dick between Benoit’s ass cheeks forcing his cock balls deep into his hole.

The ass fucking is intense and the sexy boys switch positions a number of times as Benoit gets used to having another guy’s cock in his ass.

He’s loving the feeling of Nate’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Benoit can hold off no longer and with Nate’s cock deep in his ass, he blows a huge orgasmic cumshot across his abs with cum dripping down.

Nate continues to pump away for a few moments until he can hold off no longer and pulls out just as his cock erupts with multiple streams of hot boy jizz, coating Benoit’s freshly fucked hole.

The hottie young lovers kiss passionately to end their hot love-making session. Catch up with all Benoit Ulliel sex scenes also at Belami here and Nate Donaghy movies here.Join them!

Our second scene for this Freshmen edition was filmed on a rainy Slovakian day and features dark haired beauties, Nate Donaghy and Bart Cuban.

When Nate was previously in our Bratislava studio, he caused some consternation in our comments section by engaging in his morning ritual of coffee and a cigarette.

This time, he agreed to forego those pleasures in exchange for the pleasure of fucking Bart.

As is customary of director Lukas Ridgeston’s work, this scene has fewer edits and focuses more on the subtleties of their lovemaking, the tender looks, the slow undressing and the building of sexual tension.

The result is a romantic and sensual encounter that befits the dark and lustful looks of both models.

The sex naturally flows from careful and gentle to fast and passionate and builds to the point where Bart can no longer hold it shooting a very thick and creamy load while Nate is still deep inside him…Join them!

Nate Donaghy’s freckled shyness nicely combines with Jamie Durrell’s cheery intensity to make a sweet and tender scene. This was filmed as part of last year’s Greek production and is the only scene with Nate as he had to leave early for a family emergency.

This scene falls in the “romance” category, so those who wish to see wild hard fucking should look elsewhere…Join them!

Some may say Nino Valens is too skinny, some that Nate Donaghy is past his prime. Perhaps. But both boys are fully committed to giving all of you a five-star performance every time. To honor that commitment, let’s avoid comments like this and enjoy the scene for all the other reasons…Join them!

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