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Shane Cook may look like a straight-laced muscle jock but this deep-voiced handsome guy from Midwest isn’t quite that. He IS a self-proclaimed adventurous gym rat with a big, thick dick who loves sex and has a hard time finding someone with the same hyper-sex drive he does. Shane is enthusiastic in bed and likes his partners to be too and unsurprisingly that’s true onscreen too. Are you ready for Shane Cook? He’s ready for you!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Shane Cook gay porn scene at Falcon Studios

Having a social media influencer partner Shane Cook has never been a fan of filming his sex life for the masses however husband Evan Knoxx manages to persuade him with a series of horny advances.

With the camera rolling, Evan swallows his man’s thick cock and spreads his cheeks for Shane to tongue his tight hole.

Moving into the living room with a ring light in hand, Evan opens his legs to be filled up with his man’s girthy meat.

A focused Shane watches as his dick disappears in his husband’s hungry ass with Evan gasping at every one of his bareback thrusts.

Now on his back, Evan is covering his body in his own impressive load moments before Shane pulls out to blast ropes for all of Evan’s adoring fans.Join them!

All Tristan Hunter wants for Christmas is to do something nice for boyfriend Shane Cook and fix the antique watch his grandfather gave him.

Unfortunately for Tristan, he’s flat broke and has to work overtime doing online cam shows for client Max Konnor in order to fully pay for the repairs.

Things only get worse when an enraged Shane comes home to reveal that Max is actually his boss and he knows that Tristan’s been filling up his hole with XXL dildos for random people on the internet.

Tristan tries to explain that he only did it to afford Shane’s watch repairs, but Shane tells his loving partner that he actually pawned the watch months ago to help Tristan’s financial struggles.

The two embrace for a passionate kiss before the muscular Shane unwraps Tristan’s ass and starts rimming his smooth hole.

Ready to take on Shane’s thick dick, Tristan mounts his lover and rides his Yule log cock with a satisfied Shane moaning in amazement.

The dick-hungry bottom strokes himself as Shane rapidly pumps his south pole in and out of Tristan’s south hole.

A few more bareback thrusts from Shane’s girthy log has Tristan’s dick blowing an oversized load with Shane pulling out to lay a fresh blanket of cum all over Tristan’s holiday hole. 

Still holding each other, it’s then that the two lovers realize the perfect gift that they can always give each other is free and only a few strokes away.Join them!

Shane Cook gay porn scene at Hothouse

While Groomsman Shane Cook tries on his suit and awaits alterations from Tailor Jay Tee, the Groom Chris Damned sits back and enjoys a fat cigar.

As Chris sits back, Jay measuredly slips down Shane’s pants and underwear to reveal his fat uncut cock that he instantly starts sucking.

When Shane wants a taste, Jay bends over to watch Chris stroke his meat while Shane licks Jay’s ass.

Right in front of Chris, Shane enters Jay from behind and quickly begins an intense bareback pounding.

Jay and Shane move to the bed where Jay gets laid down and sucked before Shane fucks his ass again.

While Shane keeps drilling Jay’s hole, Jay strokes his cock until his load shoots onto his abs.

All it takes is a few more strokes in Jay’s ass and soon, Shane is adding his cum to the mix.Join them!

As one of the best men in the wedding, Austin Avery works on making sure every inch of his suit fits how he likes.

When Austin starts to feel himself in the mirror, he hops in the shower fully suited and starts jacking off.

Groomsman Shane Cook shows up to try on his suit and looks to the steamy shower for an inviting glance before stripping and joining Austin.

Once Austin glances down at his cock, Shane knows that’s his cue to get down and suck Austin’s rod.

Austin pushes his cock to the back of Shane’s throat before bending over and letting Shane give his hole a tongue massage.

Now that he’s prepped Austin’s crack, Shane stands and mounts Austin’s eager hole bareback.

Mid stride, Austin hits his knees and slurps on Shane’s cock that was just inside him.

When they go back to fucking, Austin hops on top and rides Shane’s thick dick until Shane lets loose and spurts his load all over Austin’s balls.

Shane stays laying on the floor while Austin stands over him and coats Shane’s face with his load.Join them!

Shane Cook gay porn scene at Next Door Buddies

Men lifting weights? Super hot. We all know this.

So watch as studs Aspen and Shane Cook flex and then fuck. You know you want to.Join them!

Levy Foxx needs a buddy to spot while he lifts.

Good thing Shane Cook is around to lend a hand…and a cock.

The thick dicked dude needs somewhere to bury his piece, and Levy’s ass is the perfect place.

They get their cardio in and fuck at the gym.Join them!

Shane Cook gay porn scene at Next Door Studios

Elliot Finn and Brandon Anderson are sick of the same old mediocre hookup.

They want to find guys on hookup apps who are worth the hookup.

In order to do so, they’re going to stop giving their asses up to everyone and only give them to guys who pass a rigorous five-point inspection.

First up, Elliot takes on Shane Cook.Join them!

Shane Cook is horny in the frat house and needs to rub one out, so he does…in a sock.

Being the mischievous frat bro that he is, Shane then uses his cum sock to torment Justin Matthews who was stupid enough to fall asleep in the commons room. Rookie mistake.

Justin lets Shane know that if he wants a place to cum that isn’t a sock, he can always remember the frat is full of asses.

Shane gets the hint and bangs his frat bro out.Join them!

Shane Cook gay porn scene at Cocky Boys

Shane Cook brings his sexual enthusiasm to CockyBoys in a condom free scene with one of his faves Levi Karter.

As they make out Shane is excited by lively Levi and his hot bod and he’s in awe of him when he relentlessly and effortlessly sucks his thick cock deep.

He lights up when Levi asks him to fuck his throat and is in heaven when he obliges that request.

While getting constant deep-throat pleasure Shane bends forward to suck Levi whose mouth is locked on his cock even when Shane lifts Levi up vertically to rim him.

Levi flips back on his stomach to suck him, but Shane wants more of his ass.

He sidles next to Levi finger and tongue his hole before taking him over the bed to eat his ass and fuck him with his beer can cock which Levi takes to quickly.

Shane pounds him harder finding the spot that makes Levi ask for more.

Shane kicks it up a notch by fucking Levi in a pile driver and soon bringing him back to bed to ride his cock again his thrusting cock finds the spot.

Shane fucks Levi on his back and it isn’t long before he pulls out and shoots a massive load over him. Shane returns to fucking him Levi who eats his load and in short order explodes with a cum geyser.

As they kiss it’s clear from his smile that Shane got the best CockyBoys welcome possible….Join them!

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