Beau Jackson

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When I brought my cute friend Benny Fox along to the shoot with Beau Jackson, it turned out to be one of the most successful sessions of the summer. I had a good feeling about how well they would get along with one another, and I was quite curious to watch them interact in a video recording. The gentlemen were quite kind to one another as they assisted one another in selecting outfits for the photo shoot and began sneaking kisses before to the beginning of the session. I tricked Beau into taking Benny’s shorts and underwear off in order to expose Benny’s flawless tiny behind. Then, when it was time to extract Beau’s hefty cock, Benny couldn’t get enough of it and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wait until you watch the film they made before you judge the quality of the photographs they took. Benny ultimately took all of that massive cock in his tight hole while Beau pushed down on him. This happened after Benny had become used to it. You can tell the boys had a good time making this video by the wide smiles that broke out at the very end, right when Benny blew his load across Beau’s tummy while Beau still had that big cock inside of him.
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When I first started thinking about bringing my good friend Beau Jackson in for new shoots, I already had a few of my other close friends in mind for him to hang out with in the studio.

The number one spot on the list was taken by my adorable friend Eddie Archer. When I informed him about Beau, he showed a lot of interest in hearing about him.

Therefore, we all got together in the studio in order to take some pictures and record a new video. And I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Eddie happier than when he’s being scooped up and carried around by his new muscled friend.

He just glows with contentment. It’s going to be one of the most enjoyable shots you do all year. And as Eddie is sucking on his cock, I can see by the expression on Beau’s face that he is enjoying the attention that he is getting as well.

I made rapid work of going through the images so that we could go on to the next step, which was creating a film.

After viewing this, I can understand why so many of my friends are interested in going to Beau’s house and meeting him.Join them!

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