Cody James

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Australian

Cody James gay porn scenes at Bentley Race

Bentley Race says: Hottie young Aussie stud Cody James tries on different sexy underwear jerking his huge uncut dick

How often I invite Cody James over for new shoots will show you how much I enjoy working with him. Recently, I was lucky to have him to myself. I was really looking forward to getting my adorable mate to try on different kinds of underwear while I snapped pictures of his huge bulging cock. Cody was astonished to be taking so many photos of him trying on underwear that were deliberately too small for him. I’m glad he was willing because the photos are fantastic. I love seeing guys getting horny trying on underwear. Cody was a bit agitated as I filmed. He also squirted a lot. I’m going to get my horny buddy back soon to film a brand new scene.

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Of all my sexy mates Cody James is my absolute favorite when it comes to shooting scorching hot sex scenes with him.

I was really excited after he moved back to my state last year.

We’ve been busy making hot new shoots with some of our mates. This is a simple shoot with Cody posing in a speedo, getting naked, and soaping up his body in the shower.

I can see why our mates love working with Cody.

He’s a cute little guy, with loads of energy and a huge dick.

We took these photos in the bathroom.

Cody told me this week he was really excited to see the photos.

I’m planning to get him back for some hot sex with some new mates very soon.Join them!

After their popular shoot together in 2019 I finally managed to get our cute mates Cody James and Andy Samuel back together for a new shoot in the studio last week.

It was Cody who said he’d love to get with Andy again.

I was definitely keen since they are both fun to shoot with, and they look great together.

After some cheeky kissing and stripping photos, we got down to making one very hot video.

Cody normally likes to bottom, but he’s also one of the best tops among our mates.

The boys love riding his big dick.

You can tell by the big smile on Andy’s face that he’s really satisfied too as he’s left covered and cum and sweat on the bed.Join them!

My cute mate Cody James dropped in last week for a visit and a naughty shoot. He is one of my favorite mates to shoot with.

Cody is normally making some hot videos with our mates.

But I still like getting him for some solo photos and videos occasionally.

As he strips off for these shots I noticed how fit he is looking.

He quickly gets naked and starts showing off his thick uncut dick.

I got some great shots of Cody completely naked wearing just socks and sneakers toward the end of the shoot.

But wait till you see his new video. Cody takes over directing in the video as he lubes up a rubber fuck toy for a hot fleshlight fucking scene.

Cody’s huge cum shower is something you must see.

I’m looking forward to getting him back soon for some new shoots with our mates.Join them!

As we creep back into summer and start our 22nd year of shooting in Australia, I have started organizing new scenes with the guys.

And last week I finally managed to get Cody James back into the studio.

Cody actually created a couple of very hot videos he made at home and at the beach last year when we couldn’t get together.

Our catch also involved Cody getting naked and playing with his big uncut dick.

He gets horny easily as he begins stroking his cock.

So I grabbed the video camera while he lubed up to put on a nice fleshlight fucking show.

Now that he’s living nearby I’m hoping we’ll be seeing Cody pair up with some of our mates this summer.Join them!

When our mate Cody James returned to making new shoots last month he already knew who he wanted to pair up with. Our horny bottom boy Andy Samuel was at the top of his list. And I was happy to see Cody topping in a video again.

Cody is super fit these days and that big cock gets rock hard so easily. Andy was teasing Cody and his big cock all through this photo shoot. So I knew that the video was going to be really hot.

There are a few little surprises from the boys in this shoot too. Both Cody and Andy are 2 of our favorite mates on the site. Getting them in on the same shoot was the best fun I’ve had shooting…Join them!

I’m so excited today about one of my favorite mates returning for a new shoot. I’ve met hundreds of guys while doing shoots for the site and of course some guys are more fun to shoot with than others.

Cody James is one of the boys that I loved shooting with. He moved interstate 3 years ago and I lost touch with him. And totally out of the blue last week he got in touch and told me that he would be travelling through Melbourne, would I be interested in doing a shoot? Hell yeah!!

Cody is 27 now and looking super fit. He tells me that living out in the country made him a lot more fit and healthy. He’s still got that perfect extra large cock and in his new video he pulls off one of the hottest selfie videos.

It’s really nice having our cute mate back and I’m hoping he will visit more often over this coming Aussie summer…Join them!

This is one of our mates hook ups that I’ve been super excited to release today on Bentley Race. I knew these guys were going to get along really well. Aussie boy Cody James kept asking me when was he going to get a turn at bottoming in one of our videos.

Every since I met Brodie a few years ago he has been a big hit on the site fucking all my mates with his large uncut cock. Then when daddy Romain Deville asked about doing some topping scenes, I knew Cody would be the perfect scene partner for our hung daddy.

The guys looked totally adorable together as they flirted and kissed during their photoshoot. Cody couldn’t wait to get Romain’s cock out and into his mouth. This has got to be one of my favorite sex scenes on the site after watching the video again today.

Romain really slams Cody until the little guy can’t take it any longer and sprays cum all over me as I lay filming on the floor beneath them. These guys are totally adorable and I’m so glad I managed to get the guys (from different cities) together for this scene. Make sure you check out all of Cody’s and Romain’s hot videos now…Join them!

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