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Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’3″
Cut / Uncut: Cut /Circumcised
Weight: 180 lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom/Versatile

Jed Athens gay porn scenes at Titan Men

You’ll never forget when you first see it, popping out like a missile into your wide-eyed face: stiff as a board and straight as an arrow, rock hard and throbbing to the ceiling, bursting at the veins and twitching for attention.

It’s time to get Rigid with Aymeric Deville and his friends, whose intense excitement spreads from the screen.

The big and beautiful banana-shaped cock of Ty Roderick gets fellow tattooed stud, Aymeric Deville, moaning in a memorable encounter.

Lounging on the patio, tan and trim Stefano Dimarco gets distracted by bearded muscle bud Jeff Stronger who knows how to take a big uncut piece nice and deep.

Cute contractor Jed Athens is running behind schedule but finds time to shove his stiff-as-steel shaft into client Justin Beal’s holes…Join them!

Jed Athens and Mike Tanner “This your rugby gear?” asks Jed Athens, lounging in bed with a beer as he stares at Mike Tanner—wearing nothing but a towel, fresh out of the shower after his match. Jed wants his bud to put it on, but Mike turns the tables—asking Jed to put on his sweaty uniform.

Jed strips down and suits up as Mike watches, taking a swig of beer as his throbbing boner escapes underneath his towel. Jed strokes his own meat as the two stare at each other. Jed gets closer, Mike eyeing Jed’s cock and repeatedly looking up at him before sucking him—a bead of pre-cum forming on Mike’s big dick head.

Mike stands up, Jed rubbing their dicks together before sucking him back—Mike’s boner throbbing up as Jed opens wide to take it. Jed gets on his back in bed, moaning “Like that hole? Pound it!” as Mike fucks him hard. Mike then gets fucked, Jed marveling at the bottom’s boner: “Look at that hard dick! Fuck!”

Mike’s pecs shake as he gets slammed, Jed soon standing over him and dumping his load, the bottom then shooting his thick white wad.

Dario Beck gets a special offer from garage sale stud Jed Athens—an early-bird look at more loot in the house. He’s soon staring at Jed’s boner, whipping out his own slab as they stroke. The tension builds as Jed’s steel shaft throbs. Jed falls to his knees—stroking Dario’s rod before engulfing it.

He goes deep, repeatedly tugging on Dario’s fleshy foreskin with his lips. Jed’s cock pulses as he gets face fucked, their two big boners in the frame. They stand, staring as their cocks slide against each other. Dario sucks the stranger back, Jed’s wet rod glistening. He pins Dario against the wall, spreading and licking his furry cheeks before burying his scruffy face inside.

Jed fucks Dario from behind, the bottom then sitting down on him as Jed reaches around to stroke him. Dario’s boner bounces as he rides (“There you go!” moans Jed), the bottom dumping a heavy load that slides down his own leg—Jed then shooting on Dario’s thick meat.

Locked in a kiss with tall Bryon Saint, tattooed Jed Athens licks down the toned stud’s smooth body and works on the boner jutting out of his briefs. Jed sucks the thick, uncut beauty deep as Bryon’s big red sac fills the frame. “You like that foreskin?” asks Bryon as Jed nibbles, his own cock throbbing.

“Take it all!” says Bryon, a spit strand connecting his cock to the sucker’s wet mouth. Jed pulls Bryon’s foreskin wide, diving his tongue in to tease the head. Bryon then feasts on Jed’s red-hot slab. “Suck those balls,” says Jed. “Taste good?” Jed bends Bryon over a sling to feast on his ass (“Wet it up! Eat that hole!”), then whips his cock on it.

He fucks him from behind, the bottom then doing the work as he slides all the way down and off in a hot sequence. On his back, Bryon gets fucked by a big strap-on and then a probe before Jed uses an even bigger dildo.

It’s all a warm-up for Jed’s fist, which soon fills the hungry bottom—his bright red ass expelled. “Jack that cock with your fist in my ass!” yells the bottom, Jed’s load soon coating him.

Cute student Jed Athens has been called to the teacher’s office. His test scores are too low, so French instructor Mack Manus needs an oral exam. “Do you want to suck me off?” he asks in French, the student confusingly answering “Oui?” Mack gets up from his desk as he rubs his huge bulge—Jed’s eyes opening wide when he sees it.

Mack leans back and whips out his monster, Jed excitedly getting to work. He gulps it deep, Mack opening his shirt to reveal his tan muscle chest. He holds his balls for Jed to suck, dirty talking to him in two languages throughout. The two kiss, their boners grazing before Mack slurps up the student, soon turning him around to munch his smooth hole.

Mack tongue fucks him, his scruffy chin rubbing his butt. Jed gets fucked from behind, then sits down on Mack and bounces—his boner frantically slamming against his own stomach. Jed gets on his back for more before they shoot, the bottom dousing his own pec.

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