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Diesel Washington bio: Hello world, it’s Diesel and I’m into working out comic books, and Cosplay. Somewhat of a geek at heart, I love traveling and seeing the world. I like having fun with friends and my family is very important to me.

Turn-ons: My biggest turnons are guys with Personality and cute eyes. Someone that cooks well is also a turnon for Me. I jus! t like guys that can be themselves and enjoy life

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’6″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hardcore big muscle worship with Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington’s big dick anal fuck fest
Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington massage each other’s bodies while donning motorcycle helmets and neoprene suits, making jokes as the tension increases. Diesel slides his helmet onto Dallas’s ass, releases the muscular stud’s throbber, and then inhales a whiff of it through his open visor. Dallas is lowered by Diesel, who quickly chokes the victim with his massive dick. Dallas spits on his own cock while sucking, engulfing Diesel’s balls as the side of his face is dick-whipped (“Get it wet,” groans Diesel as Dallas gasps). Diesel thanks Dallas for the favor by praising its steel rod. Massive strands of spit fall to the ground as Diesel opens wide. Diesel spins his head in circles while attempting to rewrap the spit around Dallas’ cock with one strand still clinging to his face. Diesel uses it to pound his face while groaning and sucking his balls hard. Dallas feeds the gasping sucker the spit by fiddling with it. Following a kiss, they devour one another. Diesel holds Dallas against the wall and gives him a hard fuck. Then, with his enormous legs pumping hard, Diesel sits down on the large dick and turns over. Diesel hits the bottom with one of the wads as the two exchange shots.
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In a dark backroom bar, Jesse Jackman and Diesel Washington kiss briefly as they feel each other’s sexy bodies with their muscles bursting from their leather gear, their faces covered in shades and hats.

Jesse devours Diesel’s big dick, teasing the underside with his tongue.

Diesel sucks the stud back, gulping it up before eating his beefy hole.

Diesel fucks Jesse from behind before the bottom sits on him, his hairy cheeks devouring the top’s monster as his own dick head bounces off Diesel’s tight abs.

Jesse gets on his back as Diesel goes fast and slow, the bottom soon coated in cum.Join them!

A.J.’s interview airs on GSPN, surprising player Eric Nero.

He’s getting a massage from trainer Diesel Washington, who isn’t fazed, “Coach and I have been buddies for years.”

Diesel’s hands and tongue tease Eric’s massive cock, which disappears inside the trainer’s mouth.

Diesel then plants his own monster on Nero’s face (“Fuckin’ love that dick!”).

They 69 each other’s beasts as the verbal Diesel takes control (“Make it nice and wet suck that big dick!”), spreading Eric’s cheeks to munch on his hole.

He rams him hard, Diesel’s own pecs flexing as he fucks the bottom who squirts, then beats his dick on the top’s abs right before Diesel fires his own load.Join them!

After spending hours spying on all the hardcore gay sex action Diesel Washington is feeling horny so he phones his valet, Steven Ponce.

Diesel heard some gossip that Steven has been misusing his car taking joyrides out to impress his friends, he needs taking down a peg or two with some firm discipline.

Diesel knows how to deal with him, he takes command of the situation immediately forcing Steven onto his knees and his mouth onto his big black cock

Steven is an accomplished cock sucker and has no trouble swallowing Diesel’s massive dick all the way to his balls. Diesel’s face fucks him hard till Steven chokes on his rock solid man meat.

Steven slurps and gags with delight as Diesel really goes at it.

Diesel stands Steven up on a chair while he punches and tugs on his balls before sucking him off.

Diesel gives Steven just as an enthusiastic and spit-filled blowjob as Diesel gave him; in no time, Steven sprays his load all over Diesel’s massive chest.

Diesel throws his compact, redheaded partner onto his stomach, shoots his load all over his back, and then licks up every last drop.

Diesel bends Steven over the couch and aggressively rims his ass while stroking his cock, then pulls Steven up onto him and hangs him upside down while he continues to eat his ass.

Hanging down, Steven’s the perfect height to hang right in front of Diesel’s cock, which he greedily sucks down.

Diesel throws Steven back onto the couch for the main event of the whole film, and a scene people will be talking about for years to come: the must-be-seen-tobe-believed fucking session.

Steven starts by straddling Diesel, who fucks him so intensely from underneath Steven looks like he’s going to be split open.

But they’re just getting started; Diesel grabs Steven from behind, holding him in a full nelson while literally bouncing him up-and-down off his cock.

He then throws him back onto the couch where he impales him some more until they both cum again….Join them!

The latest installment in the award-winning Folsom Fetish series, Fear takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day.

Each of the six nail-bitingly intense outdoor scenes on this masterpiece two-disc set explores different aspects of rape, submission, bondage and fetish play in a way that only GAYVN Hall-Of-Fame director Brian Mills could do.

At almost 5 hours long, Fear includes footage of several acts so extreme they have never been captured on film before, and none of which have ever been filmed so gorgeously as they are here.

Fear stars the most Titan Men exclusives ever in one movie: Tony Buff (making his explosive TitanMen debut), Dirk Jager (Shacked Up), Rick van Sant (Folsom Leather), Diesel Washington (Boiler, Crossing the Line: Cop Shack 2), Alex Baresi (Folsom Leather, Breathless), François Sagat (H2O, Shacked Up) and Dean Flynn (Barnstorm, Shacked Up)! Also stars Tober Brandt (Folsom Leather), Derek Da Silva (Folsom Filth), and new TitanMen CJ Madison, Brody Newport, and Lars Svenson. Not for the faint of heart, Fear pushes the envelope so far that it rips right through it…Join them!

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