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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
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Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
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Sexy ripped army dudes Jim Fit and Derek Kage hardcore big dick ass fucking flip flop.

Derek Kage and Jim Fit are two hot sexy fuckers. Seeing Derek top Jim with his massive dick is amazing.

But seeing Jim dominate Derek as well?

Incredible. Watching these two flip-fuck is so hot.

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Hot sexy warehouse workers Jim Fit and Colby Melvin are on the late shift sorting out the packages for the delivery couriers to collect.

Jim Fit is feeling particularly horny and stressed and he wanders off to the men’s bathroom planning a sly wank in the stalls whilst his boss is otherwise engaged.

The muscular blue-collar parcel operative is immediately busted by a fellow hottie co-worker Colby Melvin, but hey they are both dirty-minded and he soon pushes Jim to his knees and forces his huge hard erection down Jim’s deep throat. Making him gag as his big dick head hits the back of his throat.

Still in the middle of the public restroom, Jim clutches onto a urinal for support as Colby buries his face between his smooth cheeks, rimming his hot smooth asshole.

Jim relaxes his ass muscles allowing Colby to force his massive thick dick balls deep into his raw hole.

As he power fucks his hot cock into Jim, Colby gives his co-worker a reach around and helps Jim get a taste of the excessive precum leaking out of his own dick.

Now getting drilled deeper and harder, Jim moans loudly as he orgasms spraying ropes of cum onto the restroom’s tiled floor.

Moments later, Jim joins his puddles of cum on the ground as he kneels down, opens his mouth, and takes Colby’s full jizz load to the face and licks his cum wet lips.Join them!

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Fisting Inferno says: Gay men fist fucking Jim Fit, Cazden Hunter and Sherman Maus’s unglove hands at Fisting Inferno

The sauna is hitting record temperatures as sexy strangers Jim Fit and Cazden Hunter join forces to take on Sherman Maus with their big Dicks and lubed hands. The kinky pair focuses their attention on Sherman’s gaping ass by shoving both hands into simultaneously. While he squats on both wrists of the male and Sherman’s thigh-busting hog hangs there until it’s full of the snout and releasing his latest load.

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Every person who visits this spa is aware that certain areas of the sauna are reserved for horned-up men looking to break a sweat and then suck one another off and then smack a hot hole. Cazden and Jim Fit are taking the hot and sweaty area today to suck Sherman Maus off and open his a** with their fingers. The stranger quickly returns the favor by putting his wrists into both Cazden Hunter and Jim Fit while drinking the fresh sucks gushing out of their big dicks.

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Sexy ripped muscle stud Jim Fit’s bare fist sexy young dude Apollo Fates’s hot hole.

Naked and stroking off in the middle of their gym, Jim and Apollo are ready to stretch some hole and push the physical limits of their bodies.

Jim kicks things off by sucking off Apollo’s cock, rimming his sweaty hole, and barebacking his muscular ass.

Ready to see how much more Apollo can actually take, Jim lubes up his hand and slowly begins working in his fingers until Apollo’s ass is wrapped around his wrist.

The bottom’s eyes rush to the back of his head as Jim continuously pounds his insides on the mat.

Unable to take much more, Apollo begins unloading his balls all over himself with Jim then exiting his obliterated backdoor to expose the worn athlete’s bright pink insides.

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In just his white socks and sneakers ripped stud Jim Fit’s bare hole fisted by sexy hunk Apollo Fates.

Jim and Apollo know that they’re not supposed to practice in the gym unless they’re in full uniform, but the two love staring at each other’s exposed muscles too much to follow the rules.

Once each of them is shirtless, Jim cuts his training short for the chance to have Apollo swallow his already-hard cock and rim his smooth hole.

Hungry for more, Apollo thrusts his bareback dick between Jim’s cheeks before bringing his hands in to fist the bubble butt jock.

Apollo fills and toys with Jim’s wrecked hole as Jim puts on a smile and begs to be drilled harder by the athlete’s muscular arm.

With a few more pumps, a satisfied Jim is soon busting a hot load all over his defined abs and is ready to hit the showers.Join them!

Bound and taped up, naked, and at the mercy of Alpha Wolfe, college jock Jim Fit bends over as his new master rubs him down and commands him to beg for the gift of his dick.

A mysterious figure watches from the deep corners of the room as Alpha slaps Jim with a riding crop and begins barebacking his athletic ass.

The ruthless master pounds Jim nonstop and only pauses to pull out and admire what he’s done to the bottom’s stretched and wrecked asshole.

With the shadowed man now beginning to touch himself, Alpha throws Jim’s legs in the air, commands the young man to finally cum, and even shoots out his own load that spills across Jim’s muscular torso.Join them!

College boy Jim Fit never thought that calling a random number on a bathroom wall would lead to him getting scooped up, thrown in the back of Alpha Wolfe’s van, and chained up in a grimy basement.

A verbal Alpha slaps around Jim’s hard cock before threatening to expose him to his innocent mother and making the muscle bottom sniff his hairy pits.

The shady dom continues to humiliate Jim by smacking his dick with a riding crop and stroking him off while refusing to let him cum.

Still wrapped in chains, Alpha’s victim begs for his balls to finally release as the bearded master fills Jim’s mouth up with his cock and grunts that no one is allowed to nut until he has.Join them!

Bare-chested young hunks Andrei Karenin and Niko Vangelis head across the railway lines, outdoors as they pose as the worlds most hot ripped sexy muscular railway workers.

As they remove their hard hats, Andrei and Niko run their hands over each other’s athletic bodies as they stare longingly into each others’ eyes.

Niko grabs ahold of Andrei’s pants and pulls them down exposing his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Now both fully naked, the hot young men lie together across the railway tracks, kissing and squeezing each others’ asses.

Andrei gets on his knees and uses both hands to part Niko’s ass cheeks getting his tongue deep into his moist pink asshole.

The young hotties then play sword sticks with their big erect uncut cocks, their balls jingle jangling between their legs.

Niko then leans down opening his mouth wide and sucking Andrei’s big uncut dick right to the back of his throat.

Finally, the boys sit back on the tracks and jerks their huge uncut cocks until they both blow their cum loads across their six-pack abs.

Lastly the sexy young dudes come together for a passionate kiss.Join them!

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Jim Fit and Michael Del Ray were just having fun doing rollerblading, flexing their muscular body, and doing push-ups.

Michael stops for a moment and he stares at Jim.

Looking at his attractive body and slowly touching his arm multiple times.

They look at each other with desire and they knew exactly what they needed to do next.

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Jim Fit is handsome, hunky, and much like his name implies, this guy’s body is in such killer shape it’s insane.

Jim’s ripped muscles flex with each and every thrust he takes down his throat and up his ass.

Manuel Skye, a handsome alpha daddy, loves it when his bottoms are in awesome shape, so it’s no wonder Jim Fit caught his eye and made his huge uncut cock as hard as a rock as soon as he saw him.

And recently, Manuel has been hanging out with his blond American buddy Isaac X.

Isaac is usually a bottom for Manuel’s dominant dick, but he’s currently looking for some top action.

Both Manuel Skye and Isaac X invite Jim Fit over for some rough and raw fun.

Jim spreads his legs open and takes both cocks like a champ from the two tops.

Manuel Skye and Isaac X take turns on Jim Fit’s ass, and when one guy is fucking him, the other is either holding him still or shoving his cock in the bottom’s mouth.Join them!

You have got to love Jim Fit’s cheeky stage name but we have to admit he is one sexy mother fucker.

Jim is super ripped with a beautifully sculpted muscle body without an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen.

He’s a masculine hunk where every lump and bump is rock-solid muscle but in bed, he’s a bitch a total pig bottom.

Jim Fit also has a soft spot for Latin guys, and that soft spot is the tight little sphincter between his ass cheeks.

Pol Prince and exclusive model Marco Antonio team up and spit-roast Jim Fit with their huge rock-hard cocks.

And to his credit, Jim Fit takes the anal punishment from this power-top duo like a champ especially when the two tops slip both of their cocks up his ass at the same time and double-penetrate him.Join them!

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Sexy ripped car repairer David Skylar has received a mountain of customer complaints about his rim jobs.

Hottie co-worker Jim Fit is sick of having to pick up the slack so he teaches David how to give a proper rimmer.Join them!

Jim Fit brings us this hot Homemade hookup with sexy stuff Matt Wolfe.

Jim tells us, ‘One of my followers tagged Matt in a reply to one of my tweets and that’s how I found him.

When I saw this stud’s profile, I knew instantly that we would have a good time together.

I hit him up while I was traveling, so we had a few weeks to flirt in each other’s DMs.

When I returned to San Diego, he invited me over to his place… and then dicked me down until I shot a huge load all over myself. This stud knows how to hit all the spots.’

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Muscle stud Alpha Wolfe pays Jim Fit a visit in this sexy Homemade fuck video.

Jim tells us, ‘I stumbled upon alpha Wolfe online.

I hit him up to introduce myself and he wrote back to me instantly.

He was on vacation, so I told him to let me know when he was back in town.

When he finally did, it took 12 weeks for our schedules to align so that we could have some fun together at my place.

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