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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.5-inch dick
Height: 5’9″ / 175 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexuality: Gay
Nationality: Czech Republic

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Sexy young soccer players Jamie Kelvin and Finn Harper return horny from a day’s football training.

Jamie had been teasing me all day long while at soccer practice.

He knows how much I’ve wanted to fuck his hot virgin ass.

Well, today was the day. We went back to his house and started making out, kissing passionately.

That’s when I let him suck my big thick dick.

That boy’s mouth felt so fucking good that I thought I would come early.

I stopped him and sucked on his meat for a while.

It was my second time sucking cock, but I wanted to try.

His cock never went soft, so I must have done something right.

I then put Jamie on his back and started teasing his hole with my finger.

I slowly filled his hole with my dick, and his ass let me right in.

He must have really wanted me to fuck his butt.

I pumped his ass in a bunch of positions until we both shot our warm jizz on Jamie’s stomach.Join them!

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Hot Spanish twink Ares Reiv 8 inch uncut dick bareback fucking sexy boy Jamie Kelvin’s smooth asshole.

Cute Jamie Kelvin is just minding his own business when sexy tourist Ares Reiv stops for a break on a nearby bench, and it soon becomes apparent that the two have an unspoken BoyFun attraction.

With a little suggestive groping young Ares is eager to get them out of the public eye and back at his hotel, and of course blond boy Jamie is eager to follow.

The moment they arrive there their lips meet and their clothes come off. The smooth boys are perfectly matched and once down to their bulging briefs, they’re eager to get at the meaty poles swelling up inside.

Greedy Jamie gags and gobbles the delicious uncut dick of his new friend the moment the hard young staff is revealed, but he’s not the only one who loves the taste of hard cock.

The boys swap their penises in a delicious oral introduction before Ares goes for a taste of the boy’s smooth taint and pucker.

It’s a welcome probing, but it only leads to Jamie demanding that bareback rod inside him. Thankfully Ares is more than ready to claim his chute and moments later he’s sliding his warm inches in deep.

With a thrusting on his back and a pounding from behind Jamie is in heaven, but it’s the riding and wanking that has the smooth boy spurting his milky seed in an incredible fountain of a release.

The feel of the boy’s pucker throbbing around his meat soon has Ares pulling out and launching his own gooey ball juice, finishing up their unexpected encounter and making us certain they’ll be enjoying a lot more before Ares is going about his travels again.

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If Jamie Kelvin offered you his ass you wouldn’t hesitate. Yacob Marx certainly can’t when he gets an offer of boy fun from his pal.

Yacob somehow manages to resist the seductive glances from his friend in the other room, but Jamie isn’t the subtle type. With his pants down and his perfect little ass up it’s impossible for Yacob to refuse.

He arrives and gets to work, massaging the boy’s cheeks and licking at his tight little hole. Jamie’s balls hang low and fat beneath while the boy gets to work, but with their youthful erections wet and throbbing they’re soon swapping head and gorging on the gorgeous lengths.

It was very clear from the start what Jamie wanted, and with their cocks glistening and rampant Yacob delivers, easing his rigid inches between the boy’s perfect cheeks and filling him up.

The thrusting is so good, young Jamie is in heaven, and that pleasure only grows when he slides his pucker down and takes a deep ride on his pal’s penis.

It’s such a sensual and passionate play session it’s no surprise Jamie spurts a big messy load over himself, but he won’t be fully satisfied until he’s swallowed all the cream gushing from his friend’s spurting dick tip.

Next time Jamie won’t have to work so hard to tempt his buddy into diving right in.Join them!

Smooth and sexy Jamie Kelvin has another new blond friend to have some hot fun within this new BoyFun video, and you can bet British twink Noah Carter is more than eager to play.

The weather outside might be keeping them behind closed doors for the day but these two are imaginative when it comes to finding special indoor games to play.

With Jamie’s hardening dick swelling up in his jeans his new buddy is soon on him and the two are making out and grinding.

Noah is no novice when it comes to sucking a delicious dick, a fact his friend soon discovers when his boner is out and between those wet lips.

In no time at all the two are naked, their erections drooling with spit and precum while they swap their lengths and pleasure each other.

A little taste of young Noah’s smooth little hole and Jamie is ready to plunge his bare penis in deep.

The list of things these two boys could have been doing around town if the weather was nice is long, but the pleasure they’re soon enjoying while Jamie pumps that pucker from behind and gives the British boy a ride on his raw dong more than makes up for any missed outdoor adventures.

With the long-dicked London lad on his back and wanking off Jamie pumps him deeper and helps the twink to shoot off his milky cream in an intense climax that leaves his tight body dripping with spunk, but there’s more hot semen for Noah to receive when his pal pulls out and jerks his sausage right over Noah’s waiting face and into his welcoming mouth.

No doubt this beats walking around town looking for entertainment, whatever the weather.Join them!

We have to feel a little sorry for hot young cutie Josh Cavalin.

He is totally clueless that his hottie BF Marcel Boyle has been burning the candle at both ends with some extra boy fun with local young stud Jamie Kelvin.

As soon as he leaves Marcel’s house the boy’s other lover is sneaking down to lock lips and kick off another round of horny action.

The two aren’t exactly geniuses when it comes to secretive shenanigans.

They don’t even get in the house before Marcel is wrapping his lips around his other boyfriend’s hard penis, sucking his dong right there in the open.

We have to wonder what would happen if Josh returned and caught them in the act.

Their common sense seems to return after that hasty taste of hard young penis and the two head indoors to have even more fun, with both stiff dicks getting a lot of slurps before Jamie turns his attention to that hairless little pucker.

With some lapping to get the boy thoroughly wet, he eases his naked cock inside, fucking his twink lover bareback from behind and giving young Marcel a rampant ride on his dong.

He gets that meat even deeper when he has the boy on his back, pumping his prostate and encouraging the greedy bottom to squirt his hot sperm all over himself in a climactic finish that brings his buddy along.

Jamie pulls out to jack his rigid member, splashing his own gooey wad out over the messy boy in a finish that doesn’t seem to have either feeling the slightest iota of guilt.

I get the feeling little Josh would be upset, but perhaps he’d just want to join in and share his own cock and ass with the boys, too.Join them!

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