Jesse Jackman

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Hair Color: Brown Bald
Sign: Cancer
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’1″ / 185 cms
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 235 lbs / 107 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

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Hot bald headed muscle stud Eric Nero bottoms for hairy hunk Jesse Jackman’s 8 inch dick
Escapee Eric Nero is chasing Jesse Jackman, an armed police officer, into the woods while a helicopter hovers overhead. The muscle cop tazes him to the ground. Jesse yells, “Get on your knees!” before stuffing the prisoner’s face. While worshiping Jesse’s meat, Eric touches his own enormous dick as the cop drags him into a neighboring shed. Jesse slurps up the enormous shaft as Eric continues to suckle him before feeding the officer. Jesse reaches up to grab Eric’s neck as he suckers him as Eric spits down on it. As Eric smiles down at him, Jesse spits a large wad on his cock and then lets it dangle back into his mouth. Jesse rubs Eric’s dick with his scruffy face and shaved head before sticking his salt-and-pepper chin in his hole. As Eric turns around and grunts, he fucks him from behind. When Jesse and Eric release their loads after kissing, Eric gets on his back and rubs Jesse’s beard while getting fucked. Eric’s sac is covered in his own scorching come.
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Sexy muscle stud Colt Rivers bottoms for hairy chested muscled dude Jesse Jackman’s huge cock
Their different-colored bodies provide for an amazing sight: smoothie with a brief and light skin Tall Jesse Jackman’s tanned and hairy muscles are idolized by Colt Rivers. Jesse is poked in the leg by Colt’s steel shaft as he licks the pec and pit of the huge man. As Colt savors Jesse, the large head of his own dick is throbbing. Jesse sucks the eager sub back after pulling him up by the leash for a kiss. While Jesse is getting serviced, Colt grabs him by the shoulder pads and offers his silky ass. Jesse tongue-fucks Colt before thrusting his cock inside and smashing his hole with his hairy balls. Colt bounces up and down while Jesse touches his erect dick. The bottom settles down on Jesse. Colt spreads his cheeks while lying on his back to aid Jesse in a deep fuck. Before dropping his shot on Colt, Jesse jacks a load out of the jock and feeds it to him off his thumb while stroking it into Colt’s smooth chest.
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In a dark backroom bar, Jesse Jackman and Diesel Washington kiss briefly as they feel each other’s sexy bodies with their muscles bursting from their leather gear, their faces covered in shades and hats.

Jesse devours Diesel’s big dick, teasing the underside with his tongue.

Diesel sucks the stud back, gulping it up before eating his beefy hole.

Diesel fucks Jesse from behind before the bottom sits on him, his hairy cheeks devouring the top’s monster as his own dick head bounces off Diesel’s tight abs.

Jesse gets on his back as Diesel goes fast and slow, the bottom soon coated in cum.Join them!

San Francisco Titans coach and baseball legend A.J. Benson (Jesse Jackman) is facing pressure from the media to come out of the closet his constant appearances with pitching coach Dave Decker (Nick Prescott) raising eyebrows.

A.J. decides to come out in an interview but not before he cums with Dave, who feasts on the jock’s cock.

They deep-throat each other back and forth, sharing a kiss as they gnaw on a jockstrap together.

Dave eats and fucks A.J. from behind, the top’s furry balls tickling his ass.

They switch positions before Dave tops again, plowing a rock-hard A.J. who he strokes as he pounds, literally fucking the cum out of the sweaty slugger.Join them!

A.J. Benson (Jesse Jackman) expresses how good it feels to “be free” with GSPN reporter Jim Weaver (Dallas Steele), who has his own confession.

He’s had a crush on the jock ever since they played together 20 years ago. “Wish I’d known,” replies the baseball star, who leans in for a kiss.

The two rub the bulges in each other’s pants, the reporter’s shaft popping out of his underwear and into A.J.’s mouth.

He sniffs the stud’s groin, rubbing his shaved head on his cock.

Jim sucks him back, then eats his hole before fucking him (“You are so fucking tight!”).

He then bends over (“Right there!” he moans) before they flip fuck again, their dripping bodies soon even wetter.Join them!

Big hairy muscle dude Jesse Jackman sees Dirk Caber in the gym with a huge erection tenting his gym shorts and pulls him over to the lockers.

Out of sight of the others, the beefy pair laugh and joke before kiss passionately and admiring each others’ hairy muscle bodies.

With just a quick yank Dirk’s shorts are around his ankles and Jesse is feasting on his huge aching cock.

Jesse licks it from mushroom tip to balls long and slow getting his tongue all over Dirk’s thick dick.

They swap with Dirk now pleasuring Jesse’s huge jockstrap crotch bulge before getting fed.

Dirk rubs Jesse’s massive muscles, sucking him deep before Jesse bends down for a kiss.

Jesse rubs his dick on Dirk’s salt-and-pepper beard, the sucker hard as a rock.

Dirk bends Jesse over the bench, fucking the moaner from behind.

Jesse sits down on the top, who grabs the bottom’s jock ass and fucks him fast from below.

Dirk rubs the bottom’s nip, Jesse’s big dick grazing the top’s stomach.

Jesse gets fucked on his back, Dirk stroking him as he fucks a memorable aerial shot capturing Dirk’s dick disappearing inside the bottom’s hole before the two squirts….Join them!

His whiskers scrape your chin as his chest hair tickles your pecs, a jolt of excitement pulsing through your body.

You have a thing for Scruff, and so do Dario Beck, Jay Bentley, and Jesse Jackman, who lead a series of hair-raising adventures.

Their bodies melded into one, Jay Bentley and Dirk Caber kiss and suck each other before Jay spreads his jock ass for a passionate plowing.

Lounging by the pool, Dario Beck admires muscular swimmer Rogan Richards whose thick, uncut beauty is soon deep inside both of his holes.

Looking for his missing dog in the woods, Jesse Jackman gets his wish and then some with the arrival of handsome bottom Anthony London, who gets a grunt-filled fuck…Join them!

Taking a ride out on a country road. A perfect day at the coastal winery. An outdoor jacuzzi and shower.

Sexy muscle hunks Hunter Marx and Jesse Jackman show the art of seduction to perfection as they welcome you with open arms to the glorious Pacific Coast, where hot fun sexy men await at every turn.

As Hunter Marx is driving his pickup through the wooded dirt road he gets distracted by hitchhiker Trent Davis who doesn’t waste time as the two swap sucking dicks before Trent offers Hunter his tight jock ass.

At the village winery, muscle-bound Ricky Decker and Eric Nero don’t lose any time, with Eric’s massive dick bouncing around as he is fucked by Ricky’s huge cock.

Donnie Dean’s outdoor shower catches the attention of hunky Jesse Jackman the two getting each other even wetter before they swap fucks…Join them!

Hard at work all day long sweating in the heat of the summer sun what you need is a long hard fucking, pounded by big muscle men Jesse Jackman and George Ce. They have the right tools to service your every need and make you ache for more.

Hot porn star model Trenton Ducati loves getting his photo taken by photographer George Ce, his cock is already hard. The two of them suck down hard on each other’s huge massive cocks before Trenton’s dick stays rock hard as he gets his hot bubble ass fucked hard.

Another big muscle dude Landon Conrad isn’t shy at all. After a full day’s hard sweaty work, he goes in for the kill forcing himself on hairy boss Jesse Jackman who is more than happy to offer his holes. Jock Adam Herst needs a break.

After pulling in tattooed co-worker Collin Stone for a kiss, they share sucks before Adam bends over…Join them!

Pecs punched. Balls slapped. Big cocks soaked with spit. Cum flying in the air.

It’s time to get Down and Dirty with TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman and a group of no-nonsense alpha males who know exactly what they want—and waste no time getting it.

Realtor Adam Russo gets turned on by client Jesse Jackman, who towers over him in a sweat- soaked grunt fest filled with animalistic action.

Beefy Brad Kalvo gets an assist down the ladder from bearded Stany Falcone the two exchanging sucks before Stany bends over.

On a balcony with a breathtaking view, Leo Forte unleashes an unforgettable suck of hung Brian Davilla, before offering his ass—and shooting a massive load…Join them!

Checking in on former convict Lorenzo Flexx, officer Jesse Jackman finds the painter at work—and is tempted by the muscle man’s jockstrap, peeking out above his ass. He frisks him and checks his monitoring device—which has a broken seal.

“It was a mistake!” pleads Lorenzo. “I can’t go back to prison!”

Sensing the opportunity, Jesse Jackman advises “It’s all about give and take” as he rubs Lorenzo’s ass. “Take it,” he replies. “It’s yours.” Jesse fingers the jock, then spits on his hole. He turns the sub around and shoves him to his knees, unleashing his massive dick.

Lorenzo sucks him deep, coughing as he reaches the base as spit drops cling to Jesse’s groin. Jesse rams Lorenzo from behind, slowly grinding in deep.

The top spits down on his own dick as he fucks, then turns the bottom over. Lorenzo strokes his big cock as he gets pounded, releasing a white hot wad Jesse’s massive muscles and abs then clenching as he squirts on him…Join them!

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