Hunter Marx

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Bio: I love anything pretty much anything rugged and outdoors. I’ll be jumping out of a plane in a few weeks. I also like rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, paintball, hiking, and travel. You can find me out at Chicago Pride, Market Days in Chicago, Southern Decadence, Folsom Street Fair, or IML.

Turn-ons: I like guys who are friendly, and furry. There are all kinds of looks that I am into. Bears are one of them. I like jocks as well. Give me a redhead and I will probably start drooling. There are lots of types that I like.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Ripped big muscle dude Dirk Caber bottoms for hairy muscled hunk Hunter Marx’s huge erect dick
As he watches Hunter Marx take a shower while lying in bed, Dirk Caber grinds his groin against the blankets. His heart is pounding as he picks up his camera to take pictures. He enters the bathroom to kiss her as water drips down their muscular bodies. Hunter kneels down and prods Dirk’s dick from below. After another kiss with their cocks in contact, Dirk sucks back and reaches up to hold Hunter’s pec. They exhaust each other while Dirk rubs his stumpy head on Hunter’s gaping wound. Again exchanging sucks in the family room, Dirk exclaims, “God, you taste good!” as Hunter whips his meat into his mouth. From behind, Hunter fucks him (“Come on fucker! The bottom’s rock-hard cock was stretched underneath and pressed up against the couch arm (“Right there!”). As he fucks, Hunter feeds the precum dripping from Dirk’s cock to the two of them. Before they fire their rounds, Dirk sits down on Hunter with the cock bouncing up and down. Then, he lies on his back and leaks again, with Hunter glad to feed them both once more (“That’s you pumpin’ that out of me, fucker!”).
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Sexy executive boss Landon Conrad is angry with his fellow workmate Hunter Marx.

“Get it clean!” yells the boss. “You missed a spot!”

You can feel the atmosphere between these two men and the tension is rising when Hunter throws a cup of coffee in Landon’s crotch.

“You fucking prick!” he yells, but tough man Hunter won’t take it ordering Landon to “Suck my dick!”

Landon feels Hunter’s hairy body as he sucks down hard on his big cock.

He loosens his own tie while releasing his huge throbbing dick as he works his mouth down to the balls.

Hunter rubs his cock on Landon’s chest, then lifts him up and pushes him against the wall, dropping down to feast.

Hunter’s cock pulses as he sucks, slurp sounds filling the room.

Bent over the table, Landon gets eaten and fucked as Hunter goes balls deep.

The bottom then squats down on Hunter’s shaft, his muscular legs working overtime.

On his back, Landon shows off his big boner, which gets tickled by Hunter’s stomach hair as he fucks.

The top arches down to lick Landon’s dick, soon fingering the bottom’s precum before they squirt….Join them!


Sexy hairy chested muscle hunk Hunter Marx and Troy Daniels are working out in the gym.

Troy is wearing a gray muscle t-shirt and shiny basketball shorts and he is following carefully the instructions from his trainer Hunter.

Hunter holds Troy’s legs steady as he performs an exercise. When he’s finished the set Hunter reaches to kiss the stud’s lips as his hand reaches for Troy’s cock.

Hunter reaches inside Troy’s shorts and unleashes his already erect cock from his bulging jockstrap, getting his lips around his big mushroom cock head.

Bearded muscle stud Hunter sucks down hard on Troy’s thick dick in long strokes up and down to his balls.

He spits on it, a big strand of saliva connecting his mouth to Troy’s boner.

Hunter nibbles his bud’s foreskin, then straddles Troy’s face to feed him hairy hole.

Troy jacks his own cock as he rims, then gets fed Hunter’s meaty cock all being watched by stroking voyeur Dirk Caber.

Hunter plows Troy’s face, then fucks him from behind Troy’s boner bouncing with each thrust.

Hunter reaches around to jack the bottom as he fucks him, Troy then sitting down on the top and riding him.

Troy gets on his back as Hunter rams him, the bottom’s big load soon dripping down the side of his stomach before the top comes on him….Join them!


You’ve been bad, the security cameras do not lie and you’re going to be taught a heavy lesson. A just punishment.

But you have a choice, being kept in solitary confinement or some rough treatment at the hands of private eyes Hunter Marx and Marco Wilson.

So what do you choose?

Hmmm, we could have guessed your decision.

You might want to bite down hard on something… this is gonna Sting.

Aroused by hidden camera footage, investigators Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, and Shay Michaels take a break from policing to satisfy their urges ending with an unforgettable fuck train.

Shaved-headed criminals Harley Everett and Patrick Rouge break and enter a warehouse and then each other as their dirty deeds provoke an aggressive encounter.

Ripped specimen Marco Wilson admires his chiseled frame in the mirror then beckons voyeur Logan Scott inside for some sucking before pounding the muscle man’s hole…Join them!


Don’t be fooled by the men in suits and ties and shirtsleeves. The upstanding members of the community are anything but. These studs don’t know how to behave.

Get groovy with Dario Beck, Jay Bentley, Hunter Marx, and Nick Prescott, who shows us how to Shag like 1969 never went out of style.

Handsome Hunter Marx gets distracted by the sultry eyes and hot bod of a lounging Nick Prescott, who is drawn in for a hot and hairy flip-fuck.

Muscular Tom Wolfe is welcomed home by a horny Jay Bentley, who worships the stud’s cock before getting fucked his own boner bouncing as he rides.

A Spanish conversation heats up quickly as Dario Beck and Rocco Diaz feast on each other’s uncut meat, Dario bending over for deep fuck as the top’s cock disappears…Join them!


A good book, a soothing drink, a giant cock just a few of the accommodations awaiting you during your Resort stay.

Sit back, relax and soak in the scenery including Dario Beck, Jay Bentley and Hunter Marx, who will give you a vacation to remember.

After settling in, horny Hunter Marx goes on a manhunt—and bends over for precum-leaking Colby White after the two drool on each other’s big throbbers.

Christopher Daniels wraps his blond-bearded lips around Jay Bentley’s shaft—then fucks his face and ass in a romantic encounter.

Conner Habib gets distracted by fellow furry Dario Beck the two feasting on each other’s boners before Dario takes it deep up his hairy hole…Join them!


You’re hard at work and you just know it is wrong. You just can’t resist the ripped muscle hunks in front of you. The ache in your pants drives you harder as your conscience breaks down.

Ok continue and get Reckless with Hunter Marx and Jessy Ares who get distracted on the job and bring their big cocked workers down with them.

Sneaking a peek at a pissing Hunter Marx, toned Stany Falcone initiates a blistering blue-collar encounter in a deep flip fuck to remember.

Boss Jessy Ares gets distracted by tall and hairy contractor Ford Andrews, who offers up his hungry holes for the top’s thick pistol.

Muscle grunt Brad Kalvo pays deliveryman Devin Adams with cock instead of cash, getting the smooth stud to moan as he plows the rock-hard bottom…Join them!


Taking a ride out on a country road. A perfect day at the coastal winery. An outdoor jacuzzi and shower.

Sexy muscle hunks Hunter Marx and Jesse Jackman show the art of seduction to perfection as they welcome you with open arms to the glorious Pacific Coast, where hot fun sexy men await at every turn.

As Hunter Marx is driving his pickup through the wooded dirt road he gets distracted by hitchhiker Trent Davis who doesnät waste time as the two swap sucking dicks before Trent offers Hunter his tight jock ass.

At the village winery, muscle-bound Ricky Decker and Eric Nero don’t lose any time, with Eric’s massive dick bouncing around as he is fucked by Ricky’s huge cock.

Donnie Dean’s outdoor shower catches the attention of hunky Jesse Jackman the two getting each other even wetter before they swap fucks…Join them!


You know those times when you promise a friend a favor and it quickly gets more complicated. Or a quick piece of advice comes along some other added benefit. And the offer of a job that involves a whole lot more than expected.

See what happens when One Thing Leads to Another, a Joe Gage chronicle headlined by David Anthony and Hunter Marx.

Straight buds David Anthony and Hunter Marx enjoy brews and baseball before a photo favor gets out of control, the two buds soon joined by neighbor Jessie Colter.

Bad boy Tate Ryder awaits his hearing and sentence at court, getting a last-minute romp from corrections officer Brad Kalvo.

Painter Conner Habib needs nudes, and toned top Colby White is happy to strip down and offer his body for the sake of art—an explosive climax punctuating their performance…Join them!


It’s hot and humid in the desert and the sexy guys are all by the pool.

It’s Night Heat so step out of the pool and into the arms of Dario Beck, Jay Bentley and Hunter Marx, who do it even better in the dark.

Emerging from the water with his hairy muscles dripping, Tom Wolfe gets even wetter as he exchanges blowjobs with Jay Bentley who then gets his jock ass worked over.

Hairy voyeur Justin King joins Dario Beck in feeding their uncut throbbers to Hunter Marx, the two feeders soon getting stuffed at both ends.

After building up their boners with some play in the pool, Tony Orion and Alessio Romero swap sucks before Alessio’s cock disappears inside Tony’s tight hole…Join them!


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