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Daniel is a self defined crazy German-American twink, who loves to have sex in public places. With his first experience being with a porn star maybe it was the guiding star he needed.

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: German-American

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Daniel Hausser has been fantasizing about his big straight next-door neighbor Colby Jensen for a while now.

He’s been trying to think of an excuse to go over and talk to him.

Daniel goes over to borrow a screwdriver but what he really wants is to get screwed.

Colby is no dummy I can see right through the young man’s game.

Pretty soon Colby is jamming his straight dick down Daniel’s throat and up his tight young ass…Join them!

Two new porn stars today rework a classic gay porn storyline, the case of the dirty sexy plumber. Young willing house boy Daniel Hausser’s smooth pink asshole is penetrated by Argos Santini’s huge Italian cock.

The fucking is so hot that both guys end up covered in their cum. Better be quick Daniel as your parents will soon be home…Join them!

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Blond twink Daniel Hausser’s strict parents never let him have any fun.

But when sexy bad boy Ryan Bones breaks in while Daniel’s parents are out and overhears the naked teen praying for a big, strong top to use his tight little body, that’s about to change.

Ryan takes Daniel’s words as an invitation, making him suck his long, hard cock and beg for it in his hole as he bends Daniel over the bed.

The naughty twink begs Ryan to stretch out his ass, and Ryan gives him exactly what he asks for.

Ryan makes Daniel cum hard as he fucks him on his back, then flips him onto all fours to pound that ass till he pulls out and blows his load all over him…Join them!

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Justin Cross was waiting for Daniel Hausser to come by so he could fuck him.

When the blond twink arrived, he gave an elaborate story Justin couldn’t care less about. Justin cut to the chase and they started making out.

It seems that all this rush was so they could show off their colorful jockstraps to each other before cock sucking.

Daniel took a mouthful of cock and slurped on it until Justin could hold his lust no longer.

The blond bottom mounted himself on Justin’s big cock and started grinding and moaning all the while.

When Justin couldn’t keep Daniel in charge of the tempo anymore, he pinned him to the couch and started thrusting furiously.

His cock soon couldn’t take it anymore so he shot his load all over Daniel’s butt cheeks.

He then made sure to reinsert so his young boyfriend can orgasm as well…Join them!

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When Greg McKeon realizes his stepson Bar’s hot friend Daniel Hausser is naked in the shower, he sneaks into the bathroom to watch the blond twink and jack off.

Daniel thinks his bf’s stepdad is super hot, and he’s been waiting to suck his big dick. Ignoring Bar’s calls that the pizza is getting cold, Greg fucks Daniel in the shower in a stand-and-carry and Daniel rides that cock.

They manage not to get caught when Bar comes to check on Daniel, and he even kisses his boyfriend as his boyfriend’s stepdad keeps railing him doggy style.

But when Daniel sits down at the table with Greg’s cum all over his face, the jig is up…Join them!

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For some, like Jackson Wright, there is nothing like a warm, luxurious bath to relieve stress and release the pressure.

For others, like Daniel Hausser, fuck the bath, there is nothing like a hungry blowjob and ass rimming in that warm tub. After working hard, Daniel comes home and joins Jackson.

They start making out, but soon Jackson is slobbering all over Daniel, who returns the favor then gives his twink buddy a lip-smacking rim job that causes Jackson to spew a fountain of cum…Join them!

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Daniel Hausser is quick to get in Lukash Saunders’ pants, but that doesn’t really come as a surprise as after that sexual interview, who wouldn’t?

With some eager sucking from Daniel, Lucash is rock hard, and Daniel isn’t shy of going all the way down to get a taste of every inch of what he has to offer.

It comes to no surprise that Daniel tries to take over the situation by guiding Lucash into what he likes and how he likes his cock being sucked.

But Lucash is no fool and knows exactly what he want’s to do with this boy, so with some rimming he’s preparing to take Daniel to a whole new level, as soon his cock will be pounding his hole…Join them!


Some people just love hair, as is the case for Daniel Hausser, who confesses his love for long haired guys as seen in this scene, Daniel sucks and jerks Steve Harris’ cock, whilst playing with his hair.

Steve too get’s his hair share of cock, as Daniel has him kneel to suck him off, before going down to perform some fantastic rimming.

It goes without saying that Daniel truly loves to ride Steve’s cock as both the boys moan in pleasure as they both have fun in this riding position…Join them!


No surprise that the hottest twinks find themselves mutually attracted to each other as is the case here where Rodion Taxa can’t keep his hands off of sexy German-American Twink Daniel Hausser.

With their passion filled kissing and the beauty both boys reflect it’s without doubt that these boys are deeply attracted. Rodion as per usual, takes control, and goes down to taste this sexy boys cock, alternating between sucking the tip and going all the way down.

This is until Daniel makes him lick and suck his balls making him quiver in pleasure, needless to say all this sucking is making Rodion hard, and without a second of doubt Daniel too gets his fair share of Rodion’s rock hard cock.

But Daniel has more in store for Rodion as soon he’s licking his ass and perineum in preparation for what’s yet to come.

It’s not to our surprise that Daniel is eager to try Rodion’s hole, even less so the fact that he fingers him whilst sucking his cock in anticipation of the bench rocking experience these two boys are about to have…Join them!

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