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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick
Height: 5’9″ / 175 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 132 lbs / 60 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Kazakhstan

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Floppy-haired cutie Tom Heart and his blond pal Alex Blade are enjoying a nice cold treat on what doesn’t look like the warmest of days in the historic town, but these two young buddies certainly know how to raise their temperatures in this BoyFun play session.

Before the two catch a real chill they’re heading back to Alex’s colorful bedroom and locking lips on the bed, their passion for each other quickly engulfing the pair.

It’s understandable, these two are a couple of the horniest friends and their lust for dick is unmatched. In no time at all their shirts are off and their bare flesh is pressed against each other, their hands groping butt cheeks and exploring cock bulged in their jeans.

The boys finally take a break from their smooching to get their lips around the proud penises released from their pants, and understandably this only increases the temperature further. The two boys lick and suck on those tender pink rods with skill, swapping their rampant cocks until a 69 solves the issue of competing hunger.

A lapping of blond boy Alex’s hot little hole is the signal he needs and in moments his lover’s bare prong is parting his cheeks and sliding in deep, pumping his pucker with naked dick.

It soon becomes clear that their need for cock is equal. Tom takes his first opportunity to impale his butt on his lover’s dong, bouncing on Alex while his own long and youthful cock slaps his tight belly.

A little switching and Alex is back where he prefers to be, easing up and down on his buddy’s dick until the two are ready to start spurting their own delicious treats.

A double wank off sees the boys splashing their milky goodness over themselves, bringing their afternoon encounter to a creamy end.Join them!

Max Gen is enjoying a nice soak in the tub, exploring himself and giving in to the demands of his hard uncut cock rising from the foamy water.

It goes without saying that this gorgeous inked young man would always enjoy a little solo BoyFun while in the bath, but the arrival of Alex Blade makes his planned jack-off far more exciting.

Max is quick to invite him to come and play, laying back in the water while Alex toys with the stiff and wet cock standing proud from between his smooth thighs.

With a little rubbing, the young man is ready for a lot more, heading to the couch where Alex can truly play with the presented penis.

He takes it in his sucking mouth, using his lips and tongue to explore and pleasure the warm and wet meat, his own penis swelling and desperate for release from his pants.

Of course, sexy Max is more than eager to return the favor. The moment his friend’s cock is revealed he’s slurping the tasty inches, savoring the precum seeping from Alex’s tip.

With his attention drawn to the boy’s pucker, he gives Alex’s hole some licks and in seconds the two are ready for the ultimate in male pleasure.

Watch as Max slips his bareback cock between those welcoming cheeks, filling Alex with his bulging boner and fucking him from behind.

It could have ended there, it could have led to semen splashing free from their desperate dicks within moments, but inked young Max isn’t ready to finish up before he gets his chance to impale his pucker down on his pal’s penis.

Their flip fuck switches back and forth, with more rimming of Alex’s tight little hole and an incredibly hot near-piledriver position which takes both boys to an incredible gushing release.

Alex enjoys a shower of spooge from their erupting cocks, a shower of semen raining down over him.

It’s time for them to return to the bathroom to clean up, if they can manage that before needing to indulge again.Join them!

Blond boy Alex Blade isn’t the patient type. When he’s eager for a little hot BoyFun he’s prepared to wake up his lucky little lover Alan Stark in the best way possible.

Clearly, the snoozing boy isn’t in the least bit disappointed about being roused from his dreams by the pleasure of his lover’s lips on his bright red cock head while Alex gets slurping the damp boner.

Surprisingly it takes the boy a little time to wake up to the gobbling he’s being given, but once he’s awake he’s ready to return the favor.

With sexy smooches to say good morning his lover’s tight little butt is presented for him to play with, soon followed by the big meaty dong young Alex has for Alan to lick and slobber all over.

The boy makes a meal of it, but their breakfast feast is only just beginning.

Little Alex’s hairless hole has been craving that young raw dick since he arrived in the bedroom and as soon as he’s showing his perfect butt again Alan is easing his naked length inside to give his lover some good thrusts.

The ride Alex takes on his friend’s erection feels even better, but the extremes of their morning romp arrive when Alan gets his boyfriend on his back for some even deeper pumps of his rigid inches.

Alex explodes his juicy mess all over his smooth stomach and within moments his cute lover is wanking in his face, shooting powerful ropes of milky cream clear over his thirsty mouth before dripping the last of his load between his parted lips.

There are many ways to wake a love, but cock slurping has to be the best.

Join them!

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Vit Black didn’t know what he was expecting when he invited Alex Blade back to his place, but he was so damn happy that he did. They lost the last game of the season, but all that competition made Vit super horny.

He didn’t know when he would see Alex again, so he invited him over.

Vit had no idea that he was as horny as he was.

They sat on the couch, groping each other until Alex kissed him.

It was the first time that Vit had kissed a guy.

Alex took such good care of him, especially when it came time to suck each other.

Before he knew it, he was bent over, and Alex was fucking his hole.

It felt amazing. Alex took his cock for a ride as they fucked all over the couch.

Alex fucked Vit’s hole until he pulled out and came all over his chest.

Vit can’t wait till they do it again.Join them!

Alex Blade had a crush on Henry Wilcox for years, but they’ve only been friends.

That all changed when Henry pulled his dick out in front of Alex.

It was so hard and big. Alex got down on his knees and put his lips on it.

Tasting Henry’s precum made his throat open wider.

Henry then went down on Alex as he sat in the chair.

Alex has only had a few men on his cock, but Henry was by far the best.

He went from the tip to Alex’s balls before bending him over the chair. His cock felt amazing, sliding in and out.

Alex then sat down on Henry’s big young cock and went for a ride.

Henry ate his ass out before going back in, and that was all Alex needed to take him over the edge.

Alex shot his load on his belly, and Henry shot on Alex’s chest.

Alex loved how warm it felt on his skin. Alex need more of that big cock soon.Join them!

A rub from your teammate is good, but so is fucking his ass. George Hanskey is in the locker room after soccer practice and can’t help but feel stress coursing through his shoulders.

Alex Blade walks in, and George asks if he wouldn’t mind giving him a massage. Alex agrees but then noticed George has pulled out his cock and is stroking it. He gets on his knees and starts to give George a hand job before sucking his cock.

Alex takes a seat on the bench and pulls his cock out while servicing George. He then lays back and lets his teammate do some work. George licks and sucks on Alex’s cock like ice cream.

They stand up, and George plays with Alex’s sweet, tight hole before filling it with his dick. Alex takes every stroke like a pro before bending over the bench for more.

He then rode his buddy’s cock until he drained his balls on George’s chest. George then gave him a load to the face.Join them!

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