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Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165
Sexual Positions: Top

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When asked what he wanted to do to Jayden’s ass, Brock replied, “Make it mine!”

That was enough for us, and certainly enough for Jayden since he’s been wanting dick really badly lately.

Our muscle top Brock gave it good and hard, and by the end of it all, he was spent, and Jayden was drenched in both of their hot loads…Join them!


Kaleb has been wanting to do something out of his comfort zone for a while now, but his nervousness has always taken over he finally gave in, though.

Kaleb bottoms for the first time, and Jayden has the great pleasure to pop his cherry.

“Do you know how many guys have been trying to fuck me? It’s crazy. Jayden is the man.”

Clearly, he was excited to be paired up with Jayden, and looking at Kaleb’s perfectly round booty, Jayden was equally as excited to slide his big dick into that virgin hole and show him a thing or two.

Jayden eased Kaleb into it nice and slow, but once Kaleb was comfortable enough, he got a good ol’ pounding and a couple of cream pies to go with it…Join them!


Talk about sexual tension. Jayden and Brendan were immediately into each other right from the get-go. They just couldn’t stop touching each other while trying to cool off in the pool.

Brendan’s ass was as hungry as ever, so Jayden gave that bubble butt a hard pounding until cum was everywhere especially on Brendan’s face…Join them!


Ollie has really gotten pretty great at bottoming and this time actually requested to ride a dick.
“It just feels really, really good. When I bust, it’s fucking intense.” Ollie admitted.

We have been noticing that Jayden has been more excited to be on set and we finally figured out why.
“It’s because I have been able to be a top more often. I love fucking a nice tight ass!”

Jayden and Ollie went for a run before their shoot to warm up and the two clicked almost immediately.

“He is for sure one of the more attractive models I’ve been paired with. “ Jayden smiled…Join them!


When Jayden found out that he was going to top Rowan, he was pretty excited. It was even more enticing to find out this was going to be Rowan’s first time bottoming.

Rowan, of course being the top that he is, was understandably nervous, right? “My eyes twitch and my heart is beating fast!” Rowan said. Jayden then felt his chest to see if there was any truth to this Rowan likes to play around apparently, because his heart beat was normal.

“We’ll make some noise” Rowan said. “Let’s get to it.” When he was worn out by Jayden, sweaty Rowan seemed to have really enjoyed it!

“So, you can be a bottom now?” He quickly responded, Well, I’m gonna be a vers! But I think I could pull bottom off pretty well pretty damn well….Join them!