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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American

Sean Cody Justin gay porn scenes

Horny young muscle hotties Sean Cody Justin and Sean Cody Devy are fresh from their sordidly hot threesome hookup with Sean Cody Sean in the kitchen (see here) when Devy follows Justin upstairs, intrigued.

Justin confesses, “I kinda have a crush on you,” admiring the ripped muscle top’s amazing physique as the guys first caress each other with their eyes, then their hands.

They start making out, kissing passionately then they go down on each other, sucking each other’s huge erect cocks balls deep.

Devy then makes his move forcing his massive, rock-hard dick between Justin’s smooth bubble ass cheeks.

The horny young muscle hunks fuck missionary, then Justin rides the sexy top till he cums, taking a hot creampie spraying hot jizz all over his face and then sucking out every last drop of Devy’s jizz.Join them!

During a hot and sweaty gym session Sean Cody Curtis and Sean Cody Justin are trying to get some reps in, but the super horny duo are looking for a hot hookup.

Justin plants a kiss on Curtis’s sweet lips every time he gets to the top of his sit-up, then he unleashes Curtis’s fully erect cock from his sports shorts and sucks down on it, hard.

Curtis runs his tongue up and down Justin’s ass cheeks before the tip finds his moist pink hole. He then rubs his long thick erect dick along his ass crack while the bearded hunk does his pull-ups.

The sexy young muscle hunks head back to the studio and are eager to strip off each other’s sports kit when Justin says, “That’s a nice fucking cock you’ve got there” as he opens his mouth wide and deep throats the whole length of Curtis’s rock solid cock.

Curtis teases Justin’s hole with his tongue, then gives him what he wants as he slides his hard dick inside, making Justin moan as he takes it doggy style and missionary.

Curtis puts Justin upside-down in piledriver, then tells the bottom, “Yeah, ride that dick” as Justin sits on it.

The bottom orgasms, then urges Curtis to cum too.Join them!

Justin’s been wanting to fuck Manny for a long time, and it shows as the guys can’t get enough of each other kissing in the living room.

Manny exclaims, “Hard already!” as he slips his hand inside Justin’s shorts, and the top laughs, “You got me rock hard already.”

Manny deepthroats Justin, then the top rims Manny’s hole and sucks his cock and balls.

Justin takes the time to tease Manny’s ass with his cock before sliding it inside and hitting his p-spot.

Manny takes the top’s cock doggy style before riding him on the floor, then Justin gives Manny every inch in piledriver, making the bottom cum before he blows a huge load on his hole.Join them!

Dax eagerly rubs Justin’s bulge as they kiss on the bed, then pulls out the top’s cock and sucks it.

“Get your ass up,” Justin tells the bearded bottom, pulling off his shorts as Dax turns onto his stomach and rimming him.

“Fuck yeah, I want that dick,” Dax responds when Justin asks if he’s ready to get fucked, so the top gives him just what he asks for, penetrating him doggy style.

Justin fucks Dax in missionary and the bottom rides his cock before Justin puts him up against the wall, pounding Dax till he orgasms.

Then Dax gets to his knees to take Justin’s hot load on his face.Join them!

There’s only one way the Sean Cody guys’ trip to Spain could end, and that’s with an orgy to thank their gorgeous BelAmi hosts.

After Asher proposes a toast on their last night at dinner, he, Deacon, and Manny lead Euro hunks Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim Durden, and Ashton Montana inside, eagerly followed by Bart Cuban, as they all lick and suck each other until they cum.

That’s when Justin and Ethan return to find their friends naked and get their second wind, and the eight hunks undress them and pull them into the orgy.

The memory of bottoming for the handsome Europeans and Asher getting double penetrated by Jim and Bart Cuban is sure to be their favorite souvenir of this trip!Join them!

Cumming while getting your dick sucked or your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys are gearing up for round two.

That’s when Ethan and Justin get home.

“I wonder where the other guys are,” says Justin, and Ethan replies, “I haven’t got the faintest idea.”

They’re amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room.

The horny hunks welcome Justin and Ethan, stripping them and inviting them to join the orgy.

Everyone stops to watch as Asher gets DP’d by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they’ve enjoyed their trip, and their cocks!Join them!

Your favorite Sean Cody models are taking a dream trip to Spain, and they’re sharing a stunning villa with some of Europe’s hottest men, the guys of Belami.

The hunky Europeans greet their new American friends with hugs and kisses over the dinner table, and the guys pose together for photos.

The next morning, Justin decides to take an early swim, and Belami Tom admires his form in his skin-tight bathing suit.

The guys start kissing and sucking each other’s cocks in the courtyard, then Tom rims Justin.

Tom may not speak much English, but he understands as Justin says “Don’t stop” while the young sexy top fucks him doggy style.

“Come to me,” says Tom as he penetrates the bearded bottom in missionary, then leans in for a sultry kiss before Justin deepthroats his cock.

The bottom rides Tom reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then gets ready for a nice morning facial.Join them!

As bearded hottie Justin sensually runs his hands all over his chest and thighs, stripping off his t-shirt and shorts and getting his dick nice and hard, he kicks up the sensations a notch by blindfolding himself.

That’s sexy top Josh’s cue to come up behind the horny bottom, kissing his neck as he lets his hands play all over Justin’s body, then feeds him his cock.

“Fuck yeah tastes so fucking good,” Justin moans as Josh fucks his mouth.

“That’s a nice ass,” Josh says, then bends the blindfolded bottom over and fucks him doggy style.

Justin loves Josh’s dick in his ass as he takes it nice and deep in missionary position till he cums, and Josh shoots a big, hot load of spunk on Josh’s taut abs.Join them!

As the temperature starts to fall the five horny Sean Cody models, chop firewood to keep themselves warm.

Being a competitive lot Sean, Josh, Cody, Justin and Devy decide to see who can handle the heavy hickory handled axe the best as they chat about their favorite kinds of dicks.

Once the wood is chopped they build a warming blaze and get kind of romantic around the fireside.

Then it’s time to head indoors where the sexy studs strip down to their tight thermal undies and kiss and caress each others’ ripped bodies on the couch.

The hunks take turns sucking each other’s dicks and even form a five-man blowjob line, before Justin becomes the first to take a cock, getting penetrated by Josh in doggy style.

This orgy heats the cabin right up until everyone takes turns fucking power bottom Cody and cumming all over his muscular body….Join them!

Since their hot threesome (see here) Sean is cooling off in the Kitchen whilst Devy makes his way upstairs to catch up with Justin.

Justin admits, “I’ve always had a crush on you.” as he checks out the muscle top ripped physique as the guys kiss passionately making out and feeling each other’s sexy ripped bodies.

Devy jerks Justin’s big cock and twists his nipples getting is fully revved up and ready to ride Justin’s tight bubble ass.

Without further hesitation, Justin braces as Devy forces his huge thick cock deep between Justin’s smooth ass cheeks getting his solid erection sliding inch by inch into Justin’s hot hole.

The horned-up guys switch positions again and again each time getting Devy’s rampant dick deeper and deeper into Justin until he is close to orgasm.

One more switch and now Justin rides Devy’s thick cock cowboy-style till he sprays his load then Devy sploooges a hot creampie in his Justin’s face as Justin sucks every last drop of Jizz from Devy’s hot cock….Join them!

At the start of the day, Sean, Josh, and Justin are in bed, making out kissing passionately.

They are so busy enjoying each other that they don’t realize they have a visitor Devy who enters the cabin and steals his way upstairs to watch them secretly.

Justin and Sean are taking turns sucking Josh’s cock, then Justin sucks them both before taking Josh’s raw dick doggy style as he sucks Sean’s cock.

As Devy watches, rubbing his hardening dick, Justin and Josh 69, with Sean lifting Justin by the ankles so he can fuck Josh’s mouth too.

Then it’s Sean’s turn to take Josh’s cock before Justin gets a chance to fuck Sean.

The bottom cums and Josh gives Sean a big facial, then Justin pulls out and cums… before they discover Devy, naked and playing with himself….Join them!

Sexy bearded muscle dude Justin explains his likes, “I usually like guys that have a nice body and take care of themselves.”

He’s busy preparing himself for his first video back in the studio, while Deacon jerks his erect dick till he cums, his own way of preparing to be in front of the cameras.

Justin is very happy to be partnering with the good-looking, muscle man, and Sean Cody favorite, Deacon.

“He’s super fucking hot, and I love his ass so much, I’d fuck it all day,” Justin adds that one thing you can expect from him is a massive cumshot.

The guys’ chemistry is immediately palpable as they passionately kiss on the bed and suck each other’s cocks until Deacon is begging Justin for that dick in his hole.

The top is happy to oblige, filling Deacon in missionary and then pounding him in doggy style.

Most impressive of all, Justin showers Deacon’s muscular chest and abs with a cumshot that more than lives up to his promise.

Spent, Deacon shoots his load all over the top’s face….Join them!

Sexy bearded young muscle boy Justin loves the outdoors life and in his adopted state of Utah he always out hiking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.

Horny Justin loves making out which he says makes his big cock really hard. He is always up for new experiences.

Justin strips off his clothes slowly, his shirt first showing off his firm muscled chest. As he drops his shorts we get to see his pert ass and he bends over showing us his tight hole.

He lies back on the couch to stroke his hard cock and teases his asshole with his fingers before sliding one inside.

This hunk likes lots of eye contact and even some dirty talk as he plays with his hard meat till he cums on his abs….Join him!

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