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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Jess gay porn scenes at Sean Cody

Big muscle dude Jack has given plenty of horny bottoms the benefit of his huge thick muscle cock but today he is going to take a cock up his own ass. Yes, the very first time he bottomed.

The lucky top is young ripped stud, Jess. That is quite a responsibility bareback fucking a huge muscle guy like Jack.

“I am excited, but I’m a little nervous too…I don’t know what to expect, you know.

I’m sure I’ll have fun!”

Our friendly giant had no idea who he was paired with, “Whoever I’m paired with, I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!”

Oh, and it was! Jess was more than happy to pop Jack’s cherry with that big ol’ dick of his.

The dominant giant became the submissive one, and it was fantastic. His manly moans and groans were enough to make Jess just continue on and show no mercy….Join them!

Hottie Latino hunk Hector returns with his massive dick but this time he’s bottoming, he’s on the receiving end of Jess’ huge cock.

Jess and Hector wasted no time chatting and headed straight for pound town.

We added a trampoline in the mix just to switch things up a little let’s just say trampoline sex is something everybody should try!

Even after blowing a load, cum-machine Jess didn’t give Hector a break and went in for another round. Taking it like a champ is definitely something Hector can put under his belt now…Join them!

Hot young muscle dudes Jess and Graham are already friends and know each other pretty well and have socialized quite a few times.

Their friendship is obvious and they are relaxed in each other’s company.

“Jess, what do you like about Graham?” We were curious.

“Number 1, his eyes for sure his chest, and this little happy trail here.”

Jess touched Graham’s stomach. Then we asked Graham the same thing.

“He has this magnetic personality we’re friends, it’s good!”

They started to strip naked as soon as they got together.

Graham helps Jess off with his shorts and he starts sucking his huge muscle dick right there on the beach.

They almost got caught so when they got in the car to go back to the house, Graham had some unfinished business to tend to he was rewarded by cum on his face and in his mouth.

Needless to say, Jess cums a lot, and he just keeps impressing us with his ability to cum one time after another and another, round after round Graham was certainly not complaining and by the end of it all, he was spent…Join them!


Brown-haired and attractive Deacon can’t wait to meet his sex partner. Our toned and tall bottom doesn’t know who’s topping him and so, he partakes in a cock sucking guessing game. First, he’s handed a few pictures of the possible candidates and their dicks beforehand.

Then, he gets on his knees and starts sucking dick so he can figure out who it belongs to. “This is cut and he’s got some nice balls and a very straight shaft. Legs long and slender. This is either Sean or Jess!” says Deacon as he starts deep-throating.

“That’s a big dick and I think I need to feel it in my ass,” continues Deacon as he drops his briefs and gets into doggy-style position. “I think it’s Jess; it’s so big!” exclaims Deacon.

Dark-haired Jess then reveals himself as he continues to pound Deacon’s ass, flipping him over to continue missionary style and letting his creamy load blow…Join them!


There’s nothing better than watching a sexy stud try bottoming for the first time.

For Dillan, it’s been a long time cumming and his tight ass is clearly thirsty for a thick cock.

For Jess, this is no challenge: his cock is throbbing to pop Dillan’s man-cherry…Join them!


“Damn. It’s even huge when you’re not even fucken hard.”

Conrad marveled over Jess’s huge dick and slurped it right up. Apparently, he was hungry.

Jess’s cock grew bigger and bigger while Conrad played with it more and more, and all you heard from him was “Holy shit.” and “Holy fuck.”

Cum machine Jess gave his bottom a merciless ass pounding and multiple hot loads, but Conrad took it like a champ. Good on him…Join them!


Shaw has heard many things about what Jess is packing, so naturally, he was eager to meet him and his huge dick.

“I have heard very good things about this guy.” Shaw pointed down at Jess’s bulge.

“So what are you looking forward to?” Jess was curious.

“All of it!” Shaw laughed, and Jess had a smirk on his face.

“We’ll see”

Well, in the end, Shaw took it like a champ…Join them!


Joe is back after over two years, and he’s ready to take on Jess and his monster cock! Jess mercilessly fucked Joe until he was covered in both of their loads.

“So Joe, did his dick to the trick?” “Yeah!” Joe sighed in pleasure while he answered.

Something tells me he’ll be back for more…Join them!


Manny has bottomed for a lot of the hard hitters here at Sean Cody some veterans, some newbies but we’ve definitely been saving this one for a while the cum machine, Jess. Manny has seen a lot of Jess’ films, and jacked off to them, so this was something special for both of them.

With all that dick talk, Manny had to take an up-close and personal look at what he’d be working with and only then did he realize what he got himself into. Even though he’s seen Jess’ films, nothing could prepare him for the real thing right in front of him.

“Fuck, that’s pretty big!” Jess added, “It gets harder, and bigger”

Manny was trying to wrap his mind, and hand, around it, “Yeah? I mean, that’s big enough as it is. You can stop right there.” He didn’t need any preparation after all, the willing bottom took it like a champ, and added another one under his belt…Join them!


One of our fan favorites is back for more ass. Jess just can’t get enough. Lane is lucky enough to get dicked by big-dick Jess in this cum-filled scene.

These two studs decided to play some ball and show their baseball skills. Jess was the pitcher and Lane was the catcher, are we still talking about baseball?

After playing around a bit, Lane was ready for something a little more interactive,

“I’m ready for that baseball bat now!”

All the while eyeing Jess’s bulge.

“Ready for me to be a pitcher? You’re gonna catch.” Jess threw that out there, but Lane stayed confident.

“Oh, I’m gonna catch all day long!”…Join them!


We were really excited to get these two big-dicked models together for a scene. In fact, Jess and Sean probably have the biggest dicks on Sean Cody.

You would think there would be some sort of competition between them, but admiration took over instead. When Sean revealed what he had hidden in his shorts, Jess was completely shocked.

“That’s you soft? Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big!”

After a nice, long walk in nature, these two stallions headed back for some real action and did not disappoint. Sean keeps impressing us as a bottom. He definitely knows how to take it deep especially Jess’s huge cock…Join them!


Jess is back. Jess is back. Jess is back. It has been a while but we finally have Jess back to rock Sean Cody with his huge beautiful dick.

Jess has been gone for a few years, however, once he started having Porter worship his cock he was glad to be back. “Look at this kid suck this, how could you not miss being here” Jess smiled.

Sit back and watch this Sean Cody legend go to town on Porter’s hole and welcome back Jess…Join them!

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