Sean Cody Jax

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9-inch dick
Height: 6’3″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 205 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top / Versatile

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Horny young blonde stud Theo Brady fancies his big muscular roomie, Jax but Jax tells him he is adamant he doesn’t fuck around with roommates.

Undeterred Theo gets an idea from the internet and using a deep fake face changing app he changes his face to that one of Jax’s Sean Cody costar’s Archie.

Theo then sends him a message as Archie asking Jax to come and fuck him again.

Jax gets totally horned out and rushes over to Theo’s room finding him lying in wait face down with his bare ass available for the taking.

Jax’s huge hard erection is tenting his shorts already smiles as he forces his big dick all the way into Theo’s young hole.

Theo then swallows Jax’s hot cock taking it way back until his balls are bouncing on his lips and he’s nearly choking as Jax’s huge cockhead slams into his deep throat.

The muscled top then holds onto Theo’s legs and raises him off the bed to get his tongue between his ass cheeks, rimming his good.

Now with Theo’s ass hole fully lubed, Jax raw fucks him in a number of different positions, each time changing up and hearing Theo’s moans grow louder.

Theo gets on top and loves to be in control as he presses his ass down hard onto Jax’s massive dick till he is almost about to cum.

Jax then power fucks young Theo’s aching bare hole while he jerks his own dick till he can hold off no longer and explodes in a volley of cum shots all over the bed.

Jax then fucks him till he fills the young dude with a creampie. Think you know Jax from Sean Cody then you are not wrong catch all his sordid bare back fucking scene here.Join them!

Suited muscle businessman hunk Sean Cody Jax catches the eye of hot young twink Joey Mills who is checking him out down in the subway.

Jax gets in closer so he can play a little footsie before massaging Joey’s huge crotch bulge with his socked toes.

As they meet across a pole from each other, they touch each other’s hard erect dicks and Joey drops to his knees to deepthroat Jax’s huge cock.

The tall, jacked top rips open Joey’s boxers and fucks him doggy style before taking a seat as Joey jumps him like a turnstile.

Joey’s face gets pressed against the glass as Jax pounds him up against the doors, then the top lays him back on the seats as his subway train enters Joey’s tunnel.

Jax gives Joey a big facial, and the twink’s load lands on the pole….Join them!

Sean Cody Jax gay porn scenes

Jax is back in the studio today with short and cute twink Marcus, and he’s excited to get his hands on him, especially his ass.

The guys undress each other, and Marcus can’t help exclaiming, “Wow, that’s such a big dick!” as he takes Jax’s pants off.

“It’s all yours!” Jax tells him, and Marcus sucks it to his heart’s content before Jax lays him on the couch and fucks him in missionary.

Marcus takes Jax’s cock nice and deep in doggy style, then rides him.

The bottom cums as Jax penetrates him bent over the couch, and Jax shoots a huge load on his tight ass.Join them!

Tall hunk Jax and bearded cutie Phillip are already stripped down to their briefs and kissing passionately when the cameras start rolling.

Phillip starts to rub Jax’s bulge, then pulls out his huge cock, stroking it before he lies down on the bed to suck it.

“You want that dick, don’t you?” Jax teases, before giving it to Phillip doggy style.

“It’s so fuckin’ big!” the bottom moans as Jax treats him to every inch.

Phillip rides Jax’s cock, then the top bends him over the sideboard to pound him till Phillip shoots a huge load.

The cute bottom cries, “Yeah, fill my ass up, bro!” and Jax does just that.Join them!

Before their scene begins, Jax asks Bentley how his time at Sean Cody so far has been.

Bentley’s been enjoying his on-camera firsts, and today he’s got an even more exciting first ahead of him.

“Never taken a dick as big as yours, but I’m up to the challenge I think,” he says.

That dick is so big, Bentley can’t stop talking about it, and soon it’s time to see it as the guys kiss and take each other’s clothes off.

Bentley sucks Jax, then eases down onto it, riding him on the bed.

Jax bends the bottom over the ottoman and pounds that hole, then makes Bentley cry out as he fucks him deep in missionary.

Bentley shoots a massive load as Jax thrusts into him, and Jax pulls out and covers him with cum.Join them!

Kyle and Jax can’t keep their hands off each other, these two sexy muscle studs rip at each others’ clothes until they are both fully naked.

Jax is fascinated with Kyle’s big, bouncy booty, putting him on all fours on the couch and slapping and jiggling his cheeks, then rimming him.

Kyle sucks Jax’s big cock before riding him, then takes it piledriver, moaning, “Oh, Jax. Oh I love that dick!”

Kyle cums so hard Jax can’t even believe how much he shoots, saying, “Oh fuck, dude, oh my god, that is so fuckin’ much cum!”

Jax puts Kyle on all fours so he can get a perfect view of the bottom’s gorgeous ass as he pounds him doggy style, then puts him up against the mirror till Kyle jizzes on the glass.

Jax makes him lick it off before cumming on the bottom’s face….Join them!

We have a new visitor to the SC Studio today, hot young tattooed Nikolai proves to be a very easy-going young man.

“So what guys do you find attractive?”

“I’m more of a flow person. I just let life flow and I take each event as it happens.”

Meanwhile, Jax is getting antsy with all the talking because he’s been cooped up alone with his hand and he wants to get to the fucking.

“I’ve been missing booty,” he laughs.

The guys head into the bedroom where they make out and undress each other, and Nikolai gets his first taste of Jax’s big cock.

But after he starts riding the sexy top, Jax suddenly creampies his ass after only a minute.

Luckily, it’s not long before this sex-starved stud is ready to go for round two….Join them!

Ripped muscle stud Jax is super pumped to be partnered with new young stud Jake Klerin after he saw him bottoming with Brysen recently here.

“Yes, I was impressed as it looked like you can take a really big dick really well.

Is that true?” Jake replies with a laugh, “You’re about to find out!”

The guys are on the same page about how hard they like to fuck, so they get right to it, kissing hungrily as they undress each other.

Jake blows Jax’s mind with a blowjob, then lies back to get fucked in missionary before getting bred doggy style.

After Jax cums all over Jake’s butt, he’s hungry for a taste of the bottom’s hole….Join them!

Jax and Cody Seiya are chatting and Jax is super impressed with what he sees of Cody.

The new guy Cody and Jax are getting ready for their first session together.

Sexy bottom boy Cody excitedly says, “There’s not a lot of guys like you where I’m from, and I want a guy who can throw me around.”

“That’s funny because I’ve literally been waiting for someone I can throw around. Someone I can pick up and just fuck!” Jax replies.

These hotties are definitely on the same wavelength as they begin kissing passionately and ripping each other clothes off.

Cody sucks down hard on Jax’s huge thick dick then hovers over that cock getting his asshole on point for a hardcore bare ass fucking.

Jax admires Cody’s ripped cut physique as he rides his big erect dick and takes a big creampie, and then it’s Jax’s turn to show off as he picks Cody up for a stand-and-carry….Join them!

What does Jackson think about Jax? “He’s tall, handsome, he’s got a great body, easy to get along with, for sure.”

“And I’m a fucking sweetheart too!” Jax adds.

The tall top gets so turned on just from hearing Jackson describe what he wants Jax to do to him, he’s already hard and ready to cum.

“Don’t waste it!” Jackson cries, telling Jax to come over and cum on his face.

The horny bottom sucks Jax’s dick till he’s hard again and ready to pound his tight ass, and these guys want to orgasm again and again and again…Join them!

Archie is answering so horny sexy questions from Jax, like sex with the lights on or lights off?

“Oh definitely lights on. I want to see who I’m working with,” Archie answers immediately.

Archie’s got a few questions of his own, and Jax blows the vers hunk’s mind when he says that although he’s a top, the sex toy he could never do without is a dildo.

“Nothing gets me busting bigger loads than a fuckin’ dildo up my ass.

That’s a dirty little secret of mine.”

Archie can’t wait to experience the same phenomenon with Jax’s huge cock in his ass, and their hot fuck soon has both of them busting huge loads…Join them!

As soon as Sean Cody favorites Jax and Brayden get in the same room together, they’re ready to go.

The guys kiss with abandon and undress each other before Brayden gets down to sucking tall Jax’s big dick.

Jax puts the bearded bottom on his back to fuck him missionary so they can build the passion with heated eye contact, before Brayden rides Jax’s cock till he cums.

Jax pounds Brayden’s ass in doggy style, then sprays Brayden with jizz…Join them!

“Two heads is better than one, right?” jokes Jax as he and Kurt put their cock heads together in the shower to plan out their scene.

Jax admires Kurt’s cock and Kurt washes Jax’s back before the guys start getting hot and heavy on the couch.

Kurt swallows Jax’s huge meat and Jax tongues Kurt’s asshole to get it ready for a deep doggy style fuck.

“Feels so good, stretch my fuckin tight hole!”

Kurt moans before he cums all over his taut abs, and Jax pulls out and sprays him with a thick hot load…Join them!

As Jayce spots him in the gym, tall and muscular Jax says, “It’s been a while, you’re gonna have to break me in pretty good.”

Jayce loves putting the massive top through his paces, pronouncing, “You still got it!” as the guys pump iron before he swallows Jax’s meat.

Jax can’t believe how tight Jayce’s hole is as the bottom rides his dick, and he blows a huge load on Jayce’s face before immediately going back for more…Join them!

Blonde cutie Josh kisses down muscular top Jax’s body and worships his big cock with his mouth.

After Josh has demonstrated his deepthroat skills, Jax swallows Josh’s cock, then lays the sexy bottom on his back to ease into his tight hole.

Josh moans with pleasure as he rides Jax’s cock, then Jax pounds him deep in pile driver till both guys cum hard.

No wonder Josh gasps, “Fuck, your dick is so good!”…Join them!

“You guys have been asking for this,” says Sean Cody favorite Jax as he cuddles up to hottie Deacon. “I’ve been asking for it, he’s been asking for it, everybody wants to see it.

And we get to do my favorite thing ever, Fuck,” Deacon adds helpfully. “Okay, second-favorite,” Jax replies.

Before these guys head back to the Sean Cody studio to get started on their fave activity, they hop on a jet-ski and head out on the bay.

The water may be cold, but Jax and Deacon are hot hot hot as they flex their perfect muscles and admire each other.

Deacon and Jax can’t agree about who’s got the better body, but they are in full agreement about what they want to do with them, as Deacon rides Jax’s huge cock.

These guys are so turned on by each other they even cum in sync…Join them!

Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends.

Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take a dick like no other, so I’m pretty excited to be able to just not hold back.”

Lane is just as stoked to take that big dick in his ass and get picked up and tossed around a little bit by his big strong friend Jax.

After Lane sucks his dick, Jax picks up his bud to kiss him before throwing him down on the bed and eating his ass.

Lane rides Jax’s big dick till Jax cums in his tight hole, and Jax keeps going till he makes his best friend cum too…Join them!


Tall Jax and tanned Manny run through the surf on a gorgeous day at the beach, flexing and riding their skimboards before getting some privacy so they can ride each other.

Manny cops a feel of Jax’s huge cock and needs to see it, then impresses the tall top with his deep throating abilities.

Then it’s time for Manny’s tight ass to get stretched, and that huge cock makes him cum harder than either of them expected before Jax jizzes all over Manny’s face.

“Fuck that was a big load!” Manny says as Jax licks off his own cum. Jax replies incredulously, “MY load? Did you see YOUR load?”…Join them!


After meeting up at the beach posing in their colorful swim trunks, running across the dunes, and kissing in the shade Jax drives Ayden back to the house to get to know each other a little better.

But Jax already knows one very important fact about Ayden: “He’s got the biggest, roundest, sexiest, juiciest ass that I’ve ever seen!”

He gets right up close and personal with it, tonguing Ayden’s tight hole before sliding his massive cock inside.

Jax loves Ayden’s amazing booty, but it’s his handsome face that the muscular top wants to cum on…Join them!


Tall, slender Jax and tanned, muscular Asher have been sporting their jock straps all day waiting for just the right moment to take them off, and they’re both so turned on by it.

“Let me see it, let me get a look at this,” says an excited Asher as he pulls down Jax’s pants. “Let me see yours! You know what’s gonna be fun? When I get some reins on the back with your jock strap so I can pull you back into it,” says Jax.

“So who’s the bottom?” says Asher playfully. “Who do you think? Let’s go inside,” replies Jax as he pushed Asher into the pool. He jumps in right after to cool off before warming up with some hot body on body friction….Join them!


Blond-haired Jax could not be more excited as he is about to have his first threesome with athletic Lane and well-built Manny. Tall, muscular hunk Jax gets to share these two beautiful, dark-haired bottoms and he wastes no time getting right into it. “Take it off, let’s go! Let’s get in a circle!” says Jax, as the men start sucking on each other’s big dicks. “Does it taste good?” asks Manny. “It tastes fucking good,” replies Lane. “I got you two to myself! You two suck my dick so good,” says a satisfied Jax. This threesome is so hot; you’ll want to join them too…Join them!


Jax and Sly had just met the night prior to the shoot. They had some drinks at the hotel and fooled around a bit. The day of the shoot, Sly woke up with a case of morning wood and was ready for more.

“I’m looking for the ultimate experience”, he said.

Jax joined him in his room and got the full service treatment when Sly swallowed his huge dick all the way to the base.

Then, Jax really stepped up and gave Sly what he wanted – a good relentless pounding…Join them!


If you couldn’t get enough of Angelo and Jax in their steamy Sean Cody solos, then you’re in for a real treat.

We’re pairing two new guys together, giving them double the thrill and double the fun.

Angelo opens his tight ass for Jax’s cock and takes it like a champ so who’s gonna cum first?…Join them!

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