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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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At the library, sexy young stud Ashton Summers is typing away at his computer when he notices hottie hunk Devy’s roving eye. Their playful looks soon turn into red hot flirting.

First to act is Devy who lifts up his shirt flashing his muscular ripped six-pack abs before he takes it off and tosses it towards Ashton.

Ashton ups the ante by pulling down his pants and showing the hottie his ass.

They act innocent when another browser walks past, then Ashton sits on his desk and strokes his hard cock, an invitation Devy eagerly accepts to come suck it.

Ashton fucks Devy doggy style, and Devy rides the tattooed hunk before he bends Ashton over a table to pound him.

The flip fuck ends as Ashton orgasms while Devy drills him in missionary before Devy sprays his abs with cum.Join them!

Sexy flight attendant Devy spots a regular hottie first-class passenger Roman Todd and can’t keep his eyes off his big crotch bulge, checking him out every few seconds.

Every the helpful trolley dolly, Devy bends over backward to make sure his passengers don’t need anything, asks if there’s anything he can take care of for him, so Roman takes out his huge thick cock.

Devy has to go help a demanding passenger but eagerly returns to suck Roman’s dick, then rim him in the aisle.

Roman wants the steward’s dick in his hole, and Devy brings his cock in for a doggy-style landing, then Roman rides him reverse in his seat.

The bottom cums as he gets pounded in missionary, then Devy pulls out to blow his load on Roman’s abs.Join them!

Felix Fox and Devy start their day snuggling in bed together, and Devy thinks his blond boyfriend looks so good, he just has to get him on camera.

Felix is bashful at first, then takes his turn filming Devy between the sheets before he sucks his man’s cock.

Felix fucks Devy’s throat before climbing up to ride the top’s cock, and Devy makes Felix cum as he spoons him, penetrating him from behind.

Felix eagerly waits, his mouth open, as the top licks up his jizz and spits it into his mouth, then Devy fucks him missionary before covering him with another hot load.Join them!

After Ryan Bailey is caught fucking in the library, he’s dragged to the office of Devy for his punishment.

Devy says there’s one way Ryan can avoid expulsion and lays a wooden paddle on his desk, but to his surprise, the twink picks it up and slaps it against his rump, excited to get started.

The light paddling Devy starts with isn’t getting the message across, so Ryan strips and lies over the desk for a firm punishment then gets an over-the-knee spanking to boot.

Ryan eagerly sucks the dean’s cock, then Devy bends him over to pound that ass.

The dean fucks the twink on his desk, then Ryan takes a hot facial as he jacks himself off till he cums.Join them!

Devy welcomes pretty new guy Troye Dean by running his hands down his chest and kissing him from behind as Troye sits on the couch, then joins him so they can undress each other and let their mouths and hands roam even further.

Devy sucks Troye’s cock, then feeds his hard dick to the twink before turning Troye on his hands and knees to slide it into his tight hole.

Troye may be new in town, but he rides Devy like a pro, then takes that cock in piledriver.

The bottom cums as Devy fucks him in missionary, then takes a huge cum facial.Join them!

It’s Joey Mills’ first-day working concessions, and he immediately flirts with his new coworker, Devy, holding his hand for a long time as he gives him seductive looks till Devy has to do something about it.

Joey does his best to serve customers as Devy blows him and rims him under the counter, but when the lobby clears out, the guys take their chance to fuck.

Devy pounds Joey doggy style, then the twink lies back over the counter and sucks Devy’s cock.

After Joey fucks Devy’s face, they hop up on the counter where he rides the top reverse till he orgasms, then Devy fucks him doggy style till he shoots his hot “butter” on some popcorn.Join them!

You’ve had your eye on clean-cut, muscular gay young porn hunk Finn Harding for a while, so find out what it’s really like to hook up with this fan favorite.

Finn invites you to watch him strip down in the locker room at the gym after his basketball game, stroking his chest and slapping his ass for you. But as Finn’s in the shower, Devy sneaks in and starts sniffing his jockstrap.

Finn catches the cutie jacking off and feeds Devy his cock, then rims the bottom before Devy rides him on the bench.

He pounds Devy doggystyle against the lockers, and Finn cums on Devy’s hole as they fuck missionary, sliding his cock back inside the bottom’s hole as Devy orgasms.Join them!

Tensions are high during Devy and Kyle Connors’s wrestling bout, but it’s after Kyle taps out that things really heat up.

Kyle angrily rips Devy’s singlet, letting the muscular top’s big cock fall out, and it gets Greco-Roman in the locker room as Devy plants a kiss on his opponent.

Kyle rides Devy reverse on a bench, then sucks the top’s cock, then Devy fucks him doggy-style against the lockers.

Devy pins Kyle on the bench, fucking him missionary till Kyle cums, then covers his sparring partner with jizz.Join them!

Sean Cody Devy gay porn scenes

Two bearded muscle hotties make out, kissing passionately in the bedroom, Sean Cody Dax tries to pull Sean Cody Devy’s t-shirt off, but can’t quite manage it completely.

“Too short,” Devy chuckles, helping him out before tugging off Dax’s shirt in return.

The guys get naked and Dax hungrily swallows Devy’s cock, then Devy devours the bottom’s hole.

“I want your cock so bad,” Dax moans, so Devy gives it to him, stroking in and out in doggy style.

Dax rides the top reverse, then takes that cock deep in missionary till he cums.

Devy flips him over, fucking him then pulling out to shoot a hot load on Dax’s ass.Join them!

Horny young muscle hotties Sean Cody Justin and Sean Cody Devy are fresh from their sordidly hot threesome hookup with Sean Cody Sean in the kitchen (see here) when Devy follows Justin upstairs, intrigued.

Justin confesses, “I kinda have a crush on you,” admiring the ripped muscle top’s amazing physique as the guys first caress each other with their eyes, then their hands.

They start making out, kissing passionately then they go down on each other, sucking each other’s huge erect cocks balls deep.

Devy then makes his move forcing his massive, rock-hard dick between Justin’s smooth bubble ass cheeks.

The horny young muscle hunks fuck missionary, then Justin rides the sexy top till he cums, taking a hot creampie spraying hot jizz all over his face and then sucking out every last drop of Devy’s jizz.Join them!

Sean Cody Casey and Sean Cody Devy get on like a house on fire they are laughing and pranking each other even before the cameras start rolling.

“I was just admiring how gorgeous Casey really is,” Devy explains.

Casey is an ex-military versatile cutie whose big passion is country dancing, and he adds, “With Devy, I’m really wanting to bottom not sure how that is going to work out, but I am definitely up for it.”

The guys quickly get naked and Devy sucks Casey’s cock before rimming him.

Casey slides his hot ass down hard onto Devy’s already rock-hard dick, moaning as Devy’s huge cock forces open his tight hole.

Devy penetrates Casey missionary till the bottom shoots a huge load, then pulls out and cums… but these guys aren’t done just yet.Join them!

Devy wants to get in a quick morning workout, but the gym isn’t open yet.

Lachlan lets the hunk in early just this once, and as he watches Devy’s muscles ripple as he does his reps, he starts getting so turned on, he strokes his huge thick cock.

Devy notices the gym employee jacking off and beckons him over, eagerly sucking Lachlan till he cums on his face.

“Fuck me with all that cum,” Lachlan begs, bending over to get his ass pounded doggy style in his bottoming debut.

Lachlan gets to admire Devy’s muscles up close as he rides the top, then Devy fucks him from behind against a machine.

They flip fuck as Lachlan penetrates Devy missionary, then cums on his face as Devy jacks himself till he orgasms.Join them!

As Devy works out at the gym, he can’t stop sneaking peeks at the muscular personal trainer nearby putting JC through his paces.

Devy follows the hunk to the locker room and even sniffs his jockstrap while he’s in the shower.

As his crush leaves, Devy stands under the spray and strokes himself, daydreaming about that muscular chest and thick arms.

He tries to act natural when JC joins him in the shower, but JC starts flirting, and soon he’s sucking JC before fucking him against the wall.

The guys don’t even notice when another gymgoer walks in as JC sucks Devy’s cock, and Josh hides and jacks his dick while he watches the guys flip fuck.

JC fucks Devy missionary, then hops back onto his dick to ride him.

After the raven-haired cutie cums, he licks it up before taking Devy’s load on his face.Join them!

There’s only one way for a Sean Cody vacation to end, one hell of a seven-man orgy.

It’s a good thing the Palm Springs house has a couch that fits all seven hot muscle hunks, because all the guys are naked and ready for action.

Manny and Casey kiss each other and Dale and Josh make out while Devy joins in with Nicky and Phillip cuddling and kissing one another.

The hunks start letting their hands roam each other’s bodies and dicks, then canoodling turns to cock-sucking.

Phillip begins riding Nicky and sucking Devy as Manny rides Josh reverse and Dale rims Casey.

The guys switch things up, and Dale gets fucked by Nicky while he penetrates Phillip, then Casey and Devy 69 while Casey is penetrated doggy style by Josh, who’s the first to release his load on Casey’s ass.

Soon enough the newcummer is getting covered with jizz by Dale and Phillip too before he orgasms on Devy’s face.

Devy jacks off on Nicky’s face as Manny rides Nicky before the pair orgasm.

They’ll all be remembering this trip for years to cum.Join them!

There’s nothing better than a lazy day when you’re on vacation, and Nicky, Phillip, and Devy are making the most of it as they sunbathe naked by the pool.

Phillip helpfully rubs sunscreen into Nicky’s butt and thighs, while Devy heads inside for a bite to eat.

Nicky surprises Devy by the fridge, kissing him, and says with a laugh, “I got a snack!”

As Devy sucks Nicky’s cock, Phillip arrives and joins in, kissing Devy around Nicky’s shaft.

This threesome is positively delicious as Nicky and Devy take turns fucking Phillip’s hole, and Nicky sucks and rims the other guys.

Lucky Devy gets rimmed by Nicky and sucked by Phillip at the same time, and the horny bottom takes a doggystyle pounding from each top before cumming as they both shoot huge loads all over his face.Join them!

Dax eagerly rubs Justin’s bulge as they kiss on the bed, then pulls out the top’s cock and sucks it.

“Get your ass up,” Justin tells the bearded bottom, pulling off his shorts as Dax turns onto his stomach and rimming him.

“Fuck yeah, I want that dick,” Dax responds when Justin asks if he’s ready to get fucked, so the top gives him just what he asks for, penetrating him doggy style.

Justin fucks Dax in missionary and the bottom rides his cock before Justin puts him up against the wall, pounding Dax till he orgasms.

Then Dax gets to his knees to take Justin’s hot load on his face.Join them!

As the temperature starts to fall the five horny Sean Cody models, chop firewood to keep themselves warm.

Being a competitive lot Sean, Josh, Cody, Justin and Devy decide to see who can handle the heavy hickory handled axe the best as they chat about their favorite kinds of dicks.

Once the wood is chopped they build a warming blaze and get kind of romantic around the fireside.

Then it’s time to head indoors where the sexy studs strip down to their tight thermal undies and kiss and caress each others’ ripped bodies on the couch.

The hunks take turns sucking each other’s dicks and even form a five-man blowjob line, before Justin becomes the first to take a cock, getting penetrated by Josh in doggy style.

This orgy heats the cabin right up until everyone takes turns fucking power bottom Cody and cumming all over his muscular body….Join them!

Since their hot threesome (see here) Sean is cooling off in the Kitchen whilst Devy makes his way upstairs to catch up with Justin.

Justin admits, “I’ve always had a crush on you.” as he checks out the muscle top ripped physique as the guys kiss passionately making out and feeling each other’s sexy ripped bodies.

Devy jerks Justin’s big cock and twists his nipples getting is fully revved up and ready to ride Justin’s tight bubble ass.

Without further hesitation, Justin braces as Devy forces his huge thick cock deep between Justin’s smooth ass cheeks getting his solid erection sliding inch by inch into Justin’s hot hole.

The horned-up guys switch positions again and again each time getting Devy’s rampant dick deeper and deeper into Justin until he is close to orgasm.

One more switch and now Justin rides Devy’s thick cock cowboy-style till he sprays his load then Devy sploooges a hot creampie in his Justin’s face as Justin sucks every last drop of Jizz from Devy’s hot cock….Join them!

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