Sean Cody Dax

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Sean Cody Dax gay porn scenes

After the two sexy studs Sean Cody Caden and Sean Cody Dax make short work of stripping each other down in the living room, bearded hunk Dax moans and gasps as tall stud Caden sucks his huge hard erect cock.

“Oh fuck, it feels so good,” he says, and it feels even better when Caden starts riding him full throttle.

Dax bends the bottom over and pounds his hole, then Caden gets drilled in missionary and covered in both his and Dax’s cum.Join them!

Two bearded muscle hotties make out, kissing passionately in the bedroom, Sean Cody Dax tries to pull Sean Cody Devy’s t-shirt off, but can’t quite manage it completely.

“Too short,” Devy chuckles, helping him out before tugging off Dax’s shirt in return.

The guys get naked and Dax hungrily swallows Devy’s cock, then Devy devours the bottom’s hole.

“I want your cock so bad,” Dax moans, so Devy gives it to him, stroking in and out in doggy style.

Dax rides the top reverse, then takes that cock deep in missionary till he cums.

Devy flips him over, fucking him then pulling out to shoot a hot load on Dax’s ass.Join them!

Dax eagerly rubs Justin’s bulge as they kiss on the bed, then pulls out the top’s cock and sucks it.

“Get your ass up,” Justin tells the bearded bottom, pulling off his shorts as Dax turns onto his stomach and rimming him.

“Fuck yeah, I want that dick,” Dax responds when Justin asks if he’s ready to get fucked, so the top gives him just what he asks for, penetrating him doggy style.

Justin fucks Dax in missionary and the bottom rides his cock before Justin puts him up against the wall, pounding Dax till he orgasms.

Then Dax gets to his knees to take Justin’s hot load on his face.Join them!

Sparks are flying and magic is in the air as Daniel and Dax get to know each other.

Silver fox Daniel introduces Dax by saying he’s “obviously hot as fuck, cause he looks a lot like me!”

Daniel’s descriptions of how their scene is going to go start to verge on the mystical, and Dax asks, “Are you a magician?”

“Would you like to see me make my dick disappear into your butt?” Daniel jokes.

Dax is already ready for the big finale, but the guys start off by kissing and undressing each other, then Daniel talks dirty as he fucks the bottom’s mouth.

Daniel works his magic on Dax’s hole with his tongue before sliding his wand inside.

The top wants more, pounding Dax in piledriver, then the bottom sucks Daniel’s cock.

Dax cums as Daniel’s dick disappears inside him in missionary, then Daniel penetrates Dax in doggystyle and conjures up a big load on the bottom’s face.Join them!

Gorgeous Cody Seiya usually bottoms for us, but today he’s ready to show his top side.

These two have been wanting to work together for a while, so he and bearded hunk Dax kiss passionately and undress each other right away.

Dax swallows Cody’s cock before Cody makes him moan as he rims his hole, then eases his big cock inside.

“Fuck, it feels so good!” Dax moans as Cody penetrates him, doggy style, then he rides the top.

Cody fucks Dax from behind, then strokes long and deep in missionary till the bottom cums before he orgasms on Dax’s cock.Join them!

Dax can’t believe his luck as he runs his hands down Kyle’s ripped body. “You’re so hot,” Dax says, as he puts his hands down the sexy stud’s jeans as they kiss hungrily.

Kyle sucks Dax’s cock, and both guys shuck off their jeans before Dax slaps and eats Kyle’s cute booty, then fucks him doggy style.

“Fuuuuuck,” Kyle moans as he takes Dax’s dick, throwing his ass back, then he turns on his back to get fucked missionary.

Dax isn’t ready to cum just yet, so he says, “I’ll ride yours,” as the guys flip fuck.

Kyle penetrates the bearded hunk missionary and Dax can’t believe how big that cock is as it makes him blow his load.

Then it’s Kyle’s turn to give Dax a truly huge facial.Join them!

Brysen and Dax are already kissing as they enter the bedroom and undress each other.

Dax sucks Brysen’s big cock as Brysen reaches down to spank and squeeze his ass.

Brysen moans, “Oh fuck, that’s a tight hole,” as Dax lowers himself onto that dick to ride Brysen reverse, asking, “You like that ass?”

Brysen turns Dax on all fours to fuck his ass, then cums all over his hole… and then it’s his turn to get dicked down.

He lies on his back so Dax can penetrate him in missionary, then fucks him doggy style.

Dax wants to cum, so the guys flip this fuck again as he lies on his back, and Brysen strokes in and out of his hole till Dax orgasms, and Brysen gives him a facial.Join them!

Blond Deacon and dark-haired Dax make a sexy pair as they passionately kiss in the living room.

Deacon just has to get his hands on Dax’s big booty, sliding them down the back of his jeans and moaning, “Fuuuuuck, that assss!”

The guys get undressed, kissing each other’s chests and licking each other’s armpits before Dax gets on his knees between Deacon’s legs to suck his cock and lick his balls.

Deacon rims the bottom, then fucks him on the couch, easing into Dax’s tight hole.

Dax gasps, “Fuck, you’re so deep,” and Deacon replies, “Oh, all the way!”

Dax rides that big cock till he cums all over Deacon’s abs, then Deacon penetrates him in doggy style before shooting a huge load all over his back and his muscle ass.Join them!

It’s been a couple years since Dean made a visit to the studio, but he and his abs are back.

Dean’s excited to work with new bottom Dax, and although Dax is looking forward to taking Dean’s big dick, he’s keeping pretty quiet about it.

The bearded cutie jokes, “I’m camera-shy.

My asshole isn’t, but I am!” The guys compare their handstand skills and Dean shows off with a backflip before they head into the bedroom and get naked.

Dean rims Dax and gets him ready for his big cock, slowly penetrating him in doggy-style.

Dax rides the top, then gets on all fours on the bed to take it nice and deep before Dean fucks him in missionary.

The bottom moans loudly as he cums, and Dean pulls out to shoot his load before Dax sucks out every last drop….Join them!

Dax is excited to partner with today’s hottie stud, so he’s studied every single movie in the SC archives in which his partner, Asher has starred in.

Asher asks Dax what he enjoys getting up to in bed and Dax drops a very interesting piece of info: “I don’t have a gag reflex, so…”

Asher’s big eyes widen as he replies, “What! … I got a little excited.”

Eager though Asher is to try out that throat, as the guys kiss and undress each other, his first move is to rim Dax’s hole and then fuck him doggy style.

Dax swallows Asher’s cock, then rides him, and Asher fucks the bearded cutie mish till Dax cums, then shoots his own load all over him….Join them!

Today we welcome our newest model Dax, he’s sexy sporty with dark hair who loves powerful versatile sex, so he’s a super top but also a verbal bottom.

He has a wide range of likes in guys, from hairy, to smooth and everyone in between.

Tall guys, short guys, guys with dad bods, shredded guys,” and when it comes to sex, he wants it rough.

The bearded hunk shows off his gorgeous smile and great body as he strips down to his jockstrap and does a handstand into a split, before getting his cock out and stroking it till it’s nice and hard.

Dax plays with his hole, sliding a finger inside as he works his dick, then penetrating himself with a dildo.

After seeing Dax’s huge load, we can’t wait to see what and who he does next….Join him!

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