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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
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Raging Stallion says: Sexy ripped muscle stud Sean Cody Brogan’s huge dick bare fucking muscled hottie Tryp Bates’s hole

It’s been a few days since Brogan, the muscle-fucker, has been released. Instead of being focused on pumping iron in the gym, all he can think about is pumping his barbedback cock into a hairy hunk Tryp Bates’ sweaty hole. Brogan is fortunate that Tryp Bates is always looking for a nut in public. Soon enough, they’re rimming and sucking and flip-fucking over the garage’s gymnasium. There is no one else in sight, the multi-faceted beefcakes keep pounding one another out until Tryp is finally fed the fresh batch of cum that just came blasting out of his big dick.

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Big muscle flip flop anal Beau Butler and Sean Cody Brogan’s huge dick ass fucking orgy
Beau Butler, the manager of the “Let It Ride” car service, is hoping to unwind after a challenging day at work that included firing Derek Kage, one of his most unpredictable drivers. He is fortunate to have his coworker Brogan nearby, who is looking for an interoffice flip-fuck. Brogan throws his legs back on a conference table while only wearing a black jockstrap so Beau can finger, serve, and rim his hole. Beau climbs on the table for a bareback ride on Brogan in order to draw attention to his own ass before crouching down and getting severely fucked. Nearly bursting, Beau completes the office connection by topping his partner until Brogan is covered in two hot loads. When the power goes out, the two men are faced with the potentially fatal repercussions of firing someone as insane as Derek Kage after feeling satisfied with their after-hours antics.
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Hottie muscled hunk Sean Cody Brogan’s huge dick barebacking young hottie Jake Preston’s smooth hole.

The morning after his son’s mates have spent the night at his house, blond and bearded Brogan is waking up with some coffee in the kitchen when a young man named Jake Preston stumbles in with his morning wood sticking out of his underwear.

Brogan’s son had invited the boys over to spend the night.

When Jake sees Brogan bending over in front of the refrigerator, he seizes the opportunity to fuck the daddy’s hole.

Brogan always says, “The early bird gets the worm,” and Jake always follows his advice.

The twink rims Brogan after he has sucked the top, and then he fucks Brogan in a doggystyle position over the kitchen island.

Then Jake penetrates him in spoon and shoots all over the daddy’s hole as Brogan cums while he is being pounded in the missionary position.

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Hottie big muscle dude Brogan’s huge dick barebacking Kane Fox’s smooth bubble butt.

Kane Fox isn’t the only one who wakes up many times during the night to urinate while at the sleepover party; he just happens to be the first one.

The moment he hears gorgeous bearded daddy Brogan approaching, he dashes into the bathroom to hide, all the while keeping a watchful eye out for his cock.

After Kane takes a fall, the top comes to his rescue and then gives him the hard doggystyle fuck he has been hankering for.

The bottom has Brogan rim his hole, and then they ride each other’s cocks.

Kane jacks off till he cums as he is pounded in missionary, and then Brogan shoots on his hole before the twink returns to the slumber party. Kane sucks the daddy before jerking off until he cums.

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Sexy young twink Joey Mills’s hot asshole raw fucked by ripped muscle hunk Sean Cody Brogan.

There’s only one thing that will make bored barista Joey do some work, and it’s not training new hire Troye or stocking the pastry case…

When blond hunk Brogan pulls up in the drive-through, Joey is ready to take care of him.

He informs Brogan that they’re out of cream, but he wants to taste his cream substitute, then pulling the muscular top through the window.

Joey swallows Brogan’s stir-stick, and the top rims his hole then fucks him doggy style on the counter.

Joey rides the top till he cums, and takes that hot cream in his mouth just like he wanted.

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Bearded ripped muscle stud Brogan’s huge thick dick raw fucking sexy boy Phoenix’s smooth asshole.

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Hottie ripped muscle stud Brogan’s huge bare dick fucking new hunk Presley Scott’s hot hole.

Blond, bearded Brogan meets dark-haired, handsome Presley, and the chemistry is flowing right away.

The guys undress each other and Presley worships Brogan’s cock in a slow, sensual blowjob before sitting on the top’s face until he needs to get that cock inside him.

The bottom slowly eases down onto Brogan’s hard dick, then gets pounded in bareback doggy style.

“Oh, fuck my hole!” Presley moans as he shoots all over Brogan’s broad chest, begging for more until the top pulls out and cums on his ass.

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Sexy ripped muscle stud Kyle bends and fucks Brogan’s bare asshole doggy style.

Blond, bearded hunk Brogan makes quick work of Kyle’s clothes because he’s so eager to get the top’s cock in his mouth.

“Such a nice dick,” he says as he deepthroats every inch, impressing Kyle.

The top bends Brogan over the bed, saying, “That ass looks so good!” as he penetrates the muscular bottom in doggy style.

Brogan moans as Kyle pounds him in superman and piledriver, and Kyle turns the bottom on his back and drills that hole till Brogan shoots his load, then pulls out to add his own cum to the mix.Join them!

Hot bareback session with young muscle jocks Sean Cody Devy and Sean Cody Brogan.

Out on the trail, bearded hunks Devy and Brogan hike up the hill, peeling off their shirts and even slipping down their shorts to grant a peek at their asses.

Blond Brogan flexes, and dark-haired Devy does a little dance before these guys return to the Sean Cody house eager to strip down and get naughty.

Devy rims Brogan, who moans, “Yeah, fuck me!”, eagerly taking the top’s cock in missionary.

Devy fucks Brogan in doggy style, and the bottom sucks him before he rides Devy in reverse, his pierced dick bouncing.

Devy pounds the bottom on the floor deep in piledriver, and Brogan begs to get fucked harder until he cums, then takes a hot facial.Join them!

Musclebound Clark Reid gets so horny touching his bulge on the couch, he rips open his gray briefs and fingers his hole.

Blond hunk Sean Cody Brogan peeks in and the guys share some intense eye contact as Brogan strokes his cock before playing with and fingering Clark’s ass, sucking the bottom’s hard cock.

“Oh god, yeah,” the top moans as he fucks Clark’s face, then slides his dick deep into the bottom’s muscle ass in missionary.

Clark bends over to take it in doggy style, then rides Brogan’s cock before the top fucks the cum out of him on the floor.

Brogan paints that tight hole with his load, then pushes it in!Join them!

“Let me get this straight, you have to suck my dick,” Sean Cody Brogan says, tossing the final pencil that finally lands straight into the glass.

All of their other attempts may have fallen short or gone wide, but this one hits right on target, and Sean Cody Levi knows what he has to do.

“I guess that’s a deal!” he says with a grin.

The guys make out, kissing passionately, stripping each other on the bed, and Levi gets onto his knees and takes care of his wager the best way he knows how.

Bearded blond hunk Brogan sucks him too, and Levi bends Brogan over to rim him, then pound him doggy style.

The bottom takes every inch of that dick lying on his back, then rides Levi until he cums, and the top busts all over Brogan’s face.Join them!

Sean Cody Brogan and Sean Cody Caden get it together today in this sordid muscle ass fucking.

What’s better than one bearded blond hunk? How about two.

That’s why today we’ve brought together Brogan and Caden in the studio.

These guys are eager to kiss and undress each other, and Caden gets to his knees to suck Brogan’s huge thick dick.

“Get your ass up,” Brogan tells the bottom, sitting him on the couch so he can rim his hole as Caden moans, “Oh yeah, so good!”

Brogan slides his hard dick inside and Caden rides him on the couch before the guys move to the bed, where the top pounds Caden balls deep in missionary.

The bottom cums as Brogan drills him in doggystyle, then asks the top to shoot his load all over his ass.Join them!

Today we are welcoming a new bearded muscle hunk, Sean Cody Brogan, for his first-ever hardcore bareback scene.

He’s been partnered with older muscled hottie Sean Cody Daniel but the sexy men have already had a brief, get-to-know-you, session outdoors on the hiking trail.

Out there under the big sky, they were caught up in the moment admiring each other’s huge muscular chests and rubbing their already fully erect cocks together, through their sports shorts. Making out, kissing, and feeling each other’s pumped-up muscles.

Now they return to the studio, where Brogan quickly drops to his knees, as Daniel instructs him, “Open your mouth.”

Brogan expertly swallowed Daniel’s thick dick all the way to his balls, before Daniel’s inquisitive tongue explores his bottom’s tight pink ass hole. He soon has Brogan begging for his raw hung dick.

Daniel fucks Brogan doggy style with a powerful in and out bareback fucking, then he sits on Brogan’s face and feeds him his rock hard cock.

Daniel penetrates Brogan deeply in missionary and piledriver, then cums spraying his jizz all over Brogan’s hairy face as the bottom jacks off till he orgasms.Join them!

Bearded hunk Brogan can’t get enough of scruffy Sean Cody favorite Brysen as they kiss in the living room, undressing each other before Brogan gets to his knees to suck the top’s cock.

Brysen puts the bottom on the couch to lick his hole and finger him before easing his hard dick inside.

He pounds the blond in missionary, then Brogan rides Brysen’s cock until he orgasms.

But Brysen isn’t done yet… and neither is Brogan.

As Brysen penetrates him on his back, Brogan moans, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” and shoots a second load as Brysen pulls out to cover him in hot cum.Join them!

“Let’s take this off,” Asher says as he makes out with bearded Brogan on the couch, removing his t-shirt, and Brogan eagerly pulls off Asher’s shorts because he can’t wait to suck that cock.

Asher makes Brogan moan as he fingers his hole, then explores it with his tongue before finally giving the hungry bottom what he wants.

“Harder!” Brogan pleads as Asher fucks him in standing doggy style.

“Let me feel every inch.” Asher does just that as he pushes Brogan to the bed and pounds his hole balls deep.

Brogan’s moans get even louder as Asher turns him on his back and fucks him, and the top pulls out to cum before sliding his cock back inside till Brogan orgasms.Join them!

Blond Brogan might tower over raven-haired Matteo, but as the guys undress each other and kiss passionately, there’s no doubt about who’s in control as Brogan eagerly sucks the muscular top’s cock.

“Your mouth feels so fucking good, the way you slurp that dick up,” Matteo praises him, and Brogan can’t wait to ask, “You wanna fuck me?”

Matteo pounds the hunk doggystyle on the couch, then fucks Brogan hard in missionary till the bottom blows his load, and after the top cums, Brogan cleans Matteo’s cock with his mouth.Join them!

For athletic, bearded hunk Brogan’s first scene, he’s paired with Daniel, and the guys get to know each other on the hiking trail, admiring each other’s muscular chests and rubbing their cocks through their shorts as they kiss.

Back in the studio, Brogan quickly gets to his knees, as Daniel instructs him, “Open your mouth.”

Brogan expertly sucks Daniel’s dick and his balls, and Daniel’s tongue exploring the bottom’s hole soon has Brogan begging for the top’s cock.

Daniel fucks the bottom doggy style, then sits on Brogan’s face and feeds him his dick.

Daniel penetrates Brogan deeply in missionary and piledriver, then cums on Brogan’s face as the bottom jacks off till he orgasms.Join them!

Bearded LA hunk Brogan has a few surprises in store, from his way of meeting new people when he travels to his pierced dick.

One of his favorite spots is the beach, and he walks by the water and rides his bike before heading back to the studio.

“I’m fuckin’ horny. Let’s do it!” he announces, stripping off his tank top and shorts and stroking his cock.

He slowly and sensually runs his hand up and down the shaft as he kneels on the bed, then fucks the mattress.

Brogan teases his hole as he lies back and jacks off, cumming so hard it leaves him breathless.Join them!

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