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While I’ve been traveling over the country shooting new hardcore scenes, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few incredibly hot guys. But just recently, we had some really handsome men all the way from the United States come to see us in Australia. A couple of months ago, the extremely dashing Kyler Drayke reached out to me and recommended that he and his friends come out to see us. This kind of offer comes my way very frequently from guys in the United States, but it never materializes into anything concrete. You can imagine, then, how shocked I was when Kyler emailed me a picture taken from the back of an Australian taxi as he was traveling to our destination from the airport. It has come to our attention that, in addition to being extremely gorgeous, Kyler is also a very nice and kind individual. In the end, we participated in a few shots and then hung out together afterward. If all the other males in the United States are as charming as Kyler, then I definitely want to go there soon. I can understand why a number of my friends were interested in joining him on his shoots.
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Always a taboo subject but plenty of straight army guys admit that they often pick straws with the shortest going around the bunk room sucking each of the horny army dudes.

It is understood that the guys pull out before unloading although it occasionally happens that the guy being blown loses control and sprays his jizz down the throat of the unsuspecting cock sucker.

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It is a day for a hot debut here and and for his first scene partner, tall, hung, and handsome Sean Cody Kyler Drayke’s been paired with firm fan favorite Sean Cody Manny to show him the ropes.

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Might as well give it a try, right?”

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