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Young nephew Maxx Monroe’s virgin asshole fucked by uncle Jonah Wheeler’s massive cock.

Checkmate. Uncle Jonah’s chess skills surprised me. I joked that I was improving at the game, but we both knew I was playing catch-up. Finally, a game he could defeat me at, he nodded with a half-grin.

I’m easily sidetracked, so I probably could’ve played better. How could I not with Uncle Jonah across from me? During the match, I couldn’t stop staring at my uncle’s huge denim lump. He wore tight trousers during our games.

Gameplay wasn’t crucial. I wanted Uncle Jonah more as we played chess, strip poker, or other games. The sex following our previous chess battle was incredible. Our competitiveness brought out our animalistic sides.Our style of play brought unique thrills to winning and losing.

Sometimes you don’t need a winner. I observed Uncle Jonah’s tight trousers twitch after I said something that upset him. He smiled wolfishly.

I undressed after he moved the chess board. The horned DILF ran straight to my trousers and pulled them down before I could utter ‘Knight to Queen 69’. That’s action, right? It’s coming.

Uncle Jonah enjoyed licking my large shaft. I enjoyed when he would gently lick my big dick from the base to the pulsing cockhead. My randy uncle enjoyed the syrupy precum’s savoury taste as it flowed over his eager, heated lips.

My handsome uncle unbuttoned his jeans and took out his huge cock, making me gasp and groan uncontrollably. He rubbed and licked me. I almost swallowed him watching that. After Uncle Jonah worked his oral magic on my boy-wand for a while, we took off our clothes. He was a chess genius, but he had other plans.

I loved this game!

Uncle Jonah loved to finger my boy hole, withdraw out quickly, and replace his fingers with his tongue. He repeated this till I felt like I was about to explode from the intense sensations.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ministrations. I also had to work hard to avoid firing my load up! Uncle Jonah stood up and pointed his foot-long dick at my hole just as I thought I was about to cum.

Oh, my sex gods. That afternoon, my uncle and I fucked almost frantically. I got used to my uncle’s huge spear as we had more sex.

Uncle Jonah’s powerfucking my boy-hole made me feel extremely grateful. Uncle Jonah’s breathing was laboured when I rammed my tight ass in the doggie position. I wondered whether he was kinging me by shooting. I guess we won!

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Sexy nephew Maxx Monroe shows his uncle a good time fucking his tight asshole Jonah Wheeler.

Ever since my nephew Maxx and I started sleeping together, he’s come up with some really clever strategies to get us out of our clothes.

It seems that even doing something as innocent as playing a simple card game together winds up in the both of us being naked. Not that I’m complaining…

After losing round after round of strip poker to the hot little scamp, I was down to my underwear.

With feigned annoyance, I tore off my jockeys, threw them across the room for good measure, and plopped back down naked on the couch.

Maxx leaned back in his seat with a satisfied smile and openly stared at my exposed cock like the young man-wolf he was becoming much like his father.

As I sat on the couch, naked and waiting, Maxx suddenly hopped off his seat and made a bee-line to my crotch. Not only did the little wolf-boy love topping now, he absolutely adored giving head.

And it seemed to me like he was insatiable when it came to gorging on this uncle’s thick, juicy man meat!

Maxx bobbed madly up and down on my long, aching manhood.

I couldn’t help but recall my younger days when Maxx’s father and I would do this to one another all afternoon if we could get away with it.

I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined that both Maxx and his father were suckling away at my cock and balls. The thought alone nearly made me cum right there.

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Sexy young dude Archie Bakk’s hot hole fucked hard by stepdad Jonah Wheeler’s huge raw dick.

Archie is getting some help moving into his new fraternity by a legacy member, his stepdad Jonah.

Jonah informs his step son about some requirements and even demonstrates some with him as they fuck and suck dick.Join them!

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Smooth as velvet. That’s how in sync FTM trans man Stevie Trixx and Jonah Wheeler are with each other. They start with gentle passionate kissing; nothing too abrupt or rushed. Just two hot guys getting familiar with each other’s hot…

Full StoryJonah loves to feel the ginger FTM stud’s nipples between his hot fingers, each tweak bringing a sexy groan from Stevie’s mouth. They linger in this state of exploration. Stevie unzips Jonah’s pants and slides a hand inside. Jonah’s hard as a rock! Stevie strokes Jonah and the tall hairy stud responds to the delicate touch. Sensational but unhurried!

Jonah’s reaches between Stevie’s legs and gently fingers Stevie’s hot pussy. Stevie’s already dripping wet from the foreplay, which is exactly what Jonah was going for!

He moves Stevie around on the velvet and kneels down; the better to give Stevie’s manclit the blow job he’s been waiting for!

Jonah’s licks gently at first. Stevie’s moans egging him onward. Jonah takes it all in his mouth and Stevie’s squirming kicks into overdrive! Our hot ginger is loving the pussy-whipping he’s getting from Jonah’s tongue!

Stevie stands Jonah up, revealing the long hard cock Stevie’s been waiting for! He takes the rod into his mouth to give it the smooth blowjob it deserves! Jonah’s dick is long and thick but Stevie’s throat is up to the task! Jonah gets harder and harder as Stevie makes sure this huge cock gets the milking it deserves.

With Jonah good and hard, Stevie wants that dick balls-deep in his pussy. Jonah kneels up to get right at the bonus hole opening and rams his spit-lubed rod right into Stevie’s dripping hole. Both moan out loud, these feelings are intense!

Jonah’s cock glides along Stevie’s manclit, sending shivers through both men. Stevie switches them to cowboy position after a long first fuck. The pace starts to increase as Stevie now controls the pumping! Faster and faster!

Jonah lays Stevie down on his back and plunges back into Stevie’s inner walls. The speed picks up, Jonah’s getting close! Stevie’s begs for Jonah to breed him and our hot daddy is happy to please!Join them!

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Summary StoryThe boy Nathan James was nervous as he entered the complex. His bow tie had been done up too tightly. It was making him anxious. Master Jonah Wheeler led the boy into the dark bidding room and the auction starts with Legrand Wolf making an offer…

Full StoryThe Boy Nathan was nervous as he entered the complex. He has a tendency to giggle when he feels uneasy and wearing just a black jockstrap and a bow tie made him feel utterly vulnerable. The bow tie had been done up too tightly. It was making him anxious, and stopping him from breathing properly. It almost felt like a dog collar wrapped around his throat.

Master Wheeler had greeted him, somewhat coldly he felt, in the antechamber, but the reality of Nathan’s situation, his new normal, only struck him fully when he was led into the dark, bidding room.

Wheeler clicked his fingers and Nathan knew to kneel on the padded table in front of him. He’d not known Master Wheeler for very long at all, but he already trusted him implicitly.

Nathan saw the Master as his savior. The boy was at a very low ebb when he met Wheeler; he was listless, lonely and unloved, but the older man had liberated him by giving him a sense of belonging and purpose. He couldn’t quite believe that this well-groomed, incredibly attractive man had taken an interest in him.

He desperately didn’t want to leave Wheeler, but he recognized that it was his destiny to be passed onto someone who could unlock his potential in a different way…

Nathan looked hard at this Master, trying to paint a detailed mental picture of the man before he was torn away. The neat mustache, his sensual lips, the well-cut suit which seemed to cling to every inch of his beautiful body. Those dark, wise eyes which could register every emotion; kindness, deep pleasure, indifference, anger, disappointment… The boy had already learned that pleasing a master was his primary need in life.

As the bidding started, Master Wheeler began to run his hands seductively over the boy’s body; across his smooth, well-defined chest and down to the bulge in his jockstrap. Nathan was so desperate to be touched again that he instantly forgot they were being watched. He had no idea how many men were out there in the darkness. The low murmur suggested there were quite a few.

Wheeler squirted oil from a silver canister onto the boy’s chest. The oil had a dual purpose; it pushed Nathan into a state of sexual arousal, but also enhanced the muscles on his youthful body. Wheeler wanted to sell the boy for the highest possible price and he was determined to show Nathan in his best possible light.

The older man squeezed and twisted the boy’s nipples to show the buyers that he’d been trained to endure a certain level of discomfort. Master Wheeler rather enjoyed his moment in the spotlight. He was a natural showman and he was proud of his new acquisition. Besides, there were men in the buyers’ group who he was very keen to impress…

The boy responded swiftly to Wheeler’s clicks and gestures, thereby demonstrating his obedience. Wheeler then started to thrust his fingers, somewhat casually, into Nathan’s hole, to show that the boy was ripe for immediate penetration.

Master Wheeler spent some time putting the boy through his paces, demonstrating his great value, and the bidding was remarkably swift.

The buyer was Master Legrand. Wheeler was secretly pleased. The thought of this monster-dicked giant putting the boy through his paces was exciting. The ceremonial ring was exchanged and the transaction was completed with a warm handshake. Wheeler turned his back on Nathan and walked away, potentially to never to see the heart-broken boy again…

Master Legrand was very happy with his purchase and immediately approached the boy, who flinched like an animal in a snare. Nathan looked carefully at him and, after a while, nerves gave way to curiosity.

He concluded that his new Master had kind eyes and he relaxed a little. He was astounded by the size of Master Legrand’s hands and impressed by his remarkable height. There was something incredibly exciting about the older man’s touch and Nathan instinctively started to yield to him. Legrand was every bit as handsome as Wheeler and the thought of pleasing a man who’d wanted him enough to part with unimaginable sums of money was almost intoxicating.

Nathan stood subserviently and started to undress his new master before kneeling at his feet. Legrand undid his own tie and dropped his pants. Like a good boy, Nathan immediately got to work on his Master’s massive dick, kissing it lovingly through the fabric of his underpants before exposing it to the world. He soon had the beast in his mouth, sucking it like his young life depended on it. Master Legrand very much enjoyed the experience. The boy had been trained well.

Legrand lay down on the padded table and presented his dick to Nathan, who obediently turned around, stood between the older man’s legs and guided the thick, daddy dick to his tiny, tight hole, before slowly pushing himself down onto it.

The sensation was like nothing Nathan had ever experienced. Legrand’s dick was enormous and it took every last breath of concentration and physical effort to get it inching into him. The rational part of Nathan’s brain was begging him to stop, but the crazy, thrill-seeking part just kept on pushing, even though it felt like he was being torn clean in half.

The naïve boy started to shake, sweat gushing from every pore, but he persisted bravely until he was entirely skewered by Legrand’s agonizing sword.

Legrand pushed the boy onto his back on the table and told him to raise his legs, before reinserting his dick into the boy’s twitching, trembling hole. Nathan gasped and whimpered as the older man slowly started to penetrate him almost imperceptibly, picking up the pace and depth of his strokes until the boy was screaming in desperate ecstasy.

Legrand knew he was close, but spun things out for as long as possible, enjoying the sight of the young boy writhing and screaming underneath him. The Master gritted his teeth and started pounding the boy with brutalizing force until the spunk burst out deep into Nathan’s now pulverized guts.

Legrand shot big, thoroughly branding his new boy toy, feeling immensely pleased with his purchase. Throwing a towel onto Nathan’s smooth, cum-soaked belly, he realized that this beautiful boy was gonna be a lot of fun in the future…Join them!

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Jonah Wheeler and Johnny Rapid in Suns out, buns out!

Sexy young Johnny gets a balls-deep blowjob from Jonah before pounding him out in a public hot tub.Join them!

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Sexy young cub scout Ethan Tate’s bubble butt ravaged by horny scoutmaster Jonah Wheeler’s huge cock.

He pulls off my shirt and grabs onto my hairless body, moving behind me while still kissing me. With his big hands running down to my hardening cock, I turn around and undo his belt buckle so he can slide off his pants.

I don’t even remember my own shorts coming off, but the next thing I know, I’m pulling his already-rock-hard cock out of his underwear. Smiling while I grab it, he puts his hand on mine, and we both stroke him. I need to see what he tastes like so I slowly lick the top of his cock, tasting the bits of salty precum that leaks out of him. I’m definitely savoring the flavor of my Scoutmaster!

He pulls me in for a kiss then pushes my head back onto his cock while moaning. I start to take more and more of him inside my mouth until he’s completely buried in my throat. He’s moaning so loudly that I can tell he can’t get enough. He says to do it again, moaning even louder this time.

I think I unlocked something inside him because his eyes look hungry as he lifts me up and turns me around. He uses his cock to play with my hole through my thin white underwear. Rubbing against the fabric and forcing my ass into his throbbing cock, fueling his hunger.

He peels off my underwear and pushes me into position. He leans closer to my asshole and whispers, “Can I taste it?”


There’s nothing more I want than for him to pull my cheeks apart and start warming up my hole with his spit so he can enter me. Slowly he kisses my hole. But soon he starts to ravenously eat inside me, pulling my cheeks apart like they’re in the way, fucking my hole with his warm tongue while he strokes me.

He leans over me, DILF-cock throbbing against me saying, “Do you want it?”

Without thinking I say “Yes, sir…”Join them!

SummaryColton Fox and Jonah Wheeler are at it pretty much all the time. The boy is almost permanently erect and he’s started shooting Jonah these wanton looks which he finds impossible to ignore.

Full StoryColton and I have gotten pretty close of late. The more time we spend together, the more intrigued I am by him. Finding regular moments to hang out with him in private has become one of my biggest priorities.

We’re at it pretty much all the time. What can I say? The boy is almost permanently, off-puttingly erect and he’s started shooting me these wanton looks which I find impossible to ignore. Fortunately, when you’re out in the wilderness, there are plenty of trees and rocks you can disappear behind for a quick ass breeding. My dick would happily live in his ass!

I love it when we get somewhere private and I can pull him into me and kiss him like crazy while he slowly wraps his legs around my body. My dick immediately starts throbbing uncontrollably, usually pumping out enough pre-cum to leave a wet patch in my pants.

There’s a furtiveness associated with what we’re doing. A voice in the back of my mind dares me to see how far we can take it. Man, I’ve fucked the boy while the rest of the scouts were less than ten feet away, hanging out around the campfire! Keeping quiet while I secretly slip a load into his tight, hungry hole.

Stripping Colton naked in a place where we run the risk of being caught is hot. There’s that point of no return when you realize he’s never gonna be able to get himself looking presentable if another scout were to happen upon us but when your dick’s demanding a fuck, all bets are off.

I like to get him naked while I’m fully clothed. It gives me one hell of a power kick! The power that comes from seeing him vulnerable and exposed immediately triggers my boner. Besides, I like doing it in my uniform. It’s good and tight and it clings to me in all the right places.

Then there’s the moment when we get lost in each other. His breathing changes. We both start to groan a little. I’ve usually got my fist wrapped around his rock-hard cock by that stage. What is it with erections on guys his age? He’s always as hard as iron. It’s like gripping a freakin’ baseball bat!

I often prep his hole for fucking when his shorts are still half way down his legs. He has an ass like a peach. The cheeks are round and smooth, and the crack might as well have a sign above it which says ‘insert here for the ride of your life’.
I like to start with my tongue. I love the way he shivers and gasps when he feels it strobing over his inviting little hole. When I thrust it in further and then go in with my fingers, he opens up like a flower. I often make him lick my fingers so I can use his saliva as lube.

The boy gives remarkable head – just the right balance between suction and moisture. My dick glides into his throat, pulled deeper and deeper by an invisible, magnetic force.

Sometimes, I unzip my pants, pull my dick out and shove it straight into him. My rational brain tells me that if we were to hear someone coming, I’d need to be out of there and back inside my pants at the speed of light!

On other occasions, he gets my pulse racing so hard that I want to strip off and feel the cool, spring breeze rippling over my hairy chest as I slowly, sensuously penetrate him.

However we do it, I never fail to notice how beautiful his ass is. It fits my dick like a glove. It feels like it was carved entirely for my pleasure. I will never cease to feel grateful for this stunning, horny, sexy boy, and will always want to give him experiences which blow his impressionable, beautiful mind.

I want to breed him repeatedly. Every drop of spunk that doesn’t enter his guts is seed wasted. I never want there to be a moment when my semen isn’t inside him.

These thoughts invariably make me go harder. I find myself gritting my teeth and really letting go. If someone turned up at this stage, I simply wouldn’t be able to stop. I’d just keep banging the boy until I blew.

I like to turn him over and stare into those innocent, impressionable eyes as I make love to him. I crave seeing the alternate looks of shock and pleasure flashing across his contorted, desperate face as my semen prepares for lift-off.

I always cum hard. I can shoot clean over a boy’s head if I pull out at the right moment. Colton tells me that he can always feel it exploding like a jet wash inside him. It’s certainly always incredibly intense with him and it invariably takes me a moment to catch my breath before I pull out. And as I hold him in my arms afterwards, I always feel like the luckiest man alive.Join them!

Young scout boy Colton Fox and scoutmaster Jonah Wheeler take off to the campsite earlier than the other boys.

He started to undress me.

I knew it was a little dangerous I mean, we were barely off the track, anyone could have stumbled upon us but I didn’t care.

He could have done anything he wanted to me.

I just held onto his cock while he undid my belt and rolled my shorts and underpants down, hungry for him to put it back inside me like before. Read the full torrid affair here.Join them!

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