July 26, 2021

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Chris Damned

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Chris Damned gay porn scenes at Icon Male

Jack Hunter, Andy Taylor’s boyfriend quickly joins in when he finds out how fun “learning” can be… McKenzie was all too, how do you say “surprised” to find out what these lessons were all about.

We bring you a private lesson and a 3-way with a taboo twist as Chris Damned appears.

Watch how this French lesson quickly becomes a menage a trois!Join them!

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When Devin Franco arrives at ‘Maniacal’ Doctor Chris Damned’s offices for treatment, the doc orders Devin to undress.

The horny, psycho physician gets Devin laid back on the hospital bed in just his jock, so he can hike Devin’s legs up and eat his ass.

The rim job is an easy distraction for Devin as Chris ties him down with a rope and uses a penis pump to swell Devin’s cock and an electro-shock wand to zap his balls.

With Devin’s cock growing and his cries intensifying, Chris uses a ball gag to muffle Devin’s moans.

Chris strokes Devin’s cock and slaps his balls, demanding total submission.

Chris continues elevating his dominance as he works a sounding rod down into Devin’s throbbing cock, which Chris then strokes until all the kinky stimulation reaches a fevered pitch.

The ecstasy gets so intense that Devin blasts off a thick load onto his abs.Join them!

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Adrian Hart says he’s watching the inauguration, but he’s really watching porn when delivery man Chris Damned shows up to drop off some packages.

When Chris notices the gay porn on Adrian’s computer, he helps himself to a handful of Adrian’s bulge.

Adrian takes the bait and the working men strip down with Chris getting down on his knees to suck Adrian’s throbbing meat.

Chris quickly moves from Adrian’s cock, back to his hole to eat out Adrian’s smooth ass atop his desk.

Adrian returns the favor and wraps his lips around Chris’ monster meat until they move to a couch where Adrian continues his deepthroating.

Now that it’s clear what they both want, Adrian stands up and sits right back down on Chris’ thick pole.

Adrian takes the delivery driver’s package bareback in multiple positions before ending up on his back getting stretched to his limits.

Now that Chris is in complete control, he keeps his cock planted deep in Adrian’s crack until his cock bursts with a fat load all over Adrian’s cock and balls.

Using Chris’s load as lube, Adrian strokes his cock until his load shoots all over his abs….Join them!

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Chris Damned knows how to pound out some ass. In this sexy homemade, he delivers the dick to a ready and eager Jim Fit.Join them!

Chris Damned and Elliot Finn know how to make a hot homemade video. Chris fucks Elliot silly before Elliot fucks back on Chris’s dick and takes his big load.Join them!

Sexy ripped young stud Dakota Payne leans forward in just his tight sexy black undies to kiss tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned passionately on the lips.

Chris grabs ahold of Dakota and sits him down on his soft cock which shoots up immediately to a huge erection.

Dakota reaches behind his back to feel Chris’s thick uncut dick wanking it and forcing that thick foreskin over his big mushroom cockhead.

Chris makes Dakota deep throat his long cock making him choke and moan at the same time.

Expert cocksucker Dakota really makes a meal of Chris’s dick working his lips up and down from tip to his balls, as Chris rims his hot bubble ass.

Dakota fucks Chris’s face before he hovers over Chris’s big dick forcing his ass down hard so that Chris penetrates him balls deep.

Chris fucks Dakota cowboy style with Dakota keeping control of the depth and force of Chris’s anal monster.

Dakota lets Chris wrest control back as he fucks the dirty bottom boy on his back until both of them are close to orgasm.

First Dakota sprays cum all over his sexy abs before Chris jizzes on his asshole before fucking his cum back into Dakota’s freshly fucked hole….Join them!

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Cameraman Chris Damned is waiting backstage when weatherman Adrian Hart flirtily invites him out, then starts sucking his cock.

The guys have to rush back on set when it’s time for Adrian’s weather segment, but Chris can’t wait for him to finish.

He slips into a green morph suit and creeps into the frame, dancing up a storm in front of the green screen and then pulling down the weatherman’s pants.

Chris rips a hole in his suit and waves his hard cock around before fucking Adrian doggy-style live on air.

As soon as the broadcast ends, Adrian sucks Chris’s cock, and the guys head backstage where Chris bends Adrian over a desk and teases his hole with his tongue before giving him multiple inches of cock.

Adrian rides Chris’s cock and showers his chest with jizz, and Chris delivers a 100% chance of cum on Adrian’s cock….Join them!

We all know that boring feeling of waiting at the gate for our plane. Time just seems to go so slowly.

The same happens for hot young couple Michael Boston and Chris Damned who are checked in and raring to go off on their holidays.

As they make out in public kissing passionately they catch the eye of the cute boarding clerk.

A fellow passenger with a large load of luggage sits down and obscures them from the rest of the crowds so Chris gets down on his knees and pulls Michael’s shorts down and sucks his big hard cock.

As the airline employee tries to get a better view, Michael stands up and forces his bubble ass into Chris’s face.

Chris parts Michael’s smooth ass cheeks and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack before finding his hole and rimming him deeply.

Then with Chris sat down on the chair Michael moves his asshole down onto Chris’s huge erect dick in reverse cowboy style, increasing the pressure until Chris’s hard cock is balls deep in his hole.

The hot couple get busted when the luggage owner moves away and the desk clerk with his dick out enjoys the view as Chris bare fucks Michael on the floor doggie style.

They switch up positions a number of times with Chris’s rampant dick pummelling Michael’s raw asshole long and deep until both sexy young men are close to orgasm.

With Chris’s slick dick deep in his hole, Michael blows a huge cum shot across the airport lounge before Chris pulls out and sprays jizz all over Michael’s ass hole then fucks his cum back inside.

The sexy desk clerk can’t hold off and explodes a huge orgasmic jizz load almost hitting a member of the flying public with his hot creamy cum….Join them!

Chris Damned has the subway car all to himself so he starts rubbing his cock through his gray sweats, at least until Michael Boston gets on.

Chris closes his eyes and leans his head back, pretending he’s just resting, but Michael notices his bulge and snaps a pic before he reaches his stop.

He turns to flirt with Chris… and gets stuck in the doors.

Chris rushes over to help, but Michael gets dick-stracted and pulls down the tattooed hunk’s pants to get a mouthful of that cock.

Subway mechanic Kyle Connors is called in to fix the stuck doors, but when he’s greeted by Michael’s muscle ass, he gets his cock stuck deep inside the bottom instead.

Kyle fixes the doors and gets on the train so Michael can suck both dicks.

Chris fucks Michael doggy style, then sucks Michael’s cock as the bottom rides Kyle on the seats.

Pretty soon both tops are taking turns pounding Michael piledriver next to the pole before they both jizz on his face before Michael jacks off till he cums….Join them!

Married muscle hunk Chris Damned and his new wife are celebrating the birthday of his best buddy Jack Hunter.

They’ve thrown him an impromptu party but Chris has an idea for a present that perhaps his wife isn’t so happy about, his big thick dick.

They both sneak away to the bathroom so Jack can help him with his huge erection, but his wife insists on dragging him back to the party.

As she’s distracted chatting with JJ Knight, Chris flirts with Jack, squeezing the bottom’s lush ass, then bends him over the counter and fucks him.

Jack gets down behind the island to suck Chris’s cock, and the guys sneak off to the bedroom where Chris penetrates Jack on the bed.

JJ follows the sound of their moaning and sneaks in as Chris is fucking Jack piledriver, getting it on video.

Jack rides Chris till he cums, and the guys try to sneak back to the party, but JJ stops Chris and shows him the evidence.

They head to the bathroom, where Chris sucks JJ’s big dick… till Jack comes looking for them and they invite him to join them.

JJ fucks Jack doggy style as he sucks Chris’s cock, then both tops cum all over the bottom’s face and in his mouth….Join them!

Hot sexy young twink Andy Taylor is learning French from horny tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned.

Chris is showering and Andy hides in the laundry basket to catch a look at his sexy French teacher naked.

But Chris is wise to his young pupil’s secret ways and smile thinking of how he will get him back.

When he is out of the shower Chris goes looking for Andy who is pretending to be asleep spreadeagled on the bed in just his tight sexy undies.

Chris rips them down exposing his cute bubble butt. Andy’s plan has worked as he kneels in front of the big muscle stud and sucks down hard on his huge thick dick.

Andy deep throats Chris’s hard cock till it is choking him as it hits the back of his throat.

Chris then pushes Andy down into doggie style on all fours and forces his erect dick between Andy’s pert ass cheeks into his tight hot boy hole.

Andy moans with pleasure as Chris pummels his ass, in long strong strokes in and out and Andy can feel every inch of his sexy teacher’s erection moving inside him.

As they switch positions a number of times, Chris gets his thick cock deeper into Andy’s asshole until both dudes are on the edge of orgasm.

As Andy hovers over Chris’s dick and Chris pumps his hot ass like a power drill until Andy can hold off no longer and sprays cum all over his lithe young body.

Chris then pulls out and shoots a volley of cumshots over Andy’s ass before fucking the cum back inside him….Join them!

Chris Damned is playing with his virtual reality headset and his new VR gay sex game.

His BF Theo Brady is frustrated when he sees Chris on the sofa wearing his headset and wanking his huge thick cock.

“You won’t fuck me but you’ll fuck that?”, he fumes.

Theo Brady is horny, but his roommate Chris Damned would rather fuck a fake ass in his virtual reality game than fuck Theo’s real one.

Theo peeps on tattooed, muscular Chris during a stroke sesh, but he gets too horny and ends up shooting rope across Chris’s face.

As Chris gets cleaned up, Theo tries out the headset while stroking a dildo, and Chris sees his chance, taking the toy’s place so his roommate blows him.

Two can play at that game, so Theo swaps himself in for the fake ass, finally taking Chris’s hard cock doggy style.

The horny top realizes his roomie’s IRL booty is way better, especially when Theo rides his cock.

Theo gives the fake ass a try as Chris fucks his hole from behind, then rides Chris till he cums, and the top enjoys Theo’s hole some more in missionary before he orgasms….Join them!

Sexy tattooed homeowner Chris Damned gets just a little bit curious about his Homo Renovation, so he sneaks behind the scenes to see what is going on.

He’s clearly a bit upset that all his man cave stuff has gone but they seem to have left his porno stash.

Unbeknown to Chris the show host Michael Del Ray is hiding in the closet and catches Chris as he jerks his huge uncut dick to a magazine called “Anal Babes.”

Host Michael Del Ray reappears catching the horny straight hunk wanking away and quickly gets naked except for a hard hat.

In the blink of an eye, Chris is getting his cock expertly sucked by a dude.

Chris fucks Michael doggy style over the couch, and when his wife comes looking for him, Michael doesn’t let on that her hubby is laying pipe as he sends her away.

The top fucks Michael missionary, then the bottom rides Chris’s cock before bending over a sawhorse to get nailed till he cums and takes a facial….Join them!

Hot cute young Barista boy, Joey Mills informs tattooed hunk Chris Damned that he cannot enter the coffee shop without a mask.

But Chris doesn’t want to return to his car sho he pulls his t-shirt over his mouth as a makeshift mask.

When he exposes his tattooed chest and abs… and his hard cock poking up over his waistband young Joey can’t help but look at the sexy young man’s hot dick.

The horny bottom decides to turn his customer into a snack, pulling down his pants and adding some whipped cream and a cherry before sucking down that dickaccino.

The pair get caught by another customer as Joey bends over the counter to let Chris fuck his hole doggy style, then Chris pounds him in missionary.

The twink adds more whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries to the action then rides Chris’s delicious dick till he cums, and the top shoots his own cream on Joey’s face….Join them!

Dante Colle and Archie are about to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but Dante asks Archie to hide so he can video call his boyfriend, Chris Damned, first.

As Dante chats with his man, he can’t see that at the other end, Pierce Paris is on his knees sucking Chris’s dick.

Archie impatiently rubs Dante’s dick, then gets his cock out and rubs it on Dante’s arm, while Chris bends Pierce over the kitchen island and fingers his hole.

As Dante hears Pierce’s moans and Chris hears the sound of Archie sucking Dante’s cock, both guys mute the connection to fuck their respective bottoms.

Chris pounds Pierce doggy style, while Archie rides Dante’s dick till he cums, then Dante fucks him doggy style. Meanwhile, Chris lays Pierce on the dining room table till they both orgasm.

Dante blows a load on Archie’s sexy ass, then the bottom cums again all over Dante’s face, just in time for Chris to notice….Join them!

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Perverted step-dad Chris Damned has a little Easter surprise for his cute blonde young stepson Andrew Powers.

Andrew is super excited as he sets off around the house finding all the hidden eggs.

The final egg is under the sofa and as he crouches down to retrieve it, step-daddy Chris doesn’t a trick shoving his huge erect dick between Andrew’s smooth ass cheeks.

Chris pummels the young stud tight asshole going balls deep into the young dude’s hot hole.Join them!

Proud stepdad Chris Damned is happy to welcome his son Sebastian Hunt back from college for the holidays.

Chris helps him settle back in, helping him unpack when he finds a dildo sex toy in his son’s backpack.

Holding the dildo aloft Chris asks Sebastian about it.

Sebastian decides not only to explain but to show his dad how it works.

After blowing the rubber toy a few times, Sebastian strips off his clothes to just his white socks and bends over the bed, asking “Do you want to try it?”

Chris inserts the dildo carefully into Sebastian’s asshole slowly working it in until it is all the way in.

Sebastian asks “Dad, are you hard?” as he unzips Chris’s pants and sucks his big erect uncut dick to the back of his throat.

“Do you wanna show me how you fuck Mum?

Chris then fucks stepson Sebastian until he blows his load all over himself quickly followed with an explosive cum shot all over them both….Join them!

Sexy business guy Chris Damned is busy working from home but he keeps getting distracted by his noisy young stepson Braden Taylor.

After Braden interrupts yet another meeting, Chris decides he needs to take care of Braden to keep his quiet.

He forces Braden under the desk and unleashes his huge hard uncut dick.

Braden works the huge cock in his mouth choking on it at the back of his throat.

Chris turns Braden around and pulls down his pants and shoves his massive uncut cock deep into his asshole.

Braden moans as Chris enters his hot hole. Chris braces himself on the desk pumping his dick even deeper.

Braden loves Chris taking his ass and bareback fucking him hard.

Then Chris stops suddenly and tells Braden to go do his homework. “What I don’t get to cum?” cries Braden….Join them!

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Young perp Kai Masters has been caught red-handed by sexy tattooed security guard Chris Damned.

He’s now trying to make Kai crack under pressure and admit to his wrongdoings.

But Chris’ methods are a little off track, Kai is a little surprised when he’s asked to strip naked. What about a search of his pockets first?

Chris is a law unto himself, once Kai is stripped bare Chris goes to work probing Kai’s ass with a dildo he just found in the filing cabinet drawer.

After an ass bashing with the rubber sex toy, Kai is more amenable to what comes next.

Kai has a choice it’s the cops or it sucking Chris’s huge thick dick. Well confronted with those options what would you do?

So Kai gets on all fours and sucks down hard on Chris’s already erect cock. He sucks it like a trooper, but Chris is not over with him just yet.

Chris wreaks the ultimate punishment sliding his cock deep inside Kai’s smooth ass, making him moan increasingly loudly. How is this going to end?…Join them!

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What better way to get indoctrinated into the army than to have superstud Chris Damned plow your ass?

Hugo Santana is Chris’s lucky recruit, and damn does Chris handle Hugo.Join them!

Hot military men Chris Damned and Justin Lewis strip off their army uniforms kissing and making out.

While kissing, they feel up each other’s bodies and slowly have their hands rub each other’s crotch.

Chris helps Justin find his way to his crotch, but Justin begins to kiss his pants and make his way towards his boots.

Justin is soon on the right path and he sucks down hard on Chris’s huge muscle cock and licks his cum filled balls.

Chris forces his hard erect dick deep into Justin’s hot bare hole getting balls deep with every in-and-out thrust.

The sexy army dudes switch up positions a number of times with Justin’s ass hole taking a really hard pummelling as he gets close to orgasm.

As Chris’s rampant bareback reaches high-intensity Justin can hold off no longer and he blows huge streams of cum all over his chest and abs.

Once Chris sees the creamy mess he launches a massive cum explosion spraying cum all over Justin’s ass before fucking the cum back inside his freshly fucked hole….Join them!

New inked muscle boy army recruit Chris Damned is really excited to share his first scene with Johnny B II.

Enjoy this scene as these soldiers share their privates until they blow loads in the hottest way….Join them!

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It’s first thing in the morning, and Chris Damned brewing a pot of coffee.

Alpha Wolfe catches the aroma and meets Chris in the kitchen with his morning wood bulging thru his shorts.

He catches Chris staring and invites Chris to get on his knees and deepthroat his hard dick.

As the coffee finishes brewing, Chris works his mouth all the way down to Alpha’s bush as he strokes his own uncut cock.

After Chris’s cock swells, Alpha switches spots with him to choke down Chris’ thick meat.

Now that they’ve both been orally serviced, Chris bends Alpha over the sink and slides his hot cock right in.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, Chris lays back while Alpha rides him hard and bareback.

When both hunks are ready to blow, Chris pounds Alpha on his back until Alpha shoots his thick ropes on his hairy abs, while Chris shoots his seed all over every inch of Alpha’s body.Join them!