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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Sweet young bottom boy Michael Boston and ripped muscle hunk Jax Thirio are playing about with a small glowing drone.

They bet each other that they won’t drop the drone initially for cash but Michael suggests the one who drops it must go down on the other one’s cock.

The games commence and soon it is Michael who hits the toy to the ground, he drops to the floor and sucks on Jax’s big muscle cock.

Jax then spins Michael around and gets his tongue deep between Michael’s fleshy bubble butt ass cheeks.

He licks and rims Michael’s hot hole getting it wet for his dick.

Jax then fucks Michael’s tight ass hole in kneeling missionary switching up positions a number of times getting his hard erect dick deep into Michael’s hot hole till his balls are slapping on his bubble butt.

Michael and Jax then change positions with Jax bottoming for Michael’s big cock.

Jaz can take the ass pounding no longer and shoots his load all over Michael’s hot ass before Michael himself jerks out a massive load of hot young cum….Join them!


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Casey Owens has a secret desire to fuck in every conceivable place around the house indoors and out.

Today he has got his eye on Michael Boston who is just about to take a shower.

As the water rains down Casey slips into the shower behind Michael surprising him with his hare erect cock.

They kiss passionately, making out in the steam. Casey drops to his knees taking Michael’s big cock into his mouth and choking it back.

Michael moans as the intensity grows with his balls slapping against Casey’s wet lips.

Casey licks Michael’s cock up and down al the way to his balls. Then Michael switches places giving Casey a deep rim job getting his tongue deep between Casey’s bubble butt ass cheeks.

Then Michael spreads Casey’s smooth ass apart and licking that tight hole before turning his attention to Casey’s big cock.

As they both stand up again, they kiss, lathering one another up with some soap then pressing their wet, slick bodies together, their aching cocks brushing against each other.

Michael turns Casey away from him, grabbing that ass and pushing his raw cock into it as Casey moans at the intrusion.

Michael fucks into Casey’s ass at a steady rhythm, filling him up to the brim with his fat cock until both these hot boys are shooting a big load…Join them!


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Stepbrothers Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are in the locker room after a hot gym session.

When they are left alone Michael gives Adrian the secret look and Adrian moves closer and they sexy boys start making out. Kissing passionately as they quickly undress.

Standing there naked Adrian drops to his knees and Michael feeds him his thick long cock. Adrian chokes down hard on that monster dick gagging when it is balls deep in his throat.

The boys get caught but are not worried as Adrian rims Michael hot ass getting his tongue deep between his muscled ass cheeks.

Michael is first to fuck Adrian’s hot black asshole. Then Adrian gets his chance to fuck Michael’s tight bubble butt.

The continue fucking till both of them are close to orgasm. Adrian shoots his load first quickly followed by Michael who dumps a full load all over Adrian’s ripped abs…Join them!


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Dalton Riley has Michael Boston chained up in his garage, waiting to be used by him.

When Dalton walks in Michael is already excited and they don’t lose any time and get right to it.

It shows that both of them have been waiting for this for a while in this intense sex session…Join them!


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Young buck Michael Boston is always so horny and he is wanting to hook up with his best mate Andy. Well, it turns out that Andy isn’t home just yet, so the next best thing is Step-Uncle Mason Lear.

Michael sure knows how to flirt and offering up his big juicy ass and his sexy face Michael Lures Mason in until he can’t take it anymore.

Michael gets his sweet cakes fucked by Step-Uncle Mason and the cum explosion is not to be missed…Join them!


While most guys can’t stand their stepdads, Michael Boston has what seems to be the stepdad of the year.

Stepdad Jesse Zeppelin is a man’s man, and Michael is just the man to take care of his stepdad’s every need.

When mom is away, stepdad Jesse knows how to take care of his stepsons’ ass and shows the young man how to take care of daddy’s cock.

Everybody wants Michael’s stepdad Jesse, but lucky Michael gets him first…Join them!


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Hottie big bottom boy Michael Boston and handsome Carter Woods are excited to be finally getting together.

Carter releases Michael already hardening big dick sucking it to the back of his throat. Michael returns the favor chowing down on Carter’s huge cock.

Carter bends Michael over the sofa getting his plump bubble butt open for his inquisitive tongue and lips. He rims Michael’s hole getting it lubed with his spit.

With Michael’s legs, spread-eagled Carter’s big cock splits his ass cheeks fucking him bareback till both guys are on the edge of orgasm.

Michael can’t hold off any longer and he sprays his load all over himself quickly followed by Carter’s massive cum load coating Michael with his warm seed…Join them!


When Johnny B gets his contacts mixed up, he ends up with twice the Michaels than he expected.

Thinking on his feet, he quickly turns an awkward situation into opportunity, and since both Michael Jackman and Michael Boston are down, he ends up with twice the booty for his call.

On the other hand, it means he’ll have to put in double duty, since neither Michael is ready to settle for some half-dick action.

Johnny’s stamina will be put to the test as he tries to satisfy them both, but he wouldn’t have it any other way…Join them!


Michael Boston gay porn scenes at College Dudes

Maxx Monroe takes a study break with Michael Boston, joining Michael on his bed as they collapse against each other and make out, Maxx itching to get into Michael’s pants.

Pulling Michael’s underwear off, Maxx takes Michael’s prick in his mouth and sucks it good before climbing back onto the bed and letting Michael return the favor.

They 69 next, Maxx’s big dick filling Michael’s mouth while Maxx rims and teases Michael’s hole.

These boys take their time enjoying their oral as they taste every intimate place on each other, Maxx unable to get enough of that delicious ass before fucking it bareback.

Michael presses his face into the sheets as Maxx fucks him slowly, that cock splitting his tight ass open as Maxx pushes every last inch inside, filling him to the brim.

Michael turns onto his back and spreads his ass open for Maxx who pushes inside him again, fucking him hard, deep, desperate to cum as Michael moans underneath him.

Reaching down for his dick, Michael jerks himself until he blows his load and Maxx pulls out and sprays Michael with his salty jizz!…Join them!


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The only pool toy Vincent O’Reilly wants to play with while swimming is Michael Boston’s irresistible bubble butt.

After Michael jumps onto an inflatable raft, Vincent doesn’t even give him a second to enjoy the water before pulling him over and rimming his delicious ass.

The two find themselves in the shallow end where Vincent fulfills every poolside fantasy he’s ever had by flip-fucking Michael while still in the pool.

The tattooed stud backs himself into Michael’s bushy dick before laying down on the pool floor and letting Michael’s impressive ass ride his long cock.

With Vincent still barebacking his hole, Michael cums all over himself and immediately gets into position for Vincent to cover his face in his overwhelmingly large load.Join them!


Michael Boston is minding his business in the game room shooting a round of pool when hung muscle-stud Jax Thirio passes by and lures him away from the table.

When they head upstairs, Jax is taken by Michael’s insatiable bubble butt and helps himself to a mouthful of his buddy’s smooth hole.

To give Jax better access, Michael hoists his leg up to give his hot friend total access to his crack.

When Jax pulls his shirts down to reveal his pulsating cock, Michael can’t help but get on his knees and service Jax’s fat cock on the spot.

After Jax has had his fill of fucking Michael’s throat, he sets his sites on drilling his hole, so he bends the bubble-butt stud over to fuck his tight ass, raw.

Michaels takes it from the back before they move to the stairs and Jax drills Michael’s hole on the top step.

After taking one last taste of Michael’s ass, Jax flips him upside down and pounds Michael’s hole while he balances on the stairs.

Michael’s hole is too hot for Jax to handle so he glazes his buddies’ sore hole with his cum, then shoves his cock back in.

With Jax deep inside of him, Michael strokes his big cock until he spills his wad onto his sweaty abs.

Seeing Michael covered in his own cum sends Jax into overdrive and he laps up Michael’s load so they can seal their deed with a wet, cummy kiss..Join them!


When a naked Josh Moore hears the doorbell ring, he quickly covers up and is met at the door by A/C repairman, Michael Boston. Josh is impressed with the size of Michael’s ass in his tight shorts and drops his wrap to show Michael his own giant asset.

Michael takes a few sucks of Josh’s uncut rod before they move it into the living room where Josh strips Michael naked. Picking up where he left off, Michael gets back on his knees to continue his service, polishing Josh’s knob.

Josh keeps pushing Michael’s limits, seeing just how far down on his cock, making him gag on the thick pole. When Josh wants a taste of Michael’s insatiable ass, he bends the stud over on all fours and wedges his tongue deep in between Michael’s crack.

The taste of Michael’s hole has Josh craving more. After having an all-out feast on Michael’s hole, Josh sits up on the couch and slides his thick raw cock deep into Michael. Michael braces himself with his hands on the floor while Josh drills his hard meat deep.

After taking it doggy-style, Michael lays on the floor to feel the full force of Josh’s cock in his hole. Josh keeps pounding Michael’s tight hole bareback until its tightness causes Josh to glaze Michael’s ass with a thick and creamy load.

When it’s time for Michael to bust, he gets on top and sits on Josh’s face until he blows his load all over Josh’s chest. Will the A/C ever get fixed?…Join them!


77445 03 01 - Michael Boston

While playing ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’, sexually open bottom, Michael Bolton, draws top Pierce Paris’ name.

Pierce, who is nervous about the game, because he no longer has sex with his husband, leads Michael Boston to the bedroom where Michael strips down to his undies and gets to work servicing Pierce’s monster cock.

It’s a tight fit, but Michael takes it like a champ and gets the whole thick shaft down his throat. Pierce wants a taste of Michael’s ass and bends the hunk over to lick his hole.

Pierce gets Michael’s giant ass nice and opened up before he takes the next step to give Michael the stretching he craves.

Pierce slides his massive raw dick into Michael’s tight ass, going slow at first to make sure the eager stud can take it all.

When he’s convinced that Michael can handle his entire bare pole, Pierce picks up the pace and loosens Michael up even more.

Pierce can’t get far enough into the young stud and rolls him over to fuck him bareback even harder. Keeping a steady pace, Pierce fucks the cum out of Michael, who blasts his load all over his panting stomach.

Pierce wants to finish up his way, and he rolls Michael back onto his stomach where he pounds the stud until he finishes up all over his ass.

A spent Pierce fucks the cum into Michael and caps their secret tryst with a kiss and a cuddle…Join them!


As Jax Thirio wanders past the pool room he catches the eye of Michael Boston who is shooting a few balls.

Michael catches up with Jax stopping him on the staircase. Jax stops dead in his tracks coming around and spotting Michael’s hot bubble ass. Without, hesitation Jax rips down Michael’s white Calvin Kleins and buries his face in his smooth ass crack.

Jax pulls up Michael’s leg to open up Michael’s asshole further, getting his tongue in deep.

Michael falls to his knees, jerking his big throbbing cock as he sucks down hard on Jax’s fat cock.

Once Jax has fucked Michael’s throat, he sets his sites on fucking his hot ass hole, so he bends the bubble-butt stud over to fuck his tight butt, raw.

Michaels takes it from the back before they move to the stairs and Jax drills Michael’s hole on the top step. After taking one last taste of Michael’s ass, Jax flips him upside down and pounds Michael’s hole while he balances on the stairs.

Michael’s hole is too hot for Jax to handle so he glazes his buddies’ sore hole with his cum, then shoves his cock back in.

With Jax deep inside of him, Michael strokes his big cock until he spills his wad onto his sweaty abs.

Seeing Michael covered in his own cum sends Jax into overdrive and he laps up Michael’s load so they can seal their deed with a wet, cummy kiss..Join them!


Michael Boston gay porn scenes at Next Door Studios

Michael Boston is new to online dating and he kind of sucks at it.

Lucky for him, Roman Todd catches him taking pictures in the work bathroom and gives him a lesson on how to get the perfect pic of his assets.Join them!


Hottie young stud Michael Boston starts making out with young twink Aiden Asher kissing passionately and exploring each others’ sexy bodies with their hands and mouths.

As they undress Michael sucks Aiden’s nipples before Aiden releases Michael’s big thick cock from his underwear sucking down hard on it till he chokes hitting the back of his throat.

Michael forces his huge erect dick in and out of Aiden’s willing mouth as he works his tongue up and down its full length.

As Aiden is on all fours on the bed blowing Michael, Jax Thirio appears parting young Aiden’s ass cheeks licking his tongue up and down his ass crack, getting it deep into the twinks tight boy hole.

The guys then switch positions with Michael bare fucking Aiden’s hot asshole while Jax fucks his mouth getting his cock balls deep.

The hot bareback spit roasting ends with Jax spreading Aiden’s legs apart and pumping his ass hole full of his erect dick in long slow strokes.

The guys take it in turns riding Aiden’s hot hole getting hard and deeper each time. He takes their big raw cock fucking in his stride and he is soon ready to cum.

First Michael pulls out and sprays his huge load of jizz all over Aiden’s ass and then Jax fires off a volley of cumshots the sight of which makes Aiden drop a cumload himself covering them all in his boy juice….Join them!


Michael Boston has a new job and he is going out of his way to please his new boss Beaux Banks.

Beaux is just about to start a Zoom call to discuss some new salary raises for his employees when Michael pops in an offers to give him a back massage.

While Beaux is on the call Michael slips in and drops Beaux’s pants slipping his tongue deep between Beaux’s ass cheeks.

As Michael’s tongue gets deeper in Beaux’s ass hole Beaux cuts the call and enjoys all the ass attention.

In return for the hot rim job Beaux gets Michael naked and sucks his big erect dick.

Michael then lifts Beaux up and slides his big thick dick deep into Beaux’s bubble butt.

Beaux slides his ass onto Michael’s raw dick keeping control of the bareback fucking till both young dudes blow their loads over each other….Join them!


What better way to have a fucking session than with two guys instead of one.

Michael Boston loves to get fucked by the hot Jax Thirio and Dalton Riley.Join them!


Dalton Riley and Michael Boston start fucking right away in the shower in many positions and places.

They take it to the locker room and it’s just getting hotter and hotter until they both explode all over each other. Enjoy this homemade scene…Join them!


Shhh! Cute and confident Dakota Payne is rabbit hunting! Every year that dang bunny tries to get away with something but now Dakota has a plan…

Binoculars in hand and spring vest unbuttoned, his cocky chuckles soon turn to moans as he discovers the man beneath the mask: sexy babe Michael Boston.

Celebrate the cumming of spring with these two as they take their party home and spend the day fucking like bunnies…Join them!


Tasked with the job of loading up for a move, Dante Martin and Michael Boston both have their minds on a different sort of load.

Michael’s curiosity gets the best of him and Dante is all too willing to satisfy those urges with a debaucherous diversion from these heavy old boxes, once he catches him snooping through his stuff.

Michael had no idea Dante was into that sort of thing, but Dante had every inclination about Michael.

Only someone looking to get fucked on the job would show up to work in those short shorts, and luckily for Michael, today he’s found a taker… and a giver…Join them!


When Evan Landers’ parents discover he’s into guys, it puts a damper on the week long getaway he just had with Michael Boston. Fighting with his bags in hand, he tells his parents he isn’t coming back home, and makes his way back to Michael’s place to tell him the news.

Michael tells him he can stay as long as he wants and Evan smiles and tries to think of a way to show his gratitude and get back at his parents. Michael knows a way he can do both at the same time, whipping out his dick as Evan smiles.

If Evan’s parents could see this, they’d never let him come home, but right now, Evan is tongue deep in Michael’s hole and too horny to care. He slides his cock inside Michael’s ass and fucks him from behind, before switching and letting Michael have his way with him.

Michael gives him a ride on his meaty cock and then flips Evan onto his back, pounding him missionary as the two of them cum all over each other in a scene that would make the parents flip the fuck out. Old Evan would care what they think.

New Evan is too covered in cum to bother…Join them!


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Sexy young bottom stud turns top Michael Boston gets everything he hoped for when he sneaks into his hot roommate young horny Latino dude Angel Rivera’s room, a nice thick load in yesterday’s boxers for him to sniff while he jacks off.

Michael hides under the bed when Angel wakes up and leaves the room, then gets naked and humps his roomie’s pillow till he blows his load.

Angel returns and gets a face full of jizz when he lies down and catches Michael under the bed.

He forgives him when Michael sucks his cock, then fucks him doggystyle.

Angel rides the top, and Michael picks him up for a stand and carry before drilling the bottom’s hole in missionary position.

Angel shoots that cum Michael loves so much, then sucks out the top’s load.Join them!

Dirty overcoat wearing flasher Dante Colle enters the movie theater and sits down near Michael Boston and his new GF and he doesn’t even try to mask the fact that he’s wanking his huge cock under his coat… and Michael’s excited by it.

As the house lights dim to black, Dante sneaks across the chairs until he is kneeling in front of Michael chowing down hard on Michael’s big thick dick.

When his GF catches the horny guys in action she storms out. It is then the horned-up guys are busted by hottie twink usher Troye Dean, who’s soon persuaded to join them.

The guys suck each other, and Michael and Troye take turns riding Dante’s big erect cock before Troye and Dante spit-roast Michael.

Then it’s the twink’s turn to get his hole-filled missionary on the floor by Michael till he orgasms, and Dante fucks his face.

Michael and Dante bend Troye over between the seats and take turns pounding him till they cum all over his ass.Join them!

Today everyone’s attention is fixed on big, muscle ass today as Michael Boston, Luke Connors, and Sean Cody Kyle undress and start making out, kissing passionately on the bed.

Both Kyle and Luke massage hot oil all over Michael’s huge, round booty, as Michael twerks in his thong the sexy dudes slap and squeeze his cheeks, teasing them till they just have to give him their cocks.

Michael sucks Kyle and spreads his legs wide as Luke fucks him, then Kyle gets on top of Michael to ride his dick.

Next, it’s Kyle’s turn to get spit-roasted as he sucks Michael and gets his hole-drilled doggy style by Luke before Michael straddles Kyle so he can get rimmed.

Lucky Michael gets to be in the middle of the train as he pounds Kyle and is penetrated by Luke before all three guys blow their loads.Join them!

Big muscled wrestling champion Clark Delgaty has managed to retain his winner’s belt during his last face-off with massive muscle hunk Darenger McCarthy but we are not sure that Clark is going to come out on top in the next round of the big Asshole Mania event.

These two musclebound wrestlers are so heated, that they start fighting dirty, and referee Alex Mecum keeps having to separate them.

United against the referee’s interference, Clark and Darenger join forces to push Alex’s face into Darenger’s ass, then make him suck both their huge rock hard cocks.

Clark fucks the ref as Alex sucks Darenger, then the tops switch positions.

They tag-team the bottom in piledriver, then put Alex on the ropes to pound his hole in missionary position till he cums.

Darenger shoots on Alex’s face first, then Clark feeds the bottom his load.Join them!

After a hard day of work, Felix Fox is helping his man Michael Boston relax with a sensual foot massage, pulling off Michael’s socks and kissing his foot, then up his body to passionately embrace him.

The guys undress and Michael pushes Felix down on the couch, sucking his cock, then riding him.

After Felix penetrates Michael missionary, the guys flip so Felix can enjoy taking Michael’s cock too.

The muscular blond cums as Michael pounds him in doggystyle, then the brunette hops on his lover’s dick while it’s still hard to stroke himself till he orgasms.Join them!

While Michael Boston’s husband Clark Delgaty works out in the other room, his sidepiece Kenzo Alvarez climbs in the window, begging for just five minutes with him.

Michael sucks Kenzo but has to hide his lover quickly when Clark comes in after his workout.

But instead of getting in the shower, Clark wants to fuck.

He bends Michael over the table, and Kenzo slides his cock through a handy hole so the bottom can suck it.

Michael blows Clark and surreptitiously sits on Kenzo’s dick, but when Clark takes his hubby to the bedroom to fuck him doggy style, Kenzo sneaks in behind a screen to fill Michael’s mouth.

Clark creampies Michael and immediately crashes on the bed, but the bottom hasn’t had enough yet, offering Kenzo his hole to get sneakily fucked doggy style and missionary till he cums, then Kenzo fills his ass with another load before silently slipping out.Join them!


When his hookup is having trouble getting hard, Michael Boston has a solution.

He straps his favorite dildo to muscular top Malik Delgaty, playing with it before he sucks Malik’s cock, then the toy, and then both at once.

The sight of both dicks getting sucked brings Malik to full attention and he penetrates the bottom doggy style with first his own dick, then the dildo, before getting the ride of his life as Michael DPs himself.

Malik takes off the toy so Michael can suck it as he rides his cock, then penetrates Michael in missionary till the bottom cums.

Michael gets to enjoy the best of both worlds as he fucks himself on the toy while he takes a facial.Join them!


Finn Harding tries his best at flirting with his sister’s new guy, but he doesn’t take the bait.

Luckily, the boyfriend’s identical bro, Michael Boston, shows up, and he is immediately DTF.

Michael checks out Finn and immediately sucks his cock as soon as their siblings’ backs are turned.

The guys head outside to try to start the grill, but Finn gets distracted by Michael’s ass and fucks him doggy style.

Michael’s bro catches them, but they don’t stop their sneaky sex once they come back inside.

Michael gets pounded over the kitchen counter, then Finn fucks the bottom missionary on a stool.

Michael rides the top on the kitchen island and jacks himself off till he cums, then gets on his knees for Finn’s hot load on his face.Join them!