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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: No Dick FTM Trans
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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The Covid virus has emptied bathhouses across the land, many are ghost towns so to get your regular sex top-up you have to make other arrangements.

Micah Martinez and FTM Trans Luke Hudson are looking to hook up so they head back to Micah’s apartment.

On the way home, Luke tells him that he has a pussy that really hits Micah’s buttons, turning him on.

Once they arrive Luke immediately rips his shorts off, followed by Micah’s shirt while they kiss. Luke then pulls his underwear down so Micah can eat his pussy out.

Luke loves the feel of a wet tongue on his pussy lips, but now it’s his turn to show Micah what his mouth can do. He has no problem swallowing every inch of juicy cock as Micah’s face fucks him.

Once Micah is nice and hard, Luke sits down on his dick and lets his pussy go to work. Micah is enjoying the ride but is ready to take control.

He bends Luke over and fucks him from behind before flipping him on his back and shooting his load all over Lukes used pussy…Join them!

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Super hot and horny Luke Hudson, begs Elliot Finn to fuck his tight hole…Join them!

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Jock Pussy sexy FTM trans man Luke Hudson’s hole fucked by Ethan Tate’s massive young cock.

Who needs foreplay when you know what you want? That’s what super-sexy Ethan Tate thinks, at least, he drops to his knees and goes straight for FTM dream stud Luke Hudson’s t-dick.

That lip-smacking, strawberry-sweet t-dick has nearly been all Ethan can think about. He wastes no time dropping to his knees and devouring the bonus boy hole. He’s been fantasizing about making Luke gasp and moan ever since he first found out the FTM hottie was trans.

Ethan can wait no longer; this boy’s round bottom drives him a little wild. He wants to fuck the brains out of the FTM knock-out, but Luke makes Ethan wait… because he wants to give head, first!

After a long, deep-throated blow job, Luke gets on all fours and lets Ethan’s long, thick cock deep inside his extra entrance. Ethan is delirious with lust; he grabs onto Luke’s manly, broad shoulders and fucks the daylights out of his beefy bottom.

Very soon, Ethan feels the climax building rapidly in his loins. Both boys cry out in unison as Ethan sends one last long thrust into Luke’s round ass. He launches a massive cumshot deep inside Luke’s quivering, moist hole.

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Luke Hudson holds onto Finn Brando’s toned body, gripping him tightly as they passionately kiss in bed.

He loves how the handsome man feels against him, pressing his pelvis against his to feel his throbbing cock swelling in his underwear.

The blonde haired boy’s tight, tan body is a work of art, making Luke hunger to feel him more.

As they explore each other’s bodies, Finn slips off Luke’s jock, laying him on the bed to tease his loins with his tongue.

Luke clenches his stomach, showing off his abs as Finn laps at his clit, arousing it with pleasure, and getting it harder with each flick of the tongue.

Luke then takes Finn’s big cock in his mouth, bobbing up and down on it as Finn gets closer to orgasm. Finn moans, loving every second of his oral service, stopping only to get his cock deep into Luke’s hot pussy…Join them!

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