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Brandon Anderson is the new pledge master and he has a fresh group of pledges to whip into shape.

But first, some good old-fashioned fraternity fun. With the help of Fraternity President Elliot Finn, Brandon teachers Masyn Thorne and Carter Del Rey about the bonds of brotherhood.Join them!

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With their parents gone for the weekend, Leeroy Jones and Elliot Finn both have party visions in their future, but before they can make the invite list, there’s a bit of a pre-party happening already.

With no one to interrupt them, the two step-brothers engage in a little familial bet with some hard stakes and a potentially messy outcome.

And when Elliott loses, he learns that sometimes you have to pay the piper even if it means going deep in a hole…Join them!

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Jayden Marcos and Elliot Finn are headed out on a hot boat date before they get back to the apartment for some fucking fun.

Jayden heard that Elliot can take dick like a champ, and he puts the rumor to work when he has Elliot take his entire thick dick.Join them!

Elliot Finn and Collin Simpson are out shooting some hoops. The heat of the moment leads them to showing off their toned bodies and they head inside. The boys quickly change court, it’s now time to play ball in Finn’s hoop…Join them!

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When his straight buddies approach him about anal play, Zane Williams figures the two of them are just poking fun, but after some Q&A.

He quickly realizes they’re very serious. Zane figures he’ll slowly break in these two straight studs, seeing as how it’s their first time and all, but he quickly discovers that straight boys like the dick almost as much as gay guys.

Zane takes his turn pounding both Carter Woods and Elliot Finn, and they enjoy it so much that their girlfriends better beware.

What started out as adventurous straight play is about to convert these two hunks into full on cock junkies. Wouldn’t be the first time…Join them!

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Step-brothers Dante Colle and Carter Woods are kind of a big deal around the neighborhood, and they’ve had their pick of the litter when it comes to local tail, so when a new hot neighbor turns up outside, their interest is piqued, to say the least.

Elliot Finn’s just in for the week while his parents are out of town, and since he doesn’t know anyone, he figures it might be a good idea to take the brothers up on their offer to hang out, but when he gets back to their place, he quickly learns just how friendly the neighbors can get.

By the time Dante and Carter are done with him, he may want to extend his stay just a little longer…Join them!

77567 01 01 - Elliot Finn

For exchange student Adonis Cole, learning the ropes in America means dealing with Johnny Hill’s handsy little step-brother, Elliott Finn.

Elliott has a bit of a history getting a little too fresh with the guys in the house, and Adonis certainly has a body worth groping, so one could hardly blame Elliott when he tries to cop a feel of Adonis’ package.

Johnny has to remind Elliott that not everyone gets down in such a family positive way, but Elliott tells him to let him decide for himself, and to Johnny’s disbelief, it turns out that Adonis’ curiosity extends to more than just American culture.

Needing no more of an invite, Johnny and Elliott proceed to show Adonis a very special kind of hospitality, one that he’ll surely take home with him…Join them!

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Hottie ripped young muscle stud Jay Tee and hairy-chested young dude Elliot Finn in a member-inspired fantasy fuck.

Elliot has been excited to try anal sex with his GF but she isn’t too keen.

So she agrees to let him fuck her ass once he’s taken a big cock up his own bubble butt.

But has she opened a pandora’s box when Elliot asks his best teammate Jay to put it up him.

Once Elliot experiences Jay’s huge hard cock pummelling his tight ass there is no going back.

GF you are outta here, Jay’s gonna keep me satisfied from now on.

Elliot forces Jay’s huge erection balls deep into his hole, the feeling almost bringing him to orgasm several times before Elliot manages to control his urges.

Jay power fucks his fellow teamster Elliot’s super tight hole until he can hold off no more and he pulls out blowing jizz all over them both.

Elliot then shoots a volley of cumshots across his hairy abs.Join them!

Elliot Finn and Brandon Anderson are sick of the same old mediocre hookup.

They want to find guys on hookup apps who are worth the hookup.

In order to do so, they’re going to stop giving their asses up to everyone and only give them to guys who pass a rigorous five-point inspection.

First up, Elliot takes on Shane Cook.Join them!

Elliot Finn and Dakota Payne met in a very unconventional way last Valentine’s Day when Elliot’s boyfriend surprised him by bringing in a third (Cody Viper).

As it turns out, the sex was so good that Elliot dumped his former boyfriend in favor of building something serious with Dakota.

Since Elliot found the V-day threesome so enjoyable the year before, he decides to plan another, taking Dakota by surprise.Join them!

David Skylar needs help in the sack, so he gives the Porn Professor Elliot Finn a call.

Elliot guarantees he can teach David how to bang like a pro, and he does.Join them!

Axel Kane has been hearing rumors about his best friend Elliot Finn and all of the talk has Axel’s interest piqued.

Apparently, Elliot is a power bottom!

As any good friend would, Axel wants to support his bestie’s abilities, so that’s what he does in this hot scene.Join them!

With their ripped abs and handsome faces, Elliot Finn and Liam Skye have it going on. They enjoy each other’s sexy bodies and bust fat nuts in this homemade vid.Join them!

Chris Damned and Elliot Finn know how to make a hot homemade video. Chris fucks Elliot silly before Elliot fucks back on Chris’s dick and takes his big load.Join them!

The two sexy twinks Elliot Finn and Daniel Greene have been shuttered away in their homes for months and they re talking about the things they miss.

Of course, the one thing they miss the most is hot sex and they decide that there is no time like the present to make amends and relive those fun times again together.

Daniel bareback fucks Elliot Finn slipping his huge twink dick deep into his hot raw asshole….Join them!

Sexy cutie Elliot Finn starts off by sucking down hard on long haired young hunk Damien Kyle’s huge dick.

As Damien lies back on the sofa Elliot on his knees swallows his big cock whole choking it right to the back of his throat.

While Damien appears to be sleeping Elliot takes full control hovering over Damien’s hard erection pressing his hot hole down fully balls deep onto it.

The sexy guys switch up positions with Elliot bracing himself as Damien’s huge cock pierces his hairy ass hole in long firm strokes.

Elliot changes positions a few times so Damien’s cock gets deeper and deeper into his hot hole.

Damien loves the firm grip of Elliot’s bubble ass around his thick dick as he moves in and out, the sensation brings him close to orgasm.

Elliot works his ass back onto Damien’s dick before lying back and taking a full-throttle ass pummelling before Damien pulls out and showers them both with his cum.

He’s quickly followed by Elliot who sprays his jizz all over his stomach as Damien fucks his cum back inside of Elliot’s freshly fucked hole….Join them!

Hairy young stud Elliot Finn is lying naked on his bed. His soft cock gets rock hard as soon as he touches it.

With his bare feet in the air, he wanks his small dick and probes his hole with his finger.

He lubes his fingers with his spit and presses deeper all the while he is jerking his cock.

Elliot bends over on all fours on the bed and shows us his hot hairy hole.

Then Elliot wanks his dick till he is about to cum he gets up and sprays cum all over himself….Join him!

Young hotties Elliot Finn and Johnny Bandera meet for the first time in this lockdown homemade sex video.

The young men get on very well together, their chemistry is super hot. They start off naked with Elliot lying on the bed showing off his ripped six-pack abs and his big erect cock.

Johnny goes straight in sucking Elliot’s dick right to the back of his throat, gagging on the size of it.

We get a great shot of Johhny’s smooth hole while he is blowing Elliot.

The boys 69 before Elliot gets his tongue deep between Johnny’s ass cheeks, licking his hole and getting it wet for his big cock.

Johnny is the first to feel Elliot’s throbbing raw dick as Elliot pumps Johnny’s asshole full in long firm strokes while Johnny moans incessantly.

The switch positions a few times then Johnny bare fucks Elliot.

Elliot takes Johnny’s dick like a man and can hold off no more shooting cum all over his super ripped abs.

Johnny then pulls out and sprays cum all over them both before fucking his cum back inside Elliot’s freshly fucked hole….Join them!

Ripped young stud Elliot Finn can’t believe how good he gets pounded by Dillon Anderson in this very passionate homemade scene…Join them!

Super hot and horny Luke Hudson, begs Elliot Finn to fuck his tight hole…Join them!

Hottie tattooed muscle boy Dakota Payne fucks young stud Elliot Finn’s hot hole…Join them!

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Elliot Finn might have predicted he’d be the one who’d have to talk Princeton Price off his ledge if and when his girlfriend ever dumped him, but he never thought he’d be the one Princeton would turn to next to satisfy his sexual needs, but it turns out, the main reason his girl dumped him was because Princeton has a past tendency to like cock a little more than the alternative.

This, of course, is music to Elliott’s ears, and he wastes no time pouncing on Princeton’s cock when given the invite.

In not time, he makes his roomie forget all about his ex, as he deep throats Princeton’s hard dick before rimming him until he’s he couldn’t resist even if he wanted to.

He bends Elliott over and fucks him silly all over the bed, letting him take a ride before flipping him back over and fucking the cum out of him, then pulling out and jizzing all over his hole as he forgets all about ol’ what’s her name…Join them!

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