Troye Dean

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
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Weight: 165lbs
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Twink Pop hottie young punk Troye Dean’s raw hole fucked by online gamer Drake Von’s huge cock.

Troye Dean is annoyed that his boyfriend, Drake Von, is gaming instead of working… but he’s more annoyed that Drake blows off fucking him for pressing buttons.

Troye gets a devious idea and starts stroking and sucking Drake’s cock, then strips naked and backs his ass up.

The top doesn’t even take his eyes off the screen as he rims his bf’s hole and Troye starts riding his dick, but once he logs off, he gives Troye his full attention as he fucks him doggy style.

The bottom cums as he gets drilled lying on his back, then Dean shoots in Troye’s mouth.

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Hottie ripped masseuse Damian Night’s huge dick raw fucking youngg pup Troye Dean’s tight hole
Damian Night is going deep on Troye Dean and his boyfriend’s couple’s massage. He distracts Troye’s BF with hot rocks, then rubs his back and ass and plunges his fingers into his hole. Damian oils the twink’s feet before fucking them and jumps on the table to dick Troye. Troye crawls over to give his BF a stealth BJ while the masseur works on him, then fucks Damian doggystyle. Troye dives deep till his guy is pushed down, discovers the infidelity, and leaves! Damian sucks Troye, rides him, and flips him again as he pounds him in missionary till he cums and pours his seed on the bottom.
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Sports dudes Sean Cody Deacon’s huge dick raw fucking young gym stud Troye Dean’s tight hole.

Twink Troye Dean is hitting the gym when muscular hunk Johnny Donovan walks in and renders him speechless.

He can’t tear his eyes away from Johnny’s fit body and tries to follow along with Johnny’s workout routine… with much smaller weights, of course.

The twink’s firm ass attracts Johnny’s attention, and when Troye is trying to bench press, Johnny sits on his face, then fucks his throat.

The guys suck each other and Johnny rims the bottom, then fucks him doggystyle.

After Troye rides him, Johnny bench presses the twink, then fucks him till they both cum.

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Hot young twink Troye Dean’s holes double fucked by Jake Preston and Braxton Cruz’s huge cocks.

It’s been an idyllic day in the mountains… until Malik Delgaty gets an irate phone call from his girlfriend because someone sent her pics of him fucking Troye Dean.

As Malik does damage control, Jake Preston confesses he sent the pictures, because he’s jealous of Malik getting to have fun.

But Troye saw Jake having fun with Braxton Cruz in the hot tub.

Troye asks for a better look at Braxton’s big dick and sucks it while Braxton jerks Jake off.

Jake and Braxton spit-roast Troye and then hoist him off the floor as Braxton fucks the bottom, then it’s Troye’s turn to top Jake as Braxton gets rimmed.

Both twinks suck Braxton’s big cock as Troye rides Jake until he comes, then takes the other guys’ loads on his face.

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Sexy big muscle boy Malik Delgaty’s massive uncut dick fucking Troye Dean’s smooth raw hole.

As Malik Delgaty towels off he is being spied on by horny Troye Dean through the crack in the door.

The towel drops from around Malik’s waist to expose his huge uncut cock bouncing around between his legs.

Troye kneels between Malik’s legs and chows down hard on his massive erection.

Blowing him swallowing the whole of his dick until his balls are on his lips.

Malik turns the young twink around and enters his raw hole pressing his supercharged fuck tool deep inside to deep moans of pleasure.

The two lovers fuck hard each time Malik getting deeper and deeper inside and bringing Troye close to orgasm.

Troye can’t hold on much longer.

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Ripped hottie Finn Harding’s huge cock raw fucking Troye Dean’s bubble butt.

Men U frat bro Finn Harding is so horny he’ll fuck anything, so when his roommate’s boyfriend, Troye Dean, rims him in a case of mistaken identity, Finn’s into it.

After Troye’s BF Trey says he’s going to take a rest, it’s time for these horny frat bros to get it on.

Finn sticks his huge cock through a hole in the mattress for Troye to suck, then fucks the bottom doggy style.

They try to keep quiet as Troye rides him on the floor, but can’t restrain their moans as Finn fucks Troye missionary, then on all fours.

Finn cums on the bottom’s face and Troye jacks himself off.

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Sexy twink Troye Dean’s hot bubble ass fucked by horny fuck Maverick Sun’s huge young cock.

After the twinks run into some car trouble on the road, they go looking for help at a house nearby.

It’s abandoned, but at least it’s a place to spend the night, and Jake Preston immediately beds down on some blankets while his boyfriend Troye Dean and handsome hitcher Maverick Sun check for supplies.

Troye is tempted to suck Maverick’s cock, and when Troye’s bent over under a cabinet, Maverick can’t help fucking the twink doggy style.

Troye rides the top and then gets pounded hard in missionary till he cums, then takes a hot facial behind his bf’s back.

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Ripped muscle hunk Johnny Ford’s huge dick raw fucking hottie twink Troye Dean’s smooth ass.

Troye Dean caught his dad and his new stepbrother in bed together, so he snaps a sneaky pic and goes to show his new stepdad, Johnny Ford.

But Johnny just shrugs seeing the evidence of his husband’s cheating and pushes Troye up against the wall.

Troye decides what he really wants is Johnny’s cock, rubbing it with his foot.

The guys strip down and suck each other, and Johnny pounds Troye’s tight hole in missionary, then doggy style.

Troye gets into position just in time to take his stepdad’s load in his mouth, jacking himself off till Johnny swallows his cum too.

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Horny big muscle hunk Malik Delgaty’s huge thick dick bareback fucking Troye Dean’s young bubble butt.

Malik Delgaty’s girlfriend forgot to mention that her brother, Troye Dean, was coming over… and she definitely didn’t mention how flirty he was.

Malik picks up on Troye’s not-so-subtle hints that he wants to fuck, and tells his girl he needs a bath as Troye gets in the suds and waits for him, stroking his cock.

Troye eagerly sucks the top and the guys enjoy a sensual soak together before Malik fucks Troye doggy style and piledriver.

They hop back in the tub as Malik pounds the bottom in missionary before he cums on his face, and Troye strokes himself till he orgasms… just before they get caught.

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Sexy ripped muscle dude Roman Todd’s huge dick barebacking young stud Troye Dean’s bubble butt.

Troye Dean’s new roommate, Roman Todd, seems a bit unusual when he greets Troye at the door in a pair of tight, bulge-emphasizing briefs, then goes in for a hug and squeezes Troye’s ass.

In the following days, Troye learns that it’s even worse than he thoughtRoman is a jerkaholic.

Fed up with seeing his roomie jack it morning, noon, and night, and after the final straw of Roman cumming all over him, Troye tells him to just fuck him already.

Roman rims the twink and penetrates him doggy style, and the guys suck each other before Roman fucks the bottom spoon.

Troye rides his new roommate and then cums as he gets fucked in missionary, but even busting all over Troye again isn’t going to stop Roman from jacking it.

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Hottie young twink Troye Dean double dicking with Sean Cody stars Caden and Daniel.

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Sexy young hottie Troye Dean’s bare asshole raw fucked by sexy dude Logan Aarons’s big dick.

When the TV signal goes out during the big game, Troye tries to fix the TV, and since his ass is already nearly out, what’s Logan Aarons to do but fuck it?

Logan jizzes in a foam finger just as Troye fixes the TV and their buddy comes back from the kitchen, so they hide under a blanket for some sneaky cock-stroking.

When the hostess carries the beautiful golden turkey out and calls them to the table, Logan can’t help himselfhe jizzes all over Troye’s face… and their dinner.

At least now the horny guys are free to devour each other’s dicks and fuck on the couch before Troye rides the top till he cums, and takes a facial.

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Sexy ripped muscle dude Johnny Donovan’s bubble ass raw fucked by hottie twink Troye Dean.

Troye Dean has been waiting impatiently, and now his Cumpanion is finally here.

He wrestles open the crate and unwraps his hot sex robot (Johnny Donovan).

It’s even bigger than he expected! After turning it on, the Cumpanion detects Troye’s boner and demands to get fucked immediately, getting on all fours and demonstrating that dirty talk mode is enabled by default.

Troye sees what this Cumpanion can really do as it rides his dick, then gives that hole a workout in missionary.

Troye even gets to see his dick moving in and out in X-ray mode before giving the android a hot creampie, and it’s got another featurea realistic cumshot.

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Sexy young twink Ryan Bailey fucked by ripped stepdad Johnny Ford and hottie stepbro Troye Dean.

Ryan Bailey’s new stepbrother, Troye Dean, doesn’t just welcome him to family movie night, he kisses Ryan behind his dad’s back and sneakily drills his ass under the blanket.

Ryan’s new stepdad, Johnny Ford, finally notices what’s going on when his stepson’s load hits him in the face, and he’s not happy about it.

Ryan barricades himself in his room and fucks himself with a dildo, but Johnny bursts in to show Ryan the real reason he flew off the handle, he wanted his stepson’s hole for himself, and he aims to prove he’s the best fucker in the family.

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Hottie Latino stud Angel Rivera’s huge thick dick barebacking young twink Troye Dean’s bare ass.

New barista Troye Dean is trying to figure out how the POS works when he spots hottie Angel Rivera sitting in the drive-through with his dick in his hand.

Angel just wants a large black coffee, but Troye tells him with a wink to cum inside, because it might take a while.

The cafe employee is thirsty for Angel’s cock, and the top bends Troye over the counter to tongue his hole, then pound him doggy style.

Troye rides Angel until a honk summons him to the drive-through window, and he spills a coffee on a customer as Angel fucks him from behind.

Troye shoots his load as he rides Angel on the counter, then takes the top’s cream on his face.

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Gay interracial hottie black stud Kenzo Alvarez’s huge thick dick raw fucking hottie twink Troye Dean.

When hot DJ Kenzo Alvarez shows up to play his party, Troye Dean can’t take his eyes off him.

Kenzo shows him a few things at the decks and the guys start kissing until Troye has to let his friends in.

The horny host crawls under the table to suck the DJ, and Kenzo sneakily fucks Troye doggy style… until they get caught.

Everyone storms out, and the sexy top is free to pound Troye missionary on the table.

The bottom rides the DJ’s big dick, and cums on Kenzo’s vinyl before taking a facial.

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Sexy young twink Troye Dean and curly-haired stud Chris White hardcore big raw dick bareback flip flopping.

Troye is planning to seduce his BF Chris by showing him the new plug he put in, but Chris is too absorbed in his game to even look at his man’s butt in his face.

The gamer doesn’t seem to notice as Troye fucks his mouth and his feet, but he looks up when Troye loudly cums, saying it’s the most intense orgasm of his life.

Chris knows he can make his boyfriend cum harder than any toy can, so he rims Troye, then sucks his cock before pounding him doggy style.

Then it’s Troye’s turn to penetrate his man in a flip fuck combo, and the gamer maxes out his pleasure gauge as he rides Troye’s dick and takes it deep enough in piledriver to lick his own tip.

Both of them cum on Chris’s face, setting a new orgasm high score.

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Hot young FTM trans boy Oscar Winters’s in just his white socks and undies.

Now that it’s warming up and the days are getting longer in Australia, we are back shooting in the studio.

Kicking off the season I met with our newest mate Oscar Winters.

I spotted the cute 26-year-old making a home video with one of my other mates.

I was really keen to get him to model for me too.

Oscar is actually the first trans boy I have shot with.

I was really excited to see how this was going to work out.

And it actually ended up being one of the most fun shoots of the year. Oscar is really sweet and funny.

And he comes with one of the qualities that makes a good he loves to show off.

The photos from Oscar’s first shoot look great! We made a pretty hot video too.

I’m really happy with Oscar joining our group of mates.

I can’t wait to get him back shooting some scenes with our mates.Join them!

Hottie ripped muscle dudes Sean Cody Daniel and Sean Cody Caden tag team young stud Troye Dean.

When Troye Dean and Caden stay overnight with their boyfriend Angel Rivera’s straight couple friends, Troye can’t help noticing Daniel might not be as straight as he seems, he grabs a handful of Troye’s ass during the hello hug, then checks him out while rubbing his dick.

While Angel helps out in the kitchen, Troye gives Caden a bj in the guest room and takes a facial.

Trying to find his way to the bathroom with his glasses covered in jizz, Troye instead walks in on Daniel and takes a deep pounding from the silver fox till he’s covered with even more cum.Join them!

Sexy young twink friends, Troye Dean, his boyfriend Joey Mills, and Jake Preston are enjoying nature in the great outdoors sleeping under the stars.

All the fresh countryside air after a night in the tent means Troye Dean wakes up horny, but unfortunately his boyfriend, Joey Mills, isn’t feeling the same way.

Troye heads out and spots hot twink Jake Preston gathering wood… with some impressive wood of his own in his shorts.

Jake follows Troye back to the tent and rips open his briefs so Troye can eagerly suck him.

Troye rides that dick, then sucks Jake’s balls before the top fucks him missionary until he cums, and Jake shoots his load in the bottom’s mouth… just as Joey returns!Join them!

Sexy young hottie twink Joey Mills just keeps trying to seduce his roommates Finn Harding and Troye Dean into a threesome, no matter how many times the couple tell him they’re monogamous.

After the guys kick him out of their room, Joey sneaks back and sucks Finn’s cock, right behind his boyfriend’s back.

After Troye finds Finn’s briefs full of cum lying in bed, Joey hides under the blanket ass out, until Troye fucks him thinking it’s his man.

When Finn returns, the couple finally give their roommate what he’s wanted, letting him suck their cocks before they spit-roast him.

Finn fucks Troye doggy style as Troye fucks Joey, then the two tops take turns pounding Joey’s hole before Troye cums in the mischievous blond’s mouth.

Joey watches Finn fuck Troye, jacking off, till he shoots his load in his hand and Finn cums all over his boyfriend.Join them!

Horny young stud Troye Dean really needs a hard top to fuck his hole.

He texts his hookup, telling the dom he’ll wait for him ass up in bed, and proceeds to do just that.

Troye obediently doesn’t turn around as bearded construction worker Dante Colle lets himself in.

Dante notices the bottom’s hole waiting for him and enters the bedroom to use it, undressing and penetrating Troye… and that’s when the twink realizes Dante isn’t the neighbor he scheduled for his dick appointment.

Dante came to the wrong address, but Troye says that since he’s here, he may as well finish the job.

The top pounds Troye in doggy style before they 69, and the twink rides him reverse before taking a deep drilling in missionary till he orgasms, then takes a facial.Join them!

Sexy young studs Joey Mills and Troye Dean are camping out under the big sky when it gets rather chilly in the mountains as night draws in.

The hottie twinks Joey and Troye cuddle up and share a blanket to conserve body heat and keep warm.

But Joey is feeling horny and he isn’t ready to close his eyes just yet.

He rubs his ass up and down against Troye’s bulging cock until Troye rips open his briefs and fucks him spoon.

The guys 69 and Troye power fucks the bottom doggy-style, then pounds Joey on his back.

The guys steam up the tent as Joey rides the top reverse until he cums, and Troye pulls out and shoots his load.Join them!

Hero big muscle boy firefighter Malik Delgaty is back after extinguishing a house fire when things heat up in the firehouse locker room as Malik steps out of the shower and does a sexy pole routine, thinking he’s all on his own.

But sexy twink Troye Dean peeks at him, and immediately feels his soft dick springs to a rock-hard young erection.

Malik catches Troye with his dick in his hand and calls him over, kissing him before Troye gets to his knees to suck the top’s massive cock.

Malik bends Troye over against the lockers to pound his hole, then picks him up in his strong arms in a stand and carry fuck position.

The bottom rides Malik’s engine, then bends over a ladder to get drilled until he orgasms, and Malik sprays his load over Troye’s face.Join them!

Troye Dean knows the best way to make his new stepbrother, Ryan Bailey, feel welcome… making out with him.

The twinks leap apart when Ryan’s new stepdad, Johnny Ford, enters, but he just wants to be sure that Troye is showing Ryan around… and when he leaves to make them a snack, Troye shows Ryan’s lips the way to his cock.

Troye gets inside a chair slipcover and pokes his dick through a hole so that Ryan can ride him as they watch a movie under Johnny’s nose.

When Johnny conks out, the twinks are free to fuck right out in the open, and they do, first doggy style before Ryan climbs into Troye’s lap and sits on his dick.

After pounding his stepbro in missionary, Troye pulls out to cum and licks Ryan’s balls as the bottom jacks off… and shoots a load that hits his new stepdad in the head.Join them!

Dirty overcoat wearing flasher Dante Colle enters the movie theater and sits down near Michael Boston and his new GF and he doesn’t even try to mask the fact that he’s wanking his huge cock under his coat… and Michael’s excited by it.

As the house lights dim to black, Dante sneaks across the chairs until he is kneeling in front of Michael chowing down hard on Michael’s big thick dick.

When his GF catches the horny guys in action she storms out. It is then the horned-up guys are busted by hottie twink usher Troye Dean, who’s soon persuaded to join them.

The guys suck each other, and Michael and Troye take turns riding Dante’s big erect cock before Troye and Dante spit-roast Michael.

Then it’s the twink’s turn to get his hole-filled missionary on the floor by Michael till he orgasms, and Dante fucks his face.

Michael and Dante bend Troye over between the seats and take turns pounding him till they cum all over his ass.Join them!

Ripped hottie hunk Jordan Starr brings us his hot homemade hookup with sexy young twink Troye Jacobs.

Jordan tells us, ‘Troye will always be a special connection for me.

When I got into the ‘creator’ business he was on the top of my wish list.

I can’t tell you how many times I had gotten off to watching him get railed.

I’m here to tell you that you couldn’t have asked for a sweeter and sexier sexual partner.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.Join them!

Big muscled wrestling champion Clark Delgaty has managed to retain his winner’s belt during his last face-off with massive muscle hunk Darenger McCarthy but we are not sure that Clark is going to come out on top in the next round of the big Asshole Mania event.

These two musclebound wrestlers are so heated, that they start fighting dirty, and referee Alex Mecum keeps having to separate them.

United against the referee’s interference, Clark and Darenger join forces to push Alex’s face into Darenger’s ass, then make him suck both their huge rock hard cocks.

Clark fucks the ref as Alex sucks Darenger, then the tops switch positions.

They tag-team the bottom in piledriver, then put Alex on the ropes to pound his hole in missionary position till he cums.

Darenger shoots on Alex’s face first, then Clark feeds the bottom his load.Join them!

Devy welcomes pretty new guy Troye Dean by running his hands down his chest and kissing him from behind as Troye sits on the couch, then joins him so they can undress each other and let their mouths and hands roam even further.

Devy sucks Troye’s cock, then feeds his hard dick to the twink before turning Troye on his hands and knees to slide it into his tight hole.

Troye may be new in town, but he rides Devy like a pro, then takes that cock in piledriver.

The bottom cums as Devy fucks him in missionary, then takes a huge cum facial.Join them!

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