May 16, 2021

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Ryland Kingsman

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Young altar boys Jay Tee and Ryland Kingsman waiting for the priest to arrive. Jay Tee is a little indisciplined and is messing about sipping at the wine chalice and playing drums on the font.

Ryland is worried that they will get caught and both boys will be defrocked and sent away from the priesthood. Jay says he’s no fun and gets his dick out and puts it in the chalice.

He is out of control and he grabs the white cross and rubs it between his bare ass cheeks. Ryland has to smile at this and says that was hot!

As Jay bends over and pokes his bubble butt at Ryland he can take no more and he grabs ahold of Jay.

Ryland falls to his knees sucking down hard on Jay’s soft cock. With the touch of his tender lips and tongue, Jay’s dick gets rock hard throbbing in Ryland’s mouth.

Ryland is now super horny and bends Jay over plunging his big thick twink dick deep into his bubble butt ass.

Ryland lies flat on the altar as Jay balances with his asshole hovering over Ryland’s erect cock, reverse cowboy style.

Now Jay is in control and he grinds his hole down onto Ryland’s dick, feeling every inch of his young meat pushing inside of him.

They switch up positions a number of times each time getting Ryland’s hard cock deeper into Jay’s hot boy hole.

Jay can’t take this ass pounding any longer and with Ryland’s big dick still inside him, he cums, spraying jizz all over his smooth stomach and chest. Ryland then pulls out jizzes all over Jay’s ass hole then fucks the cum back inside him….Join them!

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Oh dear sexy young dude Ryland Kingsman is once again getting caught for stealing stuff from a local store.

The store security guard, Jesse Zeppelin, marches Ryland into the back office and accuses him of looking suspicious with no wallet.

Jesse asks Ryland to strip naked as he is going to do a full body examination, looking for hidden stolen goods.

With Ryland bent over against the wall, Jesse uses his bare hands to part Ryland’s smooth ass cheeks.

Then Jesse admits he just wants a look at the hole his other Loss Prevention Officer nailed.

“I know you fucked the other officer, son!”

Jesse forces Ryland’s face down to his crotch and gets him to suck his already fully erect dick.

He then turns him around and spits on his tight boy hole before pumping his big cock deep inside Ryland’s tight hole.

All the while, Jesse bare fucks Ryland, he moans loudly.

Then Ryland takes control hovering above the seated Jesse, slowly getting his ass hole impaled on Jesse’s big dick.

Now Ryland bounces up and down getting Jesse’s cock deep in his hole. They switch positions again and then Jesse sucks Ryland’s dick until he shoots his cum load directly in Jesse’s mouth.

Cum drips off Jesse’s tongue and out around his lips. What a dirty mess they’ve made….Join them!

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Cute horny stud Ryland Kingsman gets busted wanking his thick young dick when his sexy older step-bro Johnny Bandera walks in on him unannounced.

Johnny teases “are you jerking off because you’re a little virgin?”

Ryland hiding his embarrassment replies, “I am not a virgin, I have had sex before.”

Johnny asks “if you are not a virgin then why don’t you show me how you jerk off?”

Ryland grabs hold of his shorts and pulls them down showing off his hard erect dick as he jerks it in long slow strokes at first.

Seeing Ryland wanking makes Johnny start to feel horny as his soft cock starts to get erect.

Johnny drops his pants and gets onto the bed, stroking his dick.

With his pant down by his ankles, Johnny makes out with Ryland kissing him passionately.

They suck each others’ dicks before Johnny slips his raw dick between Ryland’s smooth ass cheeks.

Johnny’s big dick bareback fucks Ryland hot bubble ass doggie style then switches up positions a few times getting in deeper and deeper till his balls slap against his ass.

The fucking continues until Johhny can hold off no longer and he pulls out and shoots his huge cum load all over Ryland’s face….Join them!

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Tall, fiery-haired stud Dacotah Red is looking for ways to spice things up in quarantine, so he sets up a camera to capture himself and his man, Ryland Kingsman, in a passionate fuck to remember.

Ryland’s all about Dacotah’s plan, so he quickly strips and spreads his ass on the bed, fingering his hole as Dacotah gets a closeup before sliding his tongue inside.

The guys suck each other’s cocks, and the horny top penetrates Ryland with his big dick in doggy-style, then moves into intimate and passionate mish.

Dacotah can’t hold back so he cums all over Ryland’s cock, and the bottom uses his man’s jizz for lube as he jacks himself off…Join them!