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Joey Mills is an 18-year-old from St. Louis MO. I like to hike and kayak, etc. I work 6 days a week as a server at a pizza restaurant, but I hate pizza.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
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Jay Stroke is horny at work, so he checks his own space before grabbing his dick. He was so involved in jacking his dick Jay didn’t even realize Joey Mills coming! The twink has a an unsavory plan. He tie Jay, teases him with kisses, strokes his cock, and finally strokes it… but does not allow him to go! Joey is pushing Jay repeatedly and then by teasing him with his mouth until Jay is struggling to break. Joey laid on Jay’s back after which they 69ed. Joey gave Jay’s cocks and balls concentrated attention. Joey rubs Jay until he begs him to cum. Then Jay unleashes an uncontrollable sexy cumshot. This turns Joey so hot, he jacks of on Jay’s hairy breasts.

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Joey Mills, a horny bottom is blindfolded and escorted into his bukkake. He opens his eyes and six cocks of enormous size are waiting for him. Spikey Dee waited patiently for his turn while Joey sucked them. Then they kissed his face on the couch. Joey takes his place on the hard tops, and begins sucking them. He then fucks his face.

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Joey Mills, Big Dick Fig and Dom King take good care of Dom King as he arrives at his four-hands treatment. They will make him change into a towel and take a peek at his hot sex and big dick, then start things off with a massage. As Fig massages Dom’s legs and ass, Joey sneaks under the table and sucks his cock! Then it’s time for the facial, and Joey fucks Dom’s mouth and then sits on his face. He rides his cock while Fig fucks Dom’s feet. Joey is spit-roasted by the tops after they double penetrate him. Joey gets a face-lift as Dom beats him doggie-style. Joey then gives Dom a cum before both guys cover Dom’s face with the cum.

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While Leo Louis and his friend are sitting on the bleachers talking about how they are going to escape out of their small town, their other friend Joey Mills is, as is his custom, running behind schedule. When Joey sees a hung Leo sitting on the bleachers, he goes underneath to grab the top’s large cock out of Leo’s shorts and suck him while Leo attempts to appear normal. Joey then spits him out. After Joey has climbed atop the bleachers, Leo will sneak up behind him, pull Joey’s shorts down, and fuck him! Their companion watches them having naughty fun and then leaves, giving Leo the opportunity to rim Joey in peace. The twink rides that massive dick, and Leo punches him from behind the bleachers till he cums, at which point Joey shoots him in the mouth.
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Pervy youngJoey Mills hears his roommate returning with his girlfriend, he is up to his normal antics of jacking off and smelling his underpants. Drake Von fucks Aria Valencia as Joey hides under the bed and forced to watch. However, Joey receives a delightful surprise when the condom with Drake’s cum is dropped directly in front of his face for him to taste. Joey comes clean when Drake finds him in the act, so Drake decides to give Joey a taste of it straight from the source. As the bottom demands more, he fucks the twink’s mouth before punching Joey in the face. The top fucks him dog-style while smacking his ass, then flips him over onto all fours to rim his hole. Before sitting on Joey’s dick and penetrating him in the spoon, Drake rides his roommate till he orgasms and then begs for Drake’s seed.
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Lovely bottom boy Joey Mills is sick of Spikey Dee jerking out his long, thick cock in front of him all the time. Joey has been able to turn off all of Spikey’s advances since he doesn’t want to cheat on his lover. That is, until he discovers the curly-haired top sucking his own wood! Joey kneels down and rims his roommate’s ass before giving him a sweet blowjob. The tiny twink then receives the fucking he has been begging for as Joey rides him, utilizing the entire length of the well-hung rod. Joey gets drilled in piledriver position after stooping to endure a doggy-style beating before Spikey pulls out and fires a massive load all over him.
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When your dick is this large, there is no need to give it any sort of introduction. After skipping the introductions, Bruce Jones and Joey Mills go straight to kissing on the couch while they are naked and then take turns sucking each other’s cocks. After riding that massive dick, Joey stares in disbelief as Bruce thumps him while he is lying on his back with his legs raised. The bottom gives that dick a good dose of the doggystyle, then cums as Bruce fucks him in the missionary position, and the top pulls out to blow that dick’s load.
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Twink In order to view VR porn and fuck a doll ass, Joey Mills neglected his tasks until his stepdad arrived home and took away his headset! After forcing the college student to do the dishes, Bruce Beckham finds the toy and decides to give it a go. Joey slyly switches the phony ass for the genuine one as he witnesses his stepdad fucking the fake one. Joey swallows the top, rides him, and then bends over to receive every inch once Bruce realizes he was fucking his stepson doggiestyle. Joey eats a creampie after being missionary fucked, then cums while he rides his stepdad!
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Kane Fox is horny at the end of a long day of partying, but his boyfriend Cristiano claims that he is too exhausted for even a blowjob.

Kane’s fervent wishes are rewarded when twink Joey Mills peeks in, so he kneels by the side of the bed as Joey climbs below him and sucks him. Joey then kisses Kane.

When Kane’s boyfriend found out that Joey was hiding beneath the bed, he stormed away, which provided the eager twinks with an opportunity to get some relief.

Kane rims Joey, then fucks his mouth before they 69, and the top bends Joey over the edge of the bed to give him every inch of his dick. Joey then gives Kane every inch of his dick.

After Kane has fucked the bottom in missionary and spoon, Joey has an orgasmic experience as he is riding Kane, and then Kane pulls out of the move and cums on his hole.

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Twink hottie Joey Mills watches boyfriend Spikey Dee fucks older stud Greg Dixxon’s bubble butt.

Spikey Dee and Joey Mills, who are a twink pair, are getting set to spend the weekend having fun in the sun at the house of their favourite fathers.

The other guys splashing causes Spikey and Joey to break off their makeout session in the pool, where Joey quickly transitions from kissing his boyfriend to sucking his boyfriend’s enormous cock.

Spikey helps the bearded hottie Greg Dixxon with the wieners on the grill, and then Greg sucks him, but then he leaves him with blue balls once more, so the twink follows Greg into the kitchen and fucks his hole. Greg leaves Spikey with blue balls.

Spikey begins by sucking the bottom, after which he fucks him on the counter and then bends him over the counter for further, more intense pounding.

The bottom cums as he receives the drill while in spoon position, and Spikey pulls out and eventually fires a massive load.

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At the conclusion of a long night out, Colton Reece is so worn out that he wanders out and ends himself in the middle of a pornographic set.

Thankfully, he locates a bedroom and settles down to rest, but while he is sleeping, he is awoken by a camera team and bottom Joey Mills, who all believe that he should be the top for their scene.

Colton is clueless as they give him his lines, and he has to pinch himself as it becomes obvious that he is about to have sex with Joey.

Colton has no idea what is going on. But when the twink licks down his chest and sucks his cock, he doesn’t need a screenplay to act out the scene.

The top fingernails Joey’s hole, and then Joey rides his massive cock while Colton beats him with a spoon and doggystyle punches.

As Colton drills Joey’s hole and rims him, then makes the twink come as he fucks him in missionary and gives him a facial, he gives off the impression of being a legitimate pornstar.

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Joey Mills is experiencing some tension, so he visits chiropractor Felix Fox.

Doctor Felix makes Joey feel great by cracking his spine and then nailing his back. But Joey’s still tight in one place, his hole.

When Joey spots the chiro’s big bulge, he knows Felix is the right guy to stretch it out by fingering and rimming it.

Joey sucks the top, then gets fucked nice and deep on the table.

Felix pounds the bottom in missionary and doggystyle, and Joey rides him. Joey’s never felt this good at the chiropractor before as he cums while getting fucked in piledriver and takes a hot load on his stretched-out hole.

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Sexy young boy Joey Mills tricks housemate Chuck Conrad into fucking his tight bubble ass.

All Joey Mills wants is a taste of his tall, muscular top roommate Chuck Conrad’s cum, but Chuck won’t mix business with pleasure, so Joey has to take things into his own hands.

After he spies on Chuck shooting his load into a stroker, Joey slips on a ski mask and sneaks into Chuck’s room to steal a taste of that jizz.

Chuck catches the horny bottom in the act and teaches him a lesson, fucking his face, then pounding him missionary and doggy style.

Chuck didn’t bank on Joey wanting just that, and the bottom rides him, then takes every inch of that thick cock in piledriver till he cums all over his own face.

Joey happily takes a second facial and finally gets to taste Chuck’s cum.

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Joey Mills is horny, but his tattooed boyfriend, Bruce Huxley, won’t even look up from his phone when Joey grinds against him.

The horny bottom turns his attention to Bruce’s hot roommate William Seed, sucking him and sneakily fucking him on the couch, then goes to take a shower.

William follows, fucking the bottom doggy style and hiding behind the shower curtain when Bruce gets a blowjob from Joey.

Then they sneak back to William’s room, where he fucks the bottom missionary and Joey rides him till they cum.

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Fratboy Twink Joey Mills is awoken by his roomie Logan Aarons squirting whipped cream in his mouth, but Joey goes for the squirt gun stashed under his bed and soaks the prankster’s shorts.

Logan’s got more tricks up his sleeve, and as Joey leaves the room he finds a long string that leads him to a balloon wrapped around Logan’s hard cock.

The pranking turns to wanking as Joey pops the balloon against the top’s muscle ass, then sucks his dick, and Logan comes out on top as he pounds the twink.

Logan fucks Joey in a stand-and-carry before the bottom rides him.

As soon as the guys blow their loads, their squirt war is back on!

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A prince’s life isn’t all play and no work; for example, today Prince Sir Peter is giving a lecture to a tour group of Men University students.

But when the prince lays eyes on hot twink Joey Mills, he can’t concentrate on describing the antique palace furnishings… especially after Joey crawls behind the podium and starts sucking his cock.

Joey loves how expensive that dick tastes, and once the rest of the tour group leads, the handsome prince rips open the commoner’s jeans and shows him what it means to be royally fucked.

Sir Peter pounds the bottom doggy style and fucks his mouth, even lifting him up for an upside-down blowjob.

Joey rides His Majesty’s cock until he cums and takes a Royal Facial.

Has the Playboy Prince finally found his perfect partner?

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Hottie twink athlete Joey Mills caught sniffing coach Johnny Donovan’s sweaty socks in the lockerroom.

Athlete Joey Mills had a rough practice, but as he angrily strips down and hits the showers, he has no idea Coach Johnny Donovan was watching him and plotting to sniff his socks.

When Joey returns, Johnny tries to offer some coaching, but he just can’t keep his eyes or his hands off the player’s feet.

He worships Joey’s toes, nuzzling and sucking them, and Joey gives the coach a foot job, then sucks his cock.

Johnny fucks the twink’s feet, then his hole, and picks him up for a stand and carry.

Johnny pounds his player doggy style, and Joey puts his socks back on for Johnny to enjoy as his coach fucks him missionary till he orgasms.

Johnny sniffs a sock as he cums on Joey’s ass.

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Silver fox Mitch Cox is blissful to be finally moving in with his new husband… but unfortunately, their sons aren’t getting along so well.

Mitch’s new stepson Joey Mills comes to complain about his new stepbrother, Troye Dean, tormenting him… and ends up kissing Mitch.

Late at night, Joey remembers the kiss as he fingers his hole and tries to self-suck, but he can’t quite get there… so he crawls into the master bedroom and entices Mitch to come help out.

The guys suck each other before Mitch pounds the twink doggy style.

Joey rides his stepdad’s cock and takes a deep bareback railing in missionary until they cum.

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Joey Mills looks awfully tempting as he kneads dough in nothing but an apron, and his top boyfriend, Drake Von, wants to get between his buns.

But just as Drake is about to cum, their guests arrive.

Joey leaves him with blue balls to answer the door, so Drake sneakily blows some “cream filling” in the dough.

Once Joey gets the biscuits in the oven, he comes out to sit on his man’s lap, and Drake slips his cock back into that hole while their guests are none the wiser… until one finds his biscuit is full of jizz.

Looks like brunch is over, but at least now Drake is free to pound that ass in missionary and doggy style until Joey shoots his own special sauce, then Drake frosts the bottom’s buns.

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This smoothie shop doesn’t have any blenders, because built employee Clark Reid squeezes all the juice by hand… and by bicep… and even between his muscle ass cheeks.

There’s nothing like the joy in a customer’s eyes as they watch their juice drip down Clark’s hard body as coworker Joey Mills licks it off.

These pleasure purveyors get so turned on, they spend the rest of their shift fucking on the counter before the bottom gets the employee perk of Clark’s hot load on his face.

Don’t forget to ask Joey for his special whipped cream facial to top off your order.

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There’s only one thing that will make bored barista Joey do some work, and it’s not training new hire Troye or stocking the pastry case…

When blond hunk Brogan pulls up in the drive-through, Joey is ready to take care of him.

He informs Brogan that they’re out of cream, but he wants to taste his cream substitute, then pulling the muscular top through the window.

Joey swallows Brogan’s stir-stick, and the top rims his hole then fucks him doggy style on the counter.

Joey rides the top till he cums, and takes that hot cream in his mouth just like he wanted.

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Cute sexy twink Joey Mills bottoms for young stud Jake Preston’s huge erect dick.

Before twink Jake joins his roommate Joey and Joey’s girlfriend on the couch for a movie, he has to get a special snack… a chip can with a hole in the bottom.

Joey reaches in for a crunchy snack and finds Jake’s hard cock instead, jacking him till he cums.

Jake’s still hard, and Joey gives him a sneaky blowjob behind his girlfriend’s back.

The top rims Joey on the couch, then shows him just how good his hard dick feels in his hole.

Joey gets fucked doggy style and in spoon position, then rides Jake till he cums all over the couch.

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Johnny’s son brings a hot twink friend home from college to study, and Joey immediately surprises the daddy by going in for a dick grab along with his handshake.

Johnny watches as in the kitchen Joey surreptitiously exposes his ass to him while pretending to study.

Behind the fridge door, Joey can sneakily suck the silver fox and get rimmed without his friend noticing… until Joey drops his snack while taking it from the back.

After his buddy storms out, Joey’s free to get fucked on the kitchen table, and he rides Johnny until he climaxes, then takes the top’s load in his mouth.Join them!

Sexy muscle hunk Sean Cody Brysen and his new love show up at the tailoring store owned by Joey Mills for his pre-nuptial wedding suit fitting.

Joey gets a dirty thought and he thinks that hottie stud Brysen would fit nicely in his tight ass hole.

After managing to distract the fiance, Joey sneaks to his tiny peephole and spies on Brysen’s impressive ass and dick in the fitting room before stepping in to offer some help sucking that cock.

The guys kiss and Brysen fucks Joey up against the wall as his man sits outside none the wiser, and even lifts him up for a stand-and-carry.

The twink moans as he takes it doggy style, and Brysen spanks his ass before fucking his face.

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Sexy young hottie twink Joey Mills just keeps trying to seduce his roommates Finn Harding and Troye Dean into a threesome, no matter how many times the couple tell him they’re monogamous.

After the guys kick him out of their room, Joey sneaks back and sucks Finn’s cock, right behind his boyfriend’s back.

After Troye finds Finn’s briefs full of cum lying in bed, Joey hides under the blanket ass out, until Troye fucks him thinking it’s his man.

When Finn returns, the couple finally give their roommate what he’s wanted, letting him suck their cocks before they spit-roast him.

Finn fucks Troye doggy style as Troye fucks Joey, then the two tops take turns pounding Joey’s hole before Troye cums in the mischievous blond’s mouth.

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Always the one to arrive early to events, eager beaver Felix Fox’s promptness goes horribly wrong when he and his new young bf Joey Mills show up an hour early to the cookout and find their hostess in a state of utter madness.

Felix offers Joey a sneaky bj by way of a small apology, squirting mustard on his sausage and then licking it off.

Joey sucks Felix behind the grill, but when he’s called away, Felix sneaks into the kitchen to stick his dick in a pie instead.

Luckily, Joey comes in to pick up where he left off, deepthroating the blond hunk and bending over the counter to get fucked.

Felix pounds the bottom missionary on the counter, then Joey rides the top till he cums before getting a little pre-cookout snack on his face.Join them!

Sexy young studs Joey Mills and Troye Dean are camping out under the big sky when it gets rather chilly in the mountains as night draws in.

The hottie twinks Joey and Troye cuddle up and share a blanket to conserve body heat and keep warm.

But Joey is feeling horny and he isn’t ready to close his eyes just yet.

He rubs his ass up and down against Troye’s bulging cock until Troye rips open his briefs and fucks him spoon.

The guys 69 and Troye power fucks the bottom doggy-style, then pounds Joey on his back.

The guys steam up the tent as Joey rides the top reverse until he cums, and Troye pulls out and shoots his load.Join them!

College student Joey Mills pulls the fire alarm to get out of a test, but he immediately gets caught by hot firefighter Finn Harding, who chastises the thoughtless twink with an over-the-knee spanking.

To Finn’s surprise, the punishment just makes Joey hard… so he feeds him his cock.

After rimming the bottom, Finn pounds him doggy-style against a bookcase.

The twink rides the hot top, then gets drilled on the table till he blows a hot load on his abs, then Joey sucks out Finn’s cum.Join them!

Offices can’t run without a hot cup of joe, so when the coffee machine is broken, Kyle Connors and his coworker call in janitor Joey Mills to repair it.

The hot twink’s shirt gets doused in coffee, so he takes it off, and Kyle loiters to watch, checking him out and even jacking his cock before he has to get a taste of Joey’s ass in doggy style.

The twink sucks Kyle’s cock, but they get caught by a coworker as Joey rides Kyle on the floor.

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Angel Rivera wants to fool around with his college roommate, Joey Mills, but Joey’s more interested in his video game, even when Angel rips open his jeans and starts fingering his hole.

Once Angel leaves, Joey decides to hit pause so he can use his controller for stimulating his p-spot.

Angel sneakily watches before he gives the gamer twink what he needs, a big, hard cock.

Joey eagerly sucks Angel, then the top pounds him doggy style. Joey rides Angel reverse, then takes that dick deep in spoon so he can keep gaming while they bone.

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It’s Joey Mills’ first-day working concessions, and he immediately flirts with his new coworker, Devy, holding his hand for a long time as he gives him seductive looks till Devy has to do something about it.

Joey does his best to serve customers as Devy blows him and rims him under the counter, but when the lobby clears out, the guys take their chance to fuck.

Devy pounds Joey doggy style, then the twink lies back over the counter and sucks Devy’s cock.

After Joey fucks Devy’s face, they hop up on the counter where he rides the top reverse till he orgasms, then Devy fucks him doggy style till he shoots his hot “butter” on some popcorn.Join them!

When his client goes to a club for a night out, dedicated bodyguard Malik Delgaty assesses all possible threats, including giving cocktail waiter Joey Mills a very thorough pat-down.

The twink enjoys it so much, he does whatever it takes to get Malik’s attention again, pulling down the stud’s pants and sucking his cock.

The head is so good, Malik neglects his duties to pick the bottom up for an upside-down bj, then fingers his hole and fucks him doggy style.

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Watch firm favorite Joey Mills bring his fantasies to life.

Looking like a statue from classical antiquity, Joey shows off his taut body behind gauzy draperies, crowned with a golden laurel wreath.

Joey shows you his eager asshole, tipping you a saucy wink before he’s joined by bearded hunk Dante Colle.

The guys kiss and stroke each other, and Dante worships Joey with his mouth, then Joey rides the top reverse.

Joey sucks the top and eases himself down on Dante’s cock, then Dante pounds Joey doggy style before turning him on his back, making the twink cum as he pounds Joey’s hole.

Dante anoints the bottom with his jizz, which Joey accepts as his due.Join them!

The morning after his epic party, Pax Perry is awoken by the cleaning service he hired, and he lets in Joey Mills and his coworker with his cock still hanging out.

Joey is intrigued by the sexy blond client’s hot body, and when he finds a sex machine while cleaning up, he has to strip down and try it out.

Drawn by the noise, Pax finds the hot twink riding the toy and strokes his cock, then lets Joey suck him.

Pax fucks Joey doggy style, then it’s time for a flip fuck as Pax stretches his hole on the fucking machine while sucking Joey’s feet before getting fucked doggy style by the twink.

Joey penetrates Pax in missionary, then rides him reverse till he cums, and Pax gives the cleaner one more thing to mop up, on his face.Join them!

Chris Damned built up a nice big load fucking his boyfriend Joey Mills doggy style, so he’s annoyed when Joey dodges the facial.

His next attempt is foiled by Joey’s sheet mask, but he finally catches the twink coming into the bedroom.

Joey gives his man his due, sucking Chris’s cock, then taking it deep in missionary.

The top puts Joey facedown to pound that hole, then rims him before the bottom rides Chris reverse.

Joey cums, and this time he’s prepared to take a facial, no dodging.Join them!

Sexy young stud Joey Mills and hottie curly-haired dude Felix Fox arrive at the movie theater to celebrate their one-year anniversaries with their girlfriends, but as soon as they clap eyes on each other they’ve only got eyes for each other.

After flirting in the popcorn and drinks line, the guys managed to sit next to each other and sneakily hold hands before Felix slides his dick through a hole in his popcorn bucket, and Joey strokes it.

Joey does the same, but when the girls notice their boyfriends jacking each other off, they storm out.

The horny twinks openly suck each other’s butter-flavored cocks before Felix fucks Joey piledriver on his seat.

Joey rides the top’s dick, then Felix lays the cute twink on his back before penetrating him doggy style as the usher sneakily watches.

Felix gives Joey a hot facial, and the bottom jacks his cock till he cums.Join them!

Felix Fox is preparing for an important job interview when “Disaster” he spills coffee all over himself.

In a panic, Felix rushes to Joey Mills’s shop and strips off all his clothes for some emergency dry cleaning.

He hides behind the counter when another customer comes in and sucks Joey’s cock, and the twink returns the favor before Felix fucks him doggy style behind the racks.

Joey hops up on the counter for muscular Felix to penetrate him in missionary, then rides the top’s cock reverse, stroking himself till he cums, and Felix empties his balls on Joey’s face. Time to clean up again.Join them!

We’ve all dreamed of meeting and hooking up with our favorite gay porn stars?

Here we try a bit of the next best thing with bad-boy big muscle stud Chris Damned showing us just what he likes.

In his office, Chris sneakily rubs his huge cock bulge through his pants before he undoes his white shirt showing us his muscled tattooed chest.

Chris continues to undress, sniffing his shoes and sweaty socks before licking his feet and sucking his toes.

As Chris wanks his thick erect dick, he spies hot young twink, Joey Mills, watching him and invites him to join in.

The super dominant top strips Joey naked, kissing him and blindfolding him with his own tie before fucking his mouth. Chris rims Joey’s hole, then fucks him missionary on the desk.

The twink bends over the bookcase to get fucked from behind, then rides Chris in a chair.

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