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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 180lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Nationality: Spanish

Hans Berlin gay porn scenes at Titan Men

Hottie muscle hunk Hans Berlin’s massive thick dick fucking Tyler Rush’s hot bubble butt
Hans Berlin and smooth Tyler Rush lock lips while holding hands and grinding the bulges in their shorts. Hans Berlin is bearded and tanned. Tyler suckles Hans hard as Hans’ uncut cock protrudes in his friend’s face. (“Suck it,” he whispers) Hans shoves his hands firmly behind the sucker’s neck. “All the way.” ). Hans sucks him back, widens his cheeks, and slaps them before pointing at Tyler’s hairy hole. Hans’ hairy quadriceps bash the bottom’s bod as he fucks him deep from behind. He mouths the hot hole once more before slamming his cock back in with more force and bracing his hands on Tyler’s back, further pinning Tyler to the bed with his face buried in the blankets. Tyler rests on the erect cock of Hans, which is being pumped from underneath. They both end up on his back, their foreheads touching, and their eyes lock in a hot shot. Hans continues to coat Tyler as his abs and pecs tense up and a large wad of come drips down the side of his stomach.
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When college morality officer George Meadows (Hans Berlin) catches wind that student Christian Grogan (Isaac Parker) has a fansite account where he sells naked pictures of himself to the masses.

He knows he needs to crack down on the co-ed for breaking the morality code.Join them!

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All three guys are sitting in the locker room and Hans Berlin is asking them how they met and if they are a couple. When he hears an accent coming from Alexander Garrett, he asks where he is from.

When he hears Venezuela he perks up and proclaims that he heard guys from there have big dicks. Scott DeMarco asks where Hans is from and when he hears Germany he says he heard that German cocks are thick and meaty.

Soon Hans has his cock out and Alexander and Scott are sharing it between their mouths. Hans then sucks both of their big cocks and tries his best to take both in this mouth at the same time. Scott then rims Hans’s ass while Hans sucks Alexander. Scott them fucks him from behind. Scott then lies on his back and Hans rides his big cock while Scott sucks Alexander’s massive meat. Alexander then fucks Hans on all fours for a while before flipping him on his back and fucking him until he cums. Both Alexander and Scott then feed their loads to Hans eager mouth and face…Join them!


Bryce Evans met a guy named Jaxton Wheeler at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited him over to play with them.

Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business. All three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other.

Once the clothes are off, Bryce and Hans share Jaxton’s big fat cock with each other taking turns sucking it. Bryce then move to Hans’s big fat dick and sucks him while Hans continues sucking Jaxton.

Jaxton fucks Bryce first while Bryce continues to suck Hans’s throbbing cock. Jaxton flips Bryce on his back and continues to fuck him as Hans buries his cock deep in his mouth.

Then Hans rides Jaxton’s hard shaft while Jaxton sucks on Bryce. Hans then lies on his back as Jaxton fucks him balls deep until he shoots a huge load all over himself.

Bryce then shoots his load into Hans’ mouth and Jaxton ends by feeding Hans his load…Join them!

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Horny muscle men Adrian Suarez and Hans Berlin make out, kissing passionately before sucking each other’s huge thick hard cocks and fucking intensely till they cum.Join them!

Hans Berlin and Jake Lawrence are chilling in the locker room after a hard workout when the testosterone of the mature stud entices the younger stallion into a session of hardcore sex.Join them!

When Angel Ventura finds out his co-worker Hans is newly single, he hints at maybe the two of them hooking up, but Hans Berlin is already one step ahead of him, as Angel soon finds out.

Reaching into his pants, he finds Hans is already rock hard and ready, so clearly the thought was already on his mind. Lucky for him, Angel is the kind of co-worker who is down to fool around on the job, and he starts jerking Hans’ dick before falling to his knees to taste it.

Angel’s been fantasizing about Hans since he started at this hospital, and now that he’s got him alone in one of the unused patient rooms, he intends to conduct of thorough examination of Hans’ deepest orifices.

As he plunges his dick deep inside his hole and fucks the cum out of Hans, before spitting his own load all over Hans. Sweating and covered in cum, Hans asks Angel when his next break is due…Join them!

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Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman, and Sean Knight are horned up and ready for all the cock and ass they can get.

The three make out in a circle until Sean caves to his desires and gets on his knees to service both hung studs in front of him.

He alternates dicks on his lips and tongue, being mindful to give each hunk equal time in his eager mouth. When all three are rock-hard, Hans decides to take charge and slams his cock deep into Sean’s hole as Spencer shoves his cock in Sean’s face.

It’s not long before Spencer wants to try Sean’s warmed up ass so Hans and Spencer swap positions with Spencer taking it hard.

Seeing Spencer fuck Sean works Hans into a frenzy, and he takes his turn on the bed with his legs in the air. With Spencer up his ass and Sean down his throat, Hans gets spit-roasted until Sean pulls out and announces that he’s about to blow.

The sight of Hans drinking Sean’s cum makes Spencer ready to nut and he shoots his load all over Hans’ hairy sack.

With cum in his mouth and his crotch covered in jizz, Hans drops an extra thick load that oozes out of his cock and flows onto his heaving stomach.

Spencer doesn’t want all those loads to go to waste and cleans up Hans’ mess with his tongue before sharing them all with the other studs…Join them!

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Closeted college professor Hans Berlin is seduced by curious teen student Troy Accola. As the nervous twink confesses his love, Hans seizes the opportunity to teach the hot, young stud about more than English Lit. Hot older/younger dick sucking and rimming lead to intense mutual orgasms in this explosive, high voltage sex scene…Join them!


German Daddy Hans Berlin has the hots for muscular Latin boytoy Armond Rizzo, and pounds the pint-sized stud with his monster cock until the power bottom screams in pleasure.

Hans takes his time sucking off Armond’s rock hard cock, and Armond returns the favor, burying his tongue in Hans’ big bubble butt.

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Sexual tension is becoming overwhelming between Hans Berlin and his stepson Troy Accola once Troy finally makes a move they are instantly fucking each other senseless taking out all of the tension on each other’s bodies.

Sucking and fucking each other till they’re bursting with cum! Clearly this is will be their little secret…Join them!

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Billy Santoro and Hans Berlin are waiting for Devin Franco’s final decision, is he or is he not going to sign off on their final deal?

Honestly, Devin couldn’t care less about the deal these guys are after, he just wants to strip them out of their suits so they can take turns banging him in the ass bareback.

Devin loves hunky gay guys who can pretend they are his daddy, and both Billy and Hans are more than happy to play along, especially when Devin is always eager to be a good little boy…Join them!

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Fresh out of the closet, Nick Milani hasn’t seen his step-uncle Hans Berlin in many years.

Now an adult, Nick doesn’t really know what to expect from his mother’s brother, but he does know that Hans has a very unique job as a producer of sex toys.

When he shows up to Hans’ hotel room, he discovers that his uncle’s job and his private life often coincide, and before too long, Hans is giving Nick a thorough, first-hand demo of his product line.

Nick has to admit the quality of his sex toys are top-notch, but nothing compares to the feeling of the real thing.

Hans agrees and tosses the dildo aside, shoving his cock deep into his nephew and pounding him until Nick cums all over the bedsheets.

As Hans covers Nick with his load, the two of them fall back onto the bed and agree this is one secret that should just stay between the two of them.Join them!

Hans Berlin is in his office and having a very heated conversation with a client on the phone which is upsetting him. As the conversation escalates, we can tell that Hans is beyond frustrated and having a bad day. As he hangs up the phone there is a knock on his office door.

When the door opens we see Trey Turner who is in a happy mood and he is carrying a bag. He has made lunch for Hans and when he discovers that he is upset, he begins massaging his shoulders in an effort to relax him. Soon they are making out and Trey is on his knees sucking Hans’s fat cock as to ease all the stress.

Hans picks up the phone and tells his secretary to hold his calls for at least 30 minutes. The two continue and Hans begins by rimming Trey’s meaty ass before fucking him bent over the desk. Trey then rides his cock for a while.

Hans then sucks Trey’s cock and tells him that he wants Trey to fuck him. Trey rims his ass for a while and shoves his huge cock deep inside Hans eager ass. They fuck until Hans cannot hold back and he shoots his thick cum on his pelvis.

Trey then shoots his own load all over Hans balls and then cleans it all up with his tongue…Join them!

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Last week, what started out as in innocent pool table game, soon turned into a pool table orgy of black cocks and pink white slut holes between Ray Diesel, Trey Turner, Brian Bonds and Hans Berlin. After Ray and Trey swapped bottoms, each teaching them how to take black cock, Ray unloaded in Hans making him shoot his wad really quick.

Now Trey is finishing off Brian’s loose slut hole and making sure the bareback whore gets what he came over, a hot juicy load…Join them!

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Tall, lanky bearded otter Stephen Harte is ready for a solo jerk-off session. His buddy Mickey Carpathio walks in and catches him in the act. He soon ends up with his cock in Stephen’s mouth but eagerly returns the favor.

Bald, butch and handsome Hans Berlin walks in on the back-and-forth frenzy of oral service and the bearded blond whips out that big piece of meat, spit-roasting Stephen, who chokes on the juicy slab. He’s then impaled by Mickey who bareback fucks the hairy, sweaty whore while sharing cock sucking duties until it’s time for Hans to take over.

What follows is a hot, down and dirty primal fuck, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. Hans pounds hard and deep, aggressively taking Stephen like a bitch in heat.

The surprise for us came when quiet little Mickey slid in behind Hans and the fucker became the bottom, if only for a short while. But it’s Stephen and his hungry hairy asshole who gets the jizz…Join them!

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Hans Berlin looks a bit different than David Benjamin expected, much to his disappointment. Once Hans cleans up, he tries to find an intimate connection with David Benjamin. His aggressive attitude turns David on, and before long he’s choking on Hans uncut monster cock. Soon enough and Hans is pumping David full of his dick, in-and-out of that tight tan hole…Join them!

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Sneaker sex Hans Berlin’s bare hole fucked by bearded muscle hunk Gianni Maggio’s huge 9 .5 inch uncut dick
Gianni Maggio already knows who Hans Berlin is and what he is looking for as he sneaks into the world-famous seer’s den to see what he can learn. After lighting the candle and dealing the cards, Gianni begins to prepare a reading for Hans. What are the cards going to say? Gianni must employ a more potent reading called “The Ora-Culo of Ur-Anus” because the cards are not obvious. Gianni strips Hans down to his jock strap and gets his ora reader to get him ready for the reading. As he follows along, Han’s face is covered in anxiety. Gianni must probe further to learn what Hans’ future holds because he is unable to receive a clear reading. Gianni uses his tongue, another one of his ora readers, to delve much further into Hans’ while he is sprawled out on the chair. Gianni starts licking Han’s smooth, pink hole with his tongue, and the more he performs this routine, the more clearly he can understand the situation. Gianni needs to up the ante on this reading, so he instructs Hans to grab hold of his enormous cock with both hands and suck every last centimeter down his ravenous throat. Hans fully commits to Gianni’s enormous cock since he is determined to find his future. Gianni bends Hans over and hammers his enormous cock in and out of Hans’ ravenous hole while using another of his ora reading gadgets. Gianni fucks Hans with a ferocious energy that has both men wailing into the hereafter. There is no holding back. Hans is lying on his back with his legs wide apart as Gianni’s anaconda is pumping his ass with joy and the spirits of all giant cocks past and present because, as with all readings, sometimes a different angle will give a different perspective. Hans yells “fuck me” because he can feel the spirit inside of him. As Hans lowers his eager ass into Gianni’s huge cock and starts a roller coaster thrill trip to find answers or just a hot load of come, why not both?, another angle offers a different perspective and deeper pleasure. Gianni jets his hot load of cum all over and inside of Hans’ ass, massaging both men to the point of no return. Hans keeps up the crazy ride until he sprays Gianni’s cock and balls with his creamy load.
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Gabriel Lunna and Alberto Esposito head out to the balcony and spot the man they invited over online, Hans Berlin. Upon entering the couple’s apartment the men promptly begin kissing each other seductively and stripping away each other’s clothes.

The men take to the sofa and Hans comes from the back of the sofa to taste the delights of both men’s hefty, uncut cocks. Hans works his way back and forth from hairy, masculine cock to the smooth muscled cock, making sure each cock stretches his throat open.

Being flipped onto his back, Hans’ cock and hot, pink hole are worked over by Gabriel and Alberto. Hans is now flipped onto all 4’s and Alberto gets the pleasure of being the first to plunge his raw cock deep inside of that wet ass.

Switching it up again, Hans finds himself on his back while Alberto continues to pound his hot ass and Gabriel feeds him his meaty cock. Flipped upside down, Hans sees Gabriel’s throbbing cock forcing it’s way deep inside of him as Gabriel sucks on Alberto’s huge cock.

Alberto can hold back no longer and showers his load of cum all over Gabriel’s cock as he continues fucking Hans. Gabriel is so enthralled with all the pleasure that he shoots his thick, creamy load all over Hans’ pink, throbbing ass.

Not to let any of that cum go to waste, Gabriel pushes it all inside of Hans’ hot ass with his fingers, which drives Hans crazy with pleasure and causes him to blow his huge load. Happy Hunting…Join them!

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