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Sexy ripped dude Dante Colle’s bubble ass raw fucked by tattooed muscle hunk Bo Sinn’s massive uncut cock.

Submissive slave Dante waits patiently with his ass out for his master Bo.

When Bo finally arrives, he wordlessly spanks Dante before filling all his holes with his hard cock.

Bo covers Dante in his cum and walks away, leaving Dante alone to contemplate what a cum-hungry slut he is.Join them!

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Ok let’s face it Dante Colle’s huge crush on the sexy hairy chested muscle hunk Sean Cody Caden is not a total secret around these parts.

Ever since they met once, Dante has been obsessed about having his hot bubble ass so as soon as he wakes up, he texts him to see what he’s up to.

Caden eagerly heads to the bearded top’s after his workout, and the guys start kissing almost before he’s through the door.

They collapse to the bed, undressing each other and sucking each other’s cocks before they 69. Dante feeds Caden his balls, then fucks the bottom in spoon position.

Dante penetrates Caden in doggystyle, then pounds the bottom on his back till Caden cums before filling him with a creampie.Join them!

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Isaac Parker wants in on Dante Colle’s biker gang. But how far will he go to get accepted?Join them!

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Tannor Reed likes a variety of hotel sex fantasies and the self-admitted voyeur/exhibitionist has Dante Colle on hand to act one out.

After leaving a door unlocked Tannor slips into a bath sexy stranger Dante enters, totally turned on at the sight of Tannor in the bath.

It’s not long before Dante is shirtless and standing at the edge of the tub with Tannor is sucking him to hardness.

After getting into the tub & sitting on the edge to get blown, he wants even more intimacy.

He straddles the tub to teabag his balls on Tannor’s waiting mouth before using this unique stance to face fuck him.

Tannor’s mouth and tongue give considerable pleasure to Dante’s cock and balls, and Dante gives back by bending him over the edge of the tub and using his tongue every which way on Tannor’s hole.

Soon Dante, cock teases that hole but it’s unnecessary: Tannor wants to be fucked right then & there.

Dante slides in and knowing how much Tannor wants it, he pounds his hole with increasing force and dominance.

At one point the empowered top virtually drags Tannor over to a chair and fucks him on his back.

Tannor takes a deep drilling, and a vocal Dante relishes the pleasure of watching him as he tops him without any resistance.

Again, Dante ticks it up a notch by turning Tannor around and fucking him hard from behind while pulling his thick mane of hair. Dante keeps going until he’s ready to cum and then he pulls out to cream over Tannor’s hole and fuck some back into him.

Tannor is ready too and shoots a fountain of cum over himself. As he looks down on a satisfied Tannor, Dante breathlessly states the obvious: “That was fucking hot.”…Join them!

Today sexy young bottom boy Avery Jones shows us how he loves to have his hot hole worshipped with Dante Colle they’ve been exploring his kinky side.

They start off making out kissing passionately when Avery sucks on Dante’s finger and pulls it down to his waiting ass hole.

Dante probes Avery’s tight hole with a single-digit before adding another and really working them deeply, stretching his hole wide.

Dante spins Avery around and gets his tongue deep between his ass crack before diving into his pink hole and caressing it with his wet lips.

All this works up Dante who strips naked and with his huge soft cock suddenly jumping to full erection as he forces it into Avery’s spit-lubed hole.

Dante raw fucks Avery and though they both mutually love the feel, he pulls out to manhandle Avery’s hole again before resuming his drilling.

Soon though it’s Avery who switches it up by showing off his oral skills, through sucking Dante’s big dick and balls as he sits back relishing the pleasure.

After Avery gulps him down and slobbers over every inch, he climbs up and sits on Dante’s slick cock, and takes every deep thrust.

At one point Dante takes more control and lifts Avery up to fuck him in mid-air before putting him on his back to plow him.

Dante takes a break only to turn Avery around and fuck his throat, 69 with him, and eat his hole before turning him around again to drill him.

Dante is relentless as he finally fucks a load out of Avery and pulls out to cream over his hole and breed him with it.

Dante kisses Avery but he’s drawn back to run his fingers over Avery’s freshly fucked hole and marvel at it….Join them!

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Sexy young dude Daniel Greene can’t wait for his hot cousin Dante Colle to arrive. He’s sunbathing with a huge boner and once in the shower Daniel can’t help but barge in and fall to his knees.

Daniel sucks down hard on Dante’s huge thick dick. He can’t wait to get that piece of man meat shoved right up his tight ass hole….Join them!

During Dante Colle’s private time, his stepbrother Donte Thick decides to sneak a peek. It doesn’t take long for Dante to catch his eager stepbrother spying on him.

Noticing the gay porn on his phone, Donte convinces his shy stepbrother to suck his big throbbing cock. Seems like his private time turned into family time…Join them!

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Michael Jackman’s rental application looks good, in theory: good references, a solid rental history, no reports or incidents to speak of… all in all he’s a solid candidate, and when Dante Colle and Jake Porter meet him and give him the house tour.

They feel quite certain Michael is a guy they could live with successfully.

Michael finds the two of them strange, but the house is fantastic and the rent is affordable, so when they come on to him and it becomes obvious his approval is contingent on his ability to satisfy them.

Michael considers it for a moment and decides he could do a lot worse than scoring a sick house with two live in fuck buddies.

There’s only one slight problem: this may or may not be their actual house…Join them!


Step-brothers Dante Colle and Carter Woods are kind of a big deal around the neighborhood, and they’ve had their pick of the litter when it comes to local tail, so when a new hot neighbor turns up outside, their interest is piqued, to say the least.

Elliot Finn’s just in for the week while his parents are out of town, and since he doesn’t know anyone, he figures it might be a good idea to take the brothers up on their offer to hang out, but when he gets back to their place, he quickly learns just how friendly the neighbors can get.

By the time Dante and Carter are done with him, he may want to extend his stay just a little longer…Join them!


For Charlie Pattinson and Dante Colle, either fortune is on their side or they really are just a pair of step-brothers who are hot enough to fuck anyone they want, but whatever the case may be, they two of them are on a hot streak that has given them the confidence of past successes, but also the hunger for more.

Poor Charlie can’t wait til the weekend, so he just selects a random jogger off the street and decides to turn him into their sex slave. Just Steve Rickz’s luck: went out for a jog, ended up with a fuck….Join them!


Here at the Double D Bed and Breakfast, a guest will find all the standard accommodations that one would expect scenic views, quiet, clean rooms, attention to detail and impeccable service but the proprietors of the inn offer one extra amenity that sets them apart.

Dante Colle and partner Donte Thick have been in the hospitality business for a few years now, and the one thing they pride themselves on is the level of personal service they provide for each guest… especially ones as desirable as Spencer Laval.

Spencer discovers that the term ‘full service’ doesn’t just mean a stocked ice machine or a continental breakfast.

Instead, Spencer receives the full hands on treatment from the Double Ds, and after his experience, he’s positive that not only will he be writing a glowing review, but he’ll also be sure to book again in the near future…Join them!

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After Devin Franco and Dante Colle finish their interview, they find themselves with nothing to do as they wait for production to continue. They quickly figure out a way to pass the time and after Dante discovers what’s beneath the giant bulge in Devin’s undies, he gets to work sucking the hung stud.

Devin notices that Dante has gotten hard from sucking his stiff cock and decides he needs a taste himself. Dante offers up his warm mouth and open throat to suck Devin’s cock. As he sucks, Devin realizes he needs Dante inside him and turns around to give Dante his hole.

Dante eats Devin’s tight hairy ass until he’s sure the horny stud can take his beefy cock. Dante lubes up his raw dick with a little bit of spit and shoves it deep into Devin’s open hole, bareback.

Dante drills the hell out of Devin in a few ass-pounding positions before finally getting him on the floor where he picks up the pace to bring them both over the edge.

Devin is the first to nut, shooting his huge load all over his own tight body. With Devin’s cock still erupting, Dante pulls out and blasts his load on Devin’s hairy taint.

Dante gathers the cum up with the tip of his still-throbbing cock and fucks it deep into Devin’s used hole…Join them!

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Submissive slave Dante Colle waits patiently with his ass out for his master Bo Sinn.

When Bo finally arrives, he wordlessly spanks Dante before filling all his holes with his hard cock.

Bo covers Dante in his cum and walks away, leaving Dante alone to contemplate what a cum-hungry slut he is…Join them!

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In this episode, we focus on the unbelievable firey chemistry between horny hunk Dante Colle and young hottie Michael Del Ray.

The guys share about their connection and why they enjoy working together. After a candid interview, Michael and Dante have an intimate, uncensored big dick deep ass fucking sexual encounter.Join them!

Scott Finn is texting his latest crush naughty pictures when he gets an incoming text from his buddy Dante Colle.

Instead of sending a nude to his crush, he sends it to Dante.

Needless to say, Dante is surprised but not as shocked as Scott is when Dante shows up at his apartment later that day.Join them!

Hot black young muscle boy Adrian Hart is visiting big dick doctor Dante Colle today.

Dante can’t seem to pinpoint the problem after an extensive medical examination.

However, as Adrian’s bare ass hole catches his eye Dante realizes that there is more than one cure for his ailments.

Adrian seems to catch on as he spies Dante’s hard erect cock in his pants.

As Adrian bends over the bed Dante’s tongue gets to the bottom of the problem, getting in there for a deep ass rimming.

Dante then slips his thick bare dick into the freshly lubed ebony hole fucking him loosening up the tightness that Adrian complained of.

Adrian can’t hold off for long as he blows the contents of his balls all over his abs closely followed by Dante who covers them both in his hot cum….Join them!

Dante Colle stick home alone and he’s horny so he jumps in his car and drives to a quiet spot.

That’s right! The handsome stud goes on a drive and helps himself with some self-care action while on the road…Join him!

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As Scott Finn rests for the day, trainer Dante Colle tries to get him up for their session.

Scott’s not exactly motivated to go to the gym, but Dante is determined get him in shape, one way or the other, even if he has to work him out right here in his bed.

That sounds like a workout plan the Scott can get with, as he pushes his ass towards Dante, infuriating him and making him hot under the collar, and in the shorts.

Dante decides to show Scott what real sweating is all about, and if Scott thinks he’s ducked a workout, he has no idea what Dante has in store for his sweet little hole.

By the time Dante is done with him, Scott will be begging for the mercy of some bench reps…Join them!

With his roomie Dante Colle tied up on the phone with his girlfriend, Aspen takes the opportunity to taunt and tease Dante.

Dante’s girlfriend doesn’t know about their special ‘roomie arrangement’ and he has every intention of keeping it that way but Aspen won’t be turned away, and his girlfriend won’t let him off the phone, so it looks like Dante is stuck between a rock and his friend’s hard on, and Aspen has no intention of making it easy for him…Join them!


Back from college for the summer, Jake Porter isn’t surprised to see his sister’s boyfriend, Dante Colle, but he is surprised at how grabby Dante is suddenly being around him.

In Dante’s defense, Jake looks a lot different than he did when he went away. It seems he’s been hitting the gym religiously, and he’s turned Dante into a believer. Jake can’t believe his sister’s boyfriend is into it.

He’s long had a secret crush on Dante, but having his fantasy so close to reality is almost too much for him to stomach. Will they be able to finish before his sister comes home from the store? Will Jake be tighter than his sister?

Will Dante leave the sister for the brother? So many questions… so little time to answer them all…Join them!

New acquaintances Dante Colle and Ryan Jordan have stolen away to a secret spot to engage in a little private time while the rest of the pool party carries on without them.

Dante can’t wait to see if Ryan is telling the truth about the size of his package.

He quickly finds out Ryan is no liar, but what he doesn’t realize just yet is that there is a spy watching from behind them, who also is very interested.

When Dante finally sees Jackson Cooper stroking his cock from the blind corner, he invites him over.

After all, two is a good time, but three is a party.

Jackson’s about to find that out the hard way…Join them!

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Wandering by a random window has never paid such handsome dividends for Quin Quire, but when he happens upon Dante Colle getting dressed from the shower, he can’t help but spy.

When Dante notices, he’s understandably pissed, but Quin doesn’t waver, locking eyes with Dante and staring into the depths of his passion.

Never before has a peeping Tom been so bold, but there’s something about Quin that Dante can’t resist or deny, and he lets Quin in.

He fights himself as Quin tries to force it, but finally he gives into his lust, and Quin rewards him by letting Dante fulfill every fantasy he’s ever had with a man….Join him!

Dante Colle is feeling pretty low on his anniversary, but luckily for him, good friend Charlie Pattinson is around to console him on this most auspicious day.

Dante is reeling from the break up, and he’s feeling it more than ever today, but Charlie is already on the way over to make sure Dante isn’t spending this anniversary alone.

When he arrives, Dante asks what he has in mind, and Charlie tells him they should spend the anniversary the way they are supposed to be spent.

Smiling, he leads him back to the bedroom and lays him down, then proceeds to give Dante a fuck he won’t soon forget, and one that makes it hard for him to remember why he was even sad in the first place.

With friends like Charlie, who needs lovers?…Join them!

Plagued with self doubt, Dante Colle stands at his neighbor’s door, attempting to summon the courage to knock and confront both his feelings and his crush publicly. At the last moment, he chickens out and turns to leave, turning right into the chest of none other than his neighbor, Johnny Hill, who has been watching this unfold for several moments.

Now that they are face to face, Johnny smiles, but says nothing, as he unlocks the door and leads Dante inside. Leading him to the bedroom, Dante realizes Johnny has been secretly eyeing him from across the building as well, and as he strips Dante out of his clothes and begins to suck him off, Dante’s hesitation turns to unbridled passion.

He pushes Johnny further down onto his cock before flipping him over and returning the favor. Johnny dick gets rock hard and he tells Dante he wants to fuck him, but Dante has his own ideas, and tells Johnny he wants to fuck him first. Johnny is unsure but agrees, so Dante slowly works his cock into Johnny’s tight hole.

Johnny is so tight Dante can barely get it in, but once he manages, Johnny looks over his shoulder and moans his approval, so Dante picks up the pace, fucking Johnny hard before pulling out and nutting all over Johnny’s back. Johnny smiles and says, ‘My turn’. Dante shakes from his orgasm and climbs on top of Johnny, mounting his cock and giving it a ride.

He grinds against hard on Johnny’s rod, taking it all the way to the base as he strokes his dick while Johnny watches. Johnny tells Dante how nice his hole feels, flipping him over and spreading is legs as he fucks Dante harder.

Dante strokes himself off, spitting a second load all over his stomach as Johnny’s dick swells up ready to spit.

He pulls out and soaks Dante with his batch as Dante moans in delight…Join them!

When Dante Colle and Quentin Gainz come together, it’s a feast for all the senses, as both guys look good enough to eat.

With all this eye-candy, you can’t blame these guys for wanting to get a taste of each other, and that’s just what they do, as Dante strips Quentin out of his jeans and then tongue fucks his hole before sliding up behind Quentin and slipping it in.

He grinds on Quentin from behind as he pumps him full of hard cock, kissing his neck and shoulders as he fills him up.

Quentin moans from pleasure as Dante thrusts into him, before the switch and Quentin has his turn at Dante’s ass.

He lets Dante mount him, giving him a nice hard ride as Dante strokes his cock.

Dante is close and tells Quentin to finish strong, so Quentin flips him over and pounds him as Dante spreads his legs and lets his load fly.

He coats himself as Quentin pulls out and empties himself onto Dante’s throbbing cock and balls…Join them!

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The guy at the hotel desk said it was a twin but when Navy Seals Dante Colle and Pierce Paris enter the hotel room they realize to their horror that the room has a double bed.

“Come on Bro,” says handsome hunk Dante, “it will be just like college!”

“I need some privacy sometimes you know.”, is Pierce’s response.

“Hell, you can jerk off in the shower like the rest of us.”

“I know how wholesome you are!”, Pierce remarks exasperatedly, “Wait did you book this single room on purpose?”

“So what if I did!”

Pierce then playfully wrestles his sexy mate onto the bed.

Lying next to each other on the bed Pierce reaches over and plants a romantic kiss on Dante’s cheek.

He then unzips Dante’s pants and sucks down hard on his already rock-solid hung dick.

Pierce manages to deep throat Dante’s cock till his lips are on his balls and his big cock head is hitting the back of his throat.

Dante then returns that favor getting his wet tongue on Pierce’s super hard erection, making him moan with desire.

Then with Pierce on his back, Dante lines up his throbbing dick and forces it deep into Pierce’s waiting hole.

Dante is an accomplished lover and the feel of him moving deep inside Pierce makes him need Dante’s cock more and more.

He’s not disappointed as the ripped muscle hunk Dante throws Pierce around in different positions each time getting his slick dick harder and deeper into his bubble butt.

The bareback ass fucking continues until Pierce can hold off no longer and his balls release their seed with cum spraying from his dick all over his ripped abs.

Seeing all this jizz Dante is not far behind and he pulls out just as he delivers a huge volley of cum all over Pierce.

The hot men fall back and embrace in a manly cum mess.Join them!


Dante Colle and JD Phoenix get cozy while studying up in their room. Things get heated pretty quickly and the only thing they are studying is each other’s thick cocks deep inside their throats, school boys haven’t been more naughty than this…Join them!


Dante Colle proves to Ian Levine that he is not homophobic by kissing him which quickly escalates into passionate school boy fucking. With intense cock sucking and deep ass pounding. Climaxing with cum filled orgasms!…Join them!

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Dante Colle is catching some rays on a hot summer day in the pool when Addison Graham dives in to cool off. Things get hotter when Addison swims over to Dante and gets the stud hard by taking his thick rod into his mouth.

Addison works it up and down until Dante grows into his open throat. That’s Dante’s cue to bend Addison over to work his ass with his probing tongue and fingers. Dante loves the taste of Addison’s smooth hole so much that he can hardly wait to get all the way inside the horny hunk.

Dante is done with the foreplay and teases Addison’s hole with the tip of his dick, making Addison open up even more. Dante needs the prize in front of him and slides into Addison, plowing away to feel every inch of his deep, tight hole.

Dante flips the muscle hunk onto his back so he can look into his eyes and hits just the right spot for Addison to let go for a full release. It’s an extra thick load that stays where it lands all over Addison’s perfectly carved abs.

The sight of Addison covered in his own load is all it takes for Dante to pull out and add to the mix. Dante covers Addison’s dripping body with cum and then as an added bonus for the lucky young stud, Dante gives him a second surprise load in his gaping, begging mouth…Join them!