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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Alpha Wolfe gay porn scenes at Falcon Studios

Hairy muscled hunk Alpha Wolfe and long haired young stud Ashley Stones hardcore ass fucking.

It had been almost ten years since Alpha Wolfe, owner of Falcon Surf Shop, has seen his longtime surfing friend Ashley Stones, but when they unexpectedly ran into each other again, it was if no time had passed at all.

After getting back in touch with one another and catching a few waves in San Diego, the two travel back to Alpha’s apartment to complete the unrequited love that has been simmering beneath the surface for years at this point.

The ripped surfer starts off by gulping down Alpha’s large, hairy dick and then laying back for Alpha to eat out of his smooth asshole while fingering it. Alpha is impressed by the muscular surfer’s performance.

As soon as Alpha’s bareback rod has finished completely filling Ashley’s hole, he lets out a series of deep breathes while conveying exactly how large Alpha’s amazing meat feels inside of him.

“It’s huge,” he says. After that, Alpha gets the pleasure of experiencing Ashley’s cock as Ashley extends his legs so that the two of them can flip-fuck while Ashley plays with his own nipples.

Now, with Ashley pushing full force into his cheeks, Alpha unloads a messy explosion immediately before the flexible top pulls out to blast his own nut onto Alpha’s cummy cock.

“Now, with Ashley going full force into his cheeks,”

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Bearded muscle hunk Alpha Wolfe bottoms for Isaac X’s huge dick.

When Libby Spence (Siri Dahl) finds her husband Eric’s secret stash of gay porn, she’s shocked.

Though Eric (Alpha Wolf) has recently become very preoccupied with volunteering at a local community center where he’s surrounded by new queer friends, she never thought that he could be gay.

Libby’s emotions run the gamut as she grapples with the realization.

When Eric’s new friend Harris (Isaac X) comes to drop something off, he notices how forlorn Libby is and after a conversation, admits that he and Eric are having an affair.

What Libby does with this information has both Eric and Harris in shock.

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Men says: Gay orgy sex Joey Mills, Clark Reid, Jake Preston, Alpha Wolfe, Spikey Dee, Kane Fox, Greg Dixxon at Men

Joey Mills, a horny bottom is blindfolded and escorted into his bukkake. He opens his eyes and six cocks of enormous size are waiting for him. Spikey Dee waited patiently for his turn while Joey sucked them. Then they kissed his face on the couch. Joey takes his place on the hard tops, and begins sucking them. He then fucks his face.

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Hottie muscle hunk Daniel Le Bang’s huge cock barebacking tattooed hairy stud Alpha Wolfe.

After a disappointing performance on the field, Alpha asks his teammate Daniel for some tips on catching.

Daniel tells Alpha the secret is to get really low… and he can’t take his eyes off the split in Alpha’s pants that shows off his hole, even giving in to temptation to touch it.

Later, Daniel stares at the bottom in the shower and steals Alpha’s clothes, leading him on a chase that ends with Alpha eagerly sucking the top’s cock.

Daniel bends Alpha over the desk to tongue his hole, then teaches him a lesson in catching dick.

Alpha orgasms as he gets that big bat in missionary, then Daniel gives him a big facial.

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Sexy ripped muscled stud Johnny Donovan’s huge dick barebacking hairy hunk Alpha Wolfe’s bubble butt.

Johnny Donovan had no idea his buddy Alpha Wolfe sold nudes online until a playlist of lewds and a hot tease video show up on Alpha’s TV while Johnny waits for him to shower.

Alpha comes back to find his friend with his dick in his hand, jacking it to a video of his tight ass in a jock.

The guys suck each other, and the tattooed sinfluencer begs Johnny for that dick in his hole, taking it deep in missionary, then riding the top.

Johnny pounds Alpha from behind and makes him cum hard with a reach-around, then shoots on his famous face! Alpha definitely got a new subscriber.

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Tattooed muscle hunks Alpha Wolfe and Chris Damned in another raw ass fucking scene.

Alpha’s hot bubble asshole gets totally dominated by Chris Damned’s massive uncut cock in this sleaze fest.

These two hung muscle men make out before Chris rims then fucks Alpha’s bare hole fucking him until both men are streaming with jizz.Join them!

Kyle Brant and Alpha Wolfe just finished a hard day’s work on a construction site.

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Alpha Wolfe gay porn scenes at Next Door Studios

Muscle stud Alpha Wolfe pays Jim Fit a visit in this sexy Homemade fuck video.

Jim tells us, ‘I stumbled upon alpha Wolfe online.

I hit him up to introduce myself and he wrote back to me instantly.

He was on vacation, so I told him to let me know when he was back in town.

When he finally did, it took 12 weeks for our schedules to align so that we could have some fun together at my place.

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Hardcore fisting threesome Devin Franco, Alpha Wolfe and Luca Del Rey big anal fist fucking orgy
Strangers, get ready to get fucked. Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe are currently deep within an abandoned warehouse. They are watching a blindfolded and ball-gagged Devin Franco dangle from a Diamond X6 Pro Sling while being drilled by a Diamond X3 fuck machine from Fort Troff. Luca can’t help but go in for a taste before he and Alpha decide to take Devin’s raw hole for a test drive. With Devin’s dick being as solid as a rock and completely exposed, Luca can’t help but go in for a taste. Following that, Luca will don his Blind Skullfuck Hood before making his way into the sling for his turn. Devin starts stuffing Luca’s ass with his big bareback cock almost immediately, which causes the adaptable bottom to grab for the sling as Devin continues to ruthlessly beat him out. Devin breeds Luca’s insides after a few more powerful thrusts from the big-dick fucker, and then pulls out to see a flowing torrent of nut exit from his used-up hole.
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Bound and taped up, naked, and at the mercy of Alpha Wolfe, college jock Jim Fit bends over as his new master rubs him down and commands him to beg for the gift of his dick.

A mysterious figure watches from the deep corners of the room as Alpha slaps Jim with a riding crop and begins barebacking his athletic ass.

The ruthless master pounds Jim nonstop and only pauses to pull out and admire what he’s done to the bottom’s stretched and wrecked asshole.

With the shadowed man now beginning to touch himself, Alpha throws Jim’s legs in the air, commands the young man to finally cum, and even shoots out his own load that spills across Jim’s muscular torso.Join them!

College boy Jim Fit never thought that calling a random number on a bathroom wall would lead to him getting scooped up, thrown in the back of Alpha Wolfe’s van, and chained up in a grimy basement.

A verbal Alpha slaps around Jim’s hard cock before threatening to expose him to his innocent mother and making the muscle bottom sniff his hairy pits.

The shady dom continues to humiliate Jim by smacking his dick with a riding crop and stroking him off while refusing to let him cum.

Still wrapped in chains, Alpha’s victim begs for his balls to finally release as the bearded master fills Jim’s mouth up with his cock and grunts that no one is allowed to nut until he has.Join them!

Alpha Wolfe and Dillon Diaz find the entrance to the fetish dungeon to find Isaac X wrapped like an Egyptian mummy, mummified in plastic wrap secured with duct tape.

Dillon releases Isaac’s dick from the plastic and it’s rock hard and ready.

While Dillon strokes Isaac’s cock, Alpha reaches under to finger Isaac’s hole.

Alpha begins unwrapping Isaac while Dillon keeps working over Isaac’s cock with a silicone sleeve.

With Isaac mostly free from the wrap, Alpha licks Isaac’s balls while Dillon keeps jerking it for him.

Isaac completely submits as he blows his load into a cock sleeve from the intense play.

After Isaac’s load is spent, Dillon fucks Isaac’s mouth until he explodes a load of cum down Isaac’s throat.Join them!

Alpha Wolfe gay porn scenes at Fisting Central

Alone and bound to a medical exam table with plastic wrap, Beau Butler is in nothing but a jock.

When master Alpha Wolfe walks in, he rummages through a selection of toys and devices before choosing a candle to drip hot wax all over Beau’s body.

After Beau is drizzled in wax, Alpha grabs a spiked pinwheel to prick Beau’s physique and deliver further menace. 

Pushing Beau closer to his limits, Alpha produces an electro-stimulation wand, shocking his tight skin, sending sparks flying into the air.  

Once Alpha is finished submitting Beau to pain with pleasure, he releases the scruffy stud from the medical table and puts Beau on all fours to work a clear anal trainer into his tight hole.

With Beau pre-stretched, Alpha replaces the plug with a surgical glass dildo and drills it deep.

After toying around, Alpha is ready to give Beau the real things.

He takes his place behind Beau and slides his meaty cock in his sub’s ass.

Alpha delivers a vicious doggy-style, bareback pounding until he shoots his load deep in Beau’s ass and watches as Beau pushes it out.Join them!

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Horny big muscle hulk Alpha Wolfe’s massive dick raw fucking Sean Xavier’s black bubble ass.

Constant delays have grounded longtime co-pilots Sean Xavier and Alpha Wolfe for the day, but, luckily, they are able to book one of the few remaining rooms in the area.

There, they are finally able to act on their years-long mutual attraction.

Sean begins the long-anticipated hookup by coaching Alpha through swallowing every one of his nine inches before Alpha spreads his legs for Sean to bareback his hairy hole.

Alpha’s eyes rush to the back of his head as Sean fills his ass, just before it’s Alpha’s turn to top.

Sean’s face breaks into a euphoric smile as Alpha pounds his muscular bubble butt in a variety of positions.

A flip-fucking Sean can’t help but nut inside his co-pilot and then going down to lick up the fresh cum dripping from Alpha’s puckered asshole.

It’s not long until Alpha can no longer hold his spunk and busts all over Sean’s beautiful face.

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Hairy chested hunk Riley Mitchel’s bare asshole raw fucked by bearded muscle stud Alpha Wolfe.

Alpha Wolfe’s recent highway adventures are the subject Derek Kage’s latest installment of his ‘Cruising Confidential’ podcast.

After a long day on the road, big rig trucker Alpha finds out that the only motel for miles is sold out and he has to spend the night with fellow driver Riley Mitchel.

Once Alpha hits the shower though, the mood suddenly shifts as Riley sees Alpha’s naked body, reaches for the hairy trucker’s cock, and kneels on the dingy motel floor.

Now on the worn bed, the bearded bros 69 before Alpha takes his long cock to Riley’s hole.

The neon light of the ‘no vacancy’ sign creeps into the room and reflects off Alpha’s glistening body as he delivers his final bareback thrusts, adding his own hot load to the fresh one already pooled on Riley’s stomach.

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Sexy muscled hunk Dillon Diaz and Alpha Wolfe abuse plastic wrapped Isaac X’s naked body.

Dillon and Alpha enter the fetish lair to find Isaac mummified with plastic wrap and duct tape.

Dillon releases Isaac’s dick from the plastic and it’s rock hard and ready.

While Dillon strokes Isaac’s cock, Alpha reaches under to finger Isaac’s hole.

Alpha begins unwrapping Isaac while Dillon keeps working over Isaac’s cock with a silicone sleeve.

With Isaac mostly free from wrap, Alpha licks Isaac’s balls while Dillon keeps jerking it for him.

Isaac completely submits as he blows his load into a cock sleeve from the intense play.

After Isaac’s load is spent, Dillon fucks Isaac’s mouth until he explodes a load of cum down Isaac’s throat.Join them!

Horny muscle bottom stud Beau Butler’s bare asshole fucked by Alpha Wolfe’s huge erect penis.

Beau is bent over, restrained, and ‘Wrapped’ to a medical table with plastic wrap.

Alpha stands in front of Beau, feeding the bound stud his throbbing cock and tight ass.

While Beau is restrained, Alpha takes the opportunity to deliver his cock inside Beau’s crack.

Upon release, Beau is put on his back and gagged with a towel while Alpha fucks his ass thru a jock.

Alpha keeps up the drilling of Beau’s ass until Beau can’t hold back and erupts with a thick load that oozes down Beau’s uncut shaft.

After Beau unloads, Alpha climbs on the table and drops his load right in Beau’s mouth.Join them!

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Sexy prison inmates Bennett Anthony, Drew Valentino, Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe, and Reign’s hardcore anal fuck fest in the jail gym.

To punish Beau for his misconduct at rap star Andre’s estate, the warden instructs his henchmen to take it out on the one thing that Beau loves most, his boyfriend.

The guards arrange for intimidating inmates Bennett, Chris, Reign, and Alpha to gang-bang Drew until he’s completely broken down.

Bennett pushes Drew over a cafeteria table as Chris and Alpha hold the hairy prisoner in place.

Ripping Drew’s prison-issued boxers at the back, Bennett rams his ginger cock straight up Drew’s bushy butthole before letting Chris have a turn. 

When Bennett notices that the stoic Reign is tentative and hanging back, he pressures the tattooed hunk to get his enormous cock warmed in Drew’s guts.

With Drew on the ground, he is served not only the raw dicks that were just deep inside him but also Bennett’s red-hot cum-chute. 

Once Drew is flipped onto his back, his legs are held wide apart by Alpha and Reign while Chris squats down to cover Drew with his sweaty asshole. 

Bennett next licks Drew’s meat ring, warming it up for the second round of bareback hole-punching that leaves Drew covered in everyone’s cum. 

Will Drew survive to protect his boyfriend from The Warden’s wrath?Join them!

When Alpha Wolfe realizes that businessman Josh Moore isn’t going to sign off on some important documents and close the deal, he decides that the only way to complete this transaction is by wrapping his mouth around Josh’s uncut cock.

The aggressive billionaire approves of Alpha’s tactics and proceeds to thrust all nine of his inches into Alpha’s desperate mouth before using his tongue to service his furry hole.

With Alpha prepped and wet, Josh slides in and fills up the stud’s juicy ass.

The overpowering sounds of Josh’s body rapidly barebacking Alpha’s backside drown out the hairy bottom’s loud and constant moaning.

His screams only stop after busting all over the bed and laying down for the billionaire to nut all over Alpha’s bushy beard.Join them!

While on a walk around the holiday resort, Beau Butler comes across Chris Damned’s giant dick getting swallowed by Isaac X’s open throat in a middle of an open courtyard.

The beefy stud decides to join in on the public play, and it’s not long before Beau’s ass is getting drilled bareback by Chris’ extra-large pole while Isaac’s anal cavity is getting stuffed by passerby Alpha Wolfe.

With his hands wrapped tight around his bottom’s neck, Chris pounds his cock into Beau’s thick muscle butt before Isaac’s meaty member gets a turn to pump itself in and out of Beau.

After swapping partners and working out their cocks, it’s everyone’s turn to bust a fat nut onto Beau’s hairy junk, stomach, and open mouth.

Now covered in three stranger’s loads, Beau strokes himself to completion and blasts one final burst of raw cum all over himself.Join them!

Isaac X loves going to the CCBC resort pool when there’s plenty of nearby lounging muscle hunks that he can cruise.

After trading a few looks with Alpha Wolfe, Isaac and his massive hard-on lead the bearded daddy back to a private room so the two can 69 and flip-fuck each other’s raw holes.

With Isaac on all fours, Alpha barebacks the stranger’s hole with his bushy dick before Isaac uses his own girthy monster to destroy Alpha’s hairy ass.

Isaac’s loose balls bounce up and down as he thrusts into his hookup’s hole while spitting on him, choking him, and shooting him some degrading dirty talk.

Once both men have blown their loads all over Alpha’s used and naked body, Isaac makes sure not a single drop of cum is wasted and scoops up all of the loose liquid seed so he can feed it directly to Alpha.Join them!

A horny Chad Hammer is doing some window shopping on his vacation at an all-male resort by peeking into all of the rooms until he finds something he can fuck.

After strolling past Alpha Wolfe’s room, he finally spots something he likes.

The bearded daddy invites Chad in and opens his hole for the cruiser’s raw cock.

With his dick balls deep in the hairy hunk’s ass, Chad slaps Alpha around and Alpha rides Chad so hard that the squeaky bed frame starts screaming.

Once his hole is stretched out to his satisfaction, an aggressive Alpha turns his attention to busting open Chad.

The furry man grunts loudly and Chad moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the hot top uses his bushy cock to bareback Chad’s hole.

Covered in sweat and his own musk, Alpha watches as his bottom squirts his messy load all over the bed before churning out his own thick batch of hot spunk onto Chad’s naked body.Join them!

It’s first thing in the morning, and Chris Damned brewing a pot of coffee.

Alpha Wolfe catches the aroma and meets Chris in the kitchen with his morning wood bulging thru his shorts.

He catches Chris staring and invites Chris to get on his knees and deepthroat his hard dick.

As the coffee finishes brewing, Chris works his mouth all the way down to Alpha’s bush as he strokes his own uncut cock.

After Chris’s cock swells, Alpha switches spots with him to choke down Chris’ thick meat.

Now that they’ve both been orally serviced, Chris bends Alpha over the sink and slides his hot cock right in.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, Chris lays back while Alpha rides him hard and bareback.

When both hunks are ready to blow, Chris pounds Alpha on his back until Alpha shoots his thick ropes on his hairy abs, while Chris shoots his seed all over every inch of Alpha’s body.Join them!

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