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Texas native Dakota Payne is a young and versatile up-and-coming porn star, and he’s clear on why he’s attracted to the world of adult film making: it’s his “voyeuristic tendencies” that push him to strip down and fuck on camera.

Dakota loves flip-fucking and eating ass, and he doesn’t limit himself to any specific type. “Sexiness comes in all ages and races,” he says.

The craziest place Dakota Payne has fucked was up against a baseball field fence, and when he’s not filming porn he’s either pursuing his own interests in film making or playing video games (of which he is an enthusiast).

Hair Color: Brown
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Class is in session. Carter DelRey, Jack Bailey, and Trevor Harris are hot for their teacher, Dakota Payne, as he instructs them on how to be the best twinks they can be.

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Jordan Starr is running hours late for a sexy hookup, and his dominant partner Dakota Payne is absolutely not happy at all.

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It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project.

They decide to strip off their clothes to get more comfortable and instantly their hands are rubbing all over each other’s hot, muscled bodies.

Sweat drips from their ripped physiques as Dakota sinks down to his knees and gives Logan’s smooth ass the rim job it deserves.

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Sexy stud Brock Kniles and stepbrother Dakota Payne are reeling after finding out some news about their extended family.

Dakota Payne is really not happy about it.

The only person he likes in his family is his stepbrother Brock Kniles.

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Since Max Lorde is massively obsessed with his cousin Mason, he takes matters (and Mason’s sex tape) into his own hands when he goes to Dakota Payne’s house to run some re-con.

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Tattooed young hunks Dakota Payne’s huge cock barebacking sexy stud Jayden Marcos.

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Love is Payne continues as Dakota Payne yet again finds himself looking for love.

Only this time, he stumbles across the illustrious Next Door Service Station and its star mechanic, Jayden Marcos.

The question is, will their chance meeting cause sparks to fly?

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Sexy ripped young studs Dakota Payne and Trevor Brooks spy each other across the gym.

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Dakota Payne has been lonely with his boyfriend away on work trips all the time.

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Elliot Finn and Dakota Payne met in a very unconventional way last Valentine’s Day when Elliot’s boyfriend surprised him by bringing in a third (Cody Viper).

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Dakota Payne can’t believe the notice hanging on his dorm bathroom wall.

The dorm pipes are clogged thanks to so many dudes jerking off in the shower.

Dakota is stressed.

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Dalton Riley owns a CrossFit gym where he’s the sole trainer.

Since the gym is growing, he’s thinking about bringing on another guy.

He asks his favorite gym rats, Dakota Payne and Roman Todd, their opinions on Nick Thompson, who’s interested in the position.

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Dakota Payne is starting his own ‘Fans’ channel where he’ll be sharing all of his thoughts and feelings.

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The four sexy young men pose for a photo in their swimming shorts by the side of the pool.

At first newbie studs, Max Lorde and Devyn Pauly don’t notice that horned-up hunks Dakota Payne and Jax Thirio are already making out behind them.

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In just their tight shorts Aspen and Dakota Payne are on the bed kissing passionately feeling each other’s sexy muscular bodies.

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Dakota keeps his hand on Aspen’s head forcing his erect cock right to the back of his throat, causing him to gag as it hits home.

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Issac’s big dick hits the back of Dakota’s throat making him gag.

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