When Jean-Daniel Chagall now shortened to Jean-Daniel first arrived in our offices, George Duroy asked him about shooting full sex scenes. “He was very straightforward. He told me that he was not opposed to shooting and that he was in bad need of the money, because he had a fairly high debt,” George recalls.

“But he wouldn’t go ahead without asking his folks at home about it because he didn’t want to lie to them. And so he did.” Two weeks later, he called and confirmed that he had been given the go-ahead. “I could hear him blushing through the telephone.”

That was in April of 2009. Since then he has participated in a couple of fashion shoots in Paris as well as photo sessions with Greg Gorman, Howard Roffman, Marty Stevens and George himself, all of whom expressed pleasure at working with Jean-Daniel.

He has also made several extended trips to Cape Town, South Africa, which exposed him to new cultures and broadened his worldview. Jean-Daniel now has a number of episodes under his belt for Bel Ami and gets better every time. “It is interesting to see how happy he is coming here and working, discovering a whole new world,” George says.

The trip to Paris was his first plane trip; sharing a room with Luke Hamill, his first anal penetration. A trip to Budapest brought his first drag show experience. “All of it he loved immensely, feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland” recalls George. “For me it was great fun to see him savoring it.”

By now Jean-Daniel’s debts have been paid off and luckily for us, he has indicated no interest to quit and return to his previous life in an industrial neighborhood. George considers meeting Jean-Daniel “love at first sight” and believes he is becoming a first-class model.

He is already one of the most popular boys among our online customers. “Jean-Daniel appeals to the twink lovers because he is quite youthful,” George says. “But with that incredible body, he appeals to muscle lovers at the same time. And he is also quite tender and sensual.

These are rare qualities to find in one package.”

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick (17cms)
Height: 6’0″ (184cms)
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 154lbs (70kgs)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Jean-Daniel Chagall scenes at Belami Online

At the beginning of the month we mentioned that we had actually filmed 2 double day night scenes. Today’s scene is the 2nd of these and features beauties Torsten Ullman and Jean-Daniel.

While we know that some of you may not be the biggest fans of our evening scenes, it is definitely the case that the lighting adds a romance and mystique to the scene that perfectly compliments both of our boys here. Next month will see a change in title for our night scene DVDs as well, with ‘Lovers in the Night’ replacing the old ‘Evening Rituals’ series.

Part 1 of this 2 day special features Jean-Daniel topping Torsten, with the boys swapping roles for Saturday’s part 2…Join them!

Our Freshmen of the month for November will be Jon Kael, so to celebrate the fact we decided to show you one of the scenes he has filmed for Belami Online. Today we have him here with the perennially beautiful Jean-Daniel Chagall.Join them!

Today’s scene between Billy Cotton and Jean-Daniel Chagall is one of few 1 day flip-flop scenes that we have. Originally it was scheduled to be a normal 2 day scene but in between this filming and completion, Billy had decided to expand his range of skin adornments, making any completion ideas impractical.

In the end though all we were missing is a complete introduction to the scene and having the luxury of extra footage shot has given our editors great opportunities to compile a fantastic one day flip-flop instead of the normal 2 day scene…Join them!

When two of Belami superstars are paired together they do what they do best: Giving each other (and us) loads of pleasure. Marcel Gassion and Jean-Daniel Chagall like their sex anywhere from mild to wild, but for today’s stand out performance they have chose sexy and sensual. BelAmi love making at it’s best…Join them!