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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick
Height: 6’2″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: English / British

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Two young straight men who are both very laid back.

Jack Harper is the young pup at just 18 and it is him showing the ropes to William Richards, who not only hasn’t been wanked by a guy but he gets carried away and wanks off Jack.

Lots of playfulness and showing each others hairy holes and a bit of spanking paddle before they both lie back and shoot, Jack managing to squirt all over the place…Join them!

Straight young footie player Mason Mount strips down naked as nude hunk Jack Harper massages his huge uncut cock playing with his foreskin…Join them!

William Richards seemed slightly shy in his first shoot, but as I get to know him you realise he is just slightly cautious and today you can see he throws that out the window and gets his first wank from a man and wanks his first other man.

Seemingly taking it all in his stride both he and fellow straight pup Jack Harper are rock hard and do a great job at wanking each other and showing off their hairy holes.

Plenty of play later the lads sit down and unload their cum on their abs. Well done William, welcome to the other side of the fence, well at least for a few hours…Join them!

Rufus Fitzroy was last seen getting a relaxing massage and he did a great job lying back and letting a man give him first man wank, so today he goes one step further and lets straight lad Jack Harper wank him and returns the favour wanking off Jack.

The lads do a great job playing with each other’s hard uncut cocks and lots of fun is had with several round of cock fighting.

The lads show off their holes, Rufus is nearly pure smooth and Jack shows his right hairy ringlets.

The lads lie down and unload their cum. Well done Rufus you did a great job playing with your first cock…Join them!

Rich Wills was always a very popular model on the site, and he’s back now a few years on, and he’s a very masculine guy, with a great body and of course his handsome features.

We’ve asked him to be in a shoot with Jack Harper, handsome, lean and smooth, these guys look good together.

They’re stripped off before you know it, and soon Rich’s hard cock is in Jack’s hand, thick and solid, Jack wanks him, and Rich looks really relaxed about it, wanking Jack’s in return.

The guys compare sizes and show off their bodies, pulling their legs back to show their bums, and then lay back and cum next to each other, lots of mess on their abs.

We’ve also included some bonus footage taken on the iPhone…Join them!

Two new straight lads to the site, Jack Harper and Mark Hendricks, have modeled individually before, but not with another lad, these two guys are young, handsome and cheeky.

They have a bit of a laugh together and I get them to take off a few clothes before messing around on the bed.

Both lads are smooth, keep fit, have have big bulges in their pants.

There’s a few laughs as they take their boxers off, there’s some touching each other and then they put their hands around each other’s hardening cocks, wanking each other’s big hard uncut dicks.

Their balls dangle as they play with each other, they compare lengths and also show off each others bums, then as they shoot Jack shoots so hard and fast it just catches Mark with friendly fire…Join them!

Hunter Hay hasn’t been very keen to let another guy touch his uncut cock, so this has been a while in the making and it’s great to see him lie back and enjoy the massage and let his cock grow in Jack Harper’s hand.

Jack does a great job at massaging Hunter and showing his hairy hole and slapping his ass with the spanking paddle.

After lots of wanking Hunter lies back and shoots a nice load of cum on the bed and himself.

Well done Hunter you did the hole shoot without touching your cock…Join them!

Two new straight young men today, Jack Harper is just 18 and Mark Hendricks is 24, both did a solo shoot for our sister website (Jack solo shoot is here and Mark solo shoot is here)and today they come and enjoy themselves on EL and try a few new things.

They strip each other down and you can enjoy looking at Jacks long and hairy legs and beautiful uncut cock with just a little extra skin dangling over.

Jack has one of these uncut cocks that gets real hard and it’s not long before guys are wanking each other and enjoying their random experience.

Lots of great wanking and showing off of hairy holes and before you know it Mark is lying back and cumming, quickly followed by Jack whose cum shot is amazing.

His second squirt goes straight for Mark and hits his arms, quickly followed by a load more all over the place.

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