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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: African American

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Furry basketball jock Levaughn is back, for his second video, proudly showing off his solid Creole Afro American Caribbean creamy brown body of solid muscle.

He moons us with his super hairy big bubble butt hanging out of his shorts, flops his beautiful furry cock surrounded by a full bush of untrimmed dick hair out of his super tight grey underwear.

He struggles to remove his shorts and underwear still wearing his basketball shoes and tall white jock socks, flexes his big biceps as he poses with his basketball in one hand and his fat swollen cock in the other.

He takes a long “hands-free” piss outdoors in an orange bucket, explains the reasons he got each of the artistic tattoos on his body, performs a sweaty nudist workout session with weights, and a throbbing boner.

He repeatedly bends over revealing his super furry basketball legs as his big balls dangle between his hairy butt cheeks, playfully grabs his chunky hairy ass cheeks with his big hands, and spreading his ass wide open, revealing his super furry manhole.

He sits down on a chair on the deck beside the forest for a long stroke session with his tight butt hole in full view while manhandling his heavy nuts, moans loudly, and explodes with a massive cum shot which coats his entire furry six-pack of ab muscles.

He’s still wearing his basketball shoes and socks, before stripping fully naked to take a hot steamy shower to clean up all the sticky goo and soaping up this sweaty bubble butt….Join him!

Real college classmates, tall 6’4″, rock climber Christian with a full bush of ginger pubes on his cock and balls, and tanky 175lbs basketball jock Levaughn, with his light black skin and his super hairy brown muscle butt.

They both expose their sexy naked bodies for the very first time on camera in totally hardcore pounding Hot Duo Action in Naked Football team in Football Nude #14, posing, flexing, jogging, and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps.

Next, they get fully naked out in public beside a Mountain River, sweating as they pound each other with the Pigskin in a full-body contact football match and skinny-dip, jump and play together before wrapping their arms about their naked bodies.

These two 27-year-old College Bros: Christian a tall 6’4″ and lanky 170lbs of ginger goodness and Levaughn a stocky 5’10” and tanky 175lbs of Afro-Caribbean sweetness, agreed to meet us in the forest beside the wide Oregon River for this their very first nude photoshoot.

Watch as these two newbie studs and real college jocks enjoy showing off their contrasting ripped bodies: Christian with a lean ripped surfer boy body and tan-lines, strawberry blond hair covering his perky pink nipples and his pretty cock surround by a full bush of manly ginger dick hair, with a creamy white Rock Climber butt.

Handsome basketball player Levaughn with his sweet smile, solid athletic body, full bush of black dick hair, the perfect amount of chest hair between his big pecs, super hairy beefy muscle butt.

They both sport a full rack of 6-pack abs muscles, ripped biceps they enjoy showing off as they flex and pose in their sexy colorful board shorts and again in their tight contacting jockstraps which can barely contain their horny cocks…Join them!

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