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Hair Color: Brown
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Adrian Hart and Nic Sahara are hard at work in the porn studio preparing for the next movie.

Nic decides it’s time for a break, and he goes for it with Adrian Hart, who doesn’t resist.

As the clothes hit the floor of the shop, Adrian is the first to get his mouth filled with Nic’s uncut cock.

After fucking Adrian’s mouth, Nic bends him over and tongue-fucks his smooth crack.

Nic wants to get deeper so he stands behind Adrian and slides his uncut rod deep inside Adrian’s hole.

After taking it in multiple positions, Adrian wants to be in control.

Nic lays back and Adrian goes in full intensity, pushing his cock deep into Nic’s asshole.

Adrian picks up the pace, drilling Nic’s hole.

The relentless bareback pounding pushes Adrian over the edge, and he empties his sack all over Nic’s cock, while an unknown crew member looks on out of sight.

With his cock covered in cum, Nic lets out thick ropes that cover his tatted stomach.Join them!

In a brief recap, the second episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ catches up viewers on buyer Wess Russel’s vacation home makeover as he and host Ryan Rose watch the crew on camera.

Construction foreman Dalton Riley checks in on his drywall guy Nic Sahara, who is looking for studs.

Slightly ahead of schedule, they take a break for hot blowjobs and a bareback flip-fuck, as Dalton whips out his thick, hard cock and Nic reveals his uncut monster meat.

Dripping with sweat in the Palm Springs heat, Dalton sucks Nic’s dick and rims his tasty hole, then fucks him raw and hard.

Nic switches it up, and nails the boss and pounds his butt till they both spill their seed on the bossman’s balls and abs.Join them!

Odd job men JJ Knight and Nic Sahara are busy tidying up their new client’s garage space.

As they complete all the tasks, the sexy ripped jocks find some gym equipment so they start messing around with it.

Nic starts showing off proving to JJ how many bar pull-ups he can manage. Whilst Nic is pulling up, JJ grabs his pants pulling them down exposing his tight bubble butt.

JJ then starts rimming his smooth ass hole.

All the licking makes Nic rock-hard and he turns around to let JJ suck his long, uncut cock.

With Nic’s used-up undies pressed to his nose and Nic’s dick in his mouth, JJ can’t get enough of the hung stud.

JJ needs his massive dick sucked too and pulls down his pants to reveal his mouth-watering monster cock.

Nic can’t resist the sight and gets on his knees to service JJ’s pole to the base.

After sucking JJ, Nic is ready for his friend in his ass and bends over to take it all.

JJ slides his raw swollen dick all the way inside Nic, making the stud moan with each bareback thrust from behind.

Both studs enjoy the fuck session and switch up their positions a few times until they settle on Nic getting banged on his back.

JJ picks up the pace and brings the bare fucking to a frantic climax.

Nic needs to cum soon and as JJ pumps his stretched-out hole, he blasts his giant load all over his ripped abs.

JJ loves seeing the pleasure he’s caused and pulls out to bust his nut all over Nic’s spent cock and balls and then fucks the cream into Nic’s throbbing ass.Join them!

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When hot pizza guy Nic Sahara showed up with my food, I suddenly had a different kind of hunger.

Nic told me business had been slow lately and he was low on cash, so I thought he might be interested in earning some easy money.

He wasn’t sure about sucking my dick for a hundred bucks, but when I upped my offer to $140, he didn’t just take it out and stroke it, he even sucked it.

I was really horny, so I asked if I could fuck him for some more bills, and he bent over and let me penetrate his tight little hole doggy style.

He liked it so much he started begging for my dick as I pounded him missionary style and then jacked his cock as I came on his ass.

His orgasm was so intense he couldn’t believe it.Join them!

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Adventurous studs Michael Del Ray and Nic Sahara go back home after a weekend fun driving offroad and fuck like warriors…Join them!

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Do you want to know what’s better than two hot studs fucking?

Two handsome and horny studs named, Nic Sahara and Roman Todd, fucking each other’s tight fuckhole non-stop for 25 minutes…Join them!

These two hot and horny studs, Adrian Hart and Nic Sahara are ready for some nasty sling fucking…Join them!

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Sexy stud Nic Sahara is heading home from the gym and he is looking forward to seeing his new boyfriend Greyson Lane. As he walks through the door Nic greets him by falling to his knees and sucking Greyson’s long young dick.

Greyson returns the favor chomping away on Nic’s big uncut dick getting his tongue around his foreskin. With Greyson on top, he takes control of the situation allowing Nic to slip his hard cock deep into his ass fucking him bareback.

As Greyson touches his toes, Nic presses his thick bare cock deep into his tight bubble butt. Greyson looks lovingly at Nic as his ass is pummelled until he can hold off no longer.

Greyson heads over the edge moaning as he unloads huge cum spurts across his abs. Nic continues the anal fucking before spewing his jizz load making a mess of them both. The boyfriends lie there in the blissful aftermath of their hot lovemaking…Join them!

In a brief recap, the second episode of ‘Hot House Flippers’ catches up viewers on buyer Wess Russel’s vacation home makeover as he and host Ryan Rose watch the crew on camera.

Construction foreman Dalton Riley checks in on his drywall guy Nic Sahara, who is looking for studs.

Slightly ahead of schedule, they take a break for hot blowjobs and a bareback flip-fuck, as Dalton whips out his thick, hard cock, and Nic reveals his uncut monster meat.

Dripping with sweat in the Palm Springs heat, Dalton sucks Nic’s dick and rims his tasty hole, then fucks him raw and hard.

Nic switches it up, and nails the boss and pounds his butt till they both spill their seed on the bossman’s balls and abs…Join them!

Nic Sahara strips down to his jock strap and blindfolds himself, ready to be filled by a hard cock from a mystery top.

Nic’s ass is ready and he can’t wait any longer as Dalton Riley enters and begins caressing his body, turning the bottom on even more.

Dalton teases Nic’s ass with his dick, making him wait as he feeds the blindfolded hunk his cock.

The guys enjoy a hot 69 as Dalton eats Nic’s ass, then gives him an unforgettable fucking till he cums on his face…Join them!


Nic Sahara is checking out the scene at the pool of the resort when he comes across horny stud, Vincent O’Reilly. Nic wastes no time as he walks over to Vincent to feed the waiting stranger his hard cock.

Nic works fast and straddles a lounge chair to face fuck Vincent hard, gagging his mouth with his big uncut cock. Nic can’t get enough of the ripped hunk deepthroating his rod and bends Vincent over to inspect his hole.

He slips his fingers into Vincent’s ready ass, teasing the stud until he’s ready to give Vincent something more. Vincent braces himself on a palm tree as Nic slides his thick, bare hard-on deep into Vincent’s slick hole.

Nic starts out slow, then picks up the pace as Vincent moans from the intense bareback pounding that Nic is delivering. Vincent loves every inch of Nic inside him and moves to sit on Nic’s hard cock.

Vincent rides, keeping both of them on the brink until neither hunk can hold off any longer.

Both hung studs let loose and shoot their loads all over each other’s panting, hard bodies.

Nic isn’t quite done yet and scoops up their cum to lube his still-hard cock before shoving it back into Vincent’s ass to feel the inside of his hole one last time…Join them!

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As Devin Franco and Nic Sahara are about to get down to business, Devin Trez joins the duo to get his cock sucked by them both.

Devin Trez savors every moment that Devin Franco and Nic spend, devouring his cock. After fucking their throats, Devin Trez lines up the studs so he can rim Nic’s ass while Devin Franco gets his cock sucked.

With Devin Franco’s dick in his mouth, Nic takes Devin Trez’s pole up his hole.

When it’s Devin Franco’s turn to get stretched, he hops on top to ride Devin Trez’s meat bareback while Nic licks them both from behind.

Nic wants in on the fun and lines up to DP Devin Franco.

After squeezing his cock into Devin Franco’s tight ass, Nic switches it up to feed Devin Franco the cock that was just in his ass while Devin Trez keeps pounding away.

Devin Franco keeps sucking Nic’s cock until a fresh load is delivered right his mouth as he gets bred by Devin Trez.

Franco sits back one last time to jerk his cock until his nuts while Devin Trez fingers his hole…Join them!

‘What I would ‘like’ to do to him, is different than what I ‘can’ do to him,’ says Nic Sahara when talking about handsome stud Cade Maddox.

‘I’m versatile, so, ya know, him fucking me, that’s great.

But, um, I would like to fuck him one day.’ With an overgrown frat boy smirk, Cade replies, ‘Join the club.’

Speaking of clubs, that’s exactly what Cade is packing, and Nic is more than happy to leave his wish unfulfilled, submitting to Cade’s bareback butt fucking expertise.

Cade works him over hard with cocky authority and dumps a huge load in his hole, then sticks it back in to fuck a juicy stream of jizz out of Nic’s thick tool in a sweet and steamy climax..Join them!


Nic Sahara walks in after a long day and finds Steven Lee relaxing on the couch. After Steven asks Nic how his day was, Nic immediately gets excited and hops over the couch to lock lips with Steven. As the kissing gets more and more passionate, Steven is bulging thru his shorts.

Nic quickly slides them down and immediately takes every inch of Stevens big cock in his mouth. Soon the two are naked and Steven returns the oral favor, pleasing Nic moving from dick to ass. Steven lays down on the couch for a 69 session with Nic riding his face, while Nic keeps taking Steven’s inches down his throat.

Nic is eager to take all of Steven’s girthy cock inside him so he hops up and takes Steven’s bare dick for a ride with his inviting hole. With Steven throbbing, Nic climbs on top to feel the massive pole all the way inside of him. When Nic wants to give Steven the reins, he bends over the couch to let Steven pound him from behind.

Nic can’t get enough and switches to his back so he can watch Steven go all the way in and out. Steven keeps drilling Nic’s hole until Nic strokes a puddle of cum all over his abs, followed by Steven shooting his load all over Nic’s sloppy wet hole..Join them!


On the night of the Final hazing ceremony at the fraternity, ‘The Pledge’ has been made. Whoever gets through the ceremony will be initiated into the brotherhood. The ceremony starts after Devin Franco reveals the ultimate betrayal from one of the brothers that puts Trevor Miller into a submissive position.

The rest of the fraternity goes along with the turn of events, and soon the group is naked and going wild with blowjobs shared all around the room. As the initiation continues, the cock sucking quickly turns into rimming and bareback fucking. Devin is the first to make his move and rams his dick deep into Trevor’s ass.

The entire brotherhood lines up to teach Trevor a well-deserved lesson and every single dick in the room ends up in one of Trevor’s holes. After Devin has his way, Colton Reece gets to have his turn on Trevor’s hole as Zak Bishop jumps in to suck more cock. Brandon Wilde is up next and jumps in to get his dick wet before surrendering to Nic Sahara’s desires to be the next in line.

After all five frat studs have their way inside Trevor’s tight body, the guys are ready to finish the hazing. Colton is the first to blow his load all over Trevor’s face and chest. One-by-one, each of the guys cover Trevor with jizz as Devin keeps pounding a raw rhythm to his ass.

After all the guys blow their loads, Devin pulls out to deliver the last shot, leaving Trevor dripping with cum. After the humiliating power play by Devin, will Trevor be allowed to stay in the fraternity, or will the renewed bonding of a frat orgy be enough to save his position in the brotherhood?…Join them!

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All three sexy men Aspen, Roman Todd, Nic Sahara are naked in the bedroom.

Hairy chested hunk Aspen is lying there on the bed with his big bubble ass being whipped with a belt by Nic. Aspen also has a butt plug deep in his hole.

As Aspen sucks on Roman’s thick erect dick, Nic wanks his uncut cock hard while fingering Aspen’s hot hole.

Now Nic’s dick is rock solid He pulls out the butt plug from Aspen’s hole and shoves his own throbbing member deep into Aspen’s open hole.

Nic bareback fucks Aspen rhythmically pumping his uncut cock deeper into his tight bubble ass hole.

The hot dudes switch it up a bit, swapping positions until all three are close to orgasm. First Nic shoots his load on Aspen’s freshly fucked ass quickly followed by Roman who dumps another hot cum load on his hairy bubble butt….Join them!

Straight young stud Nic Sahara’s girlfriend ditched him after a big argument.

He can’t believe that letting a guy suck his dick would turn into such a big deal. Happily, his best friend Will Braun is there to listen to him, support him… and have wild sex with him too…Join them!

Nic Sahara is all dressed up and ready for his interview for a new job.

Cocky young dude Nic Sahara likes the look of his ‘would be’ new boss sharp-suited Julian Brady. Mmmmmm. He certainly likes what he sees.

Luckily, an interview is a perfect place to display his natural assets. And they’re big assets at that.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself. This member’s fantasy is gonna blow you away…Join them!

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These two bros are always razzing each other and trying to fuck up each other’s games.

When newcomer Matt Lockwood meets superstar Nic Sahara, the young testosterone is flying high.

This is the first time Matt has ever bottomed in his life and Nic Sahara breaks him in just right…Join them!


After all the new found inspiration Nic Sahara has given his sister’s husband Deangelo Jackson, Nic decides its payback time.

Nic comes into Big D’s office and finds him taking matters into his own hands. Nic helps him out with his smooth ass and pretty mouth…Join them!

Two of the most gorgeous guys Lance Hart and Nic Sahara are featured in this Icon Male exclusive means things are about to get hot and heavy. This is intense anal fucking with mind blowing cum filled orgasms. Do not miss this stunning scene….Join them!


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After a long night of drinking Billy Santoro is about to call it a night but Nic Sahara has other plans in mind. He wants a little more fun and to be fucked by his stunning boyfriend.

Watch as they engage in epic sex leaving them both bursting with cum…Join them!


Stunning Nic Sahara is about to take on gorgeous daddy D.Arclyte, the two are ready for passionate sex with deep dick sucking and hard core fucking. They won’t stop till they are exploding with cum! This is an Icon male scene at its best…Join them!

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At the gym, Roman Todd and Nic Sahara have worked up a sweat, and Roman’s huge erection shows he’s got all worked up down there as well.

As the guys towel off they strip off their shirts, and Nic notices Roman’s huge dick tenting his sexy shorts and offers to help his buddy with his big boner.

Nic kneels and nuzzles Roman’s hard cock through his shorts before pulling it out to tease him with his hands, then sucking it.

The guys 69 on the bed before Nic rides Roman’s cock, then the muscular top fucks Nic doggy style.

The tattooed bottom moans loudly as he takes a deep pounding in spoon and missionary.

Roman pulls out and both guys stroke their dicks till they cover Nic in cum.Join them!

It is interview day and Nic Sahara is trying to make a good first impression with his new boss. He’s dressed in his best button-down shirt and a smart new jacket.

In a moment of madness, Nic decides not to wear any pants after all its a zoom interview call. Nic’s mischievous boyfriend Dante Colle gets all hot and bothered and decides to play a trick on Nic.

Dante stands just out of view of the camera and slaps his hard cock down on the desk where Nic’s hand is sure to find it, then climbs under the desk to suck his man’s cock.

Nic somehow manages to keep a straight face while getting his dick sucked, and he even answers questions while riding Dante’s cock.

Once the call is over, Nic bends over the desk to take it doggy style, and jacks off till he cums as he swallows Dante’s pole.

Nic needs to take one more call from the interviewer, but first he’s gotta take a big facial…Join them!

After Michael Del Ray and Nic Sahara pitch their tent at their campsite, Nic crawls inside for a rest, but Michael is pitching a tent of his own in his shorts.

He sneaks inside and rubs his cock over the sexy bottom’s booty, getting Nic all hot and bothered.

Michael goes outside to take a leak in nature and catches Nic jacking his pole when he returns, so he sticks his wood through the tent flap for Nic to suck.

Nic swallows the top’s erection and Michael comes inside so he can return the favor before telling Nic to sit on his rod.

As Michael fucks his ass mish, Nic rubs his wood like he’s trying to start a campfire till he cums, and the top pulls out and blows a big load on his hole…Join them!

If you want to have truly great sex, you have to have a plan, so Diego Sans and Nic Sahara work out ahead of time how they’re gonna fuck.

Nic says he’d definitely be topping Diego, but Diego has a better idea, describing how he’ll undress Nic and suck his cock.

Nic says how about he kisses down Diego’s body, swallowing his dick, and Diego suggests that Nic hop on for a hot ride.

The guys continue tossing out ideas, like doggy style and deep mish until Nic cums with Diego’s cock deep in his hole, while Diego pulls out to cover Nic with jizz.

It sounds like the plan of action is perfect, so it’s time to get down to it…Join them!

Nic Sahara and Josh Cannon have done their research before filming their first scene together, but both these guys agree that the other looks way hotter in person.

The guys swap compliments and then swap spit, making out before they take turns sucking each other’s hard cocks.

Nic plays with Josh’s hole and the bottom can’t wait to get in the saddle and ride Nic’s dick.

Nic has his way with the cute bottom, fucking him nice and deep in doggy style and spoon, then laying him on his back for romantic missionary till Josh cums, and Nic pulls out to jizz all over him…Join them!

After closing out the bar, handsome Nic Sahara stumbles on an exhausted Calhoun Sawyer and his Southern charm.

After chatting for a while, Nic finds out that Calhoun doesn’t have a ride, so they decide to stay in and keep hanging out, which led to them going down on each other’s huge, uncut cocks.

When the fun really starts, the two studs move to the pool table where Nic bends Calhoun over and starts dicking him hard and fast as Calhoun’s moans grow louder.

Nic keeps pounding away at Calhoun’s hot, ginger ass until he cums all over himself, then gets on his knees and swallows every drip of Nic’s warm load…Join them!

Everyone else has gone home, and Nic Sahara is cleaning up at the bar when his boyfriend Kyle Connors knocks on the door.

Kyle just dropped in to say hi, but Nic wants to do a lot more than that, because he’s super horny and they’ve got the place to themselves.

Nic sucks Kyle’s cock, then gets into a Go-Go cage and lets his man deep throat him through the bars.

Kyle bends over and backs his tight hole onto Nic’s dick before Nic cums outta his cage and bends Kyle over the bench to do him just fine.

Kyle goes heels over head to get fucked in pile driver till he cums, then Nic shoots his load all over Kyle’s hole…Join them!