May 16, 2021

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Johnny Ford

All gay porn videos and gay porn pics of Johnny Ford.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Yes Father

Young cute boy Kai Masters enters the confession box to confess his sins to sexy bearded Father Johnny Ford.

“You are a very special boy,” says Father Ford. “Thank you father,” responds Kai.

Kai has not confessed to anything more serious than breaking curfew so Father Ford asks him about oral sex and sodomy, as he squeezes his already erect big cock through his pants.

Father Ford gets his huge dick out and plays with it, he asks young Kai to stand up and face away from the grill.

Father Ford then opens the grill and gets his tongue deep between Kai’s smooth ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole.

Kai then turns around and Father Ford sucks his big dick balls deep through the grill.

As Father Ford sticks his uncut cock through the hole Kai sucks it gently from balls to tip.

They both get naked and Father Ford pushes his firm rigid dick deep into Kai’s hot hole, making him moan with desire.

He bareback fucks young Kai while Kai is wanking his own cock loving every moment when he feels Father Ford moving inside him.

They switch up positions each time Father Ford raw fucks his dick deeper and harder into innocent young Kai’s asshole until Kai can hold off no longer.

With Father Ford’s huge uncut cock balls deep inside him, he showers the place with a huge gusher of cum, spraying them both with his jizz.

Father Ford pulls out shooting a huge cumshot over Kai’s ass then he fucks the cum back inside the young boy’s hot ass….Join them!

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Raging Stallion

Sexy young hotties Vincent OReilly and Johnny Ford are home alone lying of the sofa stroking each other’s huge erect dicks.

Vincent can feel Johnny’s huge erect cock throbbing against his ass, so he gets between Johnny’s legs to suck his uncut dick, taking it right to the back of his throat.

After savoring Johnny’s cock, Vincent offers up his smooth hole for Johnny to devour.

It’s not long before Vincent wants more, and Johnny gives it to him slowly sliding his hefty meat into Vincent’s hot hole.

Vincent slaps his ass back on Johnny’s pole to feel every inch.

The dom bottom keeps it up by climbing on Johnny and impaling himself bareback on his dick.

While looking into Johnny’s eyes, Vincent grabs his cock and jerks it until thick ropes erupt from the tip and slather his abs in cum.

Seeing Vincent covered in his own load sends Johnny over the edge as he adds his seed to the sticky mess.

To top off the session, Johnny lubes up his cock with their combined loads and fucks it back into Vincent….Join them!

Johnny Ford is in the workshop searching for a tool he had yesterday.

Logan Stevens comes in and undoes his pants and says, “You mean this tool from yesterday?”

Johnny seeing Logan’s huge thick cock drops to his knees and engulfs the whole length of Logan’s long cock.

Logan turns Johnny around strips off his jeans exposing his white jockstrap ass hole.

He gets his tongue in deep between Johnny’s tight ass cheeks. Rimming his hole good.

Once his hole is nice and lubed with saliva, Logan pushes his big thick cock into Johnny’s waiting hole.

Logan starts off slow but gradually turns it up to an all-out, relentless pounding of Johnny’s asshole.

Going ass to mouth, Johnny gets down and deepthroats the cock that was just deep inside of him.

With Johnny on his stomach, Logan gets behind and mounts up again, drilling Johnny’s prostate as he fucks down into him.

After a few more intense exchanges, Johnny lays back to let Logan drill some more until he covers his ass with cum.

When Logan shoves the load back in, Johnny goes over the edge and nuts on his abs….Join them!

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Fisting Central

Young studs Taylor Reign and Johnny Ford wrestle control over older hairy muscle dude Jack Dyer. They tape him to a chair then shove an old sock in his mouth as a gag.

Jack finds himself with the tables turned and is now helpless as Taylor and Johnny unleash their punishments starting with an electrocution wand.

Their terror regime continues as Johnny shoves his big dick all the way up Jack’s asshole whilst Taylor feeds Jack’s mouth with his long cock.

When Jack gags it only makes the boys drill their cocks deeper.

Switching positions, Taylor lines up with Jack’s pre-stretched hole and sticks his cock all the way in.

Johnny holds Jack down and keeps him quiet while Taylor fucks his tight hole.

Switching it up one last time, Johnny slides back into Jack’s ass as Taylor unloads into Jack’s mouth while he holds it open.

Seeing Taylor bust in Jack’s mouth sends Johnny over the edge and he paints his Jack’s hairy ass with warm jizz.

When they’re done, Johnny and Taylor take Jack the same way he took them…Join them!

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Family Dick

Young Johnny Ford and his older stepbrother Isaac Parker are reminiscing about their younger days when they use to fool around together when no one was looking.

They would often suck each other’s big dicks and sometimes Issac would slip his hard erect dick between Johnny’s smooth ass cheeks. Johnny loved that sensation of being ridden by his older step-bro and he kind of missed that ass action.

Issac sees Johnny’s look and he undoes his pants and flops out his big dick as Johhny bends over and takes his step-bros cock full length into his tight hole. The intensity of their feelings for each other starts with a hard fucking which ends when both bros shoot their loads. Thanks for the memory, Issac…Join them!

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Hothouse

Body builder Aaron Chu is working on his poses with his coach, Johnny Ford.

Watching his client pose gets Johnny hard and he whips out his cock so Aaron can work out the muscle between Johnny’s legs.

Aaron keeps his lips wrapped around his coach’s uncut dick before bending over to let Johnny rim his ass.

Johnny wants more and Aaron is 100% in, so Johnny drops some spit on Aaron’s ass and slides smoothly into Aaron’s crack bareback.

Aaron loves the feeling of his coach deep inside but wants to switch on his back to give Johnny total access.

The relentless pounding from Johnny’s pole doesn’t stop until Johnny pulls out and coats Aaron’s hole with cum.

Now that his coach has busted, Aaron lays back and busts his own fat nut on his abs….Join them!

Ripped muscled dude Johnny Ford is backstage at the porno studio preparing the set for the next movie.

He shouts for help to new hunky maintenance man Devin Franco.

Devin is just packing up as Johnny swoops in and grabs Devin’s huge crotch bulge.

Not willing to give up any opportunity to impress his boss they guys make out kissing before Devin pulls Johnny’s shorts down exposing his huge soft cock.

Devin sucks Johnny’s hardening dick right to the back of his throat as spit is streaming down Devin’s chin, he continues to deepthroat Johnny’s uncut pole, gagging on it as his big mushroom cockhead chokes him.

Johnny makes sure to return the favor before bending Devin over and eating out his smooth hole.

After prepping Devin’s ass with his tongue, Johnny works in his raw, uncut pole deep into Devin’s fuck-hole.

Taking it bareback and doggy-style, Devin welcomes every inch Johnny can give before switching it up and bending Johnny over to fuck his ass.

Devin puts Johnny on his back and rails his hole until he shoots a thick load from his rock-hard dick.

When it’s Johnny’s turn to cum, Devin slides back inside Johnny’s hole and keeps pumping until Johnny spills out a thick load onto his abs….Join them!

Gym Owner Quin Quire is greeted by janitor Johnny Ford, who has finished all of is cleaning duties, but Quin has one more job for him.

If Johnny wants to earn his pay, he needs to get on his knees and suck Quin’s thick, hard cock.

Quin gets the cleaning man to lick his big balls as he shoves his thick cock deep in Johnny’s throat. Quin wants a taste of Johnny’s hard uncut cock, so Quin sinks to his knees and works his mouth all the way down Johnny’s shaft until his reaches his balls.

Ready for more, Johnny bends over to let Quin eat out his smooth hole. After a thorough tongue-fuck from Quin, Johnny begs for the owner to stretch him out bareback with his thick raw cock.

Quin puts Johnny on his back while he goes hard on the janitor’s smooth tight hole. With Quin so deep inside Johnny, Quin can’t hold back any longer as he covers Johnny’s pink hole with a fresh wad, keeping up the pace and going deep until Johnny blows his load all over his abs…Join them!

Johnny Ford gay porn scenes at Falcon Studios

Hot prankster couple Steven Lee and Johnny Ford are always teasing each other and playing for laughs.

They are in the middle of a joke session which lands them in the bedroom. As Johnny is changing, and he’s down to his sexy undies, Steven pulls him closer and gives him a big kiss on the lips.

Their make-out session gets more intense as their clothes fly off in every direction as both hot hunks take turns sucking each others’ big cocks.

Once they’ve both got the scent of each others’ man meat, Johnny gets on all fours as Steven rims his smooth asshole. Ever the wanton bottom Johnny clearly wants more, a lot more. So Steven pushes his massive raw cock deep into Johnny’s tight ass crack, splitting him open.

Johnny takes it like a champ, and after he gets used to Steven’s cock stretching his walls, Steven goes back in pounding Johnny’s tight hole relentlessly. Taking complete control, Steven pile-drives Johnny before laying back to let this tight stud ride him.

After riding his friend, Johnny lays back and lets Steven pummel his hole until he blows a load of thick ropes all over his rock-hard abs. When it’s Steven’s turn to unleash, the big-dicked stud delivers a thick facial that Johnny licks up..Join them!