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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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At a club and hoping to find ‘the one,’ Colton Reece comes across Luke Truong and immediately makes a connection with him.

Colton swoops the young twink away to an empty back room where he strips him down and skulls fucks him with his hard cock.

Luke continuously clings to a rogue stripper pole for support as he bends over for Colton to rim his hole and as he lowers himself onto Colton’s big dick.

With Luke yelping for more, Colton uses all his strength to jackhammer his cock into Luke before pulling out to let the insatiable bottom suck him off and get a taste of his own ass.

The top gets back to destroying Luke’s hole until he’s ready to cover his face in his creamy nut and then watch as Luke strokes out an impressive load of his own.Join them!

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We’ve met El Maestre before and he’s pretty mysterious dressed in his mask and black cape. He hides away and loves to play. Now the mystery is revealed.

As Felix Harris and Jack Moon share a bed and are spooning and making out, kissing each other passionately.

It is time to put them to the test. The Master wakes them up with a new game, a competition to see who can give him the most pleasure.

The guys put the huge member in their mouth at the same time, they are desperate to suck it, it really takes two mouths to give it pleasure. One deals with the testicles and the other with the shaft and head.

The boys really enjoy this game and it shows. The Master has them under his spell and does not reveal his identity, he leaves his mask on. When the situation gets to the brink, Jack indulges in some pleasure in the ass.

The Master makes them penetrate each other, the boys moan with pleasure. It is the game of their lives. Who will win? Then it will be El Maestre’s turn to penetrate and he will do so with his giant penis.

It will not leave the boys with the desire, on the contrary, the competition will be very satisfactory for everyone. Who will take the semen? Who will have their orgasm first?

It is a close competition where the one who feels the most pleasure wins. Without a doubt, they will also make you want to play with them. Join “The Night Party”.

Also, in the next episode of “Brotherhood of Games” The Master will finally meet Sonny Davon. Can the boy compete with the overwhelming sexual force of the masked man? You just have to watch the next chapter to find out….Join them!

Few chosen enter to experience the most daring games you can imagine within the Brotherhood of Games. From the hand of El Maestre, a mysterious masked, and sensual figure who recruits new and young players for the hottest adventures.

The Master has a playgroup that he encourages to play with sex toys. Two high school boys, Fabrice Rossi and Felix Harris, are sent by El Maestre to recruit the new player: Anibal Garces.

Anibal does not know that being admitted to this secret Brotherhood is going to bring him so much anal pleasure. On this occasion, to convince him they are going to use a double penetration dildo that will create a bond between the members of the brotherhood and the newbie, who will not be able to resist the proposal.

Anibal will groan with pleasure at the honor of being included in this hidden community. These twinks do not play around, except when it comes to rotating in the game of pleasure, each one in their turn will have to be penetrated in a way that will make them ask for more, over and over again.

Taking turns, there can be two dicks for one mouth, or two mouths for one dick, whatever you like. The boys penetrate the same hole, and one of them will receive all the power of those thick penises from the front and the back.

When the game is over, they’ll explode in a cum-filled orgasm that will be welcomed as a symbol of triumph. Everyone wins in this ancient game that, for Anibal, is just beginning. This trio, which you will not forget, is the beginning of many games that you will have to dare to play.

Competitions, solitary, all against all … There are no limits for El Maestre and his boys. This mysterious man likes to send gifts, and so he will with Sonny by sending him a huge stimulator.

Will Sonny manage to deflower his ass with that huge object? Find out in the next episode of “Brotherhood of Games.” Everything can happen. And you, are you ready to play hard?…Join them!

The beautiful Sonny Davon sleeps soundly, but his dream is the most daring.

Sonny dreams that 5 of his friends only go for him, Sonny enjoys his wet dream and has 5 penises in his mouth, it is a perfect dream, it is ecstasy, it is his greatest sexual desire.

His friends one by one will penetrate his sexy ass, each one leaving their semen.

It’s a perfect dream. Of course, Sonny will wake up wet and no wonder.

Starring: Daryl Briggs, Fabrice Rossi, Felix Harris, Sly Conan and Jonas CabelloJoin them!

It’s a starless night and young dude Cesar Rose is dreaming of his sexy new friend Felix Harris.

In bed, Cesar kisses and caresses Felix’s smooth naked body and sucks down hard on his soft cock getting him fully erect in seconds.

Cesar loves the feel of Felix’s big twink dick fucking him hard before Felix gets on top taking control of the anal fucking.

Cesar’s enjoyment is interrupted when he wakes up alone, in the middle of the night with his underwear soaking wet. He now realizes his lover was just a dream but he enjoyed the dream boy fucking all the same…Join them!

A hot humid night in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the sexy boys are up for some fun and head over to Giorgio Angelo’s house.

A little worse for wear, Sonny Davon has drunk too much and starts to imagine how his friends would look naked.

It is a good idea that everyone is relaxed, without clothes and a party well up. Felix Harris is going to follow him and everything is unleashed in a very delicious gangbang. Also starring Alejo Smith, Fabrice Rossi, Francis Gerard, and Sly Conan.Join them!

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