Riff Dornan

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Hungarian

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Ripped hotties Serge Cavalli’s hot holes fucked by Bruce Querelle and Riff Dornan’s huge uncut cocks.

There is no doubt that this is THE update of the week, maybe even the month as we join Serge, Bruce, and Riff, all prime examples of physical perfection, in this very hot and sexy threesome.

With this dream team of guys, it always had to be Serge who was going to be the meat in this sex sandwich, a role this he seems to relish more than most.

Those of you who enjoy rimming are in for a special treat, as it is also one of Bruce’s favorite activities, and he gives Serge an extended example of his talents in this field, savoring the taste of Serge’s ever eager hole.

Following this tasting entre, he is straight onto the main course, stuffing his buddy with his rock-hard dick.

Once Bruce has done the job of loosening up Serge, it is Riff’s turn to fill him up again before we finish off with Bruce yet again finally seasoning his buddy’s ass with copious loads of cum. Wanna see more of hot sex scenes with Riff Dornan at Freshmen here. and more of Serge Cavalli here. Catch all Bruce Querelle’s hardcore scenes also here.Join them!

Riff Dornan is feeling super horny and he just wants to have sex with young hottie, Derek Caravaggio.

Riff leans in and kisses Derek squarely on the lips as he pushes him gently back onto the couch.

Kneeling down Riff pulls at Derek’s sweatpants exposing his hairy crotch and soft uncut cock which springs to attention as soon as it bounces freely.

Riff opens his mouth wide and swallows naked Derek’s full dick length until his lips are on his balls.

He blows Derek expertly getting his tongue into his foreskin and polishing his big mushroom cockhead, making Derek moan with pleasure.

Derek then returns the favor sucking Riff’s thick uncut cock covering it in his saliva making it super lubed as he jerks his own dick.

Riff fucks Derek’s mouth with a hammer drill technique making him gag as it hits the back of his deep young throat.

Derek pulls his legs above his head giving Riff easy access to his hairy asshole.

Riff takes advantage running his tongue up and down Derek’s ass crack before pressing the tip of his tongue into his hot boy hole.

The sexy boys kiss then Derek hovers above Riff’s erect dick forcing his awaiting ass hole down onto it getting balls deep.

Derek loves the feeling of Riff’s erection moving inside him inch by inch, he really wants Riff’s cock.

They switch up positions now with Riff entering Derek’s ass from behind.

Riff power fucks Derek’s aching hole and a couple of times Derek comes real close to blowing his load but he manages to hold off.

It is Riff who then can take no more and he pulls out as his big hard cock delivers a powerful stream of jizz all over Derek’s ass hole before Riff fucks his cum back inside.

Derek then jerks his dick with Riff still inside him until he explodes in a huge volley of cumshots over his ripped abs.

The sexy boys kiss passionately and lie there together in each other’s arms savoring the intensity of the moment.Join them!

As the camera pans down we see Riff Dornan’s beautifully ripped body in his sexy white undies. He’s packing quite a crotch bulge.

His chest and abs are covered in a soft downy fuzz that is soft to the touch.

As the cameraman clicks away Riff is not phased at getting naked as he slides his underwear down to reveal his thick soft uncut dick.

With his arms above his head showing off his hairy pits, Riff slowly turns his eyes towards the camera and looks momentarily a bit menacing.

We see him barefoot with his lazy soft cock resting between his legs.

Then we cut to him squeezing his huge thick uncut cock which he jerks slowly his balls bouncing around just below.

As he pulls his foreskin down we see his massive mushroom cockhead, and as the camera pans away we see his amazingly ripped six-pack abs.

When he smiles Riff has beautiful dimples and a sexy come-to-bed look one cannot resist.

He squints a little as he is suddenly embarrassed by the camera before moving away and back into his comfort zone.

Riff holds his solid thick cock at an angle making it look like a rocket about to go off.

His massive dick has a mind of its own as he turns around and flashes his bubble butt ass cheeks.

Now wanking his dick he quickly gets close to orgasm and before we know it he fires off a volley of cumshots hitting his abs and dripping down.

He breathes deeply as he squeezes the last of his jizz load from his cock. Riff now relaxes and recovers his breathing as we end the shoot.Join them!

Our mini series of new HUNGarian guys continues, with this scene pairing Riff Dornan and Alan Mosca. We start with a little backstage look at the hardest part of filming a porn scene: creating an opening for the scene.

Today Marty Stevens enlists the help of Joel Birkin for this most difficult task. After we get through Joel’s extended opening, we finally get to see our pair of fresh guys in action. Alan takes the lead in this scene as it is only Riff’s 2nd scene, and as we know by now, Alan prefers to lead from the bottom!

For a newbie, Riff does really well and manages to fuck a huge cumshot out of his buddy a bit earlier than expected and then carrying on fucking him until he shoots his own load on his buddy’s ass and slowly working it back in….Join them!

Riff Dornan gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Sexy dark haired twink Serge Cavalli’s bubble butt raw fucked by Riff Dornan’s huge uncut dick.

Power bottom Serge Cavalli is introduced to Riff Dornan and it is clearly a good match.

Serge loves giant cocks and Riff has exactly what he needs.

After an intense blowjob, Serge offers his ass for Riff to penetrate.

Riff’s massive dick cannot be taken by just anyone, but when he sees Serge enjoying every inch of it, he loses all inhibition and fucks him balls-deep in several different positions, eventually rewarding his ass with a nice creamy load.

See all Serge Cavalli gay hardcore fuck sessions at Freshmen here.

See all Riff Dornan gay hardcore fuck sessions at Freshmen here.Join them!

We catch Jim Durden, Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan showing us around the Greek Island’s issue behind-the-scenes documentary we get more hardcore action than we are used to.

Firstly, we get to see Pip Caulfield satisfying Jim Durden’s needs, and then we quickly jump onto the scene with Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan.

Besides the hot sex between the sexy boys, this video is full of nudity and cute boys fooling around.Join them!

After the boys have showered and cleaned up from their torrid lovemaking, they get a surprise visit from Riff Dornan’s Hungarian buddy, Bart Cuban.

Our intent for the scene was to have both Riff and Elio Chalamet fuck Bart, but greedy Elio could not resist another cock up his hungry butt. So, we end up with everyone topping and all but Riff bottoming.

We’ve been diligently working to convince Riff of the pleasures of bottoming, but he remains skeptical.

We forgive his reluctance as he is an attractive young top that always gives a stellar performance…Join them!

It’s not easy when our boys speak different languages, but fortunately today’s couple share an understanding of English, as well as the “language” of mutual lust.

Riff Dornan begins his seduction of Elio Chalamet with a slow and gentle massage eventually rolling him over so he may take care of his dick as well.

Though Elio enjoys the attention, he feels he will enjoy his buddy’s thick cock even more and returns the favor.

Elio decides his hole has not been properly cared for and offers it up to Riff who promptly gives it a vigorous “massage” with his tongue and cock.

Elio is so turned on that his normally tight hole offers no resistance as Riff slides the entire length of his cock deep inside…Join them!

Bart Cuban returns following his scene with Hoyt Hogan last month. This is an all Hungarian pairing so this FM scene should be quite a treat.

Aside from both being Magyars, the boys share two other traits. First, they are both well-endowed. Secondly, they are both relatively new with Riff Dornan having made his debut at Christmas time last year and Bart just 6 months ago.

Those outraged over Riff’s close shave should know that he came to us that way. Our choices were to send him home to allow his pubes to grow out or film him “as is”.

The first choice seemed wrong as he traveled all the way from Budapest to film with us. We’re hoping the sex is hot enough to allow you to forgive him this once…Join them!

We have a few excess solos and interviews from our boot camp series. So, we are presenting them to you as part of our normal Freshmen editions.

Kevin Warhol interviews the sexy Riff Dornan in English that is just passable enough to allow you to work it out without subtitles.

Of course, the jack off at the end requires no translation…Join them!

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