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Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Cancer (birthday 26-Jun)
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’1″ / 186cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 162lbs / 74kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Czech

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Today it is the start of our 2021 Prague Summer series with a couple of sexy blonde bombshells Jens Christensen and Sven Basquiat who enjoy a rather extreme form of energetic gymnastic gay sex.

Alongside working as a gay porn star Sven is a well-known life coach and personal trainer assisting his clients to get their mind and body in shape and helping with goal setting.

Sven starts off practicing his self-balancing core strength training when he interrupted by the obviously always horny Jens who wants to know what is going on.

Jens isn’t so interested in life-enhancing tricks of the trade, he is more interested in getting his hot ass bare fucked by Sven’s sizeable thick dick.

He’s not interested in Sven’s protestations as he picks the sexy ripped muscle boy up by the waist and spins him around holding him upside down before dropping him onto the bed.

Sven grabs at the towel around Jens’ waist to find a huge thick erection bouncing between his legs.

Jens helps Sven off with his sexy tight Bone Wear undies and swallows his soft uncut dick whole feeling it getting fully erect in his mouth till he chokes as it hits the back of his throat.

Sven then gets on top, taking charge, expertly sucking Jens’ huge thick dick from tip to balls before Jens spins Sven around and mounts his raw hole forcing his wet cock between Sven’s smooth ass cheeks.

Grabbing ahold of Sven’s shoulders Jens pulls him back down hard onto his bare cock till he is balls deep inside the hot muscle boy bottom.

Sven presses himself backward onto Jens’ erect dick then Jens pulls his ass to his mouth and runs his tongue down the crack of his peachy ass letting the tip linger as he gets to Sven’s hot hole.

Jens then power fucks Sven’s asshole in numerous changing positions till both young men are close to orgasm.

Sven can hold off no longer with Jen’s huge dick inside him and him wanking Sven’s cock like a demon, the sexy bottom boy sprays a huge volley of cum across his six-pack abs.

The sight of all Sven’s jizz sends Jens over the edge, he pulls out briefly firing off his huge cum load before fucking the cum back inside Sven’s freshly fucked asshole….Join them!

We’ve not seen a pairing of ripped young jocks for quite some time so today we see Jens Christensen and Niko Vangelis together.

The boys couldn’t decide who was to top and bottom and as both are equally capable in both capacities we decided to flip a coin. The winner would top in today’s episode and they would reverse roles in part 2 released together on the site.

So as Jens bottoms for Niko’s huge uncut dick. These two young men are highly compatible, both are highly competitive with big dicks and ripped bodies.

They love to laugh and joke during sex, nothing is serious to these two except the balls deep bareback ass fucking, which is super hardcore sexy.

Both parts are mirror images of each other, from the roughhousing and energetic fuck and overall enjoyment level of the models.

We really wanted to have a ‘favorite’ part to recommend to you, but in the end, couldn’t decide which we liked more, so we will have to leave it up to all of you to decide….Join them!

In part 2 Jens Christensen receives a phone call from the blonde boys Jerome Exupery and Niall Morris hoping he’s not too busy to come over for a threesome.

Jens is keen to play along so he drops everything and arrives at their door.

Both Jens and Niall get there turns at bottoming here with Jens taking on Jerome, and Niall bravely getting penetrated by Jens’ thick dick.

All 3 guys here are very nicely matched physically and also in their enjoyment of sex so we hope you enjoy watching the scene as much as we did making it…Join them!

The final week in our rotation this year will be devoted to the Freshmen who have mad their debut in recent times.

As there are so many new boys coming along, it can be hard to find time slots for all their scenes over on, so we decided to give you all a bit more of a taste of them here.

We are starting off this week with Jens Christensen and Niall Morris.

Our poor director today thought that he was never going to get the boy out of the list and would have to film them in 2 second takes, in between the opening and closing of the list doors…. but luckily they eventually decided to take their lovemaking indoors for us.

The scene starts off with a pace and excitement that our horny pair carry on with throughout the encounter.

Even though they have only an hour alone before Jeff returns, they do their best to make the most of the time available…Join them!

Jens Christensen gay porn scenes at Freshmen

The gloves and condom come off in this “battle” of the blonds at Balaton! Here, going below the belt is encouraged. Our Czech Champion Jens Christensen faces off against our HUNGarian hero, Robin Rief.

The blow by blows shared here are far more pleasurable than punches as each boy tries to out deepthroat the other.

It’s hard to judge who won this round. Is it Jens who manages to take all of Robin’s thick cock down his throat or Robin who has the pleasure of Jen’s mouth and throat?

Robin is a pugilist with heart, only too happy to bear the ass assault Jens provides.

Jens shows enormous stamina giving all that Robin can take. The conflict cums to a draw as both boys wind up down for the count, sexually exhausted but still ready for round two…Join them!

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