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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Benoit Ulliel gay porn scenes at Belami Online

It’s twinkalicious week on BelAmi as we bring you a hot ass fucking scene with two lovely young twinks Pip Caulfield and Benoit Ulliel.

Pip has just moved from the village into Prague, and can’t wait to show his new place off…. finally he has somewhere in town to bring boys to without having to beg to use Kevin’s spare room.

Pip is the top in today’s scene (rebelling against his typecasting as a bottom due to his diminutive size) and Benoit can’t be any happier.

A good fuck between friends is always better than a random pick-up.Join them!

Sexy ripped young stud Benoit Ulliel and horny slim dude Nate Donaghy make out kissing passionately as they undress each other quickly.

They rub their hands over each others’ lithe fresh bodies and they explore each other’s mouths with their sweet lips and tongues.

As they undo their jeans we can see both young men have very hairy pubic hair bushes.

Benoit reaches down and releases Nate’s massive long dick which stands tall and proud fully erect.

Nate lies back showing off his rippling six-pack abs as he jerks his own dick in long strong strokes.

He then leans forward and sucks down hard on Benoit’s thick cock imbibing the throbbing member till his balls are on his lips, gagging a little as it hits the back of his throat.

Benoit returns the favor gently sucking and licking Nate’s huge mushroom cockhead and playing with his balls.

Nate then pulls Benoit around and onto all fours so that he can probe his dick between Benoit’s smooth ass cheeks before he forces his cock deep inside.

Benoit moans as Nate’s dick opens his hole and he loves the feeling of Nate pumping him with a roughness that belies his character.

Then lying side by side they wanks their huge dicks till both of them blow their loads, first Benoit quickly followed by Nate, spraying jizz all over their ripped abs….Join them!

There is a bit of a coming of age theme to today’s scene with 20-year-old Benoit Ulliel and 27-year-old Marc Ruffalo.

Benoit is lamenting the fact that he still gets age checked every time he wants a drink or to buy cigarettes, but is reassured by Marc that this will not always be the case and that he should make the most of his youth while it lasts, although we’re quite sure that Marc meant that HE should make the most of Benoit’s youth here.

The fucking here is energetic and intense, with Benoit determined to prove to Marc that youth does not equate to inexperience and shows him that he can take as much as Marc has to give.

Benoit is the first to shoot his load, but he is followed soon after by Marc, who dumps his seed on his buddy’s hole before fucking it back up inside to complete the encounter…Join them!

No matter how hard we try we can never ever get a bad scene from young hottie Jim Durden. Whenever he is involved we are guaranteed sparks and super hot gay anal sex.

He is just so rampant and can fuck more and more each day and still be up for another ass.

Not since we introduced Dano Sulik have we had a model that could fuck so often per day and still not be satisfied, but that is exactly what Jim is like.

Today Benoit Ulliel and Jim are hard, horny, and looking for a place to fuck.

Although the Castello is a large place, it is not always easy to find a room with 4 film teams and 2 photographers competing for space.

After a tip-off from Jerome, our horny pair end up locating a bench in the garden where they can expend their built-up sexual energy.

Maybe it is the perfect size of his cock or maybe technique, or even maybe something magical, but whatever it is with Jim, all of the other boys really love getting fucked by him.

Benoit here is no exception, moaning in pleasure throughout the fuck until he finally blows his load all over himself…Join them!

Every ‘Sex Safari’ week we will be bringing you a home video on Tuesdays as a bit of variety. Today we are featuring Jason Bacall and Benoit Ulliel.

Even though these clips was filmed some months ago, it seems very relevant today, as Jason is confined to home… and bored, so he decides to fake an injury to get some attention.

The crude ploy seems to do the trick and soon he has cute Benoit doting over him and doing his very best to make everything better.

Jason recommends that we all have someone like Benoit at home to take care of all your needs whenever you can’t go out.

Of course this is not just a one way street and pretty soon Jason is also taking care of Benoit’s need for a good fucking…Join them!

There is something very uniquely sexy about Benoit Ulliel. Tall, thin, charming with deep, mysterious eyes that draw you in and captivate you he makes the perfect model of the week.

Eliot has chosen the bathroom as the setting for this weeks shoot, so we are lucky to get both a wet and dry version of Benoit.

For those of us who are left wanting more, we’re pleased to say that there will be plenty of Benoit coming your way this year…Join him!

Benoit Ulliel gay porn scenes at Freshmen

Today we see young sexy Benoit Ulliel in his very first sex scene for Freshmen with Nate Donaghy taking him through the ropes.

In charge as the coach, Nate leans down and pulls off Benoit’s t-shirt revealing his super ripped six-pack abs.

The young guy’s lip’s meet briefly for a quick kiss as Nate reaches down and plays with Benoit’s huge crotch bulge tenting his jeans.

Nate then opens his mouth, unleashes Benoit’s massive erection before swallowing his throbbing dick all the way down to its base.

Benoit moans with pleasure at the feeling of another boy’s mouth on his cock.

Nate knows how to pleasure a dude’s dick and he blows Benoit getting his tongue up and down his shaft and into his foreskin, before polishing his big cockhead.

Benoit’s dick is rock solid pointing skywards like a rocket.

Nate then lies back as Benoit demonstrates how much he has already learned from the young master cocksucker.

He blows Nate’s dick showing he is a very fast learner.

Then as the two young guys spoon, Nate slips his thick hard dick between Benoit’s ass cheeks forcing his cock balls deep into his hole.

The ass fucking is intense and the sexy boys switch positions a number of times as Benoit gets used to having another guy’s cock in his ass.

He’s loving the feeling of Nate’s massive dick moving inside his hole.

Benoit can hold off no longer and with Nate’s cock deep in his ass, he blows a huge orgasmic cumshot across his abs with cum dripping down.

Nate continues to pump away for a few moments until he can hold off no longer and pulls out just as his cock erupts with multiple streams of hot boy jizz, coating Benoit’s freshly fucked hole.

The hottie young lovers kiss passionately to end their hot love-making session. Catch up with all Benoit Ulliel sex scenes also at Belami here and Nate Donaghy movies here.Join them!

Have pity for Hoyt Kogan as the travails of being hot, sexy and a great lover are underappreciated. The first burden is that he attracts other beautiful friends like Kevin and Jerome who always take an inordinate interest in his paramours.

So, when he brings home Benoit Ulliel for a “first date” the two lovely pains-in-the-ass can scarcely leave them in peace for a minute. What was poor Benoit thinking? Scoring a hottie like Hoyt and then not having a moment of privacy.

He must have been very pleased when Jerome and Kevin finally retreat to the kitchen so he can have his way with Hoyt. Another burden of looking and fucking like Hoyt is that your partners always cum too quickly.

Multiple cameramen have had to endure the annoyance of having their partners climax in the middle of the scene.

Benoit is another “victim” of a Hoyt-fuck, as he loses his thick and creamy load long before Hoyt is done with him…Join them!

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