Hugo Jones

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 168lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Hugo Jones scenes at English Lads

Hugo Jones is best friends with Noah Miller and these two mates have something special between them; they both seem to love taking off their kit and showing off their erections.

During the shoot Hugo gets Noah to come into his shoot for a few guest appearance so you can enjoy seeing them both naked and both with erections.

Hugo is the more muscular one, shorter and bigger muscles and a lovely big uncut cock that he loves wanking and showing off, his hole is slightly hairy and he isn’t shy about showing it off.

After lots of wanking by himself and also with Noah he lies back and unloads his cum, well done Hugo…Join them!

Best friends Hugo Jones and Noah Milton are back to delve into uncharted territories; the shoot starts with Noah being somewhat cautious and shy towards the idea of using a dildo. However after some messing and joking around with Hugo, Noah begins to relax and lathers lube all over a purple dildo.

He massages his best mate’s clean and hairless hole with the dildo and then begins to pump steadily. When it’s Noah’s turn to receive the dildo he cries out from the keenness and intensity of Hugo’s work. They take turns in stroking and caressing each others’ uncut cocks whilst slowly dildo ass playing and then progress into finishing themselves off.

An honorable mention goes to Hugo for nearly shooting a load of cum into his own face. By the end they are pleasantly surprised by the new sensations that they’ve experienced. Will we see these two lads go further in the next shoot…Join them!

Noah Milton and Hugo Jones are back for one hot new shoot, the lads start off with somebody posing and before they know it they strip each other and are soon naked and wanking off each other. A little playfulness soon leads to some fun with dildo’s and Noah is soon on his back pushing a dildo up his hole; Hugo soon grabs hold of it and is pumping it in and out of Noah’s hole.

Lots of hole pumping later and Noah returns the favour and pumps Hugo’s hole, both lads seem to be loving and hating the dildo experience though judging by how much cum is shot by Noah it does look like a few thing hit the spot. Great to see these straight lads playing with dildo’s…Join them!

Noah Milton and Hugo Jones are two straight lads who are already best mates, they get on really well, and clearly are quite comfortable messing around together and have agreed to do that on camera. The two are really fit, both have great bodies, Noah slightly taller and blond, Hugo smoother, dark hair and slightly more muscular.

The two play a bit of rugby in their undies, a bit of rough and tumble which continues when their boxers come off! Soon they are getting hard and have no problem with sword fighting with their uncut cocks and soon wanking each other, hot.

They flip over to show their holes, before wanking each other again and eventually shooting their loads sat next to each other, covering their abs…Join them!

Hugo Jones and Noah Milton and best friends and today are crossing that boundary; should best mates be tossing off each other, well of course they should. These two straight lads took a big step today doing on camera what they never would in their private lives, so today you get a real treat as the guys strip each other naked, play some ball and it’s not long before they are erect.

They play some more ball and then the fun starts as Hugo is first, he wanks Noah and they can’t really believe what they are doing. Though the uncut cocks are lovely and hard and since Hugo did such a great job Noah returns the favour.

Loads of fun and in the end both lads cum loads, Noah actually cums twice as it got a bit cold after his cum shot outside, so we moved inside for Hugo’s cum shot and Noah just did it again…Join them!

Hugo Jones scenes at Fit Young Men

Fit Young Men stats: Hugo Jones – Footballer Age: 20 years old / Height: 5’8″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 32″ / Weight: 76kg / Straight…Join him!

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