June 13, 2021

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Czech Hunter 574

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Well today started off pretty grey the weather was not at all good and I was in two minds whether to actually go outdoors at all.

But I did and in the end, I was very happy I made the effort.

I bumped into this pretty sad-looking dude who was sitting on a bench trying to stay warm.

He was not in a very talkative mood and he told me he had a splitting headache.

Then he tells me he’d been out till dawn partying with his friends but then realized he’d lost his phone.

No, he was mightily depressed as it was a nice one and he had no job, no GF, and now no phone what could happen next he moaned.

I’m sure a girlfriend would cheer him up but, using his own words, he was just terrible with women.

I think he simply lacked the motivation to try harder.

If girls were willing to pay him, he would do much better.

I gave him a few thousand Crowns and he was all over my cock in no time.

We went to my nearby office so my new friend could make enough money to buy a new fancy phone.

When we were done, the guy rushed to get out.

He probably won’t call me for a second ride.Join them!